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How To Contact Airtel Customer Care

If you are looking for airtel customer care number then you have come to the right place.

Are you getting paranoid looking at the whooping postpaid monthly bill? Is your SIM creating havoc every time you log in to an app? Do you wish to learn more about the latest net pack options or recharge plans?

You can find amicable solutions to your problems and get all the necessary information. All you need to do is get in touch with airtel customer care.

Owned by Bharti Enterprises, Bharti Airtel Limited has a wide presence across India. To facilitate easy access to airtel customer care, the company offers several alternatives.

For instance, you can have a conversation with the customer care executive via telephone, live chat, email, and Airtel care centres. Postpaid users can dial 9810012345, and prepaid connection users can dial 9810198101.

You can also dial 121 from your mobile phone to generate any service request/query. Similarly, dial 198 for registering your complaints and grievances.

Connect with them via the Airtel App for your convenience. They are available from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, five days a week, from Monday to Friday. Currently, they are offering services in 12 different languages.

 airtel customer care number

Follow these simple steps to avail services of, contact airtel customer care to find instant relief to your problems:

1. You can rely on an online support system via the Help tab

Airtel has a dedicated online support system. Visit their official website to avail of this service. On the top right of the website, you can find a tab called “Help”.

Once you click this, you will be redirected to a page where you can find six different categories, namely Postpaid, Prepaid, Broadband, Digital TV, Airtel Payments, and Online Store.

Here, you can also find the 20 most popular searches made by Airtel users. Go through these which are in queries and the format of their answers. For instance, you will find queries like:

  • I want to change my bill plan

  • I am unable to use the internet

  • I want to view my past payments

  • I want to know my current bill plan

  • Can't see balance after recharge

  • Recharge not reflecting on my account

  • I want to receive a duplicate bill

  • I want to report a voice quality issue

Go through these to detect if it matches your questions. In case it does, click on it, which will redirect to another page with the answers.

For example, when you click “Can't see balance after recharge”, you are advised to click on the 'recharge history' tab to know more about the status of your recharges.

2. Airtel Messenger Chatbot SIMI

Airtel users who use Facebook Messenger can contact customer care with Chatbot SIM. The latter is a robotic chatbot that allows you to derive any information about Airtel SIM. Share your questions and find the solutions.

3. Airtel WhatsApp Chatbot

If you find it easy and convenient for you, make use of the Airtel WhatsApp Chatbot. The process is less cumbersome. Send a message to 01647-771212 from the Airtel number you are using.

4. USSD Chatbot

Irrespective of whether you are a postpaid or a prepaid user, you can avail of the service of your choice. Dial *666# and use probable keywords like balance, data, and more. 

5. Single Digit USSD Codes

This option of using Single Digit USSD Codes saves your time drastically. All you need to do is to type the applicable Single Digit USSD Code like *0#, *1#, *2#, *3#, *4#, *5#, *6#, *7#, *8#, *9# and *123#.

Please remember, each digit and its associated character combination has a unique service. Make sure you are keying the right characters to get desired outcomes.

For example, if you dial *123#, it will produce “Show All Service”. Now, if you end up typing *1# instead of *123#, you will see a service for “Balance Check/Due Balance”.

6. Email

Airtel realises the comfort of using email to communicate. Email them at [email protected] to share your problems and get solutions.

7. Airtel Care Centre

Airtel takes pride in providing an Airtel Care Centre in every area it operates. Visit the centre, where the CRO (Customer Relationship Officer) will give a patient hearing to your concerns and offer rightful remedies/solutions.

You can visit an Airtel Care Centre in your immediate vicinity. Discuss the problems you are facing with the CRO. The one-to-one interaction will assist the CRO to offer quick help.

Here is the list of all all customer care number.

  • airtel customer care number mumbai : +91 9892098920
  • airtel customer care number delhi : +91 9810198101
  • airtel customer care number kerala : +91 9895198951
  • airtel customer care number hyderabad : (080) 44444121
  • airtel customer care number pune : (080) 44444121
  • airtel customer care number tamilnadu : +91 9894012345
  • airtel customer care number lucknow : (0522) 4444121
  • airtel customer care number kolkata : +91 9831012345
  • airtel customer care number bihar : +91 9934099340
  • airtel customer care number rajasthan : (0141) 4444121
  • airtel customer care number telangana : +91 9849012345
  • airtel customer care number ahmedabad : +91 9849012345
  • airtel customer care number andhra pradesh : (040) 44444121
  • airtel customer care number vizag : (040) 44444121
  • airtel customer care number punjab : +91 9815012345
  • airtel customer care number karnataka : (080) 44444121


With around seven ways to resolve all your difficulties, customer support service cannot get better than this! Choose the option that addresses your needs and requirements.

The support executives are incredibly cordial to every user. Once you have conveyed your worries or apprehensions, you will find a better response from them. Each patron is given equal importance. The customer support mechanism is well-equipped to handle scores of complaints or requests.

Every effort is given to resolve an issue at the earliest. The support team is adequately trained with sufficient exposure in handling users' problems. Everything is transparent, thereby giving you enough peace of mind!

I hope you liked our article on airtel customer care number, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I recharge my Airtel account?

Use the Single Digit USSD Code and dial *737*amount#. You can do so from any mobile, irrespective of its model. For instance, you can dial *737*500#. Send your friend’s or relative's number to provide them with airtime recharge.

Just dial *737*Amount*Friends No#. For instance, you can dial *737*500*123567890#. Enter the recharge amount correctly to prevent it from going to a stranger’s number!

2. How do I get technical support from Airtel?

Dial *121# and find an instant solution to your technical query/issue. This service is presently available in a 24*7 format. You can easily manage all fixed-line/broadband, digital TV accounts, and Mobile.

Explore the Self-Care Options like downloading the Airtel App or visiting Airtel's website’s FAQ section. The website contains a dedicated ‘’Help” tab where you can find answers to your technical query as well.

3. What do I do If there is a network or connection problem with Airtel?

Report the problem to the customer support desk. They will take immediate action and resolve the issue. Once you have aired your grievance, you will be provided with a service request number.

Preserve the number safely. Use it to keep proper track of your complaint. Ideally, the network connectivity issue will be taken to its logical ends in a couple of days.

4. How do I tell Airtel about a problem with my phone?

First, get in touch with the customer support team. The second is emailing them. The latter option allows you to divulge details at greater lengths. The only flip side is, it may take several days to expect a response. Choose it if the circumstances are not very urgent.

5. How do I activate my Airtel account?

You can activate both the old and the new SIM. Visit the Airtel store or the shop from where you purchased it. Carry all applicable documents like photo identity proof, address proof, etc.

On furnishing them, you can complete the activation process within minutes. In case you want to activate on behalf of someone, ask the officials about the documents required.


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