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Coworking Space Vs. Work From Home for Digital Nomads

The concept of work from home has always existed but many of us were unaware of the concept's existence when it came into force due to the rise of the pandemic.

The hike in the number of people who work from home was huge and work from home has become a part of our daily life now for many professionals.

For some people, socializing and the choice of location of work are of utmost importance and they try to keep travelling as a part of their job. 

Coworking Space Vs. Work From Home For Digital Nomads

Most of us are trying to focus more on work-life balance these days and digital nomads are basically those people who have opted for careers that allowed them to maintain such lifestyles and choose alternatives that enable them to do so.

They travel frequently and hop on from one place to another. Their office address depends on the amount of travelling they do, the stability in their lifestyle, their job description and other factors also vary from time to time.

The lifestyle that the pandemic has created has seen a sudden upsurge in numbers of what we call the digital 'Nomad lifestyle'. Well, surely comfort and flexibility act as huge benefits.

This concept has transformed the way people look at an ideal work life. Comfort and recreation become a part of the job and coworking spaces are perfect fit for such a job description and for not wanting to have a permanent office or residential address.

They are instant offices designed to provide facilities that suit your requirements and can be hired for a short or long period of time.

Pieter Levels, the founder of nomadlist.com believes that the number of digital nomads is estimated to reach around 1 billion by the year 2035. Even though they have access to a good location every few months, working hours do not reduce and they are bound to invest more time in their work to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

As Independent bloggers and freelancers, their topmost priority is having freedom over the location they work in and a lifestyle that enables them to maintain the work-life balance.

The concept of coworking spaces and co-living spaces has also contributed to the significant rise in the number of digital nomads.

The requirement for online talent marketplaces has helped freelancers grow by working with people from different locations. Even though the awareness in this area is increasing, there are many more who don't even believe it's true, as in such a situation is unattainable or something that is not real.

Digital nomads are able to meet new people and socialize, learn about the history of the place, the background, the traditions, the food and the standard and way of living.

This provides them with flexibility for working and the rules of the corporate world and societal norms do not have a control over them or determine their work life.

As a freelancer or independent worker, you get to make all the main decisions for yourself and spread your network to as many locations as possible.

Some might think that success as a Digital Nomad might not be possible, but there are so many who have very successful businesses and earn big figures while enjoying their life altogether. It is not a 9 to 5 job and allows you to travel and work at the same time.

While being a digital nomad, you do not find yourself in front of a computer with the same people everyday just like the traditional office spaces, but you have the option to choose to sit in the background with a beach, mountains, different hotels, and cafes.

This is the work style that inspires our gen-Z and now people have realized that all this is possible and they can make it real; thanks to the advent of work from home scenarios and co-working places.

Difference between coworking and work from home

1. Cost

This one is self-explanatory. Cost is an important factor while considering the choice of workspace and it is pretty easy to deduce that except for a little more addition to the electricity bill and money spent on coffee sachetswork from home is almost free

But coworking spaces ask for a particular amount and can sometimes involve a high range.

The expense also depends upon the location or country you choose to work in. The price may also vary depending upon the duration of your stay. 


If you are someone, for whom proper amenities are a must, then coworking spaces will cater to your needs more and result more beneficial in the future even though they might seem pricey for now.

You will not have to rent apartments that are cheaper and do not have a proper desk which in turn increases your expenditure towards providing amenities for yourself.

2. Productivity and performance

Coworking spaces allow you to be in a more professional environment and increase the feeling of being at work but different people have different perspectives towards the two extreme ideas. 

Some might not want to waste money and face distractions during work hours by talking to other people and losing time meant for work.

Coworking spaces also involve travelling so some people might not want to lose time while commuting to and from. 


They might feel that starting to work early in the morning from home gives them a lot of motivation and strength. They do not have to pack infinite things just to be in an office space for a couple of hours everyday.

Working from home gives you an option to cook for yourself for a change or even go out for food. But in the case of co-working spaces, you can connect with different people and your networking goes strong.

They might benefit you in your growth and might help in resolving issues you are facing currently. Since most coworking spaces have food amenities, you don't have to waste time in cooking. A personal space is great no doubt because you can stop working at 2 instead of 5

On the other hand, for some people, productivity can be increased in a coworking space just as well because it allows them to be in an environment with other professionals and being surrounded by others at work makes you feel like working more so this one is surely a tie.

3. Networking

Having a good social life contributes towards a healthy and progressive worklife.

Being able to make friends and actively socializing is one of the biggest difficulties faced while constantly being on the move, but coworking spaces are the perfect solution for this challenge.

If you are in a particular location for a few months, it is the time to form new relationships with people.


 Some think that they can meet new people while travelling or during meetups and they can just work from home after that.  Coworking spaces are seeing a lot of increase in its use, so it becomes a lot easier to meet people from different backgrounds in one place and connect on different levels.

Coworking spaces conduct different activities that allow people to network including webinars, workshops, wellness sessions and group discussions, so it helps you to understand different people, their opinion and start conversation to form connections.

Some people might prefer working in a cafe, hotel or hostel lobbies but this again is not the same situation because cafes will allow you to talk to people but different ones each day whereas coworking spaces will allow you to form deeper connections and look at familiar faces for a consistent amount of time

4. Working environment

Understanding people and their perspective towards work and development can help you to open yourself to new ideas. 

Coworking spaces can help you to broaden your creativity and this results in motivation to come up with new additions to your already existing work profile or even seek better options and start working towards a side hustle

working environment

Inspiration is very essential when working as a freelancer or digital nomad and meeting new people with more experience helps you to increase interest and knowledge in the particular field.

5. Commuting

Working from home requires absolutely no expense relating to travelling. Coworking spaces can cost you in order to commute to and from the office space

It depends upon the country you are working in presently and the distance of your office space from your accommodation

Winner- work from home.


6. Flexibility

Flexibility is available in both work from home and coworking spaces. Some coworking spaces allow access 24/7 so you can work extra hours in a day or work night shifts, on a weekend or start early for the week on a Sunday

You can book a desk for yourself depending upon the needs of the assignment and pending deadlines. Coworking spaces also offer personalization.

Flexibility is possible even when working from home because you are not bound by time restrictions and you can create the environment that suits you the best. You have your own personal space and can choose to stay in or out depending upon your schedule.


Compatibility with digital nomad lifestyle

Travelling is a great inclusion while living the digital nomad lifestyle, but it has its own hardships. When travelling frequently, there is a lot to do in small intervals of time. 

You have to pack, clean-up things and make additions to your luggage according to the place you go to and the process of settling in again begins. You have to get used to the place, the availability in and around the surroundings, transportation, market places, medical facilities and places to visit.

The main purpose of going to a new place is for work and leisure, so the work part isn't easy as well. Either you find a temporary office and redecorate it for such a short amount of time or work from home

Searching for a coworking space can be very challenging in a new location. There are many companies who make that part easier for you. The growth and development of coworking spaces has increased to a very high rate and can now be found in multiple locations all across the world. 

It is perfect for the life of a digital nomad because they offer all possible premium amenities and quality interiors no matter where you are and provide an option of personalization to suit your needs the best.

It is an already setup space where you can add customization and all you have to do is pay a particular amount and come on time. Working from home is great and super simple but it can involve compromise as you might not have access to a proper desk and internet

It won't provide the same environment as a coworking space and it'll end up feeling more like a chore instead of having fun while working

Final Overview

Looking at all the points mentioned above, we can see that the winner is coworking spaces. It is a great option for remote workers as it allows them to have flexibility in their work life style. Some coworking spaces allow 24/7 access to their offices. 

This makes it a lot easier to work even during night shifts, come early or on the weekend and because it's not a personal office but a shared one, you might find company while working. It is a great place for socializing and making connections.

You can talk to other freelancers or employees of different companies. Coworking spaces also host different networking events and activities where people from different parts of the world with different backgrounds are able to connect. 

Some also have sessions for wellness and fitness. This helps to become part of a community and discuss different titles.

Coworking spaces provide an environment that is professional but at the same time different from the old traditional offices because they are centered around work, but elevate the number of benefits by allowing access to an inspirational and social environment at the same time. It allows digital nomads to work from anywhere.

There are so many who travel to multiple locations for months and even years, alone. They search for coworking spaces everywhere they go in order to have access to all requirements during working hours and be able to make connections and see familiar faces for a long amount of time.

This makes coworking spaces a more consistent solution as compared to working in hotels or cafes all alone. Coworking and digital nomads blend perfectly together because shared spaces are a one stop solution to all problems that occur during travelling and ensure balance of work and leisure while on the move.


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