What is AnkurAggarwal.in?

AnkurAggarwal.in is a resource to teach you Digital Marketing for FREE.

I also help people in creating strategies for their online businesses and too new entrepreneurs in generating a passive income online.

These strategies have worked for me and I teach you all of this through my free courses and youtube videos.

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What is Passive income and why should I care about it?

Any income that is made by your business (either online or offline) that does not demand a lot of ongoing work from you is passive income.

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ankuraggarwal about me

I still remember the day on my XAT result, I was on a trekking trip with my friends, I checked my scorecard, I got 99.2 percentile in XAT. 

Although I must have been super excited, I was just one step away from getting into the No-3 ranked best MBA college in India, but somewhere deep in my mind I always knew that the MBA was not for me.

I just wanted to start something of my own, just like my dad.

xat result ankur aggarwal 2016

My personal websites were growing like crazy (all because of my efforts) , here are the stats of one of my website:

traffic stat 1st website

I was also making decent money:

So I knew that I had to follow my passion and hence entered into this world of building websites and creating passive income sources for myself.

Yes, I could have done my MBA and then started my business venture, but I didn't want to wait for 2 long years to do that.

And hence that same day of my XAT result, I decided to take Digital marketing for full time instead of treating it as a hobby.

I always had an interest in building websites (from the first year of my college), and when you love something, you are bound to be good at that. My SEO skills were better than good.

I was getting my websites ranked for very competitive keywords in just a few weeks and I was also making good money from them.

I took my hobby as a full-time profession. Now I have websites that make me money on autopilot, although there is still more scope of inprovement in each site. 

Me along with my Macbook and a good internet connection is all I need.

Why am I doing this?

I will be honest. If you like my content, my videos, my free courses then you will be willing to invest in my other products. So its a win-win for both of us 🙂

Income Proofs: The Sweet Numbers that bring a big smile on my face

income proof 5
income proof 4

income proof 6
earnings 5-min

I have not added all the sources, as then i will have to add 50+ images.

Primary income sources are:

  • I have many niche based websites that generate a regular monthly income.
  • My SEO consultancy makes me a lot of revenue - I majorly take US-based clients.
  • Affiliate marketing makes a significant chunk of my income
  • Other ways like Paid individual consulting, Video Courses, Ebooks etc.

About Ankur Aggarwal

I love Dancing - Salsa


Love Travelling

ankur aggarwal incomeboy travel

The view from Tosh, (Find out yourself where this is :D)

Ankur's Favourite

Movie -  Shawshank Redemption

Book - Zero to One, Experts Secret

Game - God of War, Call of Duty, PUBG

Ankur's 2019 Goals

  • Help 10,00,000 people to start their Digital Marketing Journey.
  • Maintain a healthy body
  • Read 100 books on my kindle
  • Grow AnkurAggarwal.in to 1 million visitors/month.

Am i Too Late to start?

If you have no idea about online business or have not started on your business idea, worry not, you are not alone and you are not late. Join my free digital marketing course to get started.

You don't need complicated tools or a business guru to start an online business.

I have spent countless hours in building this website, adding high quality, genuine and actionable content (NO get-rich-quick scheme ). I don't make false promises, but rather give working advice that worked for me.

Here's to you 

I am so proud of each and every one of you. I will make sure i guide you in each and every step to help you generate a passive income online.