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Amazon Pay Referral Code [TTPC3Q] | Earn Up To ₹35 (Instantly)

Amazon Pay Referral Code

by vardhan bhardwaj

Want to know about Amazon Referral Code ?

Amazon being among the Best Shopping platforms in India , Amazon pay offers a good buying experience to the customers using the Amazon app. It is the best way for money transactions through the Amazon app by providing checkout optimization.

It also decreased the chances of cart abandonment. Furthermore, it is a trustworthy app among customers. Amazon Pay India was founded by Mahendra Nerurkar.

Amazon pay referral code offers the referee to get the benefit of ₹ 35 cashback with the referral link, some customers even earn ₹ 35 from the referral code.

Now you can also calculate the amount of money earned by the referee according to the number of referral links sent without spending their own money. You can also earn money through amazon in different ways there is a very wide range of option available for you.

The customers need to complete KYC before 24 months of using the Amazon pay account. PAN number is required for KYC verification. 

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Amazon Pay Refer And Earn Video Tutorial

[TTPC3Q] Amazon Pay Referral Code | Invite & Win ₹35

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How to Avail Amazon Referral Code Offer

  • Open Amazon App.
  • Now, Open Your Amazon Pay Section
  • Now, Click “Offer” Section
  • Click on “Invite and Earn” Banner.
  • Click on "Invite Now".
  • Share your referral code among your family/ friends/ relatives
  • You Get A Cashback Once For Every Invite You Send.

How To Set up Amazon pay

How To Sign in to Amazon Pay :

  • Open Amazon app
  • Register using your mobile number or mail address
  • Setup Amazon pay UPI
  • Open Amazon pay and click on UPI
  • Add bank account and verify phone number
  • You can collect offers from the 'offer section'
  • A minimum transaction of ₹ 1 can give you cashback or various vouchers.

How to use Amazon Pay :

  • Download the Amazon app and register using your mail address or mobile number
  • On the home screen, the Amazon pay option is available
  • Click on 'Amazon UPI ID'
  • Generate UPI ID
  • You can use the app now with various options like Scan & pay, send money, get paid, or near me.

How To Know My Amazon UPI ID :

  • Open Amazon app
  • Click on the main menu
  • Select the Amazon pay option
  • In the 'the Amazon Pay UPI' option, you can see your UPI ID
  • Mostly the Amazon pay UPI comprises your mobilenumber@apl
  • Activate your UPI ID by linking it with your bank account

how to refer amazon pay : amazon pay refer and earn

How to Get Your Amazon Pay Referral Code\Link :

  • Open Amazon app
  • Click on Amazon pay
  • Click on send money
  • You will get the Amazon Pay UPI referral link
  • Click on the “Invite and Earn” option
  • You will get a referral code and link
  • Copy the link and share it among the contacts

How to Refer Friends :

  • Open Amazon pay.
  • Click on the “send money” option.
  • Scroll down to get the option “invite and earn”.
  • Tap on it to get the referral code.
  • Share the link with your friends  and refer amazon pay.

Amazon Pay Customer Care Number

If you are facing any problem regarding payment (unable to pay or payment gets stuck) on Amazon pay, you can contact customer care at 1-888-280-4331.

Customer care services are available 24*7. If you are unhappy with the services, you can even drop an email at ps@amazon.com to address the payment issues.

Ratings & Reviews of Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay has been awarded as Best Software Awards 2022 and comes under Top 50 Commerce products. It has been rated 4.5 by the customers because it makes the payment and checkout process fast.

It makes the payment feasible through multiple devices along with offering various rewards and cash backs.

Terms And Conditions

  1. Receive ₹ 35 cashback when the referee sends money for the first time with the Amazon pay app.
  2. You can invite family and friends to send money, scan, or recharge using the Amazon app.
  3. The referrer gets cashback for the number of invitations when the referee sends money using the app.
  4. You can credit the cashback within 3 business days.
  5. You will get an 'invite' feature on Android (version 18.5 or above) as well as iOS platforms.
  6. The referral amount must be claimed within 15 days.
  7. You need to add your PAN number to complete the KYC verification on Amazon Pay. 


By using Amazon pay referral code, some users can even get cashback worth ₹ 35 after the first transaction of the referee. This attracts more users to use Amazon pay.

Along with this, users can get exciting rewards in form of coupons or vouchers after paying money or recharging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a referral code?

A referral code is a code consisting of a number, alphabet, or combination of these two assigned to a referrer to share the referral link. It helps the referrer to get cash back when the referee signs up and uses the app. 

Q2. Does Amazon Pay have a referral?

Yes, Amazon Pay has a referral code. You can use a referral code to start with Amazon pay. After setting your UPI, you can send money to friends and merchants, pay your bills, and recharge.

You will even get your referral code to get a cashback of ₹ 35 after the referee sends money for the first time.

Q3. Where is the referral code in Amazon pay?

On opening the Amazon app, on the home screen, you can see the Amazon pay option. Generate Amazon UPI. 

Then click on 'send money in Amazon pay. Scroll down to get the option 'invite friends'. When you invite friends through WhatsApp or telegram, they will receive a referral code.

Q4. How do I refer a friend to Amazon?

Steps to refer a friend on Amazon:

  • Open Amazon app
  • Click on the 'Amazon pay' option
  • Scroll down to the option 'Invite and earn'
  • Tap on it to get the Amazon to pay referral code
  • Share this code to friends through various means like WhatsApp or Telegram
  • After the first transaction by your friend, you will earn ₹ 35 cashback.

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