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Pocket FM Promo Code


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We are accustomed to seeing videos. We watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other media every day. We may not have patient ears, but we do have patient eyes.

Unique company Pocket FM made the decision to alter that by redefining the OTT market with their offerings that prioritize audio.

They made the decision to ask us to lend them our ears because they have a huge collection of more than 100,000 hours of audio content.

You will be impressed by their selection of fiction, romance, and horror stories in more than a dozen different languages.

It's interesting that you may use a Pocket FM coupon to browse their library. You can manage it with the help of this article.

Pocket FM Promo Code

Pocket FM Promo Code 

Pocket FM Promo Code


Sign up Bonus

Free Account

Referral Bonus

Rs 250 Voucher

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How to Avail Pocket FM Promo Code

  • First of all Click Claim link:-https://payments.pocketfm.in/coupon-offer
  • Enter your ‘mobile number’ and ‘Promo code’ to relevant section.
  • Click on the ‘Claim’ option.
  • Coins will be credited to your Pocket FM wallet to access the audiobooks.

How to Get a Free Pocket FM Promo Code

A pocket FM Promo Code will give you access to Pocket FM’s well-curated and expansive library of audio, podcasts, audiobooks, and stories.

Here I am going to tell you step-by-step for getting a Free Pocket FM Promo Code to unlock their amazing offers.

  • The first step is to log in to your Flipkart account

  • If you haven’t installed Flipkart yet, then go to your Google Play Store for Android users or the Apple App Store for those using iOS devices

  • After installing the app, login into your account 

  • Claim the code now using Zero Super coins. It is 100% free

How To Apply For Pocket FM Coupon Code

To get started with your Pocket FM, you need to apply the coupon code. So here we go

  • Go to your Pocket FM app

  • If you don’t have one, just download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store according to the device you are using

  • After the download, it will be installed on your device automatically. 

  • Sign up with the app by providing your details such as name, gender, e-mail

  • Once you sign up, log into your account

  • Click on the link (https://payments.pocketfm.in/coupon-offer)

  • Then enter your mobile number which you have used for signing in or logging in

  • Enter the coupon code and click on the CLAIM option

  • Coins will then be directly credited to your Pocket FM wallet

Terms & Conditions

There are a few terms and conditions that you should keep in mind

  • The coupon code can be availed only once so don’t frustrate yourself by entering it multiple times

  • The offer has a validity period and it's valid till May 30, 2023

  • One user can use the code only once

  • You will have to use the code in your mobile app and not on any other device

  • The offer can be availed by both the old and new users of Pocket FM

How to Earn Pocket FM coins Free

For users looking forward to earning Pocket FM coins for free, you have to follow a few steps. It might not be that easy. One way is to shop using the various promo codes.

Or you can also earn 230+25 coins and Rs 25 cashback free on every Rs 99 that you spend. If you are willing to spend Rs 799, you can earn 1870+650 coins with Rs 125 cashback per order. With the FM coins, you can unlock audiobooks from their library. 

What is Pocket FM Coins?

Pocket FM users have various unique reward systems to avail. Pocket FM coins are one such exciting reward system.

With the help of these coins, a user can unlock any audiobooks from Pocket FM’s vast playlist. They can be used only with the app. This reward system is getting popular among subscribers. 


The Pocket FM coupon code is a special way to gain fantastic savings, open their library of audiobooks, and get the most out of this app.

The way we used to read stories is being revolutionized by this app. They have found a niche in the market for customized audio streaming services because of their distinctive strategy.

Grab a discount code and explore the fascinating library that they have tirelessly developed. You will hear narrations of some of the top tales written by various authors from all around the nation. It is now possible to listen to stories in addition to reading them thanks to Pocket FM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I play pocket FM without coins? 

You can subscribe to Pocket FM and play it without having to buy the coins

Q2. What is the use of coins in pocket FM? 

Pocket FM coins can get you extra discounts, access to a vast library of audiobooks, and many exclusive privileges.


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