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Jiffy Referral Code

Jiffy Referral Code

by vardhan bhardwaj

Want to know Jiffy Referral Code? Well you have landed on the right article. There are so many helpful features in this app such as Jiffy Signals, custom research strategies, detailed technical charts, and more.

This makes it one of the leading apps for stock trading.You can call it Jiffy or Choice Broking, but either way, they have a referral cashback offer for you to take advantage of.

During the enrollment process and the opening of your demat account, you will make up to Rs.500, as well as a referral bonus of up to Rs.1000.

Jiffy Referral Code

Founded in Toronto in the spring of 2015 by Paul Arlin, Ryan Shupak, and Jaimie Grossman, Jiffy provides online payments in the city of Toronto.

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Jiffy Refer And Earn Video Tutorial

Jiffy Referral Code Earn Money:

Jiffy Referral Code


Signup Bonus

Upto ₹500

Earn per Referral

Upto ₹1000

Annual charges


Account Opening Charges


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How to Avail Jiffy Refer Earn Offer

  • Open Jiffy App.
  • Then go to the Jiffy app Refer & Earn option.
  • Invite your friends and family by sharing your invite Link
  • You will get a flat reward of Rs.250 for each referral.

How To Sign - Up on Jiffy

  • To download the Jiffy App from the Play Store, click on the link  to access the Jiffy App download page and follow the instructions there 

  • To get the Jiffy Scratch Card, you will need to sign up with Jiffy and create an account. Be sure to enter the Jiffy Referral Code when creating your account. 
  • In order to verify your PAN number, you must enter your OTP and your PAN number.

  • Input your PAN number, date of birth, gender, occupation and income group when requested, and press submit

  • It is now necessary to fill in your KYC details such as your Mother's name and other information.

  • Enter your Bank account number and that will allow you to receive Rs.1 in your account as a verification reward

Source : JiffyChoiceIndia

  • In the next section, you will be asked to upload your selfie. Click on the "Upload your selfie" button
  • Create a white paper signature on your computer and upload it
  • It is a requirement that you upload evidence of your income, which you do not need to do right now.
  • I'd recommend that you choose a plan that includes the GST and costs Rs.200+ for a year. You can use it for free for the first year, after which Rs.200 will be charged per year. This can be cancelled at any time during the year.
  • All that remains is for you to design the document and make the necessary changes to it.
  • Your account will be activated within 24 hours. Once your account has been activated, you will need to complete at least one trade in order to get the scratch card.
  • We will send you an email containing your Client ID and your password.
  • You are now able to add Rs.100 or Rs.500 to your Jiffy wallet with a UPI bank account that is linked to your Jiffy account.

  • Any company you decide to invest in must require you to purchase a minimum of 100 shares.

  • A scratch card for Rs 500 will be given to you when you buy the share.

You will be offered the possibility to redeem the reward in your bank account if you wish to do so

Documents Required

  • Mobile Number Linked to Aadhaar.

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN).

  • Having a physical bank account.

  • Your Jiffy Referral Code at the time of sign up.

Any amount received at the time of Sign-Up

There will be a credit given by Jiffy App to the Referrer each referral by the Referrer will be processed within 48 hours before the end of the month after the client has completed their first trade on Jiffy App.

When the Referee has completed the first trade on the Jiffy App, they will receive a credit of up to Rs. 500/-. We will Provide You With A Bonus Of Rs. 500 As A Sign Up Bonus. You Can Withdraw This Money By Using Your Bank Account.

How to use Jiffy

  • On the homepage, click on the Wishlist section and then click on the Search section.

  •  Select the IDEA nse option by typing in IDEA.

  • Then tap the Buy Button and proceed to the next step.

  • Select Market, Delivery, and Quantity (6 or 7 if you want to buy) and click on "Buy" to begin the process.

    You have successfully ordered your stock, now it's time to sell it.

How to get Your Jiffy Referral Code\Link

With Jiffy's Refer And Earn program, you can earn as much as Rs. 1000 per referral. 

  • You can start by going to the More section of our website.

  • From there, choose the option 'Refer A Friend'.

  • Select the Refer Now button.

  • Once done, you will receive an email with the Jiffy referral codes. Share them with your friends and family.

  • We will pay you up to Rs. 500 when they sign up using your referral link and activate their account, as well as earn up to Rs. 1000 when they sign up. (They have to buy any stock in order to receive the bonus.)

How Does Jiffy Pay Real Cashback

You need to complete a single trade to get real cashback. You can withdraw it to your bank account easily with popular payment options such as NEFT and UPI.

Different offers available at the moment on Jiffy

  • Customers of Choice, whether they be branches, employees or franchisees, are eligible for the program.
    All customers that are referred by referring and earning policy will be mapped directly to the Centralised Team of Choice within 24 hours after referral.
    Refer and Earn policy does not allow any business partner or authority to claim mapping for referred clients through its referral program.

  • Upon opening an account with Choice Software on Jiffy, the Referrer will be entitled to receive his referred fee as soon as the Referrer's client has made his first investment or business decision with Choice Software on Jiffy.

  • In the next 48 hours, after their referred client has completed their trade on the Jiffy App, the referrer will receive a credit of up to Rs.1000/- per client referred by him.

  • Referees will be credited a maximum of Rs.500/- after they have successfully traded on Jiffy App for the first time.

Benefits of using the Jiffy referral code

  • There is no fee associated with opening an account.

  • There is no charge for making a trade call.

  • You can contact your Relationship Manager on demand at any time.

  • The more you refer, the more you earn.

  • There is a success rate of 78% for free research.

Jiffy Customer Care Number


Choice International Limited, 

Sunil Patodia Tower, 

J.B. Nagar, 

Mumbai - 400 099 · 

Phone:(+91) 88-2424-2424

Ratings & Reviews of Jiffy

This app has garnered 3.8 star rating out of 10,000+ votes on Google Play Store effectively. It is one of the best apps for trading.This is an excellent application. The user interface is extremely user friendly.

You can navigate through the application easily and quickly. The Jiffy team provides excellent support with regards to this application. They have a good ticketing system for solving issues.”

Choice Broking Jiffy App Ratings











Overall Ratings


Terms And Conditions 

You need to understand and be familiar with Choice Broking's terms and conditions regarding the refer and earn program in order to execute it properly.

Here is a short summary of the terms and conditions so that you can see exactly how it works and how you can start earning by referring other people. 

  • A trading account with Choice Broking is very important for you to be able to trade securities. It is only after this process is completed that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the refer and earn program.

  • Refer and Earn program is available to all employees, branches, and influencers of the company. It is important to keep in mind that franchises and CBAs are not eligible for the program. 

  • In the upcoming months, you will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of referral incentives of up to five accounts per month.

  • The amount of referrals that you receive will only be given to you at the end of the month. 

  • Getting the benefits of the refer and earn program will require you to activate a referee trading account. 

Refer and earn program gives you the opportunity to earn good benefits when you abide by the terms and conditions and follow the rules.


In addition to that, you can also use the referral code below to sign up for the Jiffy or Choice Broking and enjoy a welcome reward on your first trade.

For this to happen, you must provide us with the required documents. I hope you liked our article on Jiffy Referral Code, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I send a referral code in Jiffy?

For your Friend List to appear, tap the Friends button on the top of the screen.

2. How can I refer to the Jiffy app?

The first thing you should do is visit the More section. Select the "Refer & Earn" option from the drop down menu. To refer your friends at Jiffy, tap on the "Refer Now" button.

3. How do I get my referral code for Jiffy?

The first thing you should do is visit the More section. Select the "Refer & Earn" option from the drop down menu. To refer your friends at Jiffy, tap on the "Refer Now" button.

4. How do I open a Choice account?

If you click on 'Open Your Account', you will be taken to Choice's website where you can begin the process of opening a new account. Input your name, address and email address as well as any other paperwork that may need to be submitted.

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