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How To Watch Ads And Earn Money In India

How To Watch Ads And Earn Money In India

Want to know How to watch ads and earn money in India ? Well you have landed on the right article

You must have heard the phrase “Money doesn’t grow on a tree,” and you have to work hard to earn money. It is true to some extent. However, in this digital age, you can make money by literally doing nothing.

Yes, it’s true. What if I said that you could earn money by playing an online game, watching your favourite videos, or simply watching ads in your spare time.

We see ads everywhere, in our phone apps, on websites and on social media platforms. Some of the ads can be irritating, but if you know how to convert them into money, exciting rewards, and redeemable coupons.

Then you might find the same ads interesting. One legit concern about these apps and websites is user security. Do they give what they promise, or do they steal your data?

Some genuine questions may come to mind. We have compiled a list of 10 apps that you can download safely from the Play Store or Google App Store. There are no sign-up charges, and a few of them start adding money to your wallet as soon as you sign up.

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How to Sign-up for These Apps

Most of these apps are free; however, few can charge you little sign-up charges. Follow these steps to download them on your phone.

  1. Depending on the phone’s operating system, download using Google App Store or App Store.

  2. Allow app permissions.

  3. Register using your Email ( Gmail or others), Facebook or other platforms.

  4. Update your profile if prompted.

  5. Follow the instructions and start earning cash, vouchers, and redeemable points.

How to watch ads and earn money in India

Here's a list of apps to earn watching ads and videos

1. Cashbuddy

One of the most popular cashback providing apps, Cashbuddy, offers real cash on your Paytm wallet. You can transfer it to your bank or use it for online shopping.

You just need to watch promoted product video ads to earn money. Cashbuddy has listed all major e-commerce sites and hence provides an excellent opportunity to earn cash and vouchers, rewards, and special discounts.


  • Watch promotional videos to earn rewards.

  • More than 1000 sites such as Amazon, Airtel, and Flipkart are listed.

  • Instant referral bonus.

  • Additional discounts on shopping, trending deals and coupons

2. Google Opinion Rewards

This reward-based program lets you earn money through a paid online survey developed by Google.

Anyone who is 18 years and above can sign up for this app. It is excellent for beginners and students who want to earn extra money by filling up their opinion in surveys about specific products.

The number of surveys assigned to you will vary, and the money goes to your Google account wallet. You can use them to get paid apps or features on the play store.


  • Available for both Android and iOS users.

  • Anyone above 18 can install and earn by filling out a market research survey.

  • It has a Google Playstore rating of 4.7, making it one of the best in the online paid survey segment.

  • Users can earn up to 1$ per survey.

3. Roz Dhan

It is one of India’s most popular and trusted money-making apps. You can earn daily by watching exciting videos, reading news articles, playing games or completing simple referral tasks.

You earn credits after each task, and then you can transfer them to your Paytm Wallet and use them as per your wish. You can earn up to INR 200 when you sign up for Roz Dhan: Earn Wallet Cash app.


  • Instant earning of INR 50 as soon as you sign up.

  • Most trusted app with over 2.5 crores users.

  • It is an authentic India app headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, offering real money.

  • Earn by watching ads and videos and reading news articles.

4. Userfeel

Some of you may not find watching ads or other videos engaging in earning money. Userfeel, a remote usability testing app, is an excellent option for you. The features are available on mobile, tablets and desktops.

Users get to test the applications and websites for their interfaces, ease of usage and effective design and provide feedback. You need to have a PayPal account to receive payments, and this app is available on both Android and Apple Play Stores.


  • You can earn up to $10 (approx. INR 750) per successful test.

  • Anyone can become a tester and test websites and apps from developers worldwide.

  • You get money in your Userfeel account wallet, which can be transferred to your bank account using PayPal.

5. Loco

If you love gaming and quizzes, the Loco – Live Game Streaming app is excellent for earning extra money. You can download the app and answer questions in daily quizzes to make money.

The Loco app is available on both Android and Apple Playstore. Remember, you only get 10 seconds to answer each question.

Features . 

  • Earn by live streaming of games and quizzes

  • Earn cash prizes

  • Play multiple games and esports tournaments.

  • Participate in daily quizzes.

6. Mcent

Mcent Recharge Browser is one of the popular apps for earning money. It is available on both Android and iOs. You can install it on your phone and start web browsing as you do on any other platform.

The only difference is that you earn money while you browse. You can get free talk time and use the money to pay your monthly postpaid mobile bills.


7. Dream 11

Everyone cannot play their favourite sports at the highest level. But, with Dream 11, you can become part of these fantasy gaming leagues, make your virtual teams and win exciting prizes when your chosen do well on the field.

Winning can be difficult, but you can earn while enjoying your favourite game if you apply some tips and tricks.


  • Available on both Android and iOS.

  • You can earn by referring your friends.

  • You can make teams in games including Cricket, Hockey, Football, Kabaddi and basketball.

  • With a 4.5 average rating on Google PlayStore, this app is hugely popular in India.

8. Adwallet

Adwallet is one app that pays you to watch ad videos and fill out paid surveys. It is a trusted app with worldwide users. As per reports, Adwallet paid more than $100,000 to its users in the past year.

For Indian users, it gives extra benefits as you earn in dollars, and the amount becomes higher due to the currency conversion rate. You need to have a PayPal account to make money using this app.


  • Make money by watching ad videos or participating in surveys

  • Get cash in Adwallet, PayPal, or a Bank account or convert it into Amazon gift cards.

  • Extremely easy to use, suitable for beginners

  • Earn through referrals.

9. Swagbucks

A global brand, Swagbucks has more than 20 million users in countries like the UK, Canada, US, Ireland, Germany and India. The app lets you earn by watching videos and paid online survey participation.

The app is easy to use and suitable for beginners. You get a certain amount of Swagbucks for every video and encash them as dollars.100 Swagbucks equals $1. Imagine being paid for watching a movie or an interesting news report. Swagbucks makes it possible.


  • Swagbucks is a trusted app with over 1 million downloads with an average 4.1 rating.

  • Get a $10 joining bonus.

  • You can withdraw SB points as dollars or gift cards.

  • Shop from popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Walmart.

10. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an exciting and unique advertising app that allows you to make money by doing nothing.

Yes, you heard that right. You just use your mobile phone; once you unlock your screen and earn cash by exiting out of the app.

After every app, points are added to your Slidejoy account, and you can redeem them later. One can easily earn $10 per month using this app.


  • Earn reward points by watching ads on the lock screen.

  • Redeem points to watch online products.

  • Watch ads based on your preferences.

  • It is safe to use, and big brands like CNBC and CNet trust the Slidejoy app.


Earning money without any investment may sound impossible, but these unique apps make it possible.

Many authentic and trustworthy apps are available that allow you to earn extra money by doing what you love. You may earn while watching your favourite movie or seeing videos of your loved brands and getting paid for it.

Suppose you want to do some constructive work, like user testing, or fill up your opinion using an online survey. In that case, you can do it and also get some exciting rewards.

From watching ads and live streaming games to simply unlocking your phone, you can earn quick money by using these simple apps.

I hope you liked our article on How to watch ads and earn money in India , if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q1. Can I earn money by watching ads?

Yes, there are many apps like Swagbucks, Roz Dhan, Cashbuddy and Adwallet, which pay your money for watching ads from your favourite brands.

You don’t need any investments and start earning as soon as you sign up. Every app has a different way of payment; few pay directly, whereas some give
redeemable points and vouchers.


Q2. Which app gives real money in India?

Various money-earning apps are available in India, like Dream 11, Cash Buddy, Roz Dhan, Loco, mCent, and UserFeel. These apps give you money for different tasks like you can make your online team and earn from Dream 11.

Apps like Roz Dhan and Cash buddy assign your daily tasks of watching online ads or filling out online surveys. You can also do user testing on UserFeel.com and earn good money.

Q3. How can I earn money by clicking ads in India?

You can install money-earning apps like Meesho, CashBuddy, Roz Dhan, Loco, mCent, Slidejoy and Adwallet.

These apps pay you for watching ad videos on your mobile phone. You can do it in your office or during college breaks and earn quick money.

Q4. How can students earn money online by watching ads in India?

Students above 18 can install money-earning apps like Google Opinion Reward and Roz Dhan and start earning by watching ads or completing easy daily tasks.

Google Opinion Reward app assigns you a survey, and you make money in your google wallet upon successful completion. Similarly, other apps like Roz Dhan and Adwallet pay you for watching ad videos.

Here are the Apps to earn money online:


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