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Top Brokers In India

Looking for a Top Brokers In IndiaGreat! You have reached the right place; we are here to help you, make sure to read the article carefully to know the top stock brokers in India.

Since January 15, 1998, the Securities and Exchange Commission of India (SEBI) has introduced compulsory settlement of transactions in the Demat format for trading-

and investing in stocks and securities. Since then, the entire stock trading and investing is processed through the Demat account or Trading account.

Dematerialisation is the process of converting the physical form of a stock or security into a digital or electronic form.

Brokers perform these activities to invest in or trade stocks on behalf of their clients for consideration of brokerage fees. Though the main function of a stockbroker is to facilitate the buying and selling of stocks on the stock exchange,

There are always value addition services brokers offer to stand out. Many websites rank the best broker in India based on factors such as customer rating,

Brand value, trading platform efficiency, quality of customer service, facilities offered, complaints, or complaint rates. The vast range of services makes it difficult to conclude the top share brokers in India.

Many stockbrokers do occupy a great position in the securities industry since each one carries a unique selling point. This is the reason why there is an utmost requirement to have your best choice for investing and trading on this difficult road of the stock market.

Top 10 Top Brokers In India With Buying Guide (Updated 2022)

1. Zerodha


Zerodha is no 1 stock broker in India & most trusted Indian broker and it is known for its service of charging low brokerage.

Its advanced tools and chart analysis provide a wide view to traders or investors to make the right decision with their money.

Ease in opening Demat accounts, seamless customer service, and experience of smooth navigation usage of their application called “Kite '' are-

the key areas for Zerodha. This would be the reason why Zerodha was able to procure a mass user base.

Another service they provide is the twin service of Demat and trading account in one account. Zerodha is one of the depository participants (DP) working with Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). 


  • A trusted broker with a large customer base.
  • Good customer support.
  • Charge for intraday trade is ₹20 per trade.
  • No brokerage on stock delivery.
  • Maximum brokerage charge capped to ₹20 irrespective of transaction volume. 
  • Advanced charts and tools user experience
  • Allows streaming price data, multimarket access, advanced charts, and simple trading tools.
  • Allows different trade reports for analysing profit or loss
  • Its trading platforms: Trading Platforms are called “Kite”, “Coin” and “Console”, which are the most secure and reliable platforms.
  • Cheapest share broker: Zerodha is the cheapest share broker in India, and the maximum brokerage paid by the customer is ₹20 per trade.
  • Pay-as-you-go Zerodha has a charging model of Pay-as-you-go, which means you don't have to pay and take a “prepaid plan”.
  • Good till triggered (GTT) Zerodha allows on Good till triggered (GTT) means to allow you to put stop loss and limit set up, which allows on triggering at a point.
  • Advanced level charts and tools Zerodha allows you with advanced level charts and tools which help in analysing specific aspects of proposed shares.
  • Research or recommendations Zerodha does not provide research or recommendations like other brokers. There are no lifetime plans on service as provided by other brokers.
  • MarginsThe margins in your account if withdrawn requests are raised then your amount is received in your bank on the third day after request.
  • Unlike most three in accounts providers, Zerodha's back office (console) is not merged with its platform called “Kite” for trading; it gets updated the next day.

Brokerage charges:

Zerodha charges


Equity delivery

Zero Brokerage

Equity intraday

0.03% or ₹. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Equity futures

0.03% or ₹. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Equity options

Flat ₹. 20 per executed order

Currency futures

0.03% or ₹. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Currency options

0.03% or ₹. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Commodity futures

0.03% or ₹. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Commodity options

0.03% or ₹. 20/executed order whichever is lower

Account opening and annual maintenance charges:



Trading and Demat account opening charges

  • ₹200

Commodity account opening charges

  • ₹100 

Type of account

Annual Charges

Quarterly Charges

Individuals, HUFs, NRIs and partnership firms

₹ 300 + 18% GST

₹ 75 + 18% GST

Corporates, i.e. LLPs and private & public companies

₹ 1000 + 18% GST

₹ 250 + 18% GST

For Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited Demat (accounts opened before 15th Sep 2015)

₹ 400 + 18% GST

₹ 100 + 18% GST

Its trading platforms:

  • Zerodha Kite: Kite by Zerodha is the flagship trading solution offered by the Bengaluru based broker. It offers streaming price data, multimarket access, advanced charts, and simple trading tools.

  • Zerodha Sentinel (Price Alert Tool): Sentinel is a cloud-based tool that allows Zerodha clients to set price alerts for stocks, futures, and options. Here one can trigger price alerts at any time. You will be notified by kite and email each time a price alert is triggered.

  • Zerodha Coin: Zerodha Coin is an investment platform for Zerodha Mutual Funds. Coins allow people to invest directly in investment trusts.
    This means that you can invest directly in MF without any fees. Save more than 1.5% on commissions each year. Investment trusts are deposited in a Demat account linked to a Zerodha trading account.

  • Zerodha Console: Zerodha Console allows for Different trade reports for analysing profit or loss or capital gain.

Why should you pick Zerodha?

  • Zerodha has established itself as a leading discount stockbroker in India. Its unique features of zero brokerage on equity, advanced chart, and tools for analysis, easy navigation on trading platforms

    Ready-to-resort customer support, quick transfer of funds, paperless documentation are the key areas that have helped Zerodha to organise itself.

  • Along with all the above, which have helped Zerodha's crystal clear business actions and continuous engagement with its customers, it has also allowed them to be one of the best share market broker.

  • There are no special penny stock brokerages or minimum contract fees.

  • Zerodha Varsity is a free online education portal that covers various aspects of trading and investment, including options trading, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.

  • Zerodha Platforms and Technologies, a platform for purchasing coins and investment trusts with no fees directly from asset management companies.

  • Publish streak writing, backtesting, and technical analysis strategies for free to their customers. Easy Account Opening is one of the key areas to consider.

  • Zerodha charges rupees 0 brokerage fees for equity delivery transactions and direct investment trusts. At Zerodha, the maximum brokerage fee paid for a transaction is 20 rupees per order (size, quantity, or segment).
  • They offer an excellent online trading platform, charge low brokerage fees, and are the most transparent stockbrokers. There are no stock delivery fees or investment trust brokerage fees. 


Zerodha is India's maximum technologically superior inventory broker. Zerodha has developed its own buying and selling software program Zerodha Kite (Web and cellular buying and selling app)

Coin (Investment Trust Investment Platform), Varsity (Investor Education Program), Trading Q & A, and lots of different tools. Zerodha provides different trading reports to keep track of profit and loss. All these help investors or traders seamless trading.

2. Upstox


Upstox is an online stock trading and investment platform offered by RKSV Securities. Upstox allows the best online trading software called “Upstox”.

It is a depository participant with Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) and National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) both.

Upstox offers a safe, secure, and hassle-free investment in Shares, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Bonds, NCDs, etc.

A Demat account is very similar to a bank account where you hold shares, mutual funds, bonds, etc., in electronic format. Upstox offers low-cost trading services.

For all other trading segments across the exchange, Upstox charges flat Rs 20 per trade brokerage. It provides an excellent trading platform and tools to its customers. 


  • Upstox offers up to ₹1,000 brokerage loans valid for 30 days.
  • Brokerage fees for stocks, F & O (futures and options), commodities and currencies are up to ₹20 per order.
  • Brokerage fee for investment trusts and IPOs is ₹0. 
  • Immediate account opening along with the paperless application process
  • Variety of electronic calculators for calculating brokerage fees, SIP and NPV. 
  • No paperwork is required for any type of customer verification or KYC (knowing the client).
  • Upstox also offers free direct investment trusts.
  • Upstox has a great online trading platform (websites and mobile apps) that enables hassle-free services.
  • It offers you the great advantage of ₹1000 broker credits valid for 30 days.
  • Up to ₹20 will be charged for each stock, F & O, commodity, and currency order.
  • Good Customer Support and lower brokerage. 
  • Upstox is an online broker, so there are no neighbourhood offices in your city. 
  • Upstox does not provide a personal relationship manager. Also, Upstox does not provide you with research and advisory services as other brokers
  • It does not provide you with GTC (Good till cancelled), an order to buy or sell a stock that lasts until the order is completed or cancelled. Further, it does not offer NRI trading accounts which is a great limitation.
  • Another limitation is that margin funding is not available for Upstox customers 
  • Additional ₹ 20 for Call & Trade orders are charged if you are dealing using Upstox 
  • Additional ₹ 20 for the auto square of intraday orders 

Brokerage charges:

Upstox Charges


Equity delivery

Whichever is lower on Equity Delivery₹20 or 2.5% 

Equity intraday

Whichever is lower on ₹20 or 2.5%

Equity futures

(whichever is lower)

₹20 per executed order or 0.05% 

Equity options

Flat ₹20 per executed order.

Currency futures

(whichever is lower)₹20 per executed order or 0.05% 

Currency options

Per executed order.

Flat ₹20 

Commodity futures

(whichever is lower)

₹20 per executed order or 0.05%

Commodity options

Flat ₹20 per executed order

Account opening and annual maintenance charges:

Trading Account Opening Charge

(One Time) ₹249

Annual Maintenance Charges AMC

(Yearly Fee) is ₹ 0 (Free)

Demat Account Opening Charges

(One Time) as ₹ 0 (Free)

Annual Maintenance Charge AMC

(Yearly Fee) is ₹ 0 (Free)

Its trading platforms:

  • Upstox offers PRO WEB which is an HTML-based trading platform that helps traders trade on their desktops.

  • Also, Upstox offers the PRO MOBILE platform that offers the same features for mobile traders.

Why should you pick Upstox?

  • Upstox is an online investment brand for RKSV Securities. Founded in 2009, RKSV is a SEBI-registered financial services provider based in Mumbai, India.

  • RKSV offers online equity trading, commodity trading, forex derivative trading, mutual funds, and demat accounts.

  • Upstox is an online discount broker with a simple pricing model, low cost, Commodities, Currency, Futures & Options, Mutual Funds, offering trading services across Equities and IPOs.

  • Upstox charges a brokerage of ₹ 20 or 2.5% of trade value (whichever is lower) for Equity Delivery trading and a lower of ₹ 20 or 0.05% for Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Currency Futures, and Commodity Futures.

  • For Options, the company charges a flat ₹ 20 brokerage fee. Broker fees are transparent and there are no hidden costs.

  • Upstox provides an online brokerage calculator to help you accurately calculate the amount you need to pay and the break-even point.

  • Mobile trading app available for both Android and iOS phones. On both Web and Mobile after Market Order (AMO) and Cover Order are available.

  • On both Web and Mobile trailing-Stop loss or Stop-Loss (SL) is available.

  • Upstox Pro Web Trading Platform offers multiple indicators to monitor markets on the go. Upstox Developer 

  • Console helps you build (code) your own trading app using languages such as Python.

  • Upstox MF Platform offers 1000`s Mutual Funds to invest in.


Upstox offers a fast, reliable & easy-to-use trading platform for traders in the Indian stock market. Upstox offers low-cost trading services. 

For all other trading segments across the exchange, Thus best user experience and easy navigation with Upstox.

3. Angel Broking

Angel Broking

Angel Broking focuses on technology that provides intermediary and advisory services, margin lending,

Equity lending (via one of its subsidiaries AFPL), and distribution of financial products through "Angel One" to its clients.

A strong customer base with online and digital platforms and sub-broker networks, large market share in cash and commodities segments,

And highest customer satisfaction are some of the privileges of Angel Broking.

Over the period, Angel Broking showed continuous growth and strong financial performance.

Angel Broking has always been focused on providing the highest value to investors through innovative products, investment strategies,  Advanced technology, and personal services. 


  • Payment of profit directly to the Demat, such as dividends, bonuses, interest, and ultimately to the bank account.
  • Automatic updates of bonus costs, warrants, or stock split information.
  • Allows holding an investment in its trusts with the same Demat account.
  • Seamless customer support.
  • Online investments in stocks, midfielders, corporate FDs, insurance and more with the same Demat account.
  • Up to ₹ 20 per stock, F & O, commodity and currency order
  • ₹ 0 brokerage for mutual funds and IPOs 
  • Open an online paperless instant account.
  • Angel broking provides full-service brokerage services at ultra-low brokerage fees.
  • It provides a flat fee stockbroker charging ₹ 20 per order across segments and exchanges.
  • Free research and advisory, comprehensive daily, weekly, and specialised research reports from experts.
  • Also, Angel Broking provides a variety of investment options like Equity trading, F & O, Commodities, PMS, Mutual Funds, Insurances.
  • It allows your securities as collateral.
  • Angel Broking doesn't offer a three-in-one account.
  • Broker-assisted trades (Call & Trade) are charged an extra ₹ 20 per executed order.

Brokerage charges:

Angel One Charges


Equity Delivery

Zero Brokerage

Equity Intraday

0.25%  Or ₹ 20 / Executed Order (Whichever Is Lower) 

Equity Futures

0.25% Or ₹ 20 / Executed Order (Whichever Is Lower) 

Equity Options

0.25% Or ₹ 20 / Executed Order (Whichever Is Lower)

Currency Futures

0.25% Or ₹ 20 / Executed Order (Whichever Is Lower) 

Currency Options

0.25% Or ₹ 20 / Executed Order (Whichever Is Lower) 

Commodity Futures

0.25% Or ₹ 20 / Executed Order (Whichever Is Lower) 

Commodity Options

0.25% Or ₹ 20 / Executed Order (Whichever Is Lower) 

Account opening and annual maintenance charges:

Non-BSDA (Basic Service Demat Account) Clients

₹ 20 + Tax / Month

For BSDA (Basic Services Demat Account) Clients 

If Holding Value Less Than 50,000: NIL

If Holding Value Between 50,000 To 2,00,000: ₹ 100 + Tax / Year

Account the opening charge


With Angel One is Angel One is a full-service discount broker, and they are known to offer competitive broking charges in the industry.

Its trading platforms:

With Angel One Application

Angel, the stock market app is a user-friendly application. Angel one goes beyond this and provides ideas to maximise yield. Unlike most online commercial apps,

Angel One App is equipped with ARQ technology (Automatic repeat request (ARQ), also known as automatic repeat query, is an error-control method for data transmission that uses acknowledgements),

A regional investment engine, and customising personalised advice on the latest market trends to meet your needs.

Angel One Trade Stock portfolio tracker and web trading platform.

This keeps the market moving on trade. angel broking.com, a web-based trading platform with a simplified interface to manage your portfolio, trade efficiently, and meet investment needs is key assistance.

Stock market desktop app.

Angel Broking is permitted on the Application Trading Platform. SpeedPro is software for retail customers that enables easy single-click navigation. Angel Broking was easy with the Angel One Stock Market desktop app.

The official website of Angel Broking offers a great experience at your fingertips. The Angel SpeedPro trading platform is the key to all trading-related activities.

Why should you Angel broking?

  • Angel broking is one of the most important features that Angel Broking provides is Angel ARQ, which is the flagship product.

  • It is an investment advisory tool that runs on a rule-based model where you put information, and based on the rules of investment, it shows you the most viable options for investment.

  • Angel is the first major full-service broker to offer discounted brokerage fees to clients. Angel ARQ is the company's flagship investment advisory service. ARQ provides recommendations for equities and investment trusts. ARQ is built into the trading software provided by Angel.

  • There is also a minimum brokerage plan which is ₹20 per order for all segments, but there is always an offer going on where delivery Trading is Free.

  • This is one of the few full-service brokers you can have for all facilities available.

  • The company offers a wide range of investment and trading services, including equity and commodity brokerage, investment advice, margin lending, equity lending, and financial product distribution.

  • In November 2019, Angel Broking revised its brokerage plans to compete with discounted equity brokers like Zerodha.

  • This plan offers trading at a fixed price of Rs 20 per transaction in all segments (daytime, F & O, currencies, commodities). Angel Broking is renowned for its excellent trading software and investment advice.


Flat fee stockbroker charging Rs 20 per order across segments and exchanges. Free research and advisory. Verity of investment options like Equity trading, F&O, Commodities, PMS, Mutual Funds, Insurances.

No charges for any fund transfer. These key parameters stand-out Angel One in the Industry.

4. ICICI Direct Full Service

ICICI Direct Full Service

The services offered by ICICI include commodity, equity, and currency trading at the exchanges BSE, NSE, and MCX.

It also offers mutual funds, fixed deposits, IPO, Bond, NCD, Loans against securities, home loans, wealth products, etc.

ICICI direct's most popular service includes 3-in-1, ICICI Bank Account, ICICI Trading Account, and ICICI Demat Account.

ICICI Direct offers multiple brokerage plans, i.e., an I-secure plan,

  1. ICICI prime plan
  2. Life-time free brokerage Plan
  3. Neo plans


  • With an ICICI Demat account, your money never lies idle. It gives you interest when it is parked in a trading account. Since you are on an online trading account and saving account, you keep on earning 3.5% interest on the not-allocated unutilised amount in your trading account.
  • Annual service charges for the first year are waived off.
  • Liberty on choosing from various pricing options.
  • Paperless account opening
  • Daily Recommendation and research around your portfolio
  • ICICI direct is a part of a reputed ICICI group and among the largest brokers in the industry.
  • Allows you free research and advisory services
  • It provides you with good and stable trading software and applications with advanced charts and tools which enable you to make decisions.
  • ICICI direct carries a wide range of brokerage plans and thus allows the option to choose based on service requirements
  • ICICI direct has a physical presence across India and abroad
  • ICICI brokerage charges high brokerage in comparison to discount brokers like Zerodha.
  • Also, the minimum brokerage per trade is ₹ 35, which is higher than what other brokers charge.
  • It charges ₹ 750 yearly AMC charges, which is again a high amount for maintenance
  • ₹ 75 per month fee for using Trading Terminal software.

Brokerage charges:

Following is the minimum brokerage charged


Delivery Segment

Systematic Equity Plan (SEP)

Margin Segment

Transaction upto in (in )

Brokerage in () or in %

Transaction upto in (in )

Brokerage in () or in %

Transaction upto in (in )

Brokerage in () or in %



₹ 25 or 0.75 % whichever is lower


₹ 10 or 0.75 % whichever is lower


₹ 15 or 2.5 % whichever is lower






















Account opening and annual maintenance charges:

Trading Account Opening Charge

(One Time) ₹ 0 (Free)

Annual Maintenance Charges AMC

(Yearly Fee) ₹ 0

Demat Account Opening Charges

(One Time) ₹ 0

Annual Maintenance Charge AMC

(Yearly Fee) ₹ 300 (from 2nd year)

Its trading platforms:

  • ICICI Direct Basket Orders functionality available on the web as well as application allows you to place more than one order with a single click.

  • Also, Futures and Options are a few clicks away with ICICI Direct for trading.

  • Web and application allow futures and options traders to place multiple multi-legged strategy orders in a single click and view the overall margin required in saved baskets with the Basket Order platform available on ICICI Direct.

  • More than one contracts to a single basket and saves it.

  • Trade Racer is a trading platform that provides you with Live streaming quotes & research calls, an integrated fund transfer system along with multiple watch list facilities.

Why should you pick ICICI Direct?

  • ICICI Direct Trading Account gives you the provision to trade with a minimum of zero in it, which is the minimum margin you are required to keep.

  • It provides huge leverage and so you can avail loans against the shares you have in your Demat account with which you can trade.

  • There are daily, weekly and monthly reports on research and advisory services, which are absolutely not chargeable. Also, an advisory team is available to assist.

  • Apart from that, ICICI trading provides trading facilities across all the investment segments like equity, derivatives, currencies, commodities and many others.

    It charges a flat ₹20 per executed order brokerage for Equity Intra-day and Options trading and 0.55% brokerage for equity delivery. Thus, the different plans offered by ICICI Direct have their own unique features and value addition to their customers.

  • ICICIdirect offers a unique and wide range of Products and features like One Click Equity, Margin Trading Funding (MTF), Smart Trading features and ease of investing in equity with Systematic Equity Plan and much more.

  • Also, its plan offers access to trading tips and research, 30 minutes payout when selling shares, and margin funding at a low-interest rate are some points of differentiation in the Industry.


ICICI directly offers online trading and investment services to over 50 lakhs customers. The services offered include equity, commodity, and currency trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX.

It offers brokerage-free equity futures trading, allowing it to stand out as one of the best brokerage in India.

5. Groww Discount Broker

Groww Discount Broker

Groww was established by three former employees of Flipkart, Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Ishan Bansal, and Neeraj Singh.

The idea behind Groww is to add the entire nation into the wise-return investment world of mutual funds.

With the successful launch of mutual funds, Groww moved ahead and organised itself in 2020 as providing stockbroking services.

Groww now is into direct investments in mutual funds, stocks, initial public offerings, digital offerings, and all exchange-related trades.

Groww as it offers an effortless, commission-free direct mutual fund investing platform without any brokerage or subscription fee. Groww offers various digital gold, ETF, and US stocks options.


  • Groww was commenced six years ago by the collaboration of a few former Flipkart employees who aim to offer various investment products such as 
  • Investment in Stocks,
  • Direct mutual funds,
  • IPO,
  • Exchange trading fund (ETF),
  • Fixed Deposit (FD),
  • Digital gold,
  • US stocks. 
  • Groww, which was started six years ago by former Flipkart employees, offers various investment products
  • With time, Groww has established itself with mutual funds and made aware to Indian people the importance and returns mutual funds could bring to the common people investing in the country and in the future. 
  • Its mutual fund is quite popular among its users, prominently among the younger audience and millennials as it offers a hassle-free, no commission, direct mutual fund investing platform without any brokerage or subscription fee. 
  • Compared to other brokers, Groww offers digital gold and US stocks options and also ETF (Exchange-traded fund)
  • Groww is also coming up with fixed deposit (FD) services on its mobile app.
  • Groww has Limited investment products with no option to trade in commodity and currency segments.
  • No Call and Trade services are available with Groww.
  • Groww does not provide stock tips, research reports, or recommendations.
  • It does not provide branch support.
  • No Margin trading facilities are provided with Groww.
  • No Margin against shares.
  • Advanced order types are not available yet with the Groww trading platform.
  • Trailing stop-loss orders are not available in the Grow app.
  • Do not offer NRI Trading.
  • Information about the latest IPOs is not available on Groww.

Brokerage charges:

  • Groww offers Equity Brokerage is ₹ 20 or 0.05 per order executed, whichever is lower
  • F and O Brokerage are ₹ 20 per order executed
  • Account opening and annual maintenance charges:

    • Groww also offers zero account opening charges
    • Groww allows you with Zero AMC

    Its trading platforms:

    Groww is an online investment platform, that initially target to capture market around mutual fund, thus their application called “Groww” allowed seamless investment navigation,

    And as time passed they grew their business to stocks, direct mutual funds, IPO, exchange trading fund (ETF), fixed deposit (FD), digital gold, and US stocks.

    Why should you pick groww?

    • Groww charges zero commission direct mutual funds.

    • The maximum brokerage charged per trade is ₹ 20.

    • Instant and paperless online account opening is done when using Groww.

    • Customer education is done through educative and informative blogs, journals and ebooks.

    • Groww also provides investment in US Stocks, Digital gold, and Corporate FD.

    • They commenced Grow in 2016, targeting revolution in India on mutual funds. Groww evolved using social media, adjoining hands with several established existing investors, and letting know their success story to the nation to inspire others.

    • Grow said that it has raised as a part of its Series D funding round, led by Tiger Global Management, and saw participation from existing investors Sequoia India, Ribbit Capital, YC Continuity, and Propel Venture Partners.

    • Grow almost targeted five years back to make investing accessible and transparent to everyone in India.

    • Groww’s USP allowed investments in mutual funds through a simplified user interface and targeted many young professionals and first-time investors.

    • Over the years, Groww has diversified by also allowing users to invest in stocks, fixed deposits, gold, and even US-based equities.

    • But what investors seem to be banking on is that a tiny fraction of Indians currently invest in stocks — only around 2% of India's population invests in the stock markets,

    • Compared to nearly 50% of Americans, so there's plenty of headroom for companies like Grow to, well, grow.


    All of this makes for a heady mix, and companies that already have large user bases and brand recall could well end up cornering the new equity investors who stream into the Indian market in the coming years.

    6. HDFC Securities

    HDFC Securities

    HDFC Securities (HDFCsec) offers transactions via web and mobile applications.

    HDFC Stock Exchange Account has a unique three-in-one feature that connects HDFC Stock Exchange accounts,

    Bank Savings Accounts, and existing Demat accounts. Funds/stocks can also be easily moved from linked Demat/bank accounts to execute transactions.

    This is a three-in-one account that offers a hassle-free investment opportunity. When a client buys shares, the money is deducted from the bank account, and the shares are deposited in the Demat account.

    Similarly, if you sell shares through a trading account, the shares will be deducted from your Demat account, And the funds will be deposited in your HDFC bank account.


    • Easy navigation on the web and application
    • Allows you by integrating your accounts; they ensure smooth usage to their customers.
    • Orders are placed electronically.
    • Ensures to keep it transparent; thus, each order placed is confirmed with a single click with the mail being sent to the registered mail ID.
    • The highest level of security, such as encryption technology.
    • Separate and devoted contact numbers for trading over the phone and for customer care.
    • HDFC has an interlinked three-in-one account, such as banking, broking, and Demat accounts) available.
    • Further, HDFC is an online investor in Mutual Funds, IPOs, GOI Bonds, Insurance, and Postal Savings Schemes all from one website.
    • It allows you to trade in both the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.
    • It allows easy trading and thus is an excellent trading platform for beginners.
    • HDFC Sec brokerage compared to other brokers is high this is a huge limitation with HDFC.
    • HDFC doesn't offer commodity trading resulting in one cannot trade at MCX or NCDEX using HDFC.
    • In the three-in-one account, the Demat Account has to be opened with HDFC Bank Ltd as the Depository Participant (DP) and the Bank Account has to be opened with HDFC Bank as the Banker.
    • Brokerage is very high since most discount brokers don't have a minimum brokerage; HDFC's minimum brokerage charge is ₹ 25 per trade. 
    • HDFC charges flat ₹ 0.05 per share brokerage on stocks charging up to ₹ 10.

    Brokerage charges:

    • For Equities: 

    There is a 2.5% limit on total trading value, but there is a minimum brokerage fee for residents and NRIs, and both buy and sell orders are ₹25 /-

    • Delivery-based transactions:

    0.50% of resident Indians or at least ₹25 / or 2.5% of the transaction amount (both for sale) and 0.75% for NRI securities transactions or 2.5% of the transaction amount (both for sale) Upper or minimum ₹25.

    • For future markets

    ₹Minimum brokerage. You will be charged 0.05 / per unit. Brokerage fees (both buying and selling) are charged within the limits set by SEBI / Exchanges.

    Account opening and annual maintenance charges:

    Trading Account Opening Charge

    (One Time) ₹ 999

    Annual Maintenance Charges AMC

    (Yearly Fee) ₹ 0

    Demat Account Opening Charges

    (One Time) ₹ 0

    Annual Maintenance Charge AMC

    (Yearly Fee) ₹ 750

    Its trading platforms:

    • HDFC With HDFC securities multiple trading platforms, trading inequity has become easier than ever. Keep track of equity trading and apply for shares at your convenience using any of their offline or online equity trading platforms.

    • Internet Trading System (ITS): Trade-in equity instantly by logging into your account from there asy-to-navigate and speedy powered trading platform

    • Mobile App: Apply for equity investment on the go with their Mobile Trading App available on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

    • Also their application called HDFC Blink, allows monitoring orders, trade, buy and sell, and a single user interface for equity and derivatives.

    Why should you pick HDFC Securities?

    HDFC SEC Securities is a business supplement in HDFC Bank stock transactions. HDFC Securities provide both online trading and trading on the phone.

    HDFC Securities Trading Account has a unique three-in-one feature that integrates your HDFC Securities Trading Account with your existing HDFC Bank Savings and Demat accounts.

    Funds/stocks to execute transactions are easily transferred from the linked Demat/bank account. HDFC securities are available for both NSE and BSE. It also provides clients with futures and options, stocks, and future opportunities.

    HDFC Securities is the stockbroking arm of India`s largest private-sector lender, HDFC Bank, and began operations in April 2000. It began as a joint venture between HDFC Bank Limited, HDFC Limited, and Indocean securities Holdings Limited.

    HDFC Also allows advanced charts and tools, personalised watchlists, market tips, and tricks over investment. Trading in equity can be complex especially when you’re trying to secure your financial well-being.

    Avail of the opportunity of trading in equity with HDFC securities’ bouquet of services, including online equity trading, Call & trade, equity trading mobile app, and more.


    Overall HDFC Securities is another great broker, with some interesting stand-points of three-in-one features and easy navigation to its users.

    7. 5 paisa Discount

    5 paisa Discount

    The 5Paisa Demat account is offered innovative products and investment solutions.

    5Paisa is one of the discount brokers offering advanced trading and investment options solutions.

    If you open a 5 Paisa trading account and a Demat account, you will be able to offer various products and services for the amount of 5Paisa.

    This means ₹0.05 Providing a variety of investment solutions at such a low price serves as a differentiator for the company and has a high reputation of ₹ 0.05.

    With this low brokerage fee, 5Paisa can reach a large customer base that targets a large customer base.


    • Flat rate of ₹ 20 for each order placed. In addition, if you purchase a value pack, the total price will be ₹ 10.
    • Provides clients' balance margin at a nominal interest rate of 0.06% per day in the cash segment.
    • Provides tools that allow you to use Portfolio Analyzer to determine your portfolio performance and improve your investment strategy.
    • Flat 20 ₹/order irrespective of the size of the trade, segment or exchange.
    • Free paperless account opening in 5 minutes.
    • It charges the lowest DP charges also, 5paisa enables free Mutual Fund account
    • 5paisa allows you multilingual trading app
    • Free trading platforms including mobile app, website, and desktop trading terminal. No software charges.
    • Provide Stock Investment Ideas and Research tools, algo trading, and robo advisory services; also, it helps with Technical and advanced charts for analysis.
    • 5paisa doesn't offer a three-in-one account.
    • It has very high Demat debit transaction charges. They charge ₹ 25 or 0.025% in the Optimum plan.
    • Higher transaction charges in comparison to other discount brokers.
    • An additional cost of ₹ 100 per call in the Optimum plan in Call & Trade is available
    • In the Optimum Plan, research & advisory services are not available 
    • 5Paisa doesn't offer NRI Trading services.

    Brokerage charges:

    Brokerage charge for the currency stocks and commodities

    ₹ 20/ order as per 5paisa's standard plan and the monthly fees are not fixed

    As per 5paisa's power investor pack, the brokerage fee is fixed at an amount of ₹ 499 monthly 

    The charge for equity, currency, and commodity is ₹ 10/order.

    Account opening and annual maintenance charges:

    Demat Account Opening Charges

    (One Time) ₹ 0 (Free)

    Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC 

    It charges(Yearly Fee) ₹ 540, The account maintenance charges could be up to Rs. 25 p.m. or  ₹8 depending on plan opted.

    Trading Account Opening Charges

    ₹ 300/-

    Trading Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC 

    ₹ 0 (Free)

    Its trading platforms:

    5paisa Trading Software (5paisa Trading Platforms)

    • The 5paisa trading platform is based on IIFL's trading platform, which has been used by many clients over the last 20 years.
    • The 5paisa trading platform is available via mobile apps, browsers (web), and installable desktop trading applications (exes).

    5paisa Mobile App

    • The 5paisa mobile trading application allows trading at BSE/NSE and also provides Robo Advisory services. Customers can download this free app from Google App Store or Apple App Store.

    • The 5 paisa application provides you with options recommendations based on your view from the Ideas section. It also enables you to square off all raised positions with just a few clicks.

    • The 5paisa application allows users to get alerts on shared events and position status.

    5paisa Web Trading (5paisa.com)

    • The web-based trading platform is well integrated with payment gateway and banks for instant fund transfers.

    5paisa Trade Terminal

    • The 5paisa Installable Trading Terminal is designed for frequent traders who require advanced trading tools.
    • The desktop application provides real-time data and advanced charts of intraday and historical stock prices.
    • You can use various keyboard shortcuts to monitor the market in real-time and place orders quickly.

    Why should you pick a 5 paisa broker?

    • 5paisa.com is a leading online stockbroker offering discount brokerage which allows several investors to trade efficiently.

    • Promoted by IIFL founders, 5paisa Capital Ltd is a publicly-traded and professionally managed company

    • 5Paisa offers different subscription plans; Power Investor Pack, Basic Pack, and Ultra Trader Pack.

    • These plans provide you with various benefits from Zero Account opening charges to Flat Fees reduced from ₹ 20 to ₹ 10.

    • 5paisa will change the flat rate Rs 10 for each executed order of online investment in a trust. Is 5paisa different from other online brokers 5paisa is a one-stop shop for various financial investment products.

    • Here's why 5paisa is preferred by most investors. Minimum Charge 5 Paisa Charges Flat Rs20 per executed order.

    • Research Ideas: 5paisa is the only discount broker that offers comprehensive research and advice on over 4,000 companies.


    5paisa. com is a leading online stockbroker offering discount brokerage services to individual investors in India. 5paisa online trading is available in BSE, NSE, and MCX stocks, commodities and currencies.

    These plans offer a variety of benefits that can be reduced from 20 rupees to 10 rupees, from zero account opening fees to flat rates. These are some attraction points to understand.

    8. Kotak Securities Full Service

    Kotak Securities Full Service

    Kotak Securities Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of Kotak Mahindra Bank, which was established in 1994.

    They offer stockbroking services and distribute financial products in India. They have numerous branches,

    Franchisees and satellite offices offering services to mass customers. Kotak Securities are corporate members with BSE and NSE, with

    National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) as depository participants. Kotak Securities allows you to switch between various watchlists, charts, graphs, scanners, statements, orders and reports on a single screen. This is all allowed on a single real-time screen.


    • It tracks all the news and events happening worldwide.
    • It allows futures and options at your assistance for trading.
    • Access recommended trading strategies customised to your needs.
    • Stock market is a highly competitive battlefield; a fully-Integrated advanced Trading Platform is a great resort to it.
    • Whether any one person is an intraday or swing trader, momentum or positional trader, chartist or techno-funda trader, Futures or Options Trader, they have covered!
    • Kotak Securities website provides a broader level of range in investment and trading. This includes investment in equity, IPOs, Bonds, FDs, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Currency Derivatives, etc.
    • Along with the online trading facility, customers get access to 1400+ branches for help on investment and issue resolution.
    • Kotak Securities provide daily market pointers, stock recommendations, periodical research reports, SMS alerts, etc., to evaluate decisions on buy or sell.
    • Online Chat facility is available to support customers.
    • Kotak security offers easy integration of trading accounts with Citibank, HDFC Bank, UTI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank.
    • Kotak Securities charges compared to discount brokers a higher brokerage charge on Delivery trades.
    • Higher AMC compared to other leading brokers

    Brokerage charges:

    Free Intraday Trades, Kotak provides in equity (cash), equity derivatives (F&O), currency and commodity across all segments

    Zero brokerage for intraday trades

    Brokerage for delivery trades in Equity (Cash) and Commodity segment will be charged 

    Minimum brokerage of ₹ 20 per executed order or 0.25% of the transaction value 

    Equity and Commodity Delivery Trades

    With the Trade Free brokerage plan, you also get access to in-depth research and stock picks from their experienced team of analysts.

    Account opening and annual maintenance charges:

    Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time)

    ₹ 0 (Free)

    Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC

    (Yearly Fee) ₹ 600

    Its trading platforms:

    • The Kotak Stock Trader (KST) application allows you the best trading experience.
    • It has simplified Login using fingerprint or FaceID and also allows recent search history & buy from search.
    • Smoother Fund Transfer- UPI and NEFT Options
    • Personalised & Preset watchlists also it provides with Basic & advanced charts
    • Its platform allows trailing Stop Loss or Bracket Order (TSLO-BO) Basket Order & Lots more.
    • TradeSmart Terminal allows you an advanced trading platform and digital charts and analysis to assist their customers.
    • TradeSmart is a high-powered TradeSmart Terminal that gives you an edge

    Why should you pick Kotak Securities?

    Kotak securities offers a three-in-one account that allows you to open Demat, trading as well as a bank account together with Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited.

    One can open those accounts independently or at the same time under one umbrella with a single application form. Using the 3 in 1 account, clients won't have to manually transfer money to a trading account from the bank account.

    Once you open your account, you can trade stocks, IPOs, investment trusts, ETFs, tax-exempt bonds, currency derivatives, gold ETFs and more.

    Opening a Kotaku Securities Account Fill out the online inquiry form on the Kotaku Securities website Enter your name, phone number, email address, and city, and submit the form.

    When the form is submitted, one of Kotak's securities representatives will contact you.

    Download the form from their website, fill in the required details, You can fill out the form according to your requirements and send it to the registered office.


    Being providing sophisticated technology on accessibility over application, easy navigation, advance charts, stop loss are key areas for Kotak.

    9. Sharekhan Full Service

    Sharekhan Full Service:

    Sharekhan is one of the largest stockbrokers and established itself as one of the one-stop service brokers.

    Sharekhan provides brokerage services using its online trading website and the application helps with easy navigation.

    Sharekhan allows trade on derivatives segments and equity cash on BSE and NSE, commodities trading facilities on MCX and NCDEX.

    Sharekhan allows service on Mutual Funds, IPOs Services, Bonds, Insurance and Commodity. Also, Sharekhan provides advisory and research around probable opportunities on buying shares, holding or selling those shares.

    Sharekhan offers various services. These accounts include Sharekhan First Step Account, Sharekhan Classic Account, Sharekhan Trade Tiger Account and Portfolio Mgmt Services (PMS) through Sharekhan Platinum Circle Account.


    • Daily or weekly recommendation over stocks to buy, sell or hold
    • Excellent User interface
    • Easy Navigation over application and website
    • Sharekhan also conducts investor education workshops, forums, discussions, where investors or traders could get a wider perspective on understanding.
    • Sharekhan's 'ShareMobile' platform offers trading facility through mobile application. Services offered by Sharekhan include trading in equity, F & O and Commodity and investment in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Bonds and NCDs. 
    • Sharekhan offers different trading platforms to suit customer requirements.
    • To suit individual customers offer different brokerage slabs.
    • Online and classroom training, seminars, and workshops to investors are offered by Sharekhan.
    • Sharekhan Transfer from a bank account and Funds Pay-out to the bank account doesn't charge for Online Funds
    • Free of charge Call & Trade facility with Sharekhan.
    • Sharekhan does not offer a 3in1 account because it does not offer banking services.
    • You will be charged a higher brokerage fee than a flat broker. 
    • Traditional account holders cannot trade merchandise.

    Brokerage charges:

    • Equity Cash Intraday Trades

    • 0.10% on the buy side.

    • Equity Delivery Trades

    • 0.50% or 10 paise per share or ₹ 16 per scrip, whichever is higher.

    • F&O Trades

    • 0.10% if squared off on any other day and 0.10% on the first leg.

    • Options Trades

    • 2.50% or ₹ 250 per lot on the premium (whichever is higher).

    • Currency Future

    • 0.10%.

    • Currency Options

    • 2.50% or ₹ 30 per lot on the premium (whichever is higher).

    • Commodity

    • 0.10%.

    Account opening and annual maintenance charges:

    Trading Account Opening Charge

    (Yearly Fee) is  ₹ 0 (Free)

    Demat Account Opening Charges

    (One Time) is ₹ 0 (Free)

    Annual Maintenance Charge AMC

    (Yearly Fee) ₹ 400 (Free for 1st year)

    Its trading platforms:

    • Sharekhan provides clients with four online trading software.

    • TradeTiger (Trade Terminal)

    • Share Khan website (website transaction)

    • Sharekhan app (mobile transaction)

    • Sharekhan Mini (Low Bandwidth App)

    • This Sharekhan trading software offers trading of stocks, commodities, and currencies on BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX. Sharekhan's trading platform is free for all clients. 

    • TradeTiger Exe-based installable trading application for PC is one of the most powerful and advanced trading software available in India.
      The platform was developed in-house by Sharekhan's IT team and is continually being improved based on user feedback. Sharekhan Trade Tiger has all the features that active traders need.

    Why should you pick Sharekhan?

    • Sharekhan.com is the user-friendly investment and trading portal in the Indian stock market. The well-designed website provides a wide range of investment options, share market news, research reports, stock quotes,

    • Fundamental and statistical info across equity, mutual funds, IPOs, and much more. Services offered by Sharekhan include trading in equity, F & O, and commodities and investment in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Bonds, and NCDs.

    • Sharekhan also offers 'Sharekhan TradeTiger', a popular trading terminal, for retail investors. The Trade Tiger is kind of the same as Broker Terminal and allows frequent traders to put and execute their orders at high speeds.

    • It also provides live data and other tools on the identical screen to assist the users with their trades. Sharekhan's 'ShareMobile' platform offers a trading facility through the mobile application.

    • Services offered by Sharekhan include trading in equity, F & O, and commodities and investment in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Bonds, and NCDs.


    Sharekhan also offers depository services (Demat account) and the option to invest in mutual funds and IPOs. Sharekhan. com is one of the advanced tools and charts investment portals for the Indian stock market.

    The well-designed website provides a wide range of investment options, share market news, research reports, stock quotes, fundamental and statistical info across equity, mutual funds, IPOs, and much more. 

    10. Motilal Oswal

    Motilal Oswal

    In 1987, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd (MOFSL) was set up by Motilal Oswal and Raamdeo Agrawal targeting broking services.

    Motilal Oswal entered into investment banking in 2005 and later entered into a private equity fund in 2006.

    In February 2006, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. acquired Peninsular Capital Markets, a broking company, for ₹ 35 crores.

    The company interlinked with State Bank of India in 2006, Punjab National bank in 2007, and Axis Bank in 2013 to offer online trading to its customers.

    In January 2010, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd commenced a Mutual fund business named Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company (MOAMC).

    In 2013, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd was laid by the foundation of Aspire Home Finance Corporation Limited (AHFCL).

    Motilal Oswal Services offers the following:

    1. Investment Advisory Services
    2. Funding Services
    3. Value-Added Services


    • Motilal Oswal offers vast dedicated advisory services on different trade and investments.
    • They also offer SIP through a simple Whatsapp click, which is key differentiator from other brokers
    • They are also good at portfolio restructuring.
    • Advanced charts and tools user experience
    • Motilal Oswal 20+ years of experience in buying and selling and investment.
    • Motilal affords a broader range of investment alternatives together with equity, IPO, coverage, Mutual price range, and fixed Deposit Derivatives.
    • Some packs of brokerage schemes offer low brokerage alternatives.
    • There may be ease in switching of finances over the network of banks whilst you are with Motilal Oswal.
    • Motilal additionally offers useful research advisory services.
    • It gives smooth trading software.
    • Motilal Oswal charges very high brokerage charges in comparison with the discount brokers like Zerodha and 5paisa.
    • Motilal Oswal has some competitive brokerage pricing with the value pack; however, it has Upfront fees that are really high.
    • The value pack plans cannot be updated or cancelled once selected.
    • It doesn't offer a three-in-one account.

    Brokerage charges:

    • Equity Delivery 

    • 0.5%

    • Equity Intraday and Futures

    • 0.05% both side

    • Currency futures and options

    • ₹ 20 per lot (both side)

    • Commodity futures 

    • 0.05% both side 

    Account opening and annual maintenance charges:

    • Demat Account Opening Charges ₹ 0
    • Demat AMC (Yealy) Free (₹ 400 2nd year onwards)

    Its trading platforms:

    MO Investor - Stock Market Investment and Trading Application:

    • Its share market investment app is an intuitive and financial solution that guides new to share market or advanced investors with custom features to make prudent investment decisions on their own.

    MO Trader - Share Trading Application for advanced traders:

    • Its share trading app is a powerful platform for advanced traders providing real-time information on your trades and execution. Also, it has Lightning and Fast Speed, Available on Android and iOS

    Why should you pick Motilal Oswal?

    • Motilal Oswal has a versatile client base that includes financial institutions, retail customers, mutual funds, Qualified buyers, foreign institutional investors, and corporate clients.

    • Motilal has specific teams who work on technical research, best stock on large-cap, mid-cap- It has fundamental, technical analysis around a wide range of market trends over the period.

    • It was awarded and recognised many times and considered a trusted broker in the industry.

    • MOSL) is a diversified financial services company founded in 1987 and headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company offers trading services for stocks, commodities, currencies, and derivatives.

    • Motilal Oswal has a diverse customer base, including individual clients (including high-value individuals), investment trusts, foreign institutional investors, financial institutions, and corporate clients.

    • As of March 2018, Motilal Oswal has a network of more than 500 cities and towns, with more than 2,200 offices operated by the company and its business partners.


    Almost 10% of revenue is invested in stock research. From a fundamental, technical, and derivative research perspective, Motilal Oswal`s research reports are widely reported in the media.

    frequently asked question

    1. Which trading platform is best for long-term investment?

    Angel One ARQ, Zerodha Kite, and Sharekhan Tiger are the best share broker in India for long-term investment since it is specific best served for the following can be said to be best since in such case

    It will be customer-friendly for long-term investment requirements:

    1. Profit tracking over the period
    2. Rate of return details
    3. Detail showing calculation for capital gain tax
    4. Detail showing 52 weeks high or low
    5. Detail showing quarterly results and their potential impact.

    2. Who is the cheapest stockbroker in India?

    Zerodha and Upstox have proved to be the cheapest simply because they offer discounts with trading in equity passed on to customers, which means no brokerage is charged for trading in equity.

    In the Futures and Options Segment, Zerodha, Angel broking, and Upstox have lower brokerage; they are the cheapest broker in F and O segment.

    3. In India, who are the best stockbrokers for beginners?

    The best stock brokers in India for beginners is Share Khan and Groww. Since they provide a broader perspective for investors and traders.

    Also, they make available investor education, research and chart analysis, stock recommendation, which helps beginners on understanding market trends.

    4. Which is best, Zerodha or Angel Broking?

    Zerodha provides brokerage free on Equity and ₹ 20 on Futures and Options, whereas Angel broking carries ₹ 20 / Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower), thus for equity trading,

    Zerodha would be the best option, and for F and O, Angel broking would be best due to its charging structure.

    5. In India, which broker has the best trading platform?

    Angel broking, ICICI direct, Zerodha has the best user experience, simply because the service level platform which they offer, helps investors or traders to get a broader and wider perspective.

    Different tools and advanced charts assist in the right time to buy, sell or hold a share. Also, they offer you stop loss, watchlist, trigger price point, this helps traders to trade smoothly.

    I hope you liked our article on Top Brokers In India, and it must have solved your queries such as top stock brokers in India/top 10 stock brokers in India, top brokerage firms in India, best brokers in India, stock market brokers in India, 

    if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

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