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5 Pandavas Names

June 30, 2022

Sons of King Pandu, the Pandavas, exude power, honesty, and dharma. They are the epitome of good and righteousness, as described in the Mahabharatha.

The five brothers- Yudhishtira, Bheema, Arjuna, Nakul, and Sahadeva are core to the epic and fought on the dharma’s side in the Kurukshetra war.

They have been exemplified for their virtues and thinking in the story. The five Pandavas were born with Many circumstances. Their birth story has an exciting side to it.


King Pandu was cursed to be childless as he hunted down a deer couple when they were being intimate. However, owing to the blessing granted to Kunti, they could bear children.

Madri and Kunti (wives of King Pandu) meditated using the mantra granted to Kunti to give birth to the five Pandavas. In the history of that era, these five Pandavas fought for what was right and gave importance to dharma over adharma.

Being blessed by the different Gods, each Pandavas owned a distinct characteristic that helped them win the war against Kauravas together.

The fight against jealousy was not won with power alone; the Pandavas used their virtues and intelligence to gain the upper hand. As part of this article, we will take you through these Pandavas and what makes them unique.

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Introducing the Pandavas


The Pandavas, known for their valor and good heart, have distinctive characteristics. These powers together helped them win the great war of Kurukshetra. Here we will take you through these Pandavas and what makes them great.

In this guide, we reviewed all 5 Pandavas Streangth and Speciality , along with top 3 Elder brothers.

5 Pandavas Names (2022)

Want to jump straight to my top picks? My favorite is Bhima and Arjuna

1. Yudhishtira

Yudhishtira is the oldest son of King Pandu with his wife, Kunti. He was born when Kunti invoked Yama Dharma.

His most significant contribution to the Kurukshetra war was maintaining his righteousness throughout.

While he ensured that the Pandavas won the battle, he ensured there was no disrespect or insult hurled during or after the fight.

Despite being wronged by Duryodhana on multiple occasions, Dharmaraj made sure he heard him out before his death on the war ground.

He attained expertise and knowledge in science, administration, use of weapons, and religionHe could combat over 10000 opponents in a single go with his knowledge of spear and other weapons.

However, his true weapon was his adherence to truth and righteousness. Not only was his name Dharmaraj, but he also practiced the same in his real life. The incident during the dice game is an example of this virtue.

The king was ready to give up his royal title to stay on the side of the truth. He has also been known as ajatshatru (a person who has no enemies). 

Marital Status and Special Weapon:

  • His favorite weapon was the spear in combat. 
  • Yudhishtira had one wife Draupadi. 
  • He had two children from this marriage- Prativindhya and Yaudheya.

2. Bhima

Bhima was the greatest warrior of Mahabharata who single-handedly slew many of the Kauravas during the Kurukshetra war.

He was born when Pandavas mother, Kunti, invoked the Lord of wind. His physical strength is equivalent to that of 10000 elephants.

His wrath and power made him invincible during the Kurukshetra war. During the time of exile,

When the rakshasas attacked the Pandavas, Bhima would take them on and fight against them single-handedly.

Bhima is related to the wrathful form of Shiva known as Bhairava. The Pandava Putra is known to fight with valor, strength, and his complete self against falsehoods.

As a disciple of Balarama, Bhima was second only to Duryodhana. In the Kurukshetra war, Bhima was chosen by Duryodhana for a one-on-one Gada combat, which resulted in the latter's death.

In his arrogance for having won the battle, Bhima hurled a few insults at Duryodhana, shunned by Dharmaraja.

Marital Status and Special Weapon:

  • His favorite weapon, which led to many killings and victories, is the gada. It has also led to him being named gadadhara.
  • He had three wives- Draupadi, Hidimbi, and Valandhaara. 
  • From each of his wives he has one son – Ghatotkacha, Sutasoma and Sarvaga. 

3. Arjuna

Born to Kunti and king Pandu after invoking Lord Indra, Arjuna was also known as Dhananjaya and Partha. He was the icon of heroism in Mahabharatha.

Every literary piece that involved him has portrayed him as a person of great focus, mind, and strength.

He was the ideal student and learned pretty well. His focus and understanding led to him being the hero in the war.

It was Arjuna who took Bhishma with Shikhandi as his charioteer.

Bhishma didn't look at Arjuna, which eventually led to his downfall. He was also responsible for the death of Karna, which happened on the 17th day of the war when the two battled each other.

With the wisdom imparted by Lord Krishna during the war, which is now Bhagavad Gita, he understood his duty, knew how to win, and bear the fruits of the outcome.

His friendship with Lord Krishna has also showcased some of his humble and virtuous sides.

Marital Status and Special Weapon:

  • He was a skilled archer. The bow Gandiva and arrow were his favorite weapon. 
  • The love that Arjuna and Draupadi shared was unlike any other. Apart from Draupadi, Arjuna had three other wives- Chitrangada, Subhadra and Ulupi. 
  • He had four children- Shrutakarma, Iravan, Babhruvahana, and Abhimanyu. 

4. Nakula

When Madri invoked the twin gods Ashwini Kumaras, she gave birth to Nakula and Sahadeva.

Like the other Pandavas, Nakula, too, gained knowledge of the religion, administration, and weapons.

He was good at sword fighting as well as archery. He was good with horses. He slew many warriors from the other side during the war to help win the war.

During the Rajasuya, he conquered the Rohitakas, Sivis, and several dynasties when sent to the west by Dharmaraja. 

He was the one who defeated the brave Dussasana. He slew Karna’s sons and Shakuni’s son on the 17th day of the war

Marital Status and Special Weapon:

  • He had two wives, Draupadi and Karenumati, from whom he had two sons, Ashwatthama and Dhrishtaketu. 
  • He was one of the most handsome Pandavas and was compared with Kamadeva for his looks. 
  • His go-to weapon was the sword, which he could wield at his will.

5. Sahadeva

Sahadeva, the other twin born to Madri, was the youngest and wisest. He was known for his swordsmanship and astrology knowledge by the others.

It is believed that he knew the events of the Mahabharatha and Pandavas history beforehand but couldn’t disclose it. He was cursed that his head would split if he did admit it.

He was also known for his chikitsa knowledge and played a silent yet prominent role in the epic.

During the Rajasuya, Sahadev was responsible for conquering the south.

During the war, Sahadev had taken an oath to slay Shakuni and fulfilled it on the 18th day of the war. He also killed Shakuni’s son and many prominent warriors during the war. Sahadev was the king of southern Madra post the war.

Marital Status and Special Weapon:

  • His favorite weapon was the sword.
  • He had two wives- Draupadi and Vijaya. He had Shrutasena with Draupadi and Suhotra with Vijaya. 


As they are known, the Pancha Pandavas have been recognized as brave and righteous people. They fought the war while keeping up with the teachings of dharma, religion, and their knowledge of the military.

Each Pandavas played to their strength throughout the epic, and it is an exciting thing to note. Every character has importance and leaves long-lasting lessons.

The entire epic takes you through the different shades of all the Pandavas, and there is nothing right or wrong about each of their deeds.

Arjuna is known for his archery skills, while Bhima is excellent with Gada. Dharamraj is known for being righteous, while Sahadev is knowledgeable. Lastly, Nakula was exceptional with the sword. Each one played a prominent role in ensuring their victory.

I hope you liked our article on Pandavas names, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who are the 100 Kauravas?

Kauravas are the 100 sons of King Dhritarashtra and Queen Gandhari namely Duryodhana, Dussasana, Dussalan, Jalagandha, and Durmukha.

Q2. What is the name of the 5 Pandavas' sons?

The names of the five Pandavas- Yudhishtira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva.

Names Of Pandavas : 

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