Must have Equipment's for Youtube Setup/Podcasting setup/Productivity tools

Starting an online business requires some investment in equipment's be it for Youtube or Podcast or just being productive.

On this page I have listed down all the products/services that help me produce a lot of high quality content in the least amount of time.

I found these products after spending thousands of dollars on trials and testing many things. 

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Before moving forward with this list, an important disclosure:

Some of the links mentioned below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you, rather even if you decide to make the purchase by directly going to these product's websites, you will pay the same amount. You must understand, that I have experience with all of these companies, and I personally recommend them because they have been extremely helpful and useful in building my business, not because of the small commission I make in case you decide to buy something. Do not spend your money on these products, unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goal.

DSLR & Lenses

Sony a7 III Full-Frame

I found this absolute beast of a camera after spending many thousand dollars on other low quality ones. Yes, its a little expensive, but trust me this one camera alone will make your videos 10x better. If you have the budget then go for it and dont spend your money on any other camera.

Sigma 20mm f/1.4 DG HSM

Just like a body is nothing without a soul, similarly, a camera without the right lens is incomplete. I use this lens for shooting my videos and the quality is mind blowing. My videos look professional and helps me to easily stand out from the competition.

By far the best Vlogging camera. This is used by all the top vloggers on Youtube. So if you are into vlogging go for this camera. 


Lighting is what makes or breaks how your video looks. Good lighting can take your video from good to great. I tried many led panels, different bulbs and what not. My search ended with this amazing SL60W and I have bought 6 more of them for my various youtube channels. For you just 2 are enough.

Portable Octagon Honeycomb Grid Umbrella Speedlite Softbox with Bowens Mount

To support the godox light, you need a diffuser so that the lights are not harsh on your skin and the video looks nice. 

Shootvilla Portable Fold-able Umbrella Flash Light Stand Photo Video Studio Lighting Photography Stand- 8ft

A foldable stand to fix your lights and also adjust the height. 

You can also invest in:

  • RGB Panels : These can really help elevate the look of your background with optimum light and millions of colors. 
  • RGB StripsTo create a professional looking or a cool looking background, you can use these rgb strips. They easily stick to the corners and most of them have unlimited colors and come with a remote control. These are also inexpensive.


Lapel mic are cheaper but come with a wire. They are decent for a beginner creator, but once you scale you can invest in more sophisticated audio system.

Shotgun microphone captures the audio in a much better way and the quality is also much higher compared to lapel. Also you dont have to wear a wire which might not look good in the video. But these are expensive and require supporting equiments. 

You need an audio recording device for your lapel mic. Zoom H1N is the most popular in this category.

Youtube Recording Accessories

  • Rechargeable batteriesOne I have a 8 set of rechargeable batteries and a charger (both AA and AAA) to support all the equipment's. A must have for all creators.
  • HDMI cablesYou will need multiple hdmi cable that too of various lengths like 3 meter and 6 meter to connect your DSLR, Laptop to your screens.  HDMI cable for DSLR and laptop are different so make sure you buy the correct one.
  • Memory cardsIt sucks to record a 4k video in your Sony a7iii and when it comes to transfer the file, it takes forever. So make sure you invest in atleast 64 GB cards (i use 128GB) and also make sure you buy the latest and the fastest cards to have high read and write speed to save on the headache later.
  • DSLR bag: Your camera, lens and other things are expensive and you need to invest in a high quality bag that can support these equipment's. So dont be cheap in this investment and invest some dollars in a good DSLR bag.
  • Green Screen: There are green screens, and then there is rollable green screen that we use. Since we started using this, our headache has been reduced by 1000%.
  • Teleprompter: Someone recommended this to me and now my recording time has easily reduced by 20-30%. I have a very bad memory and its difficult to remember lines and deliver. Now i can deliver the script much more quickly and hence save editing headache of my video editors.


You need a strong tripod to support your expensive camera and lenses. So dont be cheap on this investment. One wrong move and your camera and lens will see their last days and there will be big hole in your pocket.

I have two tripods each serve a different purpose.

I use this tripod primarily for all my video shooting. Its strong, easy to adjust and can handle the weight of my heave camera and lenses.

Laptop For Video editing

Macbook air m1

With the help of new M1 chip, your video editing can now also be done on Macbook air and render speeds are insane. So if you are budget concisous then go for Macbook Air M1 without wasting any time on any research.

Looking for a more advanced and professional video editing laptop, then it doesnt get any better than Macbook Pro with M1 chip. This beast will edit your 4k footage like a piece of cake.

Dell xps 17 for windows

I have both a macbook and a dell xps 17 (just to have that windows interface). If you want the best video editing laptop in windows, then look no further and invest in Dell xps 17.

Podcasting Tools & Equipment

  • Shure sm7b:  This professional mic is being used by all podcasters and youtubers who have a big following. Since this one is expensive so usually its not recommended for beginners. But if you have the budget then invest in this one mic and you dont have to buy any other mic for many years to come.
  • Focusrite scarlet 2i2: USB audio interface. This is a mic preamp. A must have converter for your mic.
  • Cloudlifter: To increase the gain of your shure sm7b you need a cloudlifter to get MAJOR improvement to your sound quality.
  • Xlr cable: To connect your microphone, cloudlifter and preamp
  • Rode PSA 1 Boom Arm: To support the awesome shure SM7B you need a high quality boom arm, my choice is Rode PSA1
  • Blue Yeti MicrophoneIf you are looking for a high quality budget microphone used by hundreds and thousands of people then you can check the yeti microphone. I started my online recording journey with this one and its really amazing.
  • fiverr When you start your first podcast you will need to complete a few steps like create podcast intro, podcast editing, podcast cover art etc. You can find experts on fiverr to do all this for you at a very cheap price. I got all of these steps done for my podcast on fiverr. 
  • KrispI cant give enough compliments to this software. Its a lifesaver. It works like magic and this magic needs to be experienced yourself. Whether its road traffic noise, or a crying baby it will eliminate all noise and will help you record your courses, podcast or any interview without any disturbance for your audience. Trust me it works like magic.
  • 99designs : I always recommend to not build just any business, rather always build a brand and a good brand requires a professional looking logo. I use 99designs for all my logo needs.
  • NotetrackPodcast editing made easy. Just like i use for video editing, notetrack can be used for giving feedback on podcast and simplify the whole process.

Softwares/Services I Use For Youtube Videos

adobe cc (1)

Well no video editing is complete without Adobe CC. You can pay monthly or yearly and you get access to all adobe products. It works seamlessly. My entire video editing team use Adobe CC to edit videos for all our channels.


For our Screen recordings i use camtasia. Its simple, its easy to use and it offers enough options to create high quality screen recordings for my audience. It allows 4k recording and rendering as well. This is by far the best screen recording software i have found. 

Just like Adobe CC , you can also edit your videos in final cut (only for mac). I have heard really good reviews about it and a huge community of people use this.

Its again a life saver. When you are working with a video editing team, the feedback loop on mail, texting, etc takes away most of the time. With you can give realtime feedback and comments which is directly integrated with your video editing software. Using alone will cut your video editing time by 25-50%. A must have for people who have a video editing team or outsourced video editors.

Be it podcast, livestream or Youtube videos. Its best to have transcriptions. Even YouTube recommends to upload subtitle for better YouTube seo. 

Also having transcription is a big value add for your audience. Rev is a very popular service for the same with a per minute pricing and very good accuracy.


I have already covered about Krisp. I am in love with this software. Cant tell you how this software works like magic and helps me record my videos, podcast in peace without worrying about annoying sounds coming from the background.


If you are youtuber, then your channel is incomplete without Tubebuddy. This extention alone will help you 10x the speed of your channel growth if you use it wisely. 

epedemic Sound

Your video requires music, sound effects and more. To make your video interesting, sound plays a major role. But you dont want to use any copyright music, coz if you do then any money you make from your youtube video, you wont receive any money, everything will go to music owner. This problem is solved with epidemic sound. Thousands of tracks you can use for a small monthly fees.


Just like music, to make your video interesting you need stock videos to express your points. Attention span of people are decreasing by the day and you need to keep your viewers interested by showing them videos related to the points you are making. A must have for every video creator.


If you are starting an online business, then Fiverr is a must. As a business owner you cant do everything yourself. Also there are experts available for the job. Use fiverr to outsource every kind of imaginable work and reach success sooner. 

This website can help you make 20-80% more money from your affiliate links. Your channel/website must be driving traffic from all geographies around the globe, if you want to get commission from visitors of all countries be it US/UK/Canada/Germany and 140+ more such countries then join geniuslink. I use this service myself for all my websites and channels.

The unlimited creative subscription.
Unlimited downloads of 55+ million creative assets (Audio/Videos/Graphics/Stock footage/3d/fonts and much more). My video editing team uses this website the most often. A Must have for any content creator.

  • SnagitIf I use this handy software 4-5 times everyday. Running a company needs team members, and many a times you need to send screenshots, video screen recordings etc, or even a quick edits to an image. All this is possible using Snagit. I have been using this software for over 5 years now.

Video editing PC 

  • Processor- Intel i9 10900k:  Processor is where the magic happens. Choosing the right processor is extremely important. You can go for AMD or inter based on your requirements. I prefer intel for video editing work. 
  • Ram- 64 GBThe more and the faster ram you have, the easier it will be the video editing process. Make sure you check the speed of ram before purchasing. Dont be miser in this, to save yourself from waiting for hours for your render to finish, invest in a high quality ram.  
  • Motherboard - MSI Z490-A PRO ATX Make sure your motherboard is compatible with your graphic card, and processor. 
  • GPU- 3080RTxThe strounger the GPU the better will be your video editing workflow and speed. 
  • Screen- Lg 4k MonitorI use LG, you can use any brand you want. Make sure its 4k and big enough for your eyes to do video editing in peace and without any strain.
  • NVME SSD- 2TB Samsung Evo plusThese ones are soooooo fast. Dont go for a normal ssd, go for a NVME ssd for ultra fast read-write speed.
  • SATA SSD- Samsung 870 QVO 2TB SATA: NVME ssd are expensive so cant just buy all of them , go for sata ssd for normal storage of your raw files and final renders.
  • Fan- RGB FanWith all that heat, you need a good rgb fan to support your system.
  • Cooler- Cooler Master MasterLiquidA fan is not enough, sometimes you need liquid cooling in order to cool your processor.
  • Mouse- Logitech MX master 3If you can use your mouse effectively then go for this mouse. You can program the buttons and this will save you crucial time in video editing process. 
  • Portable hard disk-2TbWant a cheap alternative tyo saving your raw files and other data go for portable hardsisk for 2tb-5tb.
  • UPS- APC 660w: To support such heave equipment's you need a strong UPS.

Products I Can't Live Without

Airpods Pro

I dont have one rather 2 of these. The first time is bought them I was sold and became a fan. Amazing audio quality, great design, easy integration with apple devices and a great battery backup. Trust me you buy them once and you will be hooked.

Having multiple monitors will speed up your workflow by atleast 10-25%. Instead of shifting through the windows, when you see all the information right in front of you, its much easier to comprehend and the workflow becomes super fast. Now i have reached a point where I feel unproductive if i dont have multiple monitors attached tyo my laptop.

Sony wh-1000

My work makes me sit in front of a lptop for 7-8 hours everyday. There are so many noise and distraction. Once you put these noise cancelling headphone its like you are in a vacuum and no one can disturb you. It feels so peaceful and helps me be more productive.

Apple I-pad pro

With the latest generation m1 ipad line, the beast just got better. Be it taking notes, watching movies, doing my research , or just browsing the web. Ipad will definitely make your life easier. Yes its not cheap, but if it makes you productive and helps you achieve more in your business, then why not.

apple watch series 6

This is a personal choice. Not a must have rather a good to have. If you are in apple ecosystem, then having an apple watch will definitely make your life easier. Will make a video on how to use this productively very soon.


Earlier I used to read a lot, not anymore coz now i prefer video courses. Bot now a then someone recommends me a good book and my choice of device is a kindle. Mindblowing battery backup, easy on the eyes and can save thousands of book. A must have for knowledge hungry people like me.


Honestly this is optional. I love podcasts and audiobooks are something i used to love but not anymore. I prefer listening to a summary of the author in his/her interview in a podcast instead of listening to an entire book. But then again its my personal choice, maybe you will find audiobooks great for your taste.

samsung S21 Ultra

I have both an iPhone 12 pro and Samsung s21 ultra. I use both but somehow i end up using Samsung one more. 

Again its a personal preference. But I believe that if you are spending 2-3 hours of your day on a device daily, it has to be the best. So i prefer the best.

I love to travel and DJI mavic pro 2 captures the memories in the best way possible.

Easy to use, 20 minutes flight time, sleek and compact. DJI is used by millions of video enthusiasts like me.

My Favorite Books

  • Zero to one: I read this many years ago but the principles still apply.  
  • Rich dad poor dad: If you have not read this, then you must be living under a rock.
  • Steve jobs biography: I personally love this book. Going into the mind of a visionary like Steve is just mind-blowing.
  • $100 startup: If you are starting your first business, then this book will open your eyes.
  • 4 hour workweek: This book has shaped careers of thousands of online business owners. This book also had a profound impact on me when i was 25 and helped me understand the power of outsourcing.
  • Atomic habits: Habits are what defines your life. Add this book to your must read list if you also suffer from not sticking to your habits.
  • The intellignet investors: Learn the fundamentals of investing. Making money is hard , keeping the money is even harder. Learn how to invest and grow your wealth.
  • How to win friends & influence people: Dont get affected by the title. It focuses on the fundamentals and i till this date use the priciples i learnt in this book and they have always helped me.
  • The lean startup: A must have for every business owner.
  • Think and grow rich: Yes the title is a marketing gimmick. But this book has some really good advice.
  • The 7 habits of highly effective people: You are the result of the five people you hang out the most with and your thinking is the result of the books you read. You will learn few important lessons in this book.

Final Words

I understand that many of them might be out of your budget to start with. However, the power of the premium tools listed above cannot be ignored.

These tools have accelerated the growth of my business manifolds.

I personally use every tool listed above and usage of these tools had proved a lot more advantageous for me.

If you have any questions about any of the tool listed above then please reach out to me here. I will definitely be responsive to all.