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All MTV Roadies Winner List (2003-2022)

roadies winner list

Want to know Roadies winner list? well don't worry you have landed in the right article. Roadies has become a sensation over the years, and the ratings have never fallen. The show was hosted by Cyrus Sahukar and aired in 2003.

The show's judges are Raghu Ram, Ranvijay Singh, and others. Not everyone has been watching the show since its inception in 2003; each season brings new difficulties and twists and turns.

Since its inception in the Indian television market, the show has been hosted by some well-known VJs such as Raghu Ram, Rajiv Laxman, Rannvijay Singh, Nikhil Chinappa, and Rajiv Laxman. 

After the Group Discussion, successful applicants must request to proceed to the next round.So, after more than 15 seasons, do you know who these contestants are?

Do you know their names, ages, and prize money? In this article we're going to tell you about roadies all season winner list.

All MTV Roadies Winner List 

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Name Of Winner


Roadies Season 1

Rannvijay Singh


Roadies Season 2

Ayushmann Khurana


Roadies Season 3

Parul Shahi


Roadies Season 4

Anthony Yeh


Roadies 5.0

Ashutosh Kaushik


Roadies 6:
Hell Down Under

Nauman Sait


Roadies 7:7 Deadly Sins & 1 Wild Safari

Anwar Syed


Roadies 8: Shortcut to Hell

Aanchal Khurana


Roadies 9: Everything or Nothing

Vikas Khoker


Roadies X:
Battle for Glory

Palak Johal


Roadies X1:
Ride for Respect

Nikhil Sachdeva


Roadies X2:
Your Road, Your Gang

Prince Narula


Roadies X4:
Your Gang, Your Glory

Balraj Singh Khehra


Roadies Rising

Shweta Mehta


Roadies Xtreme

Kashish Thakur


Roadies 17:
Real Heroes

Arun Sharma


Roadies 18: Revolution

Hamid Barkzi


Roadies 19: Journey in South Africa

Nandini G & Ashish Bhatia


MTV Roadies Winner List of All Seasons With Pictures and Bio

1. MTV Roadies Winner Season 1– Rannvijay Singh (Year: 2003)

Rannvijay, who has been hosting MTV Roadies for a few seasons, was the winner of the first season of the show, which began in 2003.

Rannvijay Singh is a television host, actor, and presenter from India. MTV Roadies, an adventurous reality TV show, is her most well-known role.

He is headquartered in the Indian city of Mumbai.


  • Winner – Rannvijay Singh.
  • Age – 34 year old.
  • Prize Money – Rs.5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike.

2. MTV Roadies Winner Season 2 – Ayushmann Khurrana (Year: 2004)

While most of you are familiar with Ayushman Khurana as a Bollywood actor, few are aware that he is also the winner of MTV Roadies Season 2 and has hosted a number of television shows.

Ayushmann Khurrana is an Indian film actor and musician who began his career as a TV host. Khurrana made his screen debut in Shoojit Sircar's romantic comedy Vicky Donor in 2012, which dealt with the issue of sperm donation in India.

The film was a critical and commercial success upon its initial release, and Khurrana's acting was praised.


  • Winner – Ayushmann Khurrana
  • Age – 33-year old.
  • Prize Money – Rs.5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike.

3. MTV Roadies Winner Season 3 – Parul Shahi (Year: 2005)

She is from the northeastern part of India. She didn't pursue acting or filmmaking as a career.

Parul Shahi became the first woman to win the third season of MTV Roadies. She came to the show in order to raise funds for her post-secondary education.

She received a Hero Honda Karizma motorcycle and a cash prize of Rs. 3.6 lakhs.


  • Winner – Parul Shahi
  • Age – Not specified.
  • Prize Money – Rs.3,60,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike

4. MTV Roadies Winner Season 4 – Anthony Yeh (Year: 2006)

He is an Indian national from the eastern portion of the country. He also decided against pursuing a career in movies or Bollywood.

Anthony Yeh was the winner of the fourth season of the show, and he has motivated many young people from East India to participate.

He is from Kolkata, although his family is Chinese. He took home Rs. 3.75 lakhs in cash and a Hero Honda Karizma motorcycle.


  • Winner – Anthony Yeh
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs.3,75,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike

5. MTV Roadies Winner Season 5 – Ashutosh Kaushik (Year: 2007)

He is an Indian actor who has been on television and in films. In the fifth season, Ashutosh Kaushik won the Roadies.

He has also appeared in a number of other reality shows. He was also the winner of Big Boss' second season.

He has acted in a number of films, including Zila Ghaziabad and Shortcut Romeo. Ashutosh Kaushik was the winner of Rs. 5 lakh and a Hero Honda Karizma motorcycle.


  • Winner – Ashutosh Kaushik
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs.5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike

6. MTV Roadies Winner Season 6 – Nauman Sait (Year: 2008)

Roadies Hell Down Under was won by Nauman Sait. Because of his good features and chiselled figure, he had gained a lot of recognition and attention.

Salman Sait, his twin brother, is also an actor. They're both in the fitness sector.


  • Winner – Nauman Sait
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs.3,62,000

7. MTV Roadies Winner Season 7 – Anwar Syed (Year: 2010)

The Deadly Sins & 1 Wild Safari were won by Anwar Syed in the seventh season.

This MBA graduate was unable to recapture the fame he had acquired during his Roadies adventure.

He avoided being in the public eye. He was awarded Rs 90,000 as the prize money.


  • Winner – Anwar Syed
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs.90,000

8. MTV Roadies Winner Season 8 – Aanchal Khurana (Year: 2011)

Aanchal Khurana won the prize and Rs 4 lakh at Roadies 8: Shortcut to Hell, which was hosted in Brazil.

Aanchal is a well-known television actress who is now starring in Bad Achhe Lagte Hain 2.

Brinda Shekhawat is her character. Aanchal has appeared on episodes such as Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, CID, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Savdhaan India, and others.


  • Winner – Aanchal Khurana
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs. 4,00,000

9. MTV Roadies Winner Season 9 – Vikas Khoker (Year: 2012)

The ninth season was likewise hosted by Rannvijay Singh. Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman served as the show's judges.

The performance took place in India and the United States. Money, immunity, and advantage assignments were all completed by the players.

Finally, Vikas Khoker's name was added to the list of MTV Roadies winners.


  • Winner – Vikas Khoker
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs. 6,17,000

10. MTV Roadies Winner Season 10 – Palak Johal (Year: 2013)

Palak Johal has firmly established herself as a Roadies winner.
The candidates had amazing fortitude in taking risks and difficulties in the do or die tasks.

She was the most interesting and enjoyable participant to watch.
The season, which lasted 12 episodes, was hosted by the well-known Rannvijay Singh.

Palak is the third woman to win the MTV Roadies in a season's worth of competition. 

The prize package included $450,000 in cash, a Hero Impulse motorcycle, and an HP laptop.


  • Winner – Palak Johal.
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs. 4,50,000.

11. MTV Roadies Winner Season 11 – Nikhil Sachdeva (Year: 2014)

MTV India broadcasted Season 11 of Roadies. The task locations were limited to India's western states.

It was an action-packed season full with thrills, battles, and difficulties. Nikhil Sachdeva was named to the Roadies winners list in the grand finale of Roadies X1.

Rannvijay Singh, the show's host, brought a lot of excitement to the stage. A Hero Impulse bike and $320,000 were the prizes.


  • Winner – Nikhil Sachdeva
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs. 3,32,000

12. MTV Roadies X2 (Season 12) Winner – Prince Narula (Year: 2015)

Season 12 of MTV Roadies premiered on June 27, 2015. He earned a cash reward of Rs. 5 lakh and a Hero Karizma ZMR motorcycle,

but he gave his motorcycle to the MTV Roadies runner-up, Gurmeet. He began his modelling career in Chandigarh.

In June 2015, he won The MTV Roadies after defeating 21 other competitors.


  • Winner – Prince Narula
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs. 5,00,000

13. MTV Roadies X4 Winner – Balraj Singh (Year: 2016)

The show returned after the 12th season with a new series and a new tagline, Roadies X4: Your Gang, Your Glory.

Balraj Khera was the season's winner, and the show was shown in India and Bhutan.

The show's winner receives a Renault Duster as well as additional prize money.

The season's judges were Rannvijay Singh, Karan Kundra, Neha Dhupia, and Prince Narula. 

The show premiered on April 6, 2016, and the winner and runner-up were revealed on June 19, 2016.


  • Winner – Balraj Khera
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Rs. 5,00,000

14. MTV Roadies Rising Winner – Shweta Mehta (Year: 2017)

Season 15 of MTV Roadies, the most popular show, premiered in 2017 with new judges and a new tagline.

The audition episodes began airing on February 25, 2017, and the Journey officially began on April 8, 2017.

Shweta Mehta, the Roadies X5 victor, is a member of Neha Dhupia's group.

Gaelyn Mendonca hosted this season, with Rannvijay Singh, Karan Kundra, Neha Dhupia, and Prince Narula, as well as cricketer Harbhajan Singh, playing key roles. 

Following the auditions, Nikhil Chinapa took over as gang leader from Karan Kundra. So the season was absolutely Fantastic.


  • Winner – Shweta Mehta
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – Renault Duster worth Rs.10,00,000

15. MTV Roadies Xtreme Winner – Kashish Thakur Pundir (Year: 2018)

The 2018 MTV Roadies winner is Kashish Thakur Pundir. He is a civil engineer by trade, but he is also a Cross Fit Trainer and a Martial Artist in India.

MTV Xtreme has a prize pool of up to ten lakh dollars.


  • Winner – Kashish Thakur Pundir
  • Age – 25
  • Prize Money – Renault Duster worth Rs. 12.99 lakh

16. MTV Roadies Real Heroes Winner – Arun Sharma (Year: 2019)

In 2019, Arun Sharma won the MTV Roadies and began focusing on the film industry.

He has now relocated to Mumbai in order to pursue his goal of working in the film industry. MTV Real Heroes has a prize pool of up to ten lakh dollars.


  • Winner – Arun Sharma
  • Age – Not specified
  • Prize Money – $ 10 lakh

17. MTV Roadies Revolution Winner – Hamid Barkzi (Year: 2020)

This season began on February 15, 2020, although the winner has yet to be announced.

From the first season to the present season, the show has grown in popularity, and the reality show has become a necessary aspect of breaking into the Bollywood and television industries.


  • Winner – Hamid Barkzi.
  • Age –Not specified 
  • Prize Money –Not specified 


Any interested young person can apply for MTV Roadies by filling out a form that includes unusual questions such as Why do you want to be a Roadie?

What is your greatest regret in life, and a few basic questions about their lives, and then attending a Group Discussion that is monitored by the Moderators.

There's a reason why Roadies are so popular among teenagers. While some of the participants were Natural Entertainers, others wowed us with their Uncanny Ability to do any assignment.

If you're curious about what the show's victors are up to now, have a look at our list. I hope the information was worth reading and all your queries got cleared with the relevant information provided in the article.

For any more queries regarding roadies winner list, you can reply to us with a question in the comment box. We would get back to you with an answer to your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the winner of Roadies Season 1 to 18?

The winners are mentioned in the categorical manner in the above-mentioned list.

Q2. Who won the most Roadies?

After Rannvijay and Ayushmann, Prince is one of the most popular Roadies champions. He won Bigg Boss and Splitsvilla after Roadies. In Splitsvilla, he was even dubbed "Ultimate King."

Q3. Did Roadies 1 have a winner?

In truth, in season 1, there was no declared winner. Season 2 was the commencement of it. Season 2 was won by Ayushman.
From among them, Ranvijay was chosen to host Roadies from then on.

Here are the Roadies roadies all season winner list


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