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Best Books For MBBS 1st Year

Best Books For MBBS 1st Year

Want to know best books for mbbs 1st year? Well you have landed on the right article.

Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a professional undergraduate course of 5 years and 6 months for students who aspire to be doctors in the future.

This is the basic study that one has to do to qualify for becoming a doctor.

The degree that one gets after completing the course will make the person eligible to be called a professional doctor or practitioner.

However, the 5 years and 6 months course does not comprise entirely of studies. It also consists of a one-year internship which is a mandate for every student who looks forward to achieving this degree. 

These internships are rotational internships at various health centers, hospitals, and health camps organized by various Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs).

Three main subjects comprise the MBBS course. These subjects are; Physiology, Anatomy, and Biochemistry. Other subjects include; health and medicine, surgery, and pediatrics.

The Main Subjects for First Year

The first year is the base. One starts with the course at this level. It is like the welcome year in the world of doctors. The year you can explore and see what you want to know further.

Therefore, the subjects for first-year MBBS are basic ones too. The main subjects for the first year are; Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry. Let’s get a brief about these subjects.

Anatomy: Anatomy is the most important subject for first-year MBBS students. Anatomy can be considered the base subject for MBBS students.

This subject deals with the study of animal and human bodies. This subject will help you to understand the structure of the human body and other living things.

Anatomy is a part of old science. It comprises embryology, developmental biology, comparative anatomy, phylogeny, and evolutionary biology.Anatomy along with Physiology helps to understand the structure and the various functions in different parts of the human body.

Anatomy can be further divided into Microscopic Anatomy, which involves instruments for the study of the human structure, and Macroscopic Anatomy, or what we commonly call Gross Anatomy which is the study of the human structure through bare eyes.

Physiology: Physiology is another major subject in MBBS. It is the study of human body mechanisms. Physiology talks about the physics and chemistry behind the basic functioning of the body.

It talks about the behavior of the molecules in the cell as well as about the working of organs together for the functioning of the body. The study gives you an in-depth view of how the body acts when it is well and what changes come when it is sick.

Physiology aims to focus on how organ systems, cells, organisms, biomolecules, and individual organs carry out all the physical and chemical functions in a human living body.

As per the division of organisms, Physiology can be further categorized into; animal physiology, medical physiology, comparative physiology, cell physiology, and plant physiology.

Biochemistry: Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes that happen daily inside a living human. It is a study at the molecular and cellular levels. The study of biochemistry can be divided into three parts; Metabolism, Enzymology, and Structural Biology.

Biochemistry is the most successful way of explaining how things work inside humans or rather it is the best way to understand the balance between chemistry and biology inside the human body.

Biochemistry is a subject that deals with bonding, structures, interactions, and functions of macromolecules like proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids.

This help not only to provide the cell structure but also helps to understand various other functions related to life.

Our Top Picks

Best Books For MBBS 1st Year 

Finding the right book is essential to pursuing MBBS. There are so many options available in the market that it might confuse you regarding which book to buy and which book to not buy.

Here is a list of books that will be of great help for students who are pursuing or are about to pursue MBBS first year.


1. BD Chaurasia’s Textbook of Anatomy

It is one of the most comprehensive books that you can buy to study Anatomy. It is the most used book by first-year medical students.

The book has four volumes. The book gives in-depth and point-wise information to the students which are easy for students to understand.

If you are an aspiring medical student and looking for a handy book on Anatomy then this is the one for you.

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2. Netter’s Atlas  

Dr. Netter is one of the best and is known for using illustrations to teach medical students.

There are a total of more than twenty thousand paintings that have been created by Dr. Netter to make the concept of anatomy clear.

The Netter’s Atlas is that one book that is useful to you till the end of life.

The book has now been translated into 16 languages and is a famous one among medical aspirants.

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3. Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Human Histology

This book by Inderbir Singh has a colorful atlas along with the most comprehensive study with the most appropriate information regarding human histology.

The book has gone through several revisions and currently it is helpful for undergraduate medical students since it has all the latest updates required in the field of histology.

The book starts with an 80 slide that presents a complete and comprehensive overview of histology.

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4. Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Human Embryology

If you are a student pursuing medical science then Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Human Embryology is a must-have on your shelve.

The book has had several revises and is updated with the latest information regarding human embryology.

The book has a very brief beginning and then is followed by a detailed study of human development in the further chapters.

The almost 400 pages book comes along with a CD that will help you to understand the key points even better.

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1. Guyton and Hall Text of Medical Physiology (South Asian Edition)

The main motive of the Guyton and Hall Text of Medical Physiology, South Asian Editions is to provide adequate information about Physiology to the students as well as the teachers who teach the subject.

The book covers various major medical-related topics like; cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, obesity, Alzheimer's, etc.

The book contains over one thousand drawings and diagrams that will help you to understand Physiology in a better way.

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2. Textbook of Medical Physiology. D Venkatesh, H H Sudhaka

Textbook of Medical Physiology by D Venkatesh, and H H Sudhakar helps to clear out the main concepts of the subject.

The book is written in simple language, which makes it easy to read.

The support of flowcharts, tables, and several other diagrams helps to make learning the subject quick and easy.

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3. Textbook of Medical Physiology. G K Pal

Textbook of Medical Physiology by G K Pal is a two-volume book.

These two volumes serve as a complete guide for undergraduate students who are pursuing MBBS.

The discussions of each anatomical system give an in-depth view of it.

The topics are further emphasized with the help of multiple diagrams and photographs.

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4. Textbook of Physiology by A.K Jain

Textbook of Physiology is a set of two books and is a must for you to keep handy if you are a medical student.

The book covers all the basic and most important topics that you will need to know in Physiology.

It is one of the bestsellers in Physiology. The book contains more than 700 figures along with 2000 MCQs and 1000 questions to solve.

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1. Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students, DM Vasudevan

Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students by DM Vasudevan is one of the best books for both, undergraduate and post-graduate MBBS students.

The book points out the various medical application of theoretical facts.

The book ends with a question bank which helps the students to know the subject thoroughly.

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2. Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry:

Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry is a must-own if you are an aspiring doctor. This book is considered the doctor’s essential.

The comprehensive and concise study of the subject in the book will help to clarify the chemicals in the body and how it changes the condition of the body.

The various illustrations and clinical information provided in the book is the USP of the book.

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3. Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism by Satyanarayan

Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism by Satyanarayan is one of the most recommended textbooks for Biochemistry.

The book has been comprehensively written and has been several times revised.

It talks about various subjects like medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, agricultural sciences, biotechnology, etc. 

The latest multicolored version of the book has made the illustrations even more understandable.

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4. Carbs, Protein, and Fat Metabolism by Satyanarayan

Carbs, Protein, and Fat Metabolism by Satyanarayan are one of the books that must be kept handy the students are pursuing their MBBS.

This book contains all the relevant and comprehensive studies about fat metabolism, protein, and carbs in the human body.

There is a revised edition of the book available in the market with relevant updated information.

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List of Books Recommended by National Medical Commission (NMC)

Here is a list that will help you out with the best and most popular books recommended by National Medical Commission for first-year MBBS students.

These books will help the students with comprehensive knowledge about the subject. These books will help to get better scores since these books will help to make learning easier.

1. Gray’s Anatomy for Students, South Asia Edition

When it comes to anatomy, Gray’s Anatomy for Students, South Asia Edition is considered the golden book for the subject.

The book consists of all the conceptual and basic topics that you will need to know. The book comes in two volumes.

The first volume comprises; The body, the lower limb, the upper limb, Pelvis, Abdomen, and Perineum. The second volume comprises; The back, Thorax, Neck and Head, and Neuroanatomy.

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2. Vishram Singh’s Textbook of Anatomy

This is the second most popular and best-selling book on anatomy.

The book comprises some of the easiest as well as comprehensive diagrams that are easy for students to put down on papers during their examinations.

The book explains Neck and Head, and Neuroanatomy in the best way.

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3. BD Chaurasia’s Textbook of Anatomy

It is one of the most popular and widely followed books by medical students in India pursuing an MBBS in Gross Anatomy.

The book helps to understand the study of Anatomy in the best possible way. The book is straightforward, comfortable, and simple.

The best thing about the book is that, instead of being written in paragraphs, it is written in bullet points

This helps the students to easily remember and recall what they have read.

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4. Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students, DM Vasudevan

This Biochemistry book by DM Vasudevan will help you to answer perfectly in your examinations.

The book comprises well-defined diagrams and flowcharts which makes understanding the topics easy, yet it covers a lot of details. 

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5. Guyton and Hall, Text of Medical Physiology, South Asia Edition

This book is considered one of the bestsellers in the world for students who are pursuing MBBS.

This book is considered to be a student's favorite. It is the best book you can follow if you want to be clear about the concepts.

The language in which the book is written is easy to read, understand, and interpret.

There is also a special edition of the book which meets the further queries of the students.

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6. Netter’s Atlas

Anatomy is all about descriptions and diagrams. Hence, an atlas is the best a student can keep handy to understand the concepts clearly.

When you start learning a subject, you must be able to visualize it too. 

An atlas helps the students to visualize what they study keeping a connection to what they read too.

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7. Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry

This is one of the best Biochemistry books for students who are pursuing MBBS.

The book comprises several diagrams and flowcharts which make learning easier and more understandable for students.

This book will clear all the doubts that may arise in your mind and hence will help you to improve your knowledge.

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Average Cost of MBBS First Year Books

There are two basic kinds of books. These are standard books and non-standard books. However, the book that you are buying will also depend on the publication, author, and distributor.

On average, medical books will cost you between Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2,000. The cost can extend to Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 too depending on the standard of the book.

Why Should You Read Standard Books for MBBS?

When you enter the journey of becoming a doctor in the future, you do not have a fixed syllabus to follow or a fixed book to read from. MBBS is vast.

It is no longer like the limited Biology you had studied in school. Therefore, learning during MBBS has no end.

The more you read the more you learn, the more you learn the more you can apply it through your work, and the more you can apply it through your work the more successful you are.

Standard books are like religious books. It is like the Bible of the subject that you are trying to master.

These types of books are perfectly written books that are considered to be the ideal ones for students who are pursuing MBBS and wish to become a practitioner or doctor soon.

In the case of MBBS, there is nothing called ‘best books.’ It is upon the student to make the best utilization of the book he/she reads.

Referring to standard books will help you to get a clearer knowledge about the subject. These books will help to broaden your concept by helping you to understand and learn about the subject.

Therefore, if you are looking for in-depth knowledge of a particular subject then it is a must for you to read and learn from standard books.

The non-standard books can be read later to frame and memorize. These kinds of books can be used for further studies. Reading standard books will also help you to be prepared for your postgraduation.


The first year in MBBS is the base year. Here you first know and learn about the subject. At this point, if the initial concepts are not clear then it might lead to issues further. 

You must keep in mind that MBBS and the subjects here are not similar to the ones that you had studied back in school. These are more concepts and knowledge.

Hence, the more knowledge you have, the better it will be for you to remain ahead. It is very important for you as MBBS students to read and learn from good books. 

It will not only help you to relate what you read with what you do but it will also help you in further preparations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1.  How can I read MBBS 1st Year Book?

You can read for 1st-year MBBS through the list of books suggested above.

Q2. What is the highest percentage of MBBS in India?

The highest scored percentage in India is 87.6%. It was scored by Dr. Aparna in February 2013.

Q3 Who gets Gold Medal in MD?

To get a Gold Medal in MD, you will have to be the topper of the university you are pursuing an MD from.

Q4 Which books are used in 1st Year MBBS?

There is a list of books mentioned above in the article. You can use them as 1st Year MBBS books.

Here are the mbbs 1st year books :


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