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Physiotherapist Salary in India

physiotherapist salary in india
June 21, 2022

Physiotherapists are healthcare advocates of the human movement who play a vital role in identifying, assessing, preventing, rehabilitation, and treating individuals when their movements are affected.

This may be because of injury, aging, environmental factors, or other diseases. These healthcare professionals help people increase their mobility and movement at all stages of their lives, reduce pain and stiffness, and maximize their body functions.

They also support their patient to improve their quality of life by incorporating their physical, emotional, social, and psychological well-being.

The Physiotherapist works to identify the cause of injury to put forward a treatment plan. It may include electrotherapy, manual therapy, and exercise. Meanwhile, they also advise you about the long-term conditions.

As a physiotherapist, there come many responsibilities one needs to fulfill. It includes advising the patients on leading a healthy lifestyle, staying updated with developments in the treatments, and being caring, patient, and compassionate while treating people.

A person suffering from chronic pain or an injury that affects their everyday movements and functions should approach the Physiotherapist immediately.

The healthcare advocates help you resolve your neck pain, back pain, bone problems, asthma, pelvic issues, swelling, stiffness, etc.

Although, if you are one of those people who wish to support others by becoming a physiotherapist, you can read out the full article to learn everything about the job role. 

The average monthly salary of a Physiotherapist in India is Rs. 24,645 per month. However, this may vary from hospital to hospital or company to company.

The salary mentioned above is only an estimation. The average monthly salary of a physiotherapist also depends upon your years of experience.

An individual working as a physiotherapist earns a salary ranging from 24,645 INR to Rs. 90,100 INR per month. This salary includes transport, housing, and other benefits associated with your employment.

The salary of a physiotherapist vary drastically based on location, gender, skills, and experience. You will find a detailed breakdown of different criteria. 

Physiotherapist Salaries Based on Hospitals and Companies

Following is the list of hospitals and companies offering different average monthly salaries to their Physiotherapist in India

  1. Apollo Hospitals (0-9 yrs. experience): INR 18000 per month monthly salary

  2. P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre(0-6 yrs. experience): INR 17,198 per month salary

  3. Max Healthcare (0-6 yrs. experience): INR 22,574 per month salary

  4. Self-Practice(0-9 yrs. experience): INR 25,215 per month salary

  5. Fortis Healthcare (1-9 yrs. experience): INR 21,032 per month salary

  6. Physiocare (0-6 yrs. experience): INR 14,332 per month salary

  7. ConfiDental Clinic (0-9 yrs. experience): INR 14,261 per month salary

  8. Portea Medical (1-9 yrs. experience): INR 24,784 monthly salary

  9. Search Institute (0-6 yrs. experience): 23,108 per month salary

  10. Nightingale Home Healthcare (1-8 yrs. experience): INR 23,173 per month salary

  11. Narayana Health (1-4 yrs. experience): INR 17,939 per month salary

  12. Medanta the Medicity(1-6 yrs. experience): INR 21,715 per month salary

  13. Healthvista (2-9 yrs. experience): INR 24,975 per month salary

  14. Care Hospital (1-6 yrs. experience): INR 20,172 per month salary

  15. Yashoda Hospital (1-7 yrs. experience): 19,347 per month salary

  16. KIMS Hospital (1-8 yrs. experience): INR 19,038 per month salary

  17. Vibes Healthcare (1-10 yrs. experience): INR 20,513 per month salary

  18. Paras Hospital(0-6 years experience): INR 18,211 per month salary

  19. Manipal Hospital (0-4 yrs. experience): INR 23,004 per month salary

  20. AIIMS Hospital (0-6 yrs. experience): INR 27,712 per month salary 

Skills required to become a physiotherapist

A person aspiring to become a physiotherapist must have the following skills-

  1. A physiotherapist must know how to conduct rehabilitation for patients.

  2. Should Know the diagnosis and treatment planning process.

  3. A physiotherapist must know how to do the elder care.

  4. A physiotherapist should be well-practiced in pain management.

  5. A physiotherapist should pursue the medical specialty associated with the restoration of skeletal system functions i.e., the Orthopedics process.

Popular Career Paths for Physiotherapists

When it comes to making a career as a Physiotherapist, there are multiple options you can choose from.

Some of the career paths after completing graduation in physiotherapy are mentioned below-

  1. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

  2. Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist

  3. Neurological Physiotherapist

  4. Geriatric Physiotherapist

  5. Pediatric Physiotherapist

  6. Sports physiotherapist

  7. Women's health specialist

  8. Rehabilitation and pain management specialist

Courses required to become a physiotherapist  

A person who wants to become a physiotherapist must be from a science stream and should have studied all the basic concepts of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

They must have qualified for their 10+2 examination with 50% aggregate marks. The next step is qualifying for the entrance examinations conducted to pursue physiotherapy.

In India, there are three physiotherapy courses included in an academic syllabus; these are-

  1. Bachelor courses or Undergraduate courses: It includes Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy, Bachelor of Occupational therapy, and Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine.

  2. Diploma/Certificate courses: These include a Diploma in Physiotherapy.

  3. Postgraduate or Master Courses: It includes Master of Physiotherapy, Master of Science in Physiotherapy, and Master of Physiotherapy in Sports Physiotherapy 


Rapid urbanization has brought huge changes in the lifestyle of people living in India. With the maximum number of youth heading towards the corporate world, the stress levels have grown significantly.

Henceforth, the demand for a good physiotherapist is also increasing.

These healthcare advocates are required in fitness centers, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, clinics, sports centers, orthopedic clinics, sports centers, etc.

Apart from working in hospitals, clinics, or any other company, a high qualified physiotherapist can also commence their clinic to fulfill their patient's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Physiotherapist has the highest salary in India?

Neurological Physiotherapist has the highest annual salary of INR 10-18 Lacs in India. The other physiotherapists earn up to INR 5 lacs annually.

Q2. How much does a physiotherapist earn in India?

A physiotherapist earns up to INR 20 Lacs annually in India. 

Q3. How much does a Physiotherapist earn monthly?

A Physiotherapist earns over INR 45000 per month in India. 

Q4. Do physiotherapists earn a lot of money?

Yes, they earn a lot of money and sometimes more than one lac in a month. To become a physiotherapist and earn a good remuneration, you must pursue all the required courses, clinical knowledge, and skills.


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