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Online Surveys To Earn Money In India

Want to know online surveys to earn money in india? Well you have landed on the right article. Are you looking for a way to supplement your income in your spare time?

If so, being paid for filling out surveys for GPT (get-paid-to) websites is among the best choices available to you. There are numerous options available for you to profit from your thoughts and actions.

It is incredibly simple to complete and share a survey for money. The one and only thing you must verify is that the sites for which you are working are genuine and authentic.

Many websites engage in fraudulent operations, and you must be able to recognize a scam website. This can be accomplished by familiarizing yourself with legitimate paid surveys that pay on time.

There are a lot of websites to pick from, and it can be difficult to figure out which one is perfect for you. If you're in the same boat, you've come to the right place, since we'll tell you about the best-paying survey sites.

Benefits of online survey jobs

  • Independence - The best part about internet survey employment is the freedom they provide. It eliminates the need for employment and money from employers.
    It allows you to be your own boss. Starting a business allows you to work whenever and wherever you want.
    There are no limitations in terms of time. It improves job flexibility. This also holds you responsible only for your customers. There are no other parties to answer to.

  • Self-regulated earnings - You are paid according to the amount of work you do. This provides you control over your profits for the time period.

    Earnings are usually proportionate to the amount of work done. As a result, online survey tasks are a great way to make a specific amount of money. It is among the most profitable pastimes.

  • No investment - To begin earning money from an internet survey in India, there are usually no enrollment fees.

    This offers online survey work quite appealing, especially for those looking for a quick buck.

    As a result, these professions are excellent choices for students because they do not demand any upfront expenditure. It merely requires a computer or phone with an internet connection.

  • Flexibility - Working from home and selling products online allows you to be more flexible.

    As a result, it allows for greater flexibility in terms of working hours, decision-making, and customer interaction, among other things. It also aids in the adjustment to other aspects of life.

    Customers are the only ones who need to report. Methods, procedures, and other activities are more flexible as a result.


 The first and most important question is whether any unique restrictions determine whether or not I am eligible to participate in online surveys. 

The answer is a resounding no. Certainly not! Filling out surveys does not necessitate any special abilities. However, there are a few things you would have to have before signing up for an online survey site. 

  • A desktop computer or a laptop

  • A fast broadband connection is essential.

  • A different email address. It's a good idea to create a new email account before you start taking surveys. This email address is very useful for registering on survey websites.

    It will also assist you in keeping your personal information and survey-related data separate.

  • A payment processor  that accepts payments online.

30 online surveys to earn money in india

1. Toluna

Toluna is comparable to a social media site in that it allows you to stalk people, have them follow them back.

Also, engage with them by allowing you to post messages on their board or in a private chat.

In terms of compensation and survey distribution, it has been shown to be among the most reliable and trustworthy sites.

The survey on this website takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete, and you can earn anything from 15 to approximately 50000 points.


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2. Valued opinions

This website is accessible not just in India, but also in over 20 other countries around the world.

This website has a lot of positive feedback. Valued Opinions invites all of its members to take part in a variety of online surveys that are given to them via email.

You can earn a maximum of Rs 150 every survey, however, only a few surveys allow you to earn so much.

Furthermore, if you really want this site to discharge your payment, the amount of money paid should be Rs 400.

This website's payment terms are quick, however, it does not reimburse you in cash.

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3. Ysense

Because Ysense is affiliated with a number of well-known survey panels, you can expect plenty of surveys on this site.

You also have the option of selecting your preferred survey panel from the list of panels supplied to you by Ysense in your email.

When you get to the survey page, look for the list of survey panels and clicking on the surveys to see whether they're still available.

Ysense pays you using PayPal, Skrill as well as Reward Link India, Payoneer, or Amazon gift cards, among other online payment apps or websites.

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4. Opinion world

Once you become an user of Opinion World, you will receive emails from them on a regular basis.

It is a consumer-friendly website that is not only trustworthy but also often supplies you with varied surveys.

This website's surveys are mainly on consumer items and services such as healthcare, education, and so on.

Simply by filling out a questionnaire, Opinion World awards you 10 points as soon as possible to make up.

One of the nicest features is that you may select the number of survey mails you wish to receive each day.

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 5. iPanelOnline

When you recommend iPanel online to your family and friends, you can earn extra money.

Not only that, but after you pass and become a user of this site, you will receive a large number of surveys.

One poll for this site might earn you anything from 1 to 100 points. One INR is equal to one point.

One of the nicest features is that, in comparison to other GPT sites, the surveys on this website take a lot less time.

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6. View Fruit India

Among all of the other survey sites on this list, it is among the newest.

For every survey you complete, you can earn anything from 100 to 5000 points. To be paid, you must earn a minimum of 2500 points.

This website makes it simple to sign up and create an account.You will begin receiving their emails, which will include survey invitations, as soon as you sign up.

A survey usually takes 15 to approx 20 minutes to complete. Additionally, if you install their app, you will receive 100 points.

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7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks guarantees that after you register and become a member, you will receive regular surveys via email.

You can earn money on this website in a variety of methods, including doing surveys, viewing movies, and accepting offers, among others.

As long as you earn $3, it rewards you with gift cards. However, one of Swagbucks' primary limitations is that it only pays you in cash if you actually earn $25.

Which is a rather high number when compared to other services.


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8. The panel Station

Panel Station has amassed a membership of almost one million people.

It has gained popularity not just in India, but also in nations like as China, South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, Colombia, Chile, Australia, and many more.

Among all survey sites, they also have some of the largest global networks. Panel Station has recently released a smartphone app that makes taking surveys more convenient for consumers.

The minimum amount of points required to be paid is 3000 points approximately Rs 300.

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9. TellyPulse

Star India Pvt. Ltd. is the proprietor of this GPT website. And it was founded in 2011.

As soon as possible to make up and qualify to work for our website, Telly Pulse offers you surveys via email.

TellyPulse usually offers you intriguing surveys on entertainment and advertising that take less than 15 minutes to complete.

For completing one survey, you might earn anything from Rs 50 to Rs 150.  The minimum compensation for requesting a payout ought to be Rs 150.

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10. TimeBucks

It is among the most trustworthy websites on the internet. If you qualify to work for Timebucks, you will receive a $1 signing incentive.

Timebucks offers a large number of surveys, and you will receive an immediate reward for completing them.

Timebucks will even pay you a 15% referral incentive, much like the rest of the sites.

However, it is unusual in that you can earn paid for referrals up to five tiers deep, meaning you can be paid for your referral referrals.

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11. OpinionBureau

Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd. (IRB) created the Opinion Bureau community to allow consumers.

To demonstrate the power of their voices and opinion by directly influencing market research and marketplaces. 

We provide you with online annual surveys about the products as well as services you use on a daily basis.  As well as the option to contribute your thoughts and opinions and get compensated for your participation. 

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12. Survey savvy

Survey Savvy is another great GPT  site that pays you not just for conducting surveys.But also for viewing movies, clicking on advertisements, and playing games.

This website, which was created two decades ago in 1999, has been trying to bridge the gap between market research firms and survey respondents ever since.

The process of doing surveys is fairly simple thanks to the user-friendly nature of our website.

You simply need to register up to and build an account profile, after which they will send you an email with surveys if you are qualified.

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13. YouGov. In

YouGov has survey panels all throughout the world, including one in India. You can only make money by completing surveys.

The site is simple to navigate, and you will receive an email when a survey becomes available.

YouGov has a good selection of surveys, many of which are relevant. In comparison to other survey sites, the prizes are typical for the time spent.

You will be compensated in points for taking surveys. Once you have accumulated 5000 points ($50) in India.

You can exchange them for cash, which will be given to you.

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14. Survey time

Persona.ly is a multinational mobile ad tech business that owns this website.  This website is incredibly user-friendly, and the best part is that it offers a lot of surveys.

When compared to other sites, most of the polls on this site give out a decent sum of money or awards.

They employ workers from all across the world, and once hired, you must complete a brief survey questionnaire.

After that, you'll be enabled to see a list of the polls that are available to you.

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15. Lifepanel points India

After a collaboration between MySurveys and GlobalTestMarket, it is a newly released survey site in India.

When it first opened in India, the Lifepoints panel posed the greatest threat to all other survey sites.

The Lifepoints panel offers a good number of surveys and then even pays you nicely for each one you complete.

For completing a survey, you will receive between 15 and 140 points, with a minimum of 806 points required to receive paid.

This is on of the best survey sites in india 2022

Users can also play a jackpot game for a chance to win as to $2000 in cash.

For Myntra, Shopperstop, Flipkart as well as Makemytrip, Lifepoints pays you via PayPal, Cheques, and E-vouchers.

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16. Streetbees

Streetbees is among the most reliable websites, with headquarters in London but activities in India dating back a few years.

In terms of payout, Streetbees is an excellent website because there is no minimum barrier that must be met before you can cash out.

As soon as it hits your profile and thus is qualified to take surveys, Streetbees will provide you Rs 50 as a signup incentive.

Which will be paid to the PayPal account immediately. This page primarily contains all of the short surveys that may be completed in under 10 minutes.

In comparison to many other websites, however, the reward for each survey is rather low.

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17. Wowapp

WowApp offers you a variety of ways to make money while sitting at home.

Including paid surveys, phoning and chatting, watching videos, playing games, and exploring the web, as well as fantastic cashback.

Deals on numerous Indian online stores. Despite the fact that it is an application, it can be used on PCs, laptops, and other devices.

This website has excellent ratings and is regarded as a flawless site in India.

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18. Rewards 1

Rewards 1 guarantees that all of its users will be able to earn money in a variety of methods, including answering surveys. 

Daily polls, live chat, free contests, fulfilling partner offers, watching movies, and playing games.

You can also earn a referral incentive for each friend you recommend to Rewards 1.

This website is special in that it includes Hindi ad tests, which might help you earn money if you are uncomfortable with or lack a strong command of the English language.

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19. Ebuno

Ebuno is a Swedish-registered firm that was first founded as a survey-taking website, but it has since expanded to include additional ways to earn money.

Once your account is created after you sign up, you can suggest a friend and earn 10% of their referral income.

You will also receive Rs 35 as long as you register. A survey can take up to 20 minutes to finish, and you can make up to Rs 150 for each one.

When the amount of money paid reaches Rs.700, you are eligible to request a cash payout.

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20. Online panel NET

In India, Online Panel has established itself as a reputable panel through which you may earn money.

By participating in paid surveys, paid offers, pushing discount coupons, performing micro-tasks, playing games, joining up for newsletters, and more.

Online Panel NET is a survey site established in Europe that operates in much more than 40 countries.

You could earn up to Rs 200 every survey as a survey participant, which is a really easy way to earn money.

As long as you install the latest and establish your profile, you'll receive a registration bonus.

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21. Cashcrate

Once you've met the requirements and made an account upon the site, you're ready to start earning real money, which they will send to you by PayPal or check.

Because it is a very user-friendly website, more than a million people are becoming a part of it.

Once you've accumulated Rs 1400 in your Cashcrate account, you'll be able to withdraw money. 

You can make quick money in a variety of methods with our user-friendly website, like taking surveys. 

Clicking 'tap search' on every single click, viewing videos, and so on. Here's the rub: there's a catch.

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22. Mobrog

Mobrog is a reputable website that is well recognized for doing paid surveys.

You can earn up to Rs 200 for each survey you complete, which will take between 10 and 20 minutes.

As long as you establish a Mobrog profile and join up, you will receive a slew of surveys in your inbox.

This website will tell you whether you are eligible for the survey right away (within a few minutes).

Because it is a user-friendly website, it may be an excellent choice for you if you would not want to wait too long for your polls to be authorized.

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23. Feature points

Completing surveys, download files and using the app (for which you will receive 60 to 130 points).

Following and likeability their posts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

As well as trying to make a Youtube testimonial of one earnings (for which you will receive 300 points) are just a few of the ways you can earn money with Feature Points.

It is also a great way to earn a financial reward if you introduce a friend to this website.Furthermore, for the rest of your life, you will receive 50% of your friend's points when they earn something.

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24. Sayso

Sayso is an Indian online survey service that offers a variety of money-making opportunities.

Including earning a bonus for referring a friend, mystery shopping, taking surveys, phone surveys, and serving as a beta tester for applications, games, and websites.

Sayso's pay isn't great, but you'll get a lot more surveys in your inbox if you use it.

You can earn anywhere between Rs 50 and Rs 200 per survey, which takes ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

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25. Inbox dollars

As soon as a user is up with this fantastic website, Inbox Dollars will deposit Rs 300 into your account.

Although you won't be able to withdraw the money right away, whenever you get another Rs 300.

You'll be able to withdraw the entire sum.This site sends all surveys to your inbox and also allows you to earn money by playing games, exploring the web.

Having adverts displayed on your phone or laptop display, chatting with friends, viewing movies, and a variety of other activities.

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26. Surveyeah

This website is extremely well-designed and easy to navigate.

This company is situated in Italy but has its own research panel in India, and joining this website does not require any work.

International websites send surveys to our website because they want to know the opinions of a wide range of individuals before releasing their product.

They also ask their panellists to lend a hand with the students' theses. You may not receive many surveys on this website; therefore, if you join this website.

You should also join other poll websites to earn more money.

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27. ThinkOpinion

ThinkOpinion is indeed an Indian website that has risen to prominence considerably more quickly.

It holds various contests and pays you for referring a friend, conducting surveys, using promo codes

Participating in sponsored offers, among other things, so you can earn a lot of money. ThinkOpinion will not give you the survey job through email; instead, you must check the website's list of accessible surveys.

Regardless of the fact that ThinkOpinion is India - Based, you will not be paid in Indian rupees; instead, you will be paid in US dollars.

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29. Zen surveys

On this site, you will always get high-quality surveys, and their policies are extremely clear.

Before you register, they make it plain that they will not pay you $100 for completing the survey, but they do pay nicely for finishing it.

In fact, their salary is more than that of several other online survey companies.

They offer a few features that set them apart from the competition, such as the requirement that you provide your email address.

Even before registering with them; this implies that if you ever do not provide your email.

You will not be able to obtain much data about them.

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30. PrizeRebel India

This is also a fantastic website in which you can make lots of money by completing the questionnaires or clicking on advertising.

Playing games, fulfilling offers, engaging in free competitions, etc. as they present a lot of opportunities to earn money.

This site is the highest site since it offers numerous ways for you to earn money.

PrizeRebel offers an odd payment system in which if you get 145 points, you would receive a Rs.100 gift card.

Gift cards are available from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, PVR, and others.

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Tips to avoid spam

  • Do not overshare – Some online polls request additional information.
    When filling out these forms, never provide more personal information than is required.

    Furthermore, you may believe you are participating in an online survey while you are actually providing your information to a data mining area.

    Such sites will be using your data without your permission and will not compensate you for it. So be cautious.

  • Keep your profile updated - This is the most effective strategy to increase the number of survey invitations you receive.

    It demonstrates why you're an active participant if you keep your profile updated on a regular basis. As a result, your earnings increase.

    So, whether you change employment, locations, or anything else, it's wise to update your profile. Furthermore, it improves your qualification for forthcoming polls.

  • Never pay to join a survey website - Your minimal information is all that is required by the most legitimate and honest survey sites.

    They never need you to spend anything up front in order to participate in surveys. So, if you stumble across a website that asks users to pay a monthly fee, don't join.

    It's most likely a ruse, and you'll get nothing in return.

  • Stay away from quick bonuses - Many phoney websites promise large sums of money in exchange for completing brief surveys.

    These are all the ones who promise enormous benefits in exchange for your time.

    The most prevalent taglines are: fill out our survey to win a car and because of the large rewards, people fill them mindlessly.


Finally, if you're looking for a quick and easy way to generate money, online surveys are among the greatest options. And besides, what could be greater than a career that compensates you for expressing your thoughts?

To get started, you don't even need any previous experience, academic background, or specific skills. Simply use your smartphone or laptop to complete the registration process and begin earning money.

It's that easy and quick. So, what do you have to lose? Go ahead and check the online money-making surveys that most closely match your hobbies.

I hope you liked our article on Online surveys to earn money in India , if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

1. Which survey site is the best for money?

Swagbucks is a well-known survey service that pays you to complete surveys. Swagbuck points can be exchanged for money or gift certificates when you complete surveys.

Swagbucks points can also be earned by doing things like game playing, searching the web, and watching videos.

2. Which paid surveys are legitimate?

Brands can use online surveys to obtain customer feedback on their product and services. Branded Surveys, Toluna, Swagbucks, LifePoints, OnePoll, i-Say (IPSOS), InboxPounds, PopulusLive, 

Opinion Outpost, and Valued Opinions are some of the finest survey sites. Keep an eye out for phoney survey sites; anything that sounds too wonderful to be true is most certainly a scam.


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