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Adobe Creative Cloud Review

June 22, 2021

Probably everybody nowadays has Adobe Creative Cloud up and running well on their computers. You must be one of them too.

As you know, Adobe Creative Cloud is an amazingly powerful software and you just cannot deny the fact that there are benefits for everyone who uses it. These two lettered icons have a lot stored in them for you, for me, for everybody.

The digital world is advancing with every passing day and it is becoming the platform for marketing and freelance artists to show the world what they have.

 Firstly, let’s talk about businesses. You cannot deny the fact that today’s world is all about what is on the internet. If you are a businessman, you just need to use the digital platforms and marketing apps in the right way. This is going to help your business grow. 

If you can edit, create and shape beautiful images that are going to be memorable for your customers, it is going to put your business or company or brand or whatever it might be on the highest point of success as it is going to communicate with the customers and grab their attention which would be a great thing for your online marketing.

For freelancers and artists in the world who want to enhance their talent, they do need a virtual workplace so that they can showcase their talent to every corner of the world. They need a one-stop-shop so that their clients can see what they can offer.

Anything and everything can be done with the help of Adobe Creative Cloud as it has got a lot to offer.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

You probably know what Adobe Creative Cloud is but let’s just rush through it once again for the ones who are new to this. So the Adobe Creative Cloud is not a single software.

It is a collection of Adobe software products that also offers several other things. Adobe Creative Cloud offers other products either individually or as a package. For the ones worried about your storage, Adobe Creative Cloud offers cloud storage as well. Isn’t that amazing? Well, it most definitely is.

The younger generation would probably not know this but creative software like Photoshop and a lot of others were sold on CDs which are definitely out of fashion and are extinct. The software then had to be installed on the computers to be used. Well, too much work and extremely boring to be honest.

But now, everything is fun with cloud technology. There is no need to take the trouble, get dressed, and go to a store to get a physical product. To avoid all the trouble, Adobe started selling products as cloud services.

You can take full advantage of Adobe Creative Cloud which has everything that you require from the comfort of your home. All the products sold in the Adobe Creative Cloud are SaaS which stands for software as a service and you can choose any SaaS product that you need. 

The best thing about Adobe Creative Cloud products is that they all offer different things to the audience. There is a product for anybody and everybody. Adobe Creative Cloud is a combination of video editing, web development, photography, graphic designing, and many more products that can help anyone with their business or creativity.

All the Creative Cloud products charge a monthly subscription fee but the amount is not fixed as it depends on the number of products that have been purchased. This monthly subscription model is very ideal for businesses, schools, teachers, etc. as they can get special deals that might suit their budget. 

If you plan on buying the all-app plan for any reason, it does not mean that you have to install all the products of Adobe Creative Cloud right away. You can do that anytime when you need it as all the products would be waiting in the cloud. All the apps are industry-leading apps that can benefit anybody.

Features of Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud helps in providing its users with several varieties of video and audio software products. They have been updated and have improved.

Some of the apps of Adobe Creative Cloud are Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Dimensions, Lightroom, Animate, Prelude, Behance, and many more. Adobe has added many new features to each of the above-mentioned software products that have helped in making all of them full of amazing features.

However, some of these features are not new. These were there in them already, but the update has made them even better. So as we know that products in Adobe Creative Cloud are used for audio and video purposes, keeping this in mind, here is a list of all the amazing features that Adobe Creative Cloud possesses.

1: Photoshop feature analyzes the path of motion

Imagine that you are in a moment that you never want to forget. So, to keep this memory forever, you think of clicking a picture. You do not check the picture and put your camera or mobile away. The next day you are terrified to see the picture as the picture is not clear.

The camera had shaken and taken, resulting in the picture getting a little smeared. What do you do? The answer is Adobe Creative Cloud products.

With the Photoshop feature, you will not have to delete the photo with a heavy heart. This problem is way too old and that is why Adobe has come up with this feature. This photoshop feature analyzes the path of motion of the shake and goes on to realign the pixels.

Doing this results in an extremely crisp, clear, and sharp image which would make anybody forget that the picture was smeared. That means, you will hold the precious memory forever in the photo and will not have to delete it with a heavy heart.

2: Adobe have mobile apps as well

Adobe Creative Cloud is not just a desktop app as we all know that. Some apps can be installed on phones as well. Several iPhone apps are members of the Adobe Creative Cloud family. You can use them to help you create a color swatch from the photos that you want.

You can extract color from and then these apps will send those swatches of color to be illustrated in your other projects.

You can also choose the present color themes and can sync your color theme to Creative Cloud and you can work on it on several devices or a different computer. This is good if you have a business or a company.

If you choose a specific color palette for your logo or images, it is going to attract the customers even more. Just choose a color palette and work on it.

3: Rotoscoping feature in Adobe's Products

Ever heard of what rotoscoping is? Rotoscoping is a type of technique of animation. It is used by animators to carefully trace over motion picture footage - frame by frame- which helps them in producing actions and characters that look real.

A long time back, the animators used to project photographed live-action movie images onto a panel of glass and traced the image. A Polish-American animator named Max Fleisher had developed the projection equipment used which was called rotoscope.

So the device got replaced by modernized computers and software for the work but the name of the process remains unchanged. It is still known as rotoscoping and there are products in the Adobe Creative Cloud for this. They all involve frame-by-frame retouching which results in the separation of foreground objects from the background.

The process is still quite intensive and needs a lot of concentration even when it is done on computers. It is as intense as the process which involved the projection equipment. However, with the help of Adobe Creative Cloud apps, a person will find it a little easier so that they can handle difficult projects also with ease.

4: Apps to connect with clients & colleagues

How do you connect with your coworkers, clients, and other work professionals if you are in the field of creativity? Facebook and WhatsApp are the only two famous ways that you can connect with anybody whether they are your family, or friends, or coworkers, or clients, right? WRONG!

There is an app on the Creative Cloud which can easily be used to replace Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media networking platforms for your work purpose that will help you connect with your clients and colleagues easily. The app works amazingly and helps anybody in the creative field.

All you have to do is upload any work of yours directly to the Adobe Creative Cloud app which is a professional creative social network app and you will receive feedback about it from your colleagues and clients as sharing your work with them is going to provide them with direct and instant involvement with your work which is going to heighten their excitement.

The work can also be seen by potential customers which is a great thing for any artist.

5: Web designing tools for developers

The days where web audiences were only found on desktop browsers are long gone. With the advancement of technology, web audiences can be found behind every smartphone and every tablet nowadays. This means that there is more than the web developers need to work on.

Web developers cannot get away with just designing amazing sites for desktop browsers. They have to sit down and create some for the audience who use smartphones and tablets as they make up a large segment of the web audience.

To avoid working on creating and designing new sites for different devices, web developers can simply use Adobe Creative Cloud to make the work easy for them.

Some products in the Creative Cloud act as tools that can be used by web developers. The Web Devs can very conveniently adjust the size of their sites for fitting into different screen sizes easily.

They do this by specifying the breakpoints that would trigger various kinds of CSS layouts that fit the current surface of the display. The tool uses web-standard CSS3 and HTML5 to accomplish this.

The work can also be seen by potential customers which is a great thing for any artist.

These are not the only features of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps. All the products have various features of their own but they are quite common.

Advantages of Adobe Creative Cloud

With all the features and apps mentioned for you, you must be knowing that there are various advantages of using Adobe Creative Cloud. Let’s have a look at the several benefits that Adobe Creative Cloud has to offer:

1: Price of Adobe Creative cloud is very competitive

The price of every product of the Creative Cloud is very reasonable. A person can choose a plan that suits their budget and can start as low as $9.99 per month. If a person wants to use all the apps that are in the Adobe Creative Cloud, they can very easily use all the apps for $49.99 per month.

Adobe Creative Cloud has proved to be very inexpensive for a lot of people. Before all the features and software were moved into the Creative Cloud, people had to purchase various software packages which would cost hundreds of dollars and would be expensive.

Now, with the help of the Cloud, people can have a free trial of all the products to see if the features of those products suit their work or not. 

2: No need to pay for updates

The apps of the Adobe Creative Cloud keep getting updated on their own whenever a new update is released. This ensures that a person is always using the latest version of the apps at all times.

A person will not have to repeatedly pay hundreds of dollars for every small upgrade that takes place in the software just like they had to keep paying in the past.

So if somebody has the All Apps Plan, all the upgrades for the apps that Adobe releases will be done automatically. Anybody will have access to all the upgrades without changing the current plan or paying a penny extra.

3: Plans can be accessed virtually anywhere

Every person can gain access to their Adobe Creative Cloud anywhere in the world. All that they need to have is a proper internet connection.

Productivity is the key and one can always be productive by choosing the devices that they want to have the local downloads of the products in.

Without Creative Cloud, this advantage would not have been given to anybody. Products of Creative Cloud can be installed on mobile phones and tablets which are easy to carry anywhere. Under a perpetual license, nobody would have had this advantage as desktops cannot be carried everywhere. 

4: Per device, licenses are still available

Adobe creative cloud has created several per device licenses and also per named-user licenses.

This helps in keeping costs under control and is very useful for school and university students and teachers. An All Apps license per device might be under $300 per year.

Special pricing option control is used by teachers and students which helps to keep costs under control. Single app plans begin at the $30 per month mark and this is for business users. 

Disadvantages of Adobe Creative Cloud

Yes, you read it right. Adobe Creative Cloud might have several features and advantages for the users, but there are several disadvantages too. Let’s have a look at them to understand what they are:

1: Some plans are really expensive

Some of the plans of the Adobe Creative Cloud are more expensive than the older perpetual licenses.

People who purchased the software directly in the past paid way less than some of the existing plans of apps on Adobe Creative Cloud. Some people might stop their subscription to Creative Cloud.

Businesses might opt to choose not to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud after reaching a certain level after 3 to 4 years which can cost them more. This becomes a great disadvantage for some businesses. 

2: Consistent pricing is not guaranteed

There is no guarantee of the fact that Adobe will not decide to double or change the subscription cost of some or all its products.

Many plans that are offered by Adobe which can be helped to access the Creative Cloud are billed monthly as they are annual plans. That gives a person only 12 months of locked-in pricing for the services that they need.

If Adobe decides to double the pricing after the annual contract that a person had signed up for, they will be left with no other choice other than either keep paying the bills or leave the contract and end the opportunity of gaining access to the work that they had been doing for a long time. 

3: Portable downloads from computer to computer unavailable

A person has to download Adobe Creative Cloud on each device that they want to use Adobe Creative Cloud on. If they want to use it on multiple devices, all the devices must have Adobe Creative Cloud downloaded to them.

People who are used to working on the internet already know that all locations do not have a great ISP location.

Installing things from a drive to a new computer or any other device is easier and saves a lot of time for the person doing it. Adobe makes a person download all the software products from the Cloud. This is also another big disadvantage. 

4: All apps of Adobe Creative Cloud do not upgrade at the same rate

The subscription price is going to look worth the while if one of the apps of Adobe Creative Cloud constantly keeps upgrading to bigger and better things.

Suppose if somebody is using an app that hasn’t been upgraded for the past 6 months, they might feel like they are not getting the value of the same amount of subscription that other people are getting by using apps that are constantly being upgraded.

To receive the value of the subscription, you can’t just install all apps that you do not need just for the upgrade. Hence, this is a very big problem that some people who use the products of the Adobe Creative Cloud have to face.

Why should you use Adobe Creative Cloud?

The various features of the Adobe Creative Cloud offer everything that a person needs to be creative. Especially the business people who have been considering making images or logos for their company or brand.

Even if you do not have the proper skills to make a lovely promotional image or logo or other things, with Adobe Creative Cloud apps, you may be able to make some of them without having to hire a designer and pay them.

Hiring a designer would mean that you will have to sit down and try to communicate with the person and awkwardly describe your vision of the image or logo to them so that the right content can be created.

However, this does not always be a hit as sometimes, people fail to understand what the one in front needs. You, as the owner of the business, will know best how to put the idea forward to your customers.

Apart from this, there are several other reasons why you should switch to Adobe Creative Cloud. Written below are some of the main highlights of Creative Cloud:

  • It has Creative Cloud Libraries.
  • It has exclusive Creative Cloud apps.
  • The mobile application workflow is amazing.
  • It has Typekit.
  • It has an Adobe portfolio.
  • Allows community collaborations.
  • It is compatible with even a CS3.
  • The crash recovery is impressive.
  • The software features undergo constant updates.
  • The pricing models for the included apps are great.


Adobe Creative Cloud does offer various features and advantages to everybody. It is an ideal software option if you are in video, photography, or web development.

If not, you can just try out the features yourself as the wide range of tools and resources will help you in reaching your creative goal when it is necessary.

Simply choose a subscription plan that meets your needs and get started today to unleash the creative side of you that you did not know you had.


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