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ICICI RD Calculator

Published on June 21, 2022
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ICICI Bank is one of the country's leading financial organizations. Customers may open an RD account with ICICI Bank, which is regarded as one of India's finest financial institutions.

An RD account is one in which a significant portion of the account holder's income is deposited monthly in order to generate a high rate of interest over time.

Recurring Deposit, or RD, is a type of account offered by other financial organizations and a number of banks around the country that allows you to save money.

Interest rates on recurring deposits, like fixed deposit interest rates, differ from one bank to the next. RDs are a popular investment option among Indian citizens since they let them pick the investment amount, tenure, and other crucial factors.

Because manually calculating RD interest rates is a bit complicated, banks employ RD Calculators to calculate the maturity amount. This article is an overview on ICICI RD Calculator.

ICICI Bank's Recurring Deposits include the main features such as Minimum deposit, deposit duration, nomination, and a slew of additional options are all available.

How can the ICICI RD Calculator help you?

By providing a few basic facts about the account holder and the RD account, the ICICI Bank RD Calculator assists in the determination of Maturity Value.

The maturity amount for recurring deposits is the total of all investments plus the interest generated throughout the investment term

In addition, the interest on recurring deposits is compounded every quarter. When compared to manual calculations, the ICICI RD Calculator is a far more user-friendly and hassle-free tool since it displays the exact amount with nearly no room for error.

The ICICI RD calculator calculates future interest and investment value. It operates with the following inputs:

  • Term of RD: The term of a recurrent deposit investment is referred to as the RD term (in years).

  • Interest rate: The return on an RD investment. The interest rates on recurring deposits are set by the banks.

  • Amount of monthly deposit: The amount of money put into an RD account on a monthly basis.

The ICICI RD calculator produces the following results when you enter the above information:

  • Gained Wealth: On RD investments, earned interest income.

  • Total Corpus created: The total value of all assets, as well as the wealth earned. The investment's maturity amount.
  • Investment Total: The total of all RD deposits each month.

Example of RD calculation

For the next four years, Mr. Ashok intends to invest INR 30,000 every month in a recurring deposit arrangement. The recurring deposit rate at ICICI Bank is 5.80 percent.

Inputs for ICICI RD Calculator:

  • RD term: 4 years

  • Amount of monthly deposit: 30,000

  • ICICI RD Interest Rate: 5.80%

The calculator displays the following outcomes after entering the specified inputs:

  • Investment Total: Rs. 14,40,000

  • Gained Wealth: Rs. 1,83,230

  • Maturity Amount: Rs. 16,23,230

Tax Benefits on RD

If the interest revenue from recurring deposits across branches surpasses Rs.40,000 in a fiscal year, tax may be deducted at the source. Senior persons have a financial year restriction of Rs.50,000.

Taxpayers who earn less than the basic exemption level can ask their bank to not deduct tax at source by submitting Form 15G/15H. If you want to save money on taxes, you'll need to fill out Form 15G.

Your employer fills out and provides you with Form 16A, which deducts TDS from your earnings. It's important to remember that Form 15G is only for those under the age of 60.

Form 15H is comparable to Form 15G in terms of ITR submission, except it is reserved for those over 60.

Benefits of ICICI RD Calculator

The ICICI Bank RD calculator is a web-based tool that can be used to calculate the interest earned on a recurring deposit. ICICI bank has a variety of plans to serve a variety of clientele.

range of tenures from six months to ten years are available. The minimum monthly investment in an ICICI RD is INR 500, with multiples of INR 100 following.

RD holders can take advantage of a number of benefits by utilizing ICICI's RD Calculator. The following are the key benefits of utilizing an ICICI RD Calculator:

  • Easy to use and understand: It is simple to utilize the recurring deposit calculator. It may be used to compute a return by entering the inputs.

  • An easy-to-use tool with minimal complexity

  • A calculator is a web-based tool that may be used to calculate and compare the earnings on recurring deposit investments numerous times.

  • The ICICI RD calculator is available free of charge. The inputs supplied can be modified in a variety of ways.

  • The calculator may be used to compare different RDs. This comparison aids them in selecting the most advantageous strategy.

  • The calculator produces accurate answers with a near-zero possibility of mistakes.

  • The results of the calculator are computed in a matter of seconds. It saves investors time by eliminating the need to complete difficult computations.

  • By studying the calculator's outputs, one may plan their investments. The investment returns are estimated using the ICICI RD calculator.

  • Estimating possible returns will also assist one in properly planning their investments and ambitions. The calculator determines how much money you've made from a certain investment.

    The calculator also calculates the investment's maturity value using the future value formula.

How to Use ICICI RD Calculator?

The ICICI RD calculator is basic and straightforward to use. The maturity value may be calculated by entering parameters such as the monthly deposit amount and the ICICI Bank recurring deposit rate.

The calculator calculates the amount of money generated by an investment. When compared to other investment alternatives available in the market, it is considerably easier to determine the RD Maturity Value since the interest rate remains constant during the RD's lifespan.

The following are the detailed steps:

There are three ways to start an ICICI Bank Recurring Deposit Account:

1.     Visiting the ICICI Bank branch office closest to you

2.     Installing the ICICI Bank application on your phone to use mobile banking

  • Use your four-digit login pin to access iMobile.
  • Select 'Deposits (FD/RD)' from the 'Accounts & Deposits' menu.
  • 'Open Recurring Deposit' is the option you want to go with.

3.     Using net banking

  • Use your online banking user ID and password to access ICICI website.
  • In the 'My Accounts' area, select the 'Open Fixed/Recurring Deposit' option.
  • 'Open Recurring Deposit' is the option to choose.

With the use of the RD Calculator, an investor may do the following stages for the ICICI RD Calculation:

  • Go to ICICI Bank's main website.
  • If you choose the Recurring Deposit column, you'll be sent to a different page.
  • Select "Calculators" from the menu.
  • Select "Recurring Deposit" from the drop-down menu.

Fill in the following information in the Recurring Deposit Calculator:

  1. The payment due each month to the RD (Monthly Deposit)
  2. Duration: Payment will be paid for a set period of time. (Months/Years)
  3. Determine whether you are a senior citizen or not.
  4. The day when the RD account must be enabled as of.
  5. The latest ICICI Bank RD interest rate will be entered in for you automatically.
  6. The investor must enter their bank's interest rate when utilizing a third-party website.
  7. he minimum ICICI RD account installment is Rs. 500.

The following results will appear once you click the "Calculate" tab:

  1. Created total corpus
  2. Value of Maturity
  3. The interest rate is calculated depending on the amount input and the length of time the account has been open.


To calculate the precise maturity amount, an RD account calculator applies certain factors (which we discussed above) to a standard formula.

Estimating possible returns will also assist one in properly planning their investments and ambitions. By studying the calculator's outputs, one may plan their investments. 

The calculator may be used to compare different RDs. This comparison aids in selecting the most advantageous strategy for your investment.

I hope you now know what RD stands for. What is the ICICI RD calculator, how to use it, and what are the advantages of using it?. I hope it will assist you in making informed decisions about your future and in putting them into practice.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

1. How is RD interest calculated?

The ICICI Bank RD calculator calculates the profits earned by an ICICI bank RD using the formula below.

A= P x (1+R/N) ^ (NT)

 'P' stands for recurring deposit.

‘R' is the interest rate.

‘N' is the number of times interest has been compounded*.

T' stands for Duration/Tenure.

'A' stands for Amount of Maturity.

(When compounded quarterly, N will be 4, when compounded every six months it will be 2, when compounded on an annual basis it will be 1)

2. Is TDS applicable on RD?

Yes, Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, investments in ICICI RDs do not qualify for tax benefits. Furthermore, interest earnings are taxed.

Individual investor income tax slab rates apply to RD interest income. If the interest income surpasses INR 40,000, ICICI Bank deducts a 10% TDS. Senior persons have a financial year restriction of Rs.50,000.

If the investor does not provide PAN Card data, ICICI Bank would increase the TDS rate to 20%.

3. Is RD better than FD?

The advantage of RD is that it provides guaranteed returns over a certain length of time with no risk. In certain circumstances, RDs are seen to be superior to FDs. There are two key arguments to establish this statement.

The first one is, Recurring Deposits, unlike Fixed Deposits, do not have a set withdrawal term. The second one is, Monthly investments in the RD account can be as little as Rs. 10.

4. Is RD tax-free?

No, Investing in an RD, like an FD, is tax-deductible. Tax is deducted at source, i.e. TDS, on money invested in a recurring deposit. RD isn't a tax-avoidance strategy. In the RD, interest is added to gross income each year and taxed as per your tax bracket. 

Tax is taken on recurring deposits on accumulated interest, if any, on September 30 and March 31 of each year, as well as at maturity. However, Taxpayers who earn less than the basic exemption level can ask their bank to not deduct tax at source by submitting Form 15G/15H.

5. Is there any additional interest provided for senior citizens?

Yes, the bank provides elderly people with a 0.50 percent discount on ICICI Bank RD rates. If the interest income surpasses INR 40,000, ICICI Bank deducts a 10% TDS. Senior persons have a financial year restriction of Rs.50,000, which is 10,000 more.

6. Is the interest paid on RDs compounded quarterly?

Quarterly interest is compounded on ICICI RD accounts. This service may be obtained by visiting any ICICI branch. Alternatively, you may do the same thing using internet banking.

Interest on Recurring Deposits (RD) is compounded quarterly on the last day of the quarter. All late installments will be penalized with a monthly interest rate of 12 per 1000.

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