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Premium Chocolate Brands in India

Premium Chocolate Brands in India

Looking for Premium Chocolate Brands in India? Well, you have landed on the right article. 

We all share our sheer love for chocolaty treats. No matter how engaged we are in the busiest of chores, A hint of fruity chocolate aroma will drive all of us with jaws watering in search of the piece exuding the heavenly scent.

Chocolates are a sensory experience that serves as therapy for our walking-dead souls and brings them back to life.

We love consuming it in every form and variant possible, be it drizzled on a scoop of vanilla, a bar wrapped in golden foil or blended in gallons of milk.

India has had a significant consumption of Cocoa-content over the past decades. But focusing on the distribution of Premium confectionary,

The nation still has to go a long way to get significant recognition for the brands producing the elite grade of chocolates. Premium chocolates have revolutionized the gift-giving culture in India.

Be it ethnic festivals, booming birthdays or romantic valentines, these luxury bites serve as an excellent choice to gift your loved ones.

The grandeur of luxury chocolates exudes a hint of sophistication that is irresistible to most folks out there to spend their bucks and buy the pack.

Many ordinary chocolate brands, started coming out with their premium product edition to provide the customers with a whole new level of quality experience.

While Cadbury was doing perfectly well with the distribution of its flagship product-Dairy Milk, it's luxury based flagship product Cadbury Temptation did a great job in glorifying its brand image.

The pricing and positioning strategies that they use turn out to be really profitable for the growth of their brands.

With floral gifts being the traditional choice for many people, premium chocolates slowly seem to be taking over the industry by disrupting it with people's changing preferences.

The paradigm shift has led to several brands and startups coming forward in the confectionary business and giving out the best quality products.

With such a high competition going amidst these brands, the customers get the benefit to choose from a wide range of variety in terms of flavours, price relaxations and quality to choose from.

Here is the list of Top 15 premium chocolate brands ruling the confectionery industry in India

1. Choko la

 Choko la

Choko La is a name derived from a Mayan word which translates into the meaning: “Drinking Chocolate together”.

It is one of the initial companies that started producing high-quality coverture chocolates in India.

Founded by Vasudha Munjal in 2005, the company revolutionized the distribution of premium chocolate in the country. 

Right since its inception, the brand grew in all expansions, leaving no stone unturned to provide the world with its finest assortment of chocolates.

It is known to be uncompromising in terms of retaining quality, consistency and satisfaction.

Its signature tastes feel like bittersweet chocolate truffles melting helplessly in your mouth, releasing your soul into heaven of divinity.

The brand distributes a wide range of assorted delicacies that include gift hampers, signature chocolates, bakery items, hot chocolate mix, designer chocolate collection and a lot more for you to help your sweet tooth.

Try its Bestseller bonbon premium chocolate hamper starting at Rs. 1125.

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2. To’ak


Ecuador is known for its distinctive and majestic cacao that overwhelms your taste buds to nirvana. Who wouldn't wish to bless their mouths with a flavour of such rich chocolate that is too good to miss.

To’ak brings you their finest dark chocolate right from the highlands of Ecuador to your doorstep.

The company, firmly believes, that the sheer elegance of cacao is just as significant as that of wine. 

As opposed to ordinary chocolate, the company has a record of using 85% grade cacao and only 5% of the fibre in its products.
It retains the chocolate quality through a barrel-ageing process, relevant to the ageing of vintage wine.

Needless to say, their products are all alcohol-free, made with Ecuador's finest heritage and single-origin cacao beans.

It has an intense astringent taste that feels rich and creamy. So if you are a chocolate connoisseur, it's time for you to rise and shine while you try their exclusive Rain harvest aged minibars at Rs. 2800.

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3. Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates by ITC

Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates by ITC

Do you truly call yourself a Chocolate enthusiast if you never tasted the premium Fabelle ITC collection?

This world-class chocolate catalogue surpasses all limits of mediocrity to present you with the finest blend of exquisite chocolates.

Their treats are a sweet therapy you need to calm your taste buds and refresh your soul to energize. 

Its dessert collection exudes sophistication with its delicacies like Tiramisu, Banoffee Pie, Cheesecake and truffles.
The sensational dark chocolate bar from Single-origin cacaos has a flavour of the authentic land of cacao farms.
The Fabelle Gianduja is inspired by an Italian dessert consumed during the legendary Napoleon era.

Their bestseller, Fabelle Hazelnut Mousse Centre filled bar for Rs. 750 is definitely worth a bite.
The collection is not only available in the grand boutiques of ITC hotels, but also online where you can have access to these heavenly beauties with just one click.

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4. Pascati


Pascati is responsible for breeding premium beans to rich chocolate bars.

This artisan dark chocolate is totally organic with a promising level of quality.

The brand is the first USDA Organic and Fairtrade chocolate maker in India. 

The beans are sourced from their roots in Kerala, God’s own country and the state that accounts for 71% of cocoa production in India. It has a citrus fruity taste with a blend of bittersweet dark chocolate that complements the flavour really well. Be it the Pascati Chocolate-77% Malabar Hills Kerala, Raspberry Hibiscus Dark, or Mango Dark, every flavour is worth the try.

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5. La Folie

La Folie

La Folie is an excellent maker of premium artisan chocolates that is organic and natural. They pay keen attention to each step in the fine making of chocolate from farm-picked cacao beans.

Originated in Mumbai, this artisan series of couverture has a sense of real goodness in its heavenly taste. It ensures sustainability in manufacturing and keeps away from artificial ingredients. 

The brand has a beautiful chocolate factory cafe in Mumbai, known for its serene yet sophisticated ambience. It's a must-visit for all chocolate lovers out there wishing to have a taste for exclusivity. Its online shop has a variety of premium goodies, enough for you to go crazy while choosing the best pick.

The chocolate bars section has a fine collection of Nutty Hazelnut Rocher, berry good bar, maple and chunky almond butter and a selection of granola bars. Other picks include customized chocolate gift boxes, hot chocolate, signature cakes, macarons, etc. Its Butterscotch Nutties are worth a try for Rs. 495.

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6. Hill Wild

Hill Wild

Hill wild is a social venture in the food sector initiated with the motive of uplifting farmers and artisans of the locality. The brand is a twisty amalgamation of chocolates and spices.

They distribute products in both the categories and even the products containing a combination of those elements. The gourmet version of such spicy chocolate has a catalogue of unique products.

These include King Chilli chocolate, Black rice chocolate, rum and raisin chocolate, sesame chocolate, wild apple chocolate and,

A lot of other interesting combinations. If you are someone, who gets excited to try something new, this is a perfect brand to add to your never-ending bucket list of desserts to try.

Moreover, its dried plums and kiwi candy are the bestsellers that everyone loves. They start with as low as Rs 160 and the price range goes up to Rs 1200.

The exotic chocolate bars range between Rs 160 and Rs 200. You can support the local workers and artisans by making a generous purchase from the organics store.

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7. Artisante


Artisante is pioneered in Bangalore inspired by its booming coffee culture. This brand is a paradise of gourmet treats, luxe chocolates, and mouth-watering mocha products.

After a duration of research at Artisante labs, they came up with a legendary formula to make chocolate that leaves you amazed right at the first bite. 

It has numerous hampers for you to gift your special ones with a luxurious treat coming for them.

These hampers include a Dark chocolate gift box, Espresso Yourself gift box, Single Origin Gift box, Flavours of India gift box, etc that cost within a range of Rs 1500 to Rs 1800.

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8. Paul and Mike

Paul and Mike

With its unique collection of Farm-to-bar chocolates, Paul and Mike is the first company in India to win Silver at,

The World Finals of International Chocolate Awards. It has its speciality of vegan and eggless chocolates.

They grow and ferment their own chocolates in the fields of Kochi and Coimbatore.

Their chocolate contains fine flavour cocoa beans mixed with real fruits and nuts and no artificial flavours.

Try its 64% Vegan Dark Rum and Raisins chocolate only at Rs 275.

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9. Godiva


Godiva is a well-known Belgian chocolate maker, with a large distributorship across the globe. If you have a taste for European goodies, this is just the right product for you.

Founded in 1926 by the Draps family in the honour of Lady Godiva, the brand a come a long way delivering excellent quality chocolates for over a century. 

The Godiva Pearls Dark worth Rs 420, is a must-try. Its bittersweet astringent taste leaves your tastebuds in pure bliss for hours.
The traditional recipe of caramel chocolate with smooth hazelnut passed on by the legendary founders still has a taste people cherish to date.

What makes it different is the unique proportion with which they make their chocolate. This is what makes this Belgian chocolate popular all over the world. Currently, Godiva’s products are shipped only in a few cities in India, like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Pune, Lucknow, etc.

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10. Lindt and Sprungli

Lindt and Sprungli

Lindt and Sprungli is a swiss chocolate company established in 1845. It's known for its rich chocolate bars and premium chocolate truffles.

What makes it so different from other chocolate brands is not only its unique recipe but also its place of origin.

Also, the brand sources its best cocoa bean from the highlands of Ecuador, Ghana, Madagascar and the Dominion Republic. 

It is not only known for its taste but its powerful smell and texture that complies well with the flavour.

Be it the Lindt creamy milk chocolate or the exotic caramel excellence bar, you can get it for as low as Rs 499

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11. Guylian


Guylian is yet another manufacturer of assorted Belgian chocolates with 100% pure cocoa butter. The wrapped bars of Guylian chocolate and the chocolate Seashells are too chocolaty to not give it a second try.

Founded in 1938 by Guy-Foubert and his love interest Liliane, Guylian is an amalgamation of both their names Guy-liyan. 

With this flourishing history, the company became a premium brand by distributing the product line of one of the finest Belgian chocolates in the world.

Their flagship assorted seashell, assorted chocolates, milk bars, and Belgian chocolate pralines are some of the products you can try. The price ranges from Rs. 999 to Rs 4000.

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12. Artisan du chocolat

Artisan du chocolat

Artisan du chocolat offers you an assortment of luxury handmade chocolates since its craftsmanship in 1999.

They are known for their chocolate bars and chocolate gingers by skilled artisans.

Their chocolate nibs are really crunchy and their salty honeycomb bar is worth tasting. 

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13. Montezuma


Montezuma is an eco-friendly brand that uses biodegradable packaging for its premium products.

It has specialized in manufacturing vegan, non-dairy and 100% cocoa products.

Owned by Inverleith, a Scottish private equity firm based in Edinburgh, this company has one of the most delicious chocolates to offer. 

Its absolute black collection is their best seller. It has 100% cocoa and comes with fruity flavours like orange.

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14. Bettys


Looking for a romantic gift to surprise your valentine? This might just be the perfect thing you can pick.

Betty’s chocolates are made from the premium Swiss Grand Cru.

Its Jubilee chocolate box, fruit clusters and florentines are the bestsellers.

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15. Maison pierre Marcolini

Maison pierre Marcolini

Known for its bean-to-bar sourcing, it is quite unknown that Maison Pierre Marcolini roasts his coffee beans himself.

This Belgian chocolatier has a pack of luxury desserts ready for you, customized as per every occasion.

It has chocolate tablets, chocolate truffles, macarons, patisseries, sweet treats, and a lot more confectionery to offer. 

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This was a brief enlightening about some of the best premium chocolate brands in India. Today, because of its wide prevalence, even luxury chocolates are available at affordable prices.

Experts recommend this industry will grow by five times in the coming years. We will see many variations and new arrivals to help our tastebuds with something unique every time.

With established market players upgrading their premium catalogues with something new every time,

We will keep witnessing new market players that might have a good potential to disrupt the industry. Premium chocolates are not limited to the elite and rich class of people anymore.

Its consumption has expanded wide amongst the middle class, who buy it every now and then.

It is not only a matter of importance to Cacao enthusiasts and chocolate connoisseurs but for everyone who has a sweet tooth for a confectionery of privilege.

However, needless to say, the increasing love of people for premium chocolates is totally worth the hype. 

Here are the best chocolates :

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best chocolate brand in India?

Cadbury Chocolates is one of the best and most preferred chocolate brands in India. It is known for its high quality and affordable prices. Its product line includes milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars, desserts, biscuits, and drinking chocolate.

With an average of 26% cocoa content, Cadbury has a wide range of its product catalogue to offer. 

2. Top-selling Chocolates in India?

India has a variety of brands dominating the confectionary industry in the country. Here are the 10 top-selling chocolates in India.

  • Cadbury Gems
  • Cadbury Perk
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Cadbury Shots
  • Ferrero Rocher Moments
  • Cadbury Bournville Rich Cocoa
  • Cadbury 5-Star
  • Hershey’s kisses
  • Amul Dark Chocolate
  • Amul Choco-Minis

3. Which premium chocolate brand is affordable?

Ferrero Rocher is a premium Italian confectionery known for its flagship chocolate wrapped in gold foil. Its premium taste comes from a fine amalgamation of nutty chocolate dip covering a layer of waffle and hazelnut.

It comes at an affordable price with its small boxes starting between Rs 200-300.

4. What are the different types of Chocolate?

White Chocolate: White chocolate is a confection loaded with Cocoa Butter and vanilla. It has a smooth and creamy texture that adds richness to its flavour.

Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate is a proportionate mix of cocoa, sugar and milk. It is the most popular type of chocolate and is widely consumed around the globe.

Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is a healthy alternative to milk chocolate because its formula contains less sugar. It majorly contains cocoa solids mixed with cocoa butter.

It is known to be high in flavanols and eating it regularly can protect your skin from UV rays.

Semisweet Chocolate: Semisweet chocolate contains around 60% cacao mixed with sugar and other solids. It is mostly used in baking and cooking delicacies.

Bittersweet Chocolate: Bittersweet chocolate has a cacao content of 70% and can be used as an alternative to semisweet chocolate. It is darker in colour and has a hint of sweetness in it.

Unsweetened Chocolate: Unsweetened chocolate contains 0% sugar and 100% of chocolate. It is bitter, dark and has a bit of a chalky texture. 


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