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INDMoney Referral Code

by vardhan bhardwaj

Have you heard about the INDMoney app? It is a popular financial management app that makes way for Indian investors to enter the profitable US stock markets. 

Being a SEBI registered app, it is easy for the investors to start earning using the referral codes on INDMoney. For example, you can use JCX2HDQVTSL to get 750 INR per referral. It helps earn 250 INR as a sign-up bonus also.

Founded by Ashish Kashyap, the INDMoney app comes as the seventh venture of this highly successful entrepreneur. Ideally called the neo banking super finance app, it can benefit you by referring only. 

It offers US stock rewards and cryptocurrencies. Hence, it is possible to claim the reward multiple times on the INDMoney platform.

 Further, it is easy to sell the holding to get additional cashback in the savings account. No need to get stuck on the detailed KYC when you can keep the necessary documents ready with you.

These necessary documents are:

  • Bank account
  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card

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IndMoney Refer And Earn Video Tutorial

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How to Avail IndMoney Refer Earn Offer

  • Open the INDMoney app and go to the dashboard section
  • Go to the rewards section and you will see 3 referral programs Amazon stock, Apple stock, and Netflix Stock
  • Participate in these referral programs and refer to your friends for claim rewards.
  • Share your INDMoney referral link with friends on the sharing apps: Whatsapp and Facebook etc.
  • You will get Amazon stocks, Netflix stocks, and Apple shares for free when your friends join INDMoney on your invitation.

How To Setup INDMoney App?

  • How To Sign in INDMoney App?

When it comes to signing up, the INDMoney app offers a hassle-free approach. The complete sign-up process takes around two to three minutes only.

It starts with a quick app download from leading app stores like Google Play or App Store. Once the download is complete, the next step is to enter the Email-ID and contact number. 

PAN card details are entered at this point, and the account is processed for KYC verification.

  • How many Sign-Up Users Get Reward? 

The reward for the sign-up users makes it easy for the investors to start earning from the INDMoney app. You need to add 1,000 INR to the account, out of which 750INR is offered as stocks. 

Depending on the type of referral code applied, the sign-up users can get rewarded with the popular US stocks like Amazon, Apple, etc., or get cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

  • Is There Any New Sign Up Offer available?

INDMoney keeps on offering multiple new sign-up bonus offers based on the different conditions. 

Hence, it is easy for the investors to sign-up using these offers and start earning benefits accordingly. It is easy to earn INDcoins, which can be redeemed according to users' needs. 

Further, the current sign-up offers include Amazon stocks for referring, 10INR for sign-up, etc.

  • How To Do KYC? 

Completing KYC is an important process to start earning profits from the INDMoney platform. 

After opening the account on INDMoney, an investor can quickly complete the KYC using a PAN card and Aadhaar card. It takes one or two minutes to complete the process, and hence the investor can start earning profits.

  • How to use the INDMoney app?

INDmoney app is an easy-to-use finance management platform which offers a one-stop solution for different assets.

Further, it is easy for Indian investors to start investing in US stocks using INDMoney. The sign-up offers and referral codes ensure that investors get the much-needed motivation to start investing in it.

INDMoney Referral Code

1. How to get your INDMoney Referral Code?

The quick steps to get your INDMoney referral code are:

  • Start by downloading the INDMoney app.
  • Skip the introduction part and move to the next step.
  • The next step is to enter the valid mobile number to verify the account using OTP.
  • You have to add the name, email, and referral code at this step.

2. How can you make money through INDMoney refer and earn ?

It is easy to open an account on INDMoney. Once the account is created using a valid Email ID and contact number, you must complete the KYC process.

The referral code option available helps share the code with different friends according to their needs. 

3. How Much Can We Earn Through Refer?

The amount of the total earnings through referrals is not fixed for INDMoney. Hence, it depends on your time and network, which can be leveraged to share referrals to different friends or colleagues. 

Further, the amount earned through referrals depends on the offers, which may be stocks or cryptocurrencies, etc.

  • Earning Proof

4. Time period to Get Our Rewards

The period to get INDMoney rewards depends on the offer or referral code. It is easy to refer your friend to different referral codes, which they can use at any time.

Once the code is used, stocks are updated in the investor account. You’re eligible for the referral code and the other associated discounts when these stocks are sold. 

5. Mention different offers available at the moment on INDMoney 

Some of the tops offers available currently on INDMoney include:

  • Quick withdrawal of 1,000INR from the US account for free by purchasing the INDMoney premium membership from the profile section for 99INR only.

6. INDMoney Customer Care Number

Investors are never alone while using the INDMoney platform. It is quick and easy to reach the customer service team for any questions, doubts, or queries by sending mail to support@indwealth.in or support@indmoney.com.

The company offers details about the monthly complaint status, including total complaints directly from investors, SEBI SCORES, or any other sources.

7. Privacy Policy 

The well-defined privacy policy of INDMoney offers much-needed relief and guidance to the investors about their important details.

This privacy policy applies to all the investors using INDMoney. It outlines the use of the details of investors like onboarding or registration of services, KYC details, credit score, liabilities information, etc.

All the data like savings account details, expenses, investments information, Google accounts, etc., are used per this policy only.

The processing of personal information, disclosure of data, non-personal data use, collection of non-personal data, cookies policy, and disclaimer information ensure that investors feel confident using INDMoney.

The privacy policy offers details about data security measures, compliances, and retention and sets a dedicated grievance officer for all possible issues.

INDMoney App Other things

  • How to buy/sell stock?

The process of buying or selling stocks on INDMoney is easy and safe. Once an investor creates an account on INDMoney, it is easy to go for the referral codes. 

When trying to sell these stocks, the investor gets the associated amount in the bank account. Further, it is easy for the investors to buy or sell stocks individually without the referral codes.

  • Charges of Buying / Selling

Are you worried about the charges of buying or selling on the INDMoney platform? INDMoney app never charges any amount when buying or selling US stocks. 

Unlike other finance management platforms, there is no account opening fee, brokerage or commission, US Stock investment charges, etc. 

With zero FD investment charges and mutual fund brokerage or commission, many investors prefer to invest in the US stocks using INDMoney only.

  • How To withdraw?

It is easy to withdraw the profits earned from the INDMoney app. You need to go to the “My Holdings” tab in the rewards dashboard. You then have to select the number of holdings and confirm the sell order. 

The amount thus selected is transferred to the registered bank account within 2-3 working days only. Hence, withdrawing an amount from INDMoney is quick, simple, and safe for all investors.

  • Withdraw period 

Many financial management apps have specified withdrawal periods. Hence, investors feel stuck when it comes to withdrawing the amounts according to personal needs.

While there are no such criteria for the INDMoney app, it keeps the FD for the lock-in period of three months only. Hence, INDMoney investors don’t have to worry about the withdrawal periods.

  • Charges of Withdraw

Investors have to pay heavy amounts when it comes to withdrawal charges. Hence, many investors prefer to keep their profits in the app’s account only to avoid the high and recurring charges.

INDMoney app, on the other hand, charges a nominal fee of 5USD as withdrawal charges. There are no additional charges when it comes to withdrawing your profits.

  • Ratings & Reviews of INDMoney App (play store / App Store)

The popularity of any app can be judged from the top ratings and reviews on leading app stores like Play Store or App Store. CNNMoney has a long list of positive reviews on the Play Store and App Store. 

With the average ratings on the positive side only, existing users claim this app to be easy to use, hassle-free, and easy to start earning profits from the US stocks.


So, what are you waiting for? After going through all the INDMoney referral codes, it is easy to log in to the app and start referring your friends.

Registering, referring, and withdrawing your money gets completed quickly.

Being a verified app from Finzoom Investment Advisors Private Limited, the company is backed by the top investors, including Dragoneer, Steadview Capital, etc.

It is easy to sell shares and get referral code links. 

I hope you liked our article on INDMoney Referral Code , if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is INDMoney SEBI registered?

Yes, INDMoney is SEBI registered app. It is classified as the SEBI registered investment advisor.

Further, investing in US stocks from India is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Any Indian nationalist can invest and remit in popular apps like INDMoney for up to 250,000 USD yearly.

Q2. How does INDMoney make money?

It is easy to understand the process of INDMoney making money. It helps investors to earn rewards for good financial behaviour.

INDcoins can be used to buy virtual holdings of cryptocurrencies. It is easy to sell these coins and can redeem the amount.

Referring to a friend and its redeeming offers cash in a savings account, or you can quickly credit the monetary value of INDcoins.

Q3. Can I trust INDMoney?

INDMoney is a trustworthy platform to invest in the popular US stocks like Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc

Further, it allows the investors to manage different financial assets like Insurance, Bonds, NPS, PPF, EPF, Crypto, Mutual funds, Stocks, FD, etc. 

Investors across India are using this app and terms it a reliable and trustworthy app as it is a SEBI registered platform.

Q4. Is the INDMoney app safe?

The majority of financial management apps are far from safety regulations. It is a safe app to manage different finances in one place.

It offers email confirmation and access to different information to manage and track different data in one place only. The high-end servers and the technology used in creating INDMoney save it from any possible data breaches.

Q5. Can we buy Indian stocks from INDMoney?

INDMoney is the dedicated finance platform which offers end-to-end finance management for Indian investors. It makes it possible for the Indians to buy US stocks from India only.

When it comes to buying Indian stocks, it is easy for the national investors to go for the Demat accounts available on different finance management platforms.

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