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Aerospace Engineering Salary In India

Aerospace Engineering Salary In India
June 21, 2022

Want to know the Aerospace Engineering Salary In India? Well, don't worry you came to the right place, check our easy-to-read article.

Does the fact that with an aircraft or spacecraft, we can explore the once thought superficial moon, and the planets around us fascinate you? If the answer is yes, you would be glad to know that you can make a career out of this fascination.

The once said quote, “sky is the limit.” is now belittled. On the contrary, people have been proving that the limits are way beyond it.

The field of Aerospace engineering is one of the many ways you can contribute or be part of this exploration expedition that humankind is on.

Though it may seem like a fascinating career choice for one, is it a promising one? What does one need to keep in mind getting in, or most importantly, can you make a living out of it? Let us find out.

What is Aerospace Engineering?

As the name suggests, aerospace engineering is primarily a field of engineering.

If you are planning to be an aerospace engineer, you can expect to be dealing with designing, development, testing, or even the production of aircraft, spacecraft, or the related system and equipment.

As we can observe, aircraft and spacecraft have two reasonably different goals; that is why the field of Aerospace engineering is further subdivided into two different but overlapping; at times, branches:

  1. Aeronautical Engineering:- In this branch, the engineers primarily focus on developing the theory, technology, and flights within the Earth’s atmosphere.

  2. Astronautical Engineering:- The engineers of this branch, on the other hand, have their focus primarily on developing technology or theory for spacecraft or launching vehicles for satellites or other space technologies.

Some examples of the sectors dependent on Aerospace engineering would be Aviation, Military, and space programs like the ones by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) or the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).


Aerospace Engineer Salary In India

Aerospace engineering is considered one of the highest paying jobs available. And the rapidly growing aviation industries and space expedition programs by many countries or companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are only increasing their demand.

Now, like any other job, the candidate's salary varies on what they have to offer or what skill-set they might have. Still, as it stands, an average salary for an Aerospace engineer would be somewhere around INR 8.2 LPA.

India currently has the third-largest civil aviation industry, with the potential to surpass the second-largest one soon.

Apart from the booming civil aviation industry, there have been recent successful space projects by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

For example, the Chandrayaan-2 promises great career opportunities for Aerospace engineers throughout the country.

Similarly, apart from some of the traditional organizations like HAL, Boeing, Airbus, Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), and Indian Space Research Organization, it is observed that many new companies are looking to or already have entered this aerospace industry.

What is the Pay by Experience Level for Aerospace Engineers?

Like any other job, Aerospace engineers can also be observed to earn more as they grow in their careers and are ready to take on more responsibilities.

Here are the most recent numbers from Payscale for us to analyze how over time, with experience, the salaries of aerospace engineering professionals are affected.


Average Pay (IN INR)

Entry Level (< 1 year)

7.89 LPA

Early Career ( 1 - 4 years)

6.21 LPA

Mid Career (5-9 years)

9.85 LPA

Late career (10 -19 years)

10 LPA

Experienced (20+ years)

20 LPA

If we analyze the data put in front of us, we would notice there is a certain drop in the average pay of an aerospace engineer after his first year as he enters what we called here the early stages of his career.

We need to keep in mind that various one-time joining benefits like offered stocks, joining bonuses, relocation compensation, etc., may have counted for this drop.

Also, these numbers are a mere average of a very high in terms of the number sample size of candidates.

Furthermore, these are current numbers and are just an idea of what you may expect though if you have higher or lower potential or skill set than average, you can expect yourself to be accordingly compensated.

If we further examine the numbers, it is also observed that the lowest pay would be 2.2 LPA, while the number can go as high as 25.6 LPA.

What Do Aerospace Engineers Do?

We have already discussed that aerospace engineering is such a high-paying job.

However, every time a job is offered to someone, the second most asked question after “what my salary is, what I might have to do to make that kind of money?”

Aerospace engineers mostly are expected to develop designs, technology, and theories; and subsequently manufacture aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and satellites.

Let us discuss and take you through how they manufacture the said technologies and products in detail.

They began by evaluating any proposed project, whether it would be technically and financially possible as per the given requirements or not.

Most importantly, if it can be safely executed without harming anyone involved or the environment. After the evaluation is done and the proposed project is approved.

They begin to coordinate the design and manufacture of the given product with the best quality standards. Further on, they  also direct the final testing of the manufactured project.

At times, the manufactured projects malfunction, take damage with time, or even require service; as an aerospace engineer, you may also be responsible for such tasks.

Common Health Benefits for an Aerospace Engineer

The risk of one’s well-being may be a little higher, especially for Astronautical engineers.

The kind of work they are in can not only risk their health; at times, if not done efficiently, it can further risk the environment and other people subsequently.

Aerospace engineering requires a higher precision; they need to be at their utmost best on all standards, even health markers.

Some measures or health benefits are given to an aerospace engineer are as follows:-

  • Most aerospace engineers are taken regularly through free health checkups

  • They are provided with various medical insurances including medical, dental, and vision

  • Their lives are also insured, and it is made sure in case of an accident their families are well compensated.

  • Paid sick leaves and paid sabbaticals are also provided to help their efficiency and well-being.

Popular Skills For An Aerospace Engineer?

We have already established the pay and demand for an Aerospace engineer are reasonably good. Also, If you are one, there are various sectors where you can get jobs.

No matter what kind of industry or sector it is, wherever there are aircraft, spacecraft, related tech, designs or construction, or even the types of equipment used are made, there is a job for you in that organization. Provided the skills required are matched.

Some of those skills necessary to be an Aerospace engineer are-

  • Analytical Skills:- these engineers, from time to time, are needed to analyze the demands, then the designs, and further build elements to meet the goals sustainably.

    Analyzing often helps engineers find the correct elements for the design and get the best outcomes.

  • Critical Thinking Skills:- Any proposed project must meet the client’s needs and the set government standards.

    Thus, an aerospace engineer needs to be a critical thinker so he can ask relevant questions and find answers for them.

  • Math Skills for any project to practically work; they have to be designed keeping in mind all the engineering laws.

    And to make such designs, one needs to be good with math skills like the principles of calculus, trigonometry, and other advanced topics.

  • Problem-solving skills:-  Most aerospace projects are either problem-solving or require an engineer to solve many at every stage.

  • Business Skills:- Every project given to an aerospace engineer needs to pass specific commerce laws of the government.

    Moreover, a successful project needs to be profitable or within the given budget. Thus, basic business skills are a must.

  • Writing Skills:- Every aerospace engineer needs to write papers backing his design and documentation for future references.

    Their papers are further submitted for government approval and thus need to be well-written; therefore, good writing skills are always a value-add.

Eligibility Criteria To Become An Aerospace Engineer

  • To pursue Aerospace Engineering, you must have passed higher secondary or Class 12 with a minimum of 60 percent marks (55 percent marks for SC/ST) in specific subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Math).

  • Candidates with a bachelor's degree in Engineering, technical diploma, five-year Architecture, and Postgraduates in Mathematics/Science/Statistics/Computer Applications are eligible to pursue Aerospace Engineering as a career.

  • If one wants to pursue Aerospace engineering as a post-graduate or Doctoral programme and research, the GATE exam’s cutoff score is required.

  • If one aspires to join the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States (US) or the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

    They recommend a degree in various specifications, including Biomedical Engineering, Ceramic Engineering, Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Metallurgy, Optical Engineering, and Oceanography.

    Also, a doctoral programme or Ph.D. is a must in most cases.

To Sum Up

After discussing all the aspects of aerospace engineering as a career option with primarily focusing on the salary of one. It can be safely said that it is one of the best career choices available.

Analyzing the available current data, we have observed that there are enough opportunities and demand for aerospace engineers with a great scope of growth and exposure.

If you think you have a passion and fascination for spacecraft and aircraft, aerospace engineering is for you.

You may have the edge over others as an aerospace engineer if you have the knack for the desired skills like critical thinking, Problem-solving or mathematical principles.

You can just put yourself through the desired education, and no one would be able to stop you from a prospering career.

To finish, we would say that aerospace engineers are earning hefty salaries. If aerospace engineering fascinates you.

With the proper focus, all skills can be learned; thus, you can also become an aerospace engineer getting those hefty packages if you dream so.

I hope you liked our article on aerospace engineering salary India. If you have any suggestions please leave a a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does an Aerospace engineer make in India?

A: The average pay of an Aerospace engineer in India ranges from around 7.9 LPA to 20 LPA, depending on the experience and skill set a candidate offers.

Q2. What is the starting salary for an Aerospace Engineer in India?

A: The average starting salary of an Aerospace engineer is 7.9 LPA

Q3. What is the highest salary for an Aerospace engineer in India?

A: The highest salary for an Aerospace engineer can be around 20 LPA.

Q4. Do aerospace engineers get an excellent salary package?

A: Yes, Aerospace engineering is considered to fetch you one of the highest paying salary packages.


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