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[AJAYG38KQ] FamPay Referral Code | Earn Up to ₹5000 Instantly (100% Working )

by vardhan bhardwaj

Want to know Fampay Referral Code ?

Gone are the days when parents could teach their children financial literacy by giving small amounts of cash per day or monthly (pocket money) to save in their pocket money.

With the digitization of the world, it was necessary to digitize money.

This revolution became stronger during the pandemic when the retailers and customers opted for contactless transactions , And many Neo banks are also now present in India. 

Just Like many other Apps with Refer and Earn , Fampay has its own Referral Program.

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Click To Copy Fampay Referral Code


Fampay Referral Code (Video Tutorial) 

[AJAYG38KQ] Fampay Referral Code : Earn Up to ₹50

Fampay Referral Code


Earn Per Refer

Upto ₹5000

Sign Up Bonus

₹50 on UPI setup

FamPay KYC Needed?

Yes (Aadhar Only)


Android, Mac, IOS, Windows

Click To Copy Fampay Referral Code


fampay refer and earn Offer

  • Open the FamPay app after installation, then tap the Get Started button.
  • Type in your Aadhar-Linked mobile number and use an OTP to confirm it.
  • Enter the provided FamPay App referral code on the next page to receive FamCoins and a scratch card when you sign up.
  • Now provide your first name, last name, and birthdate before submitting your information.
  • You must finish your KYC, so click the Activate Now button, enter your Aadhar Card number, and then click Continue.
  • Your KYC will be successfully validated after you confirm your OTP and grant all permissions.
  • After that you'll receive your referral code under your profile section
  • You'll earn guaranteed ₹50 and upto ₹5000 in each referral.

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Now the parents want to make the young generation financially aware with a good understanding of personal finances, thus the latter is capable of making decisions about their long term goals.

FamPay is one such saviour for this generation. It is the marketing partner of IDFC FIRST Bank prepaid card. FamPay allows teenagers to carry money on their prepaid card without a bank account

The FamPay app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, we will also know more about fampay referral code programs.

FamPay account opening process

How to sign-up on the FamPay app:

  • Download the FamPay app

  • Open the app in your mobile
fampay Sign Up
  • Enter mobile number and OTP
Fampay Enter mobile number and OTP
  • Enter referral code of fampay "AJAYG38KQ"
Enter FamPay referral code
  • Enter your full name and date of birth
  • Give access to location and contacts
  • Activate your account
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and continue
  • Verify OTP on mobile number linked with Aadhaar card
  • Submit

How to earn a bonus:

  • Sign-up on the FamPay app using the referral code and get rewards of up to ₹ 100 on every successful FamPay referral

  • For signing up - ₹ 101 and 200 FamPay coin

  • For doing Aadhaar card KYC - 500 FamPay coin

  • For setting up UPI - 100 FamPay coin

How to download the app?

FamPay app is free to download and users can download it from Google Play Store. It is available both on Android as well as iOS platforms.

Click to download FamPay app on Android and iOS respectively: After downloading it, signup by filling in the accurate details, followed by KYC verification of the Aadhaar card.

Fampay Ultra Invite Code

Fampay refer and earn means when the users sign-up to the FamPay app, they get a unique referral code for fampay .

They can share this referral code "AJAYG38KQ"  with their friends and family. When a new user sign ups using the referral code, both of them earn some amount.

 They can later redeem fampay free money and the amount in their bank account.

How To Earn Money In Fampay 

Steps to share FamPay referral code:

  • Open FamPay app to share the referral code

  • Scroll down the page, click on 'the invite friend' option

  • Click on the clipboard and copy the referral code or share the referral link with friends and tell them to join FamPay app

  • Redeem your reward after your friends sign up
Fampay Redeem your reward
  • Open the FamPay app, make a new profile ID with a valid mobile number
  • Enter verification code and referral code
Fampay verification code
Click on 'Continue'Enter the Aadhaar card number for verification
  • You will receive a signup bonus and credits in the wallet as rewards.

Fampay Referral Code 2022

By using the referral code ( AJAYG38KQ ) , both the referrer and referee are equally benefited. After the referee completes sign up and KYC verification, the referrer gets a ₹ 101 referral amount.

The referral code is in the form of rewards. The user can redeem the amount in their bank account. There it is converted into real money.

The users can also get complimentary subscriptions like free premium membership worth ₹ 3000 from the best brands.

After using the referral code, the referred person also gets ₹ 101 after sign-up. The age of the referrer must be of age between 11-17 and complete KYC verification using an Aadhaar card.

Referral amount withdrawal process

  • To withdraw the referral amount, click on 'Your rewards'. 
  • The number of rewards appears as unclaimed. 
  • Claim it in your bank account within a limited time duration. 
  • On the default account, select invite a parent or swipe down to get options like debit card/credit card/UPI to convert that referred amount into real money.


  • A contactless cash transfer to merchant stores, family members, or friends turned out to be the need of the hour during COVID-19.

  • No need to link with a bank account.

  • Device-lock protection transactions with fingerprint, face lock, passwords, and other KYC verification to end-to-end secured systems.

  • Financial independence by saving the money either as pocket money or to set a budget for the expenses.

  • A community for teens where they get updated about investment, play exciting games and attend masterclasses from the experts.

  • Financial literacy about the ways to save and track money, precautions during the payment, and what to do when the payment gets stuck.

  • Free credit card after setting up UPI ID.

  • The numberless cards can be blocked or paused anytime.

  • There are number of valuable codes available in Fampay such as fampay promo code , fampay discount code and many more .


Although the app is very secure, still, in rare situations it might have some disadvantages like:

  • Sometimes naive children might disclose their passwords to their peers leading to theft.

  • If the passwords are safe in the mobile, and it is lost, the thief might misuse them.

FamPay terms and conditions

  • Famcoins are available only for the teenagers

  • Burn Famcoins one time a day using a spinner

  • KYC is required to redeem coins

  • The receiver must be less than 20 years so that the user can get Famcoins after the transaction

  • The receiver doesn't get Famcoins after the transaction
  • A minimum ₹ 11 UPI payment is necessary to earn Famcoins

  • The maximum limit of Famcoin per day is 1000
  • You can transfer a maximum of ₹ 2,00,000 per year


FamPay is one of the best apps where parents can send money to their children without giving them direct access to their debit cards or credit cards. Kids can even customize their cards.

Be it transferring money between friends, ordering their favorite food, or giving their parents a surprise gift, FamPay is the way.

I hope you liked our article on fampay referral code, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I get a free FamPay card?

Open a FamPay account on the FamPay app. Click on the card screen and select 'order card' and fill in your details.

Q2. Is FamPay RBI certified?

Yes, FamPay has been certified by the RBI. Every user has to do KYC as per the guidelines of RBI.

Q3. How do I use my FamPay card?

Open FamPay app, and swipe it down to get the details of the cards needed for purchases. Tap on the card number and copy it. Then paste the number wherever you want to spend money.

Q4. What is the Fampay Referral Code ?

The Fampay referral code is "AJAYG38KQ". Use this code and earn up to ₹50.

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