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MPL Referral Code

by vardhan bhardwaj

Want to know how you can earn through MPL referral code, well you have landed on the right article A game is a must in today’s time. It helps in keeping the brain engaged and boosts memory when played for some time.

There is an app named MPL which among some of the Best Money Earning Apps through which you can earn money by just playing games and is designed for providing the league option possible to the player base. There are numerous games and fantasy sports on which to wager.

You can play for cash without paying any money by installing the app. There are different games where one can play tournaments to earn money , You can also check our article , How you can earn paytm cash by playing games . It can give you more options if yu want earn some extra money.

MPL application can be downloaded by clicking on the “download option on the website. It gets downloaded to the phone and once installed, the user can start playing. The process is very simple. 

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MPL Referral Code Video Tutorial

[ N6B4AP4C ] MPL Referral Code - Earn Upto ₹75

MPL Referral Code


Sign Up Bonus

Upto ₹75

Earn per Referral

Upto ₹75



Click To Copy MPL Referral Code


How to Avail MPL Referral Code Offer

  • Open MPL Pro App.
  • Now click on the Wallet option in the Dashboard.
  • Now you will get Refer Friends and Win Cash Banner.
  • Just click on that banner.
  • Now you will get your Referral link and Referral Code.
  • Share your referral link with your friends and family members.
  • Share through WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and any other social media.
  • Once your friend signup through your referral code you will get Rs. 75 and you will get 30% of friends Deposit amount up to Rs. 30 Bonus cash.

Account Opening Process

The MPL mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices alike. You can download it either from their website or App Store depending upon which platform you use on your smartphone or tablet device.

When you visit their website and download the app, they will give you a referral code as well which you can use while signing up so that they know who referred them to MPL Mobile App

And hence they reward both parties equally for this shared effort – one who referred and another who downloaded MPL Mobile App on their device after visiting their website under this referral program offered by MPL Mobile App!

 Below we have mentioned the actual steps to open your MPL account:

  • Click on Client Workshop
  • Select Platform(s) Recommendation
  • Start opening process enquiry
  • Go and select documents collection
  • And finally, submit the documents
  • Lastly, you will receive an option of account opening setup
  • That is it, you are ready to go! 

Download the file

  • Open google chrome

  • Type MPL on the search bar or click on the link " https://www.mpl.live/rd"

  • Make sure you allow access from your app

  • Then download the APK file
  • then click on the downloaded APK file and then click on the install button and your MPL starts downloading

  • Once the app is installed on your android phone simply click on the MPL app and then create your account with your mobile phone number

For iOS, you can simply go to the App store, 

  • Search MPL and click Install 

That's it! it is so simple to Install on iPhone

  • MPL is available on Android and iOS

Refer and Earn

Online gaming apps are trending these days and most of them provide the option of “refer and earn”. MPL is one of the highest-paying apps where people get to play their choice of games.

Refer and earn is the option in MPL which involves one referrer and one referee. The referrer refers a friend or family member and ensures that he or she signs up with MPL and both of them earn cash by referral code. There are many apps that have refer and earn program

There is an amount that the referer earns by referring a person to this game.

MPL Refer and Earn Process

Here are the steps through which you can claim your referral code for MPL : 

  • Download the app from the play store and share the referral code with your family members or friends from the app.
  • Find the “Refer & Earn” option at the bottom right corner of the app.
  • Share the link with people on social media.
  • Once people download the app and sign up through that MPL refer code , the referrer and referee will get some cash prizes.

Earn Schemes/Ongoing Offers

  • Refer MPL and earn Rs. 75 bonus cash. Friends who shared the link of MPL invite code get Rs. 10 as bonus cash along with 20 tokens.
  • For MPL Pro App,  there is a scheme of referring and earning Up TO  ₹75 signup bonus. This scheme allows its users to share the referral code or link to family members or friends on social media for earning Up TO ₹500 on every referral.

  • MPL Pro Referral code is a scheme that allows users to earn unlimited prizes. The link can be shared via any social media platform like Whatsapp or Facebook.

Benefits the referred person gets

  • The referee will earn cash worth Rs. 75 as bonus cash after signing up.

  • The referee will be provided with all the details on his or her email address and registered mobile number.
  • The person will receive many referral offers which means that he can also refer people and win cash prizes as well.

Referral amount withdrawal process

  • The person needs to enter his registered phone number and click on the “apply” button for applying in MPL referral code.

  • He will get an OTP and he needs to fill in that to receive Rs. 150 or Rs. 250 cash which is called a cash bonus. Rs.50 is given to the referee as a welcome bonus.

  • He needs to download the MPL app and from there he will receive the cash by linking his account with the app.

  • The cash can be withdrawn anytime from the bank account.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • It is the only platform that permits unlimited withdrawals.
  • There is no restriction on how much of the winning users can withdraw.
  • The amount a user wins is credited instantly to their accounts.
  • The process is better and quicker in comparison to other fantasy sports platforms.
  • The gamily application has several numbers of prizes and offers that attract gamers.
  • The app source code for clone apps is sold at PieceX. It offers full access to personalize and edit the application based on the needs.
  • People can make the app more interesting and unique by adding some features that will differentiate the user from others.
  • The user interface is very simple and understandable.
  • It offers a diverse range of options starting from games, virtual sports, quiz and, and many more.
  • The app offers real cash prizes to play the favourite choice of mobile games. 
  • The app cannot fly until adequate hours are met on “single-engine” aircraft.
  • It can be a real threat since it is radically separate from the current standard of training.
  • Flying hours are curbed by 50% under the MPL license as compared to MEIR/CPL.

Terms and Conditions

  • One has to agree to hold harmless “NEREUS SPORT PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED”, its associates, and affiliates.
  • Only sound people who are above 18 years are allowed to use this site and its services.
  • The platform disclaims all liabilities and takes no accountability for the content they have posted on any third-party websites.
  • The user is responsible for maintaining the credentials associated with this app.
  • The website provides links for sharing on social media and they are only for listing purposes.
  • The user needs to carefully read the guidelines mentioned in the Privacy Policy for every single detail. 


It can be surmised that MPL is a gaming app that can be downloaded on the phone and found in Google Play Store. It functions on both Android and iOS.

Users can download the game directly and play the game from the official website of the game. It has the facility of providing all the games under one roof.

Online games bring joy into people’s lives. They do not need to pay for playing and they can win coins and enjoy themselves. There are outstanding features that attract the users even more.

I hope you liked our article on MPL Referral Code , if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get a MPL referral code?

In order to get the referral code, one needs to open the app and go to the "earn more tokens" option. Here, you can see the Gaming App Code.

You need to copy the promo code and share it with some people via social media. Besides, you can choose the "share" button given on the app. Get the code worth Rs. 50 along with 25 tokens and win real cash.

Q2. What is a referral code?

A referral code is a unique character or number or sometimes a blend of both. In a gaming app like MPL, a referral code is a special identification that is sent by the referrer to the referee which helps them both earn some sort of cash.

As soon as they join the app, they receive certain offers and prizes as a bonus or token.

Q3. Is MPL safe?

MPL is a legit safe and secure gaming app that is trusted by lakhs of users. It is a genuine platform that allows users to play games of their choice and earn money. Also, it permits them to refer people and earn through referrals.

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