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Best CTET Books

Would you like to know where you can find Best CTET Books you can use for your preparation? It is no longer a problem as you are at the right place.

It is important to understand that each year the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts a number of teacher eligibility tests. There are a lot of such tests, but one of them is the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET).

In order to identify those candidates who are eligible for appointment as teachers to grades 1 to 8, the College conducts an hour long test twice a year to select them for the post of teachers.

It is one of the most sought after tests among candidates who are seeking opportunities to work in the teaching profession. Every year lakhs of aspirants vie for the chance to appear on the list of qualified candidates, but only a few make it this far.

In order to be competitive, it is necessary to select books for CTET preparation from among the multitude available on the market, keeping in mind the competition.

Best Reference Books to prepare for CTET 2022

There are so many choices available on the internet and in the market that it is incredibly difficult to choose the CTET Books that will help you prepare effectively for the Central Teacher Eligibility Test. CTET 2022 consists of paper 1 & paper 2.

To prepare comprehensively for the CTET 2022 exam, it is imperative to choose the right CTET books. Our subject matter experts have prepared the list of the top books for CTET exam preparation. Let's have a look at the best CTET books available out there.

Our Top Picks

List of Best CTET Books

1. CTET Books for Child Development & Pedagogy

Highlights of the Book: In his book, CTET applies a comprehensive approach to the subject matter, including an emphasis on how it relates to both child development and pedagogical issues, including the inclusion of inclusive education.

There are two sets of exercises following this section.

Exercise 1 provides you with a set of multiple choice questions based on CTET papers, as well as a variety of other exams. MCQs carefully selected for practice are provided in

Exercise 2, "TEST YOURSELF".


  • Publication of the Book : Disha Publications
  • Review : It's a good book with good content, and it's explained well
  • Price : Rs 193

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2. CTET Books for Mathematics

Highlights of the Book: This book covers all aspects of the numerical ability section of a number of competitive tests, and it provides a comprehensive breakdown of the subject.

To illustrate the concepts and problem-solving techniques presented throughout this CTET book, hundreds of examples have been used.

The purpose of this book is to give the candidates or students an idea as to what kind of questions they are likely to face during these exams.


  • Publication of the Book : Disha Publications
  • Review : There's good content in this book with well explained concepts
  • Price : Rs 449

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3. CTET Books for Environmental Studies

Highlights of the Book: This CTET book will help you prepare for your CTET exam by providing you with concepts and practice questions in every chapter.

Additionally, each of the three mock tests also contains solved questions from actual CTET exams for each subject, each of which is structured similarly to the format of the actual CTET exams.

This CTET book for Environmental Studies also has sections for revision of the concepts.


  • Publication of the Book : Wiley Publication
  • Review : Short explanation, Covers full syllabus
  • Price : Rs 193

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4. CTET Book for English

Highlights of the Book: There are three sections in this CTET book - Understanding of new passages by reading unseen passages, Grammar, and Verbal Ability Questions - as they focus on reading comprehension of unseen passages.

Its curriculum not only teaches languages but also four basic skills in international communication (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), the challenges and nuances of teaching multicultural students, vocabulary and grammar, learning materials, despite the need for remediation courses.


  • Publication of the Book : Geeta Sahni is the author and publisher of Pearson Publications
  • Review : Very satisfied with this book, and I find it to be very easy and standard when it comes to language in our studies
  • Price : Rs 151

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5. CTET Book for Hindi

Highlights of the Book: There are questions on comprehension, it is important to have strong grammar as well as verbal skills in this CTET book that focus on Reading Comprehension of unseen passages and poetry.

It is important to note that this CTET book, apart from teaching and acquisition, also contains a comprehensive analysis of theories of language acquisition, the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, vocabulary, grammar, materials, and remedial topics when teaching in a multicultural classroom.


  • Publication of the Book : Arihant Publication.
  • Review : Very satisfied with this book, and I find it to be very easy and standard when it comes to language in our studies
  • Price : Rs 150

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6. CTET Book for Social Studies

Highlights of the Book: There is a detailed explanation of all the topics in this CTET book under the section titled 'Social Studies' which can be found in the book cover.

As a result of the fact that many previous years' solved papers of various TETs and CTETs have been included in this book.

It is very helpful for students who would like to gain a better understanding of what types of questions are asked in various TETs and CTETs and how the exam patterns vary in different years. Additionally, three sample test papers are provided in the document.


  • Publication of the Book : Pearson Publication.
  • Review : Covers Social Science chapters from NCERT books
  • Price : Rs 275

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CTET Preparation Tips

There are millions of aspirants who attempt the examination for the CTET every year. For a candidate to be successful in the examination, they must conduct rigorous practice. The following tips will help a candidate prepare successfully for the examination.

  • According to the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, they must prepare a study plan that will help them improve. You may, for instance, aspire to allot more days for mathematics if you are weak in mathematics and good at science. You should, therefore, plan your study schedule accordingly. This will ensure that you cover all the topics necessary for the exam and prepare you for the examination.

  • In order to take the CTET exam, the candidates need to be familiar with the detailed syllabus so that they can cover all the topics without losing any subtopics.

  • Candidates should attempt as many mock tests as possible. Not only will you gain more confidence, but you will also get a report about your performance.

  • Analyse the previous year's question papers in order to find out if there was a weightage given to each topic, difficulty level of the examination, etc.


As an alternative, you can also refer to Arihant/Kiran publications for your preparation if you are unable to find any of these CTET books on the market.

This page will provide you with a comprehensive list of the CTET books for 2022 which we discussed in this post. Feel free to ask any additional questions that may arise in the comments. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Q1. Which is the best book for CTET preparation?

The majority of CTET applicants who are looking for advice on how to prepare for the CTET exam do a search online when they want to know more about CTET.

The problem they are facing is that when searching for a CTET preparation guide they are unsure of what study materials they should include.

There are many good books available for CTET preparation besides NCERT publications. NCERT materials are the best for learning the basic concepts of the syllabus.

Q2. Is NCERT enough for CTET?

In the CTET preparation guide, there is a section that says which kinds of material you should study in order to prepare for the CTET test.

It is evident that many applicants are seeking advice on how to prepare for the CTET test, but they are confused about the material they should study. 

In addition to the NCERT books, there are other good books which can be used to prepare for CTET as these also cover the basic concepts of the syllabus.

Here are the Best Books For Clat preparation


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