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Camtasia 2021 Review

July 26, 2021

The world around us is changing as people from different segments of society depend on using and applying technology to get a job done.

Likewise, the consumption of digital content has also consequently increased over the past decades since the introduction of the internet.

Recording and publishing video content serves as a great platform through which people can gain relevant information and learn new skills.

Referring to a video is not only instructive but also helps to save valuable time. Moreover, research shows that referring to video content enhances memory retention when compared to reading.

Visual representation creates an image in the human brain which can be difficult to erase. Therefore, multinational organizations now prefer to formulate instructive video training sessions in order to educate their employees about a specific topic.

Not only that, video content serves as a great option for entertainment as well. It also helps in the aspect of marketing which allows people to formulate informative advertisements to spread awareness about specific products or services.

Therefore, the need for professional video recording and editing software is the present demand of the market. All these aspects can duly be fulfilled with the assistance of Camtasia.

Camtasia Use and Prices

Camtasia is an all-in-one video editing and recording software that was launched in October of 2002.

Over the last 18 years, the software has been used by 24 million independent users and is presently at the very pinnacle of the video editing software market. Camtasia is a great platform where video tutorials and screen sharing can be initiated with complete ease.

Moreover, Camtasia offers video recording as well as editing features. Thus, video content creators can avail of two diverse solutions by working on this software.

The easy-to-use and attractive interface of Camtasia makes it one of the finest video editing software in the industry. The software can be availed at different pricing points, which have been identified below:

  • Individual Plan : Available at $249.99, which is coupled with a single license and is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices.
  • Business Plan : Available at $249.99 with site licenses and supports both Mac and Windows.
  • Education Plan : Now available at a discounted price of $169 with the option of tax exemption order available.
  • Government/Non-Profit Plan : Currently priced at $223.99.

A trial version of Camtasia is also available, which is free of cost. People can use the Free-Version for a maximum time period of 30-days. The latest version of Camtasia was launched on 27th April 2021.

The new and improved version includes the following updated features:

  • New transition collection - More than 75 transition options are available
  • Audio update - People can reduce the audio levels of the video when a voiceover dialogue is inserted.
  • New video effects were added, which enhanced the appeal and style of video creation.
  • Bug check and increase in efficiency in the aspect of video editing.

These additions and upgrades have helped to make Camtasia a better and smoother video editing software to use. People should certainly consider purchasing the software, and for the existing users, it is recommended to avail the upgraded plan with all the new features.

Features of Camtasia 2021

Following are some of the foremost features of Camtasia that makes it a unique video editing and recording software:

1: Camera and Screen Recording Options

The entire procedure of recording videos in Camtasia is very straightforward and simple. There is a single toolbar through which recording can be controlled. The options of recording have been even more simplified in the latest Camtasia 2021 version.

The option of screen recording is also available where the complete computer screen can be recorded or shared with fellow colleagues.

Additionally, if an individual wishes to record a specific section of the screen, then that option is also available. This is a very useful feature that allows creators to make attractive GIFs. The option of flexibility makes Camtasia one of the best video recording software in the world.

2: Option to Add Notes and Comments

 While making videos, the option of adding notes and comments can prove to be increasingly handy. With a specialized Call-Out feature, creators can add dialogues in text format in various videos. 

This option can be effectively used to highlight specific movements on the screen. Moreover, these functions can help you to Blur or Highlight particular instructions present in a video. For instance, if you have accidentally added personal information in a video, it can be covered by activating the Blur feature.

3: Video Editing Effects and Filters

 There are a multitude of effects that can be incorporated in videos while using Camtasia. There are a total of 13 distinct effects that can be utilized. Some of them have been identified below:

  • Borders - Creators can add Borders to the video, which makes a video look more professional.
  • Adjust Speed - The option of speeding up or slowing down a particular clip is also present.
  • Adjust Color - Creators can use various filters and adjust the color of the recorded footage.
  • Color Filters - Adding filters is now easier, which enhances the visual appeal of a video.
  • Shadow Effect - This feature allows you to manage the contrast and add shadows to a clip
  • Enhance Brightness - The overall brightness of the clip can be altered and adjusted as per the needs and requirements of the creator.

4: Audio Editing Features

 Camtasia understands the importance of video as well as audio quality. Therefore, to enhance the experience of every viewer, the option of audio editing is also provided. The new Audio Fade In and Fade Out features add a sense of style to every video.

Creators can also pan sound accordingly, which increases audience engagement. Creators can also add audio tracks without any difficulty. 

Not only that but any unwanted noise present in a clip can also be effectively removed with utmost ease. Other audio features include automatic volume adjustment, adding voiceovers, speeding up or slowing down sound, and compressing present audio.

Pros of Camtasia

1: It is really simple to learn.

The price of every product of the Creative Cloud is very reasonable. A person can choose a plan that suits their budget and can start as low as $9.99 per month. If a person wants to use all the apps that are in the Adobe Creative Cloud, they can very easily use all the apps for $49.99 per month.

Adobe Creative Cloud has proved to be very inexpensive for a lot of people. Before all the features and software were moved into the Creative Cloud, people had to purchase various software packages which would cost hundreds of dollars and would be expensive.

Now, with the help of the Cloud, people can have a free trial of all the products to see if the features of those products suit their work or not. 

2: Useful screen recorder

Camtasia screen recorder allows me to capture and edit my webcam while simultaneously recording and editing my computer screen. The webcam can be resized, repositioned, and given animation keyframes so that I may move it around the screen while speaking. This is one of my favorite features of Camtasia.

We've tried and tested every piece of screen capture software available. What's the verdict? With the best screen recording feature, Camtasia blasts the competition out of the water.

Not only is the resolution excellent, but it is also simple to operate. When you open the software, a screen capture icon appears in the top toolbar. As a result, you may select the icon and begin recording your screen in only a few clicks.

3: Cursor effects that are impressive

Camtasia's built-in effects are, on the whole, minimal. Their cursor effects, on the other hand, are spectacular. Moreover, these cursor effects provide automated effects that may really bring your video edit to life.

Cursor smoothing is one of our favorite cursor effects. Drag & drop this effect into your clip to magically erase jerky mouse motions, leaving only smooth and flawless mouse movements.

You may also edit and combine different clips together, and the application will (most of the time) stitch them together seamlessly, preventing the mouse from "jumping" to multiple areas of the screen.

4: Overwhelmed with performance expectations

Another advantage of the software is its performance in Camtasia. I rarely experience crashes or lags while using Camtasia. On my low-end machine, it runs really well.

In addition, Camtasia 2021 allows you to generate proxies for high-resolution videos and optimizes the HEVC codec for better editing performance, making it a worthwhile upgrade.

5: Affordable tool as per market standards

In comparison to other video editing suites on the market, the price of a Camtasia license is quite low.

For example, Camtasia can be installed on two machines at the same time with a single $249 license. That's not to mention other educational and government-related opportunities.

6: Can use to record screens of your phone as well

Techsmith is a free app for iOS and Android that allows you to record screen recordings from your smartphone or tablet. The app works in tandem with Camtasia's desktop edition, allowing you to transfer files directly from your PC.

7: Interactive features make this tool more attractive

User interaction, which is critical for learning, is frequently missing from training films. You may use Camtasia to add interactive quizzes to your videos. At the start, the end, or all the way through the video.

In comparison, you'll need to pay attention to your export settings in order for quizzes to be useful (only helpful for embedding into eLearning modules). Camtasia, on the other hand, is ahead of the curve by offering this functionality, which combines video learning with sluggish interactivity.

Quizzes incorporated in films will undoubtedly grow more popular in the future of education. Camtasia is the greatest tool for getting started right away.

8: Useful pan and zoom effects

Camtasia's zoom and pan effect is simple to use and excellent for creating zoom effects, which is one of the most important aspects of developing software lessons.

9: Built-in annotations

Built-in annotations will tremendously speed up your job. In addition, these lovely and professional-looking annotations will assist you in quickly creating incredibly engaging training films.

Cons of Camtasia 2021

1: Synchronization of audio and video not up to the mark

Synchronization of audio and video at times does not work properly. For instance, when I use my DSLR as a camera instead of my built-in webcam to record a screen video using my webcam, the audio is not synchronized with the video.

Hopefully, Camtasia will resolve this issue soon so that I will no longer have to manually synchronize my audio.

2: Issues with large files or files uploaded in a cloud drive

When the project file becomes too huge, or when you work on a project file on a network drive rather than your local computer hard disc, Camtasia may not perform properly.

3: Though it is affordable, it still has some loopholes

The software license is valid for the rest of your life. If you want to upgrade to a newer version, you will have to pay an extra fee. This makes me uneasy, and if you decide to purchase Camtasia, you should be aware of this issue as well.

By seeing the above pros and cons, we can safely conclude that the pros do outweigh the cons. This makes it a perfect tool for us to use for video editing and screen recording. So, if you are a beginner and looking for a simple tool to use, then Camtasia 2021 should be your best fit.


Now you should know that Camtasia software is one of the best, if not the best, screen recorder and video editing software available. To be honest, we might even go so far as to say it's the best of its sort. This is a good choice for making and editing professional-grade videos.

There are numerous Camtasia 2021 options available. In terms of features and ease of use, however, none of them come close. It easily blows all of the competition out of the water, in our opinion.

It is well worth the money, even if it is a little pricey. Now is the time to give it a shot and see whether it works for you.


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