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Crib Referral Code

Crib Referral Code

"Crib" is a revolutionary app designed specifically for individuals staying at PGs (paying guest accommodations), hostels, or co-living spaces who are in need of a more efficient and streamlined way to communicate with their landlords.

Crib also revolutionizes the check-in process by enabling users to add their details and submit necessary documents digitally. This paperless check-in eliminates the hassle of paperwork, making the process quicker and more convenient.


In case of any issues or complaints, users can escalate them through the app by adding pictures and relevant details. They can also receive live updates on the progress of their complaints, ensuring transparency and timely resolution.

Furthermore, Crib provides users with real-time updates on their dues and offers attractive cashback and rewards on every payment made. This incentivizes timely payment and helps users stay on top of their financial responsibilities.

Overall, Crib is an all-in-one solution that streamlines the booking process, simplifies check-in, facilitates complaint resolution, and provides financial benefits, creating a seamless and rewarding living experience for its users.

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Crib Referral Code : Earn Up to ₹20,000 (Updated 2023)

Crib Referral Code


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How to Avail Crib Referral Code

  • Install the Crib App on your phone by downloading it from the provided link or from your preferred app store.

  • Launch the Crib App on your smartphone.

  • On the initial screen or within the app's menu, locate the "Referral" or "Invite Friends" section. This section is typically used to generate and share referral codes.

  • Tap on the "Referral" or "Invite Friends" section to proceed.

  • In the referral section, you will find an option to "Generate Referral Code" or "Get Your Referral Code." Tap on this option.

What is refer and earn?

Refer and earn is a simple program in which you refer the application or a software to your friends and family via a unique link or referral code.

This way you also receive a reward for getting a friend. It can be either money, rewards, coupons, or entry to a platform.


How To Sign Up on Crib Using Referral Code

1. This will redirect you to the download page of the Crib App.

2. Download and Install the Crib App on your smartphone by following the on-screen instructions. Make sure to grant any necessary permissions required for the app to function properly.

3. Once the installation is complete, open the Crib App on your phone.

4. On the initial screen, you will be prompted to enter your phone number. Please provide your valid phone number.

5. Next, you will be asked to enter a referral code, if provided. Enter the referral code "EAY7".


6. After entering your phone number and referral code, you will provided with many exciting discounts.

7. You will be prompted to enter your personal details.

8. Enter your Full Name in the designated field.

9. Fill in your Email ID accurately to ensure proper communication and updates from the app.

10. Select your Gender from the options provided.

11. Choose your Occupation from the available options that best represents your profession.

How To Find Property on Crib

1. Discover and Explore Properties:
Experience the convenience of effortlessly browsing and discovering a wide variety of properties in our meticulously curated marketplace.

Seamlessly search through our extensive listings, allowing you to find and shortlist properties that perfectly match your preferences and requirements.

Whether you're looking for a cozy apartment, a spacious room, or a shared living space, our app makes it easy to explore the available options.

2. Connect with Verified Landlords:
Make well-informed decisions by directly connecting with verified landlords through our platform. We understand the importance of trust and transparency when it comes to finding a place to live.

That's why we ensure that all the landlords on our app are verified, giving you peace of mind during the selection process.

Feel free to communicate with landlords, ask questions, and gather the necessary information to make the best decision for your future home.

3. Enjoy Exclusive Instant Discounts:
Unlock amazing benefits and savings by taking advantage of our exclusive instant discounts. When you book a property through our app, you can avail yourself of cash discounts of up to ₹10,000, making your property booking more affordable and cost-effective.

This exclusive offer ensures that you not only find your dream accommodation but also enjoy significant savings in the process.

About Crib


Crib, a startup based in Bengaluru, aims to address the challenges faced by landlords in managing their rental properties used by students and young professionals.

Founded in 2021 by Sunny Garg, Shaifali Jain, and Archit Chauhan, Crib provides a single platform for landlords to streamline their day-to-day operations and finances.

The platform offers a range of features, including tenant onboarding and offboarding, staff management, complaint management, collections, payments, and inventory management.

Landlords initially receive a three-month free subscription, after which they can choose to continue with a paid subscription.

Crib also caters to tenants, allowing them to easily share their KYC details, pay rent, and manage complaints. The startup has gained traction in Bengaluru, where it currently hosts over 200 landlords managing 700 properties with more than 50,000 beds.

The company plans to expand its reach to major cities like Delhi-NCR, Dehradun, Kota, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Different Features of Crib

Crib offers a convenient and efficient solution for tenants when it comes to rent payments and communication with landlords. With the Crib app, tenants can easily pay their rent using various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, UPI, or net banking.

This flexibility allows tenants to choose their preferred mode of payment while ensuring convenience and security. Plus, instant receipts are generated, providing a seamless record of their transactions.

In addition, Crib enables seamless communication between tenants and landlords. Tenants can track their complaints, ensuring timely resolution, and stay updated with property-related information. They can also initiate move-out notices when required, streamlining the process and facilitating efficient communication.

The combination of online payments and seamless communication in the Crib app enhances the overall renting experience. Tenants can enjoy the convenience of hassle-free rent payments while staying connected with their landlords for important updates and issue resolution.

Crib truly simplifies the rental process, providing a user-friendly platform that promotes transparency, convenience, and effective communication.

Crib Customer Care

For any assistance or queries, Crib customers can reach out to the dedicated Customer Care team. They can contact Customer Care by calling +91-8069451894 or by sending an email to support@crib.in.

Whether it's a question about the app features, subscription plans, or any other concerns, the Customer Care team is available to provide prompt support and assistance. Feel free to reach out for a seamless experience with the Crib app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the owner of Crib?

A1. Crib was Founded in 2021 by Sunny Garg, Shaifali Jain, and Archit Chauhan.

Q2. What is the Referral code for Crib?

A2. To Get Many exciting offers and discount use Crib Referral code "EAY7"

Q3. What is the referral bonus in Crib?

A3. You will get up to ₹20,000 in crib, if a new user sign ups using your referral code.

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