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Zebpay vs Wazirx : Complete review and comparison

Want to know all about Zebpay vs Wazirx ? 

ZebPay is a trading platform that gives you access to Digital Payment Token Exchange Service. ZebPay entertains two things. First, you can make digital payment tokens, also known as cryptographic currency, cryptographic tokens or digital tokens.

Second, you can deal with fiat to crypto/crypto-fiat, and crypto to crypto. You can reap its fantastic features like making deposits and withdrawals in INR.

You can access it via different platforms, payments taking place at lightning speed, deal in bitcoins by paying transfer charges; and even crypto and INR withdrawals are possible by paying applicable charges.

WazirX is a P2P model where you can buy and sell USDT for Fiat directly from sellers and buyers. It works in 24*7 format and is safe and legal.

Both of these models have their own referral program , you can use Wazirx Referral Code and Zebpay Referral Code

You will get a chance to carry Fiat for :

  • Trading in cryptos

  • Buying USDT via P2P, and

  • Using it to procure other crypto

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Zebpay vs WazirX [ Full Comparison ]

Wazirx vs Zebpay Comparison becomes much simpler to understand when you compare them on certain parameters and yardsticks like:





STF (fee on profit)




Registered Year



BTC withdrawal fees

0.00049 BTC

0.0005 BTC

Fee Structure

Maker fee- 0.15%

Taker fee- 0.25%

Maker fee- 0.20%

Taker fee- 0.20%

INR withdrawal fees

Rs. 10

Not mentioned


Own Token



WazirX Token(WRX)

Membership fees 

0.0001 BTC or equivalent per month


Investors look for a cryptocurrency exchange that offers maximum features and benefits. Several factors contribute to determining the feasibility of a particular exchange.

For instance, charges levied by an exchange influence their selection process. The following are the break up of the charges:



Maker fee – 0.15%

Taker fee – 0.25%

Maker fee – 0.2%

Taker fee – 0.2%

Withdrawal charge - Rs. 7 per withdrawal, and this is a flat rate.


Withdrawal charge - Rs. 5 to 10, and this will depend on the method of withdrawal you opt for

Zebpay Price

When it comes to Zebpay exchange, the said trader fee is imposed immediately after making the purchase. At times you might require waiting so that your purchase can be matched. In such a circumstance, you will have to bear the maker fees.

Here, the maker fee is 0.15%, and the taker fee is 0.25%. This is subject to certain conditions. For instance, it will increase if your purchase gets closer to the prevailing market prices. The present intraday fees applicable are fixed at 0.1%.

WazirX Price

The WazirX platform gives you total freedom to indulge in:

  • STF

  • Spot market

  • P2P market trading

As you are provided with many options, the applicable charges will vary.

Following are its various fees for different options:

  • The taker and the maker fee are 0.2%.

  • For P2P market trading, the relevant fees are matched against:
  1. The USD, and

  2. 8 other currencies (Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), Russian Rouble (RUB), Euro (EUR), Nigerian Naira (NGN), Turkish Lira (TRY), Indonesia Rupee (IDR), Indian Rupee (INR) and Saudi Riyal (SAR). 

WazirX has earned a huge reputation for permitting only USDT/INR P2P transactions. In case you are planning to sell or buy, there are no minimum orders, and there are 0% fees applicable, provided it is a P2P transaction.

Coming to the maximum buy bid an investor can place, this has been determined at 2000 USDT together with a minimal value of 14.5 USDT.

WazirX vs Zebpay Charges Comparison

ZebPay Fees

Type of transaction




 Fiat Deposit fee for :

 Bank transfer

 Net banking


 INR 25

 INR 10

 Fiat withdrawal fee

 INR 10

 Monthly membership fee

 0.0001 BTC

 How to avoid an additional monthly payment?

 By making at least one trade a month

WazirX Fees

Type of transaction


 On spot trading, maker and taker fee


 For making a P2P exchange


 Pay skilled traders

 25% of your profit for any WazirX STF trading

 An INR deposit through a bank transfer

 INR 6.7 as a transaction fee

Zebpay Charges

1.Trading fees
Zebpay has been fiercely advocating ‘SetCryptoFree’. Its trading fee policy is considered one of the best. This is evident from the fact that this exchange does not impose any trading fees. This policy is applicable for all kinds of cryptocurrency you trade in. 

There is some good news on the trading fee, such as:

  • It is not mandatory for you to have a minimum balance in your wallet.
  • There is no restriction on the number of trades you can undertake every day.

Owing to these factors, you can conveniently conclude that the trading fees imposed at this exchange are consumer-friendly and competitive. In a sense, it does reduce the financial hardships caused by such fees. 

2.Deposit fees 
Zebpay does understand the dilemma and plight of its customers. They give special emphasis to fees applicable to deposits made. On account of this, they do not impose any fees as long as your deposit is INR. The only time you may have to bear certain fees is at the time of withdrawal which has been fixed at Rs. 10.

3.Fiat withdrawal fees 
There are times when people are compelled to make Fiat withdrawals. This is needed to make sure they can successfully carry on activities for converting their cryptocurrency into fiat currency. Often, they do so by resorting to multiple exchange methods like: 

  • Direct exchange.
  • Third-party platform transactions, and more.

In such circumstances, they are levied with withdrawal fees for Fiat withdrawals. Fortunately, Zebpay will not impose any withdrawal fee, and Fiat withdrawals are free!

4. ZebPay Review 
ZebPay has two most outstanding features that set it apart from other cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • A lightning-fast payment system, and
  • A highly secure infrastructure

Today, ZebPay enjoys the distinction of being India’s first crypto exchange platform with its NFT Marketplace. 

Maybe it's hard to believe, but it is a fact that its built-in features enable developers to express their creativity in the cryptocurrency domain. In other words, these developers can make the best use of their know-how to benefit from dealing with cryptocurrency.

ZebPay is well aware of how investors’ beliefs and trust can do wonders for their brand. This explains why it has come out with its nominee appointment option. Yes, this does play an instrumental role in boosting investors’ trust by a huge proportion.

A word of caution: the crypto market is well known for being a very volatile market; here, things can change at the drop of a hat! On account of this, it is recommended you go through every small detail and then take the ultimate decision.

Zebpay has become the darling of investors. This is due to three important factors: 

  • It is the first cryptocurrency exchange, and
  • It provides Light wallets across the globe, bringing a lot of comfort and convenience for investors.
  • You will not be charged any kind of commission ire[ective of the cryptocurrency you are operating. 

5. Pros and cons of Zebpay 



Extremely easy to use

Higher fees

Numerous accepted payment methods

Investors are required to pay membership fees at the        rate of 0.0001 BTC per month.

Prompt and quick registration
A very small number of cryptocurrencies in terms of   varieties.

It is essentially mobile-focused and gives a very easy-to-understand experience to mobile

 Absence of chat option

It gives you a chance to benefit from Bitcoin Lightning Network, due to which you can have payments done at lightning speed.

 ZebPay has a very restricted activity so it suffers from   limited liquidity.

No deposit fees.

ZebPay accepts INR only and offers a limited kind of   fiat currencies.

Tight security system.

Minimal and restricted range of cryptocurrencies.

WazirX Charges

1.Deposit and Withdrawal Fees 

WazirX believes in offering the best to its users. On account of this, each deal you perform on this platform is funded by its users by a small contribution. This is why each user is charged a commission of 0.2 percent on each transaction.

You will be glad to know this is perhaps one of the lowest rates charged by any crypto exchange. Nevertheless, if you wish to deposit or wazirx minimum withdrawal money through this platform, you will be charged certain fees.

For instance, depositing money by choosing a bank transfer option will cost you Rs. 5.9. Similarly, in case you are withdrawing money, this will cost you between Rs. 5 and 10. Of course, the charges will depend on the method of withdrawal you select. 

2.Trading Fees

Coming to the trading fees applicable at WazirX, they are popular for charging flat fees. In other words, here, the takers and makers fees are the same. Fortunately, both takers and makers fees have been capped at 0.20%.

This charge is in accordance with the industry average, which is around 0.25%. Yes, as more and more crypto exchanges are making their presence felt, trading fees charged by other exchanges have come down to almost 0.10%. The rate of 0.20% charged by WazirX is a little more than the industry average.

3.Wallet Fees 

For instance, those who are into the financial market are aware of Demat fees imposed during share trading in stock exchanges. Similarly, crypto exchanges impose wallet fees for storing your cryptocurrencies in a digital format in the digital wallet.

In layman’s terms, this is almost similar to an online account designed for safekeeping your cryptocurrencies. These wallets are responsible for offering you great ease in sending or depositing cryptocurrencies. 

There are no charges for maintaining these wallets in WazirX. However, you will be charged for withdrawing your crypto in the form of a crypto fee.

4.Network Fees: 

Unlike physical stock exchanges, crypto exchanges charge a network fee in addition to the usual trading or exchange fees. 

This fee is paid to the cryptocurrency miners as an acknowledgement of the fantastic job they do. These miners and questions are individuals responsible for working with sophisticated and technologically advanced computers. They perform two important jobs: 

  • Verify, and
  • Validate each transaction that gets added to a blockchain.

Please note, cryptocurrency exchanges do not have any direct grip or control over the network fees. You have to pay the fees to these validators/miners present within the network. This fee normally witnesses an upward swing when the demand for the network increases.

The justification behind these fees are: 

  • It is a way to compensate the miners for their electricity bills, and
  • The use of their gigantic processing power necessary for processing the crypto transactions. 

5.Pros and cons of Wazir X 

Every financial alternative has its advantages and limitations. WazirX as a crypto exchange does have its individual pros and cons.

Talking about the pros, the greatest of all advantages is the manner it allows you to do transactions in INR. This means you can involve yourself with deposits and withdrawals if you are an Indian user. It will become extremely easy to transfer money via your bank account.

WazirX will keep 95% of your funds in an offline mode. This is a great attempt by them to keep your crypto safe from all kinds of hacking attempts.

It is perfectly compatible with varied platforms. You can use it on iOS mobile devices, Mac apps, Web, Android, and Windows. It suffers from the bottleneck of taking lengthy delays in the funding process due to the cons it possesses.

It does not allow you to go to an intraday trading facility. Let us bear in mind one thing. Intraday trading is one of the most sought-after options preferred by scores of investors worldwide. 

Under this trading mechanism, the buyer does not intend to hold the investment. Instead, the idea is to make quick gains the same day by keeping a close tab on stock indices movement.

Why You Might Prefer WazirX

Yes, it is true several crypto exchanges are operating in the market. Nevertheless, WazirX can give you an upper hand in its special features and attributes.

For example,

  • It is considered the most popular choice in terms of crypto investments alternatives.

  • It has its token named WRX, making it incredibly useful to pay transaction fees. The best part – you can earn a savings of 50% on trading fees.

  • Traders can make use of Peer-to-Peer crypto exchanges. These Peer-to-Peer or P2P exchanges operate in various manners. Such platforms are often decentralised, allowing traders to trade without witnessing any third party.

  • There are only two parties involved in the entire process - the seller and the buyer.

  • The world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has recently acquired it. This has added a new dimension to its value and reputation.

Why You Might Prefer Zebpay

ZebPay is a reliable crypto exchange. It is legal and safe to withdraw or deposit INR and permit you to engage in bitcoin trading effortlessly. It is considered a pioneer in cryptocurrencies as it has been performing spectacularly in this domain since 2011.

Of late, the Government of India has shown its deep interest in crypto. Due to this reason, ZebPay has diverted its attention towards international audiences. There are now numerous transactions involving international investors. There are over 4 million customers to date.


All the details offered on this website does not in any way aim to offer :

  • Trading advice
  • Financial advice
  • Investment advice
  • any other kind of advice

You can use the details mentioned above for collecting information. Rely on this information at your discretion. We neither recommend nor solicit any cryptocurrency buying, selling, or holding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the WazirX withdrawal limits on the platform?

WazirX has prescribed the withdrawal limits on their platform in different formats:

  • Withdrawal of Rs 1 Crore per day is allowed.
  • Using NEFT mode, the maximum limit is pegged at 50 Lakh per transaction.
  • In case it is an IMPS transaction, the maximum limit stands at Rs 2 Lakh per transaction.

2. Is ZebPay allowed in India? 

Your cryptocurrencies with ZebPay are absolutely safe and secured with this exchange. There is a reason behind this. They make use of public blockchain networks which is why your cryptocurrencies end up earning the validity of valid public cryptocurrencies. 

Yes, they do remain anonymous. Nevertheless, you can have your share of peace of mind realising each transaction is easily traceable. Well, of late, there have been a lot of discussions of cryptocurrency getting banned by the Government of India.

However, according to Avinash Shekhar of ZebPay, there is no complete ban on ZebPay, and they are looking at the recent regulations framed by the Government of India. 

3. Is it safe to keep crypto on WazirX? 

Yes, there is no doubt it is safe to maintain all your crypto with WazirX. The reasons are obvious:

  • WazirX enjoys the credibility of becoming the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange across India.
  • It boasts of mammoth 900,000-plus users.
  • WazirX makes sure to keep almost 95% of your crypto funds in an offline format.
  • Compared to other competitors existing in India and across the globe, WazirX gives the best easy-to-use platform.
  • They are compatible with smartphones, Mac and Windows.

4. What are the WazirX withdrawal fees on the platform? 

WazirX is currently taking the withdrawal fees in two ways: 

  • ₹10 for IMPS and
  • ₹5 for NEFT

It may be noted, WazirX's withdrawal rates are at par with many other Indian exchanges. It is far less compared to some of them. Today, it has become one of the cheapest exchanges you will find globally.

Some of the spectacular highlights surrounding its fees are:

● Transaction fees: 0.2%

● P2P: No fees

● Withdrawal fees: At par with other exchanges.

● Staking fees: No charges.

● Does not invite fees to transfer funds to Binance.

I hope you liked our article on wazirx vs zebpay, and it must have solved your queries such as what is wazirx inr withdrawal fees, wazirx account opening charges, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

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