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Coffee Brand Names

coffee brand names
June 30, 2022

Want to know about coffee brand names list? Well you have landed on the right article.

Are you wondering how impactful is the name of the business? A good name creates an identity for the business and connects it with the customers.

The name should be unique, memorable, and connect with the brand or business service. The name is a factor that adds weightage to the brand and increases its value.

Are you planning to start a coffee business? Whether you are starting a coffee brand or a coffee shop, a name that relates to the essence of coffee creates a rhythm and sets the tone right.

A memorable and unique name helps in better branding and entices customers. However, it is essential to keep a name that is easy to remember, spell, and not used by any competitor brand.

The right name conveys and speaks a lot about the business. The article list some evocative coffee brand Name and business names under various categories.


Unique Coffee Brand Names

Are you planning to start your coffee brand? It is a timeless beverage with so many brands across the world. Hard on deciding the name? Here are some of the unique names to start your brand with: 

1.   Arabica Roast

2.   Arise Coffee

3.   Coffee Puff

4.   Traveling Bean

5.   Jamaican Roast

6.   Coffee Cuppa

7.   Regal Brews

8.   Midnight Brew

9.   Café Awaken

10.   Dalgarno Beans

11.   Sunrise Beans

12.   Espresso Express

13.   Robusta Treat

14.   Arabica Aroma

15.   Happy Cup

16.   Coffee Story

17.   Rise and Coffee

18.   Coffee and Bun

19.   Coffee Center

20.   Brew Basket

21.   Rage Coffee

22.   Coffee Delight

23.   Smell of Coffee

24.   Simply Coffee

25.   Coffee Factory

26. The Coffee Story

27. Happy Beans

28. Sweet Beans

29. Bean Coffee Dot

30. Dawn Coffee

31. Coffee Den

32. Americano Cafe

33. Love for Coffee Beans

34. Fresh Grind

35. Coffee Grounds

36. Paramount Coffee

37. Coffee Marathon

38. Co Coffee Brand

39. Byte Coffee

40. Cornerstone Café Coffee

41. Voyager Coffee

42. Coffee Harbor

43. Planet Earth Coffee

44. Sunset Coffee

45. Spicy Beans

46. Beans and Co

47. Brew n Bakes

48. Sip and Snack

49. Monkey Beans

50. Coffee Clique

51. Cheers Cafes

52. Coffee Press Journal

53. Coffee Connect

54. Brew Right

55. Chalkboard Coffee

56. Pour Coffee Mama

57. Latte Dreams

58. Hagen Coffee

59. Mix and Sip

60. Readymade Delight

61. Brew Pot

62. Cauldron Roast

63. Happiness Café

64. The Jolt Café

65. Jazz Beans Coffee House

66. The Bean Scene

67. The Lonely Bean

68. Coffee Kissed

69. Smash Coffee

70. Grinders Coffee

71. Oakland Coffee

72. Organic Fresh Roast

73. Urban Coffee

74. Coffee Leaf

75. Just Aroma Coffee

76. Buttercup Coffee

77. Naughty Beans Coffee

78. Nutty Brew

79. Cup Full of Coffee

80. Red Cherry Coffee

81. Coffee Co. Ltd

82. Midnight Coffee

83. Where’s my Coffee?

84. Mc Coffee

85. Caffeine Kick

86. Coffee Chiefs

87. Coffee Twirl

88. Coffee Kingdom

89. Cherry Browns

90. Double Shot Espresso

91. Coffee Splash

92. Dose of Caffeine

93. Mocha Dreams

94. The Bean Beast

95. Coffee Toast

96. Daylight Coffee Drip

97. Te Amo Coffee

98. La Vi Da Coffee

99. Caffeine Slurp

100. Paradise Coffee

Cool and cute coffee brand names

You have a great idea for starting a coffee café or a brand but are stuck on the name. Cool and cute names are memorable, fun, and quirky and manage to attract the millennials. Here are some of the cool coffee brand name ideas to check:

1.   Flamingo Beans

2.   Frugal Café Roast

3.   Coffs in Public

4.   Pineville Coffee

5.   Café Smiley

6.   The Coffee Bubble

7.   The Kreative Cafe

8.   Espresso Sugar

9.   Creeped Out Café

10.   Brew n Shop

11.   La Casa Café Bar

12.   Mimi Coffee Café

13.   My Happy Bean

14.   Dancing Bean

15.   Arabica Toast

16.   Jamaican Café Deluxe

17.   High Grounds

18.   Mocha Delight

19.   Bean Street

20.   Brewing Emporium

21.   The Bean Machine

22.   Giggly Coffee

23.   Bean Seeing You

24.   Sugar Coated Coffee

25.   Hollow Coffee Beans

26.   Jitter Beans

27.   Brewed Up a Thing

28.   Perfectly Brewed

29.   Frothy Caffeine

30.   Bean Flicker

31.   Rise and Coffee

32.   Toons Coffee

33.   Kiss of the Bean

34.   Groovy Beans

35.   Smirky Arabica

36.   Coffee Cheers

37.   Truly, Madly, Coffily

38.   Coffee Catch

39.   Potpourri Beans

40.   Brew Bend

41.   Java Just

42.   Peachy Coffee

43.   Tangerine Coffee

44.   The Jumping Bean

45.   Tune to Coffee

46.   Cup of Joe

47.   Fade into Coffee

48.   Coffee Trends

49.   Boho Beans

50.   Choco Full of Beans

51.   First Coffee Kiss

52.   Dates and Coffee

53.   Caffeinated Dates

54.   Yours Truly Coffee

55.   Anytime Arabica

56.   Breaking into Coffee

57.   Not Just One Cup

58.   Bean There, Will Again

59.   Coffee Spot

60.   Date with Coffee

61.   Beaners Bistro

62.   Coffee Central

63.   Coffee for Gram

64.   Hashtag Beans

65.   Java to Go

66.   Topping Off Café

67.   Coffee-O-Meter

68.   Crack up Coffee

69.   Crackers n Coffee

70.   Coffee Gone Wild

71.   Wild Beans

72.   Pacific Beans

73.   An Ode to Coffee

74.   Nuttery Later

75.   But First Coffee

76.   Pour Some Caffeine

77.   Wonder Fuel

78.   Vibe Coffee

79.   Beans Go Salsa

80.   Slurp Station

81.   Coffee Mornings

82.   Cocoa Cute

83.   Caffeine Fix

84.   Dose of Fresh Brew

85.   Wink Coffee

86.   Honeypot Coffee

87.   Kappa Cool

88.   Honey Pass me the Coffee

89.   Pulp and Coffee

90.   Coffee Crunch

91.   Bean Seen

92.   Coffee Shakes and Brews

93.   Light Up Coffee

94.   Heaven Decaf

95.   Coffee Awaken

96.   Anytime Beans

97.   Cupid Coffee

98.   First Date Coffee

99.   The Lean Bean

100.  Ground Work

Catchy Name For Instagram

Instagram is no longer just a social media app but a marketplace for promoting and marketing a brand. Unless the name is catchy, it is less likely for anyone to notice the Instagram page.

Instagram growth and enticing the audience starts with a catchy name followed by content. Here are some options to check

1.   The Daily Roast

2.   Morning Kick

3.   Sweet Aroma Coffee

4.   New Dawn Coffee

5.   Brew Bin

6.   Morning Blend

7.   Sleepy Owl

8.   Bean Journal

9.   Coffeelicious

10.   Slurp and Sip

11.   The Coffee Saga

12.   Hot n Cold Brew

13.   Whole Bean Latte

14.   Cute Cuppy Coffee

15.   Mama Mia Coffee

16.   Ecco Cappuccino Café\

17.   Lilac Coffee Café

18.   Caffeine High

19.   Conversations Over Cuppa

20.   My Cup of Coffee

21.   Frothy Coffee Brew

22.   Caffeine Jitters

23.   Mocha Madness

24.   Coffee Mess

25. Celestial Coffee Bean

26.   Coffee Recipe

27.   The Eco Café

28.   Filter Coffee

29.   Horizon Coffee

30.   Brew Crew

31.   Hazelnut Brew

32.   Arabica Fantasy

33.   Latte Love

34.   Coffee Anyone?

35.   Arabica Dance

36.   Grind and Brew

37.   Nuts about Coffee

38.   Electric Beans

39.   Divine Coffee

40.   But Coffee First

41.   Decaf Delight

42.   Coffee Revolution

43.   Brew it Right

44.   Coffee Island

45.   Special Pour Café

46.   Beanery Brew

47.   Coffee Catchers

48.   Coffee Fixer

49.   On the Rocks Coffee

50.   Planet Bean

51.   Caffeine Rush

52.   Brewed Capital

53.   Brewista

54.   7 Coasters Coffee

55.   All About Beans

56.   True Brews

57.   Espresso Love

58.   The Coffee Supply

59.   Brew Fiesta

60.   Rich and Pour

61.   Coffee Rich

62.   Show me the Coffee

63.   Coffee Toffee

64.   Love Thy Beans

65.   Caffeine DJ

66.   Coffee Remix

67.   Make My Coffee

68.   Black Eyed Coffee

69.   Blue Pea Coffee

70.   Moody Coffee

71.   Grounds Caffeine

72.   Beans Addict

73.   Red Eye Roasters

74.   Brew Bunny

75.   Sweet Bean Love

76.   Late Night Beans

77.   Tip-Top Coffee

78.   Cleanse Creative

79.   Coffee Deck

80.   Marvel Café

81.   Superstar Brew

82.   Modish Barista

83.   Coffeescape

84.   Anew Coffee

85.   Micro Brew Coffee

86.   Coffeebia

87.   Mia Bella Coffee

88.   Coffee Mass

89.   Coffee Essentual

90.   Arabica Sin

91.   Coffee Goodness

92.   Gen-X Coffee Bar

93.   Café Axis

94.   Robusta Wilderness

95.   Coffee Origin

96.   Caffeine Genie

97.   Cappuccino Craft

98.   Coffeeopolis

99.   Barista Huddle

100.  Blue Ocea Coffee

Creative coffee brand names?

Finding the right name for the coffee brand or café is not easy, and pulling the strings of creativity can be daunting.

With hundreds of coffee shops coming up now and then, a catchy and creative name is essential. The goal is to make it simple and relatable. Here are some creative picks for coffee brand names:

1.   Brewing Emporium

2.   Coffee Couture

3.   Tropical Coffee Vibe

4.   Coffee Cups Abroad

5.   Coffeegraphy

6.   Pour Professionals

7.   Simply Caffeine

8.   Ritual Coffee

9.   Paramount Coffee

10.   Brew Den

11.   Vogue Coffee

12.   Well Roasted Coffee

13.   The Bean Queen

14.   Princess Arabica

15.   Royal Roasters

16.   Coffee Lips Shop

17.   Coffee Feast

18.   Caffeine Blaster

19.   Herbal Coffee Brew

20.   Finesse Coffee

21.   Blend and Grind

22.   Aroma Brew

23.   Coffee Specials

24.   Holy Hoe Coffee

25.   The Coffee Department

26.   Coffee Shuffle

27.   Hearty Brew

28.   Cup the Coffee

29.   Royal Made Coffee

30.   Caffeine Catch

31.   Arabica Ride

32.   Double Drips

33.   Goodness Grounds

34.   The Blended Coffee

35.   Java Genesis

36.   Coffee Mongers

37.   Espresso Express

38.   Coffee Mogul

39.   Coffee Artist

40.   Lush Coffee

41.   Flavored and Nuts

42.   Smooth Slurp

43.   Brew Born

44.   Old School Beans

45.   Bean Talks

46.   Good Grounds

47.   Mr. Coffee Charm

48.   Coffeetoon

49. Grounds of Goodness

50.   Coffee Hills

51.   Coffee Bazaar

52.   Shots by Coffee

53.   Joe to Go

54.   Coffee Emblem

55.   Bling Caffeine

56.   Love Latte Log

57.   Sail Coffee

58.   Chief Coffee

59.   Coffee Nest

60.   Beans and Drums

61.   Gritty n Nutty

62.   Coffee Shake

63.   Bean Evolution

64.   Insanity Coffee

65. Quantum Caffeine

66.   Coffee Gallery

67.   Casual Brew

68.   Ready, Steady, Coffee

69.   Get Set Coffee

70.   Coffee Drumroll

71.   Coffee Suite

72.   Coffee on Mind

73. The Steaming Beam

74. Coffeepie

75.   Cocoa Blend

76.   Brew That

77.   1890’s Coffee Shop

78.   Rustic Coffee Blend

79.   Spirit Coffee

80.   Café in the Corner

81.   Junkie Coffee Bean

82.   Fresh Press Coffee

83.   Bean Hive

84.   Coffee Bumble

85.   Beaners Bistro

86.   Coffee Swindler

87.   Fix Caffeine

88.   Way Better Coffee

89.   Brew Base

90.   Coffee Ha-Ha Café

91.   Let’s Talk Coffee

92.   Pretty Pots

93.   Tryst with Coffee

94.   Italiano Coffee Bar

95.   Good Joe Brewing Co.

96.   Backdoor Coffee

97.   Bean Boom

98.   Irish Coffee Blend

99.   Coffee School

100.  Morning Mojo  

Coffee Business Names with Rhyming and Alliteration

Most coffee businesses or café chains have names which are easy to remember and have some rhyming and alliteration.

It is a good thing from the marketing perspective as it helps promote the brand or business better. Here are some ideas for a business name with rhyming and alliteration:

1.   The Coffee College

2.   Summer of 69 Coffee

3.   Grinds & Grounds

4.   The Bean Scene

5.   Best Bean Team

6.   Cappa Madness

7.   Beat and Brew

8.   The Coffee Club

9.   Perfect Pot Coffee

10.   Stories over Coffee

11.   Smooth Sips

12.   Drip Cup

13.   Hot off the Press

14.   The Dreamy Bean

15.   Missile Brew

16.   Coffee Managers

17.   New Leaf Coffee

18.   French Roast Beans

19.   Latte and Love

20.   Coffee Curtain

21.   Eyes Open Coffee

22.   Craving Coffee Corner

23.   Toasted Beans

24.   Brave Bean

25.   Gimme Coffee

26. Coffee Crafts

27. Cuddle Coffee

28. Green Ranc

29. Bistro 88 Salon

30. Ivanhoe Coffee

31. NuLux Coffee

32. Tega Cay Coffee

33. Pomo Espresso

34. Luna Espresso

35. Prairie and Firkin

36. Coffsilicious Coffee

37. Gemmec Coaster

38. Magma Coffee

39. Aeropostale Espresso

40. Inner Bean

41. Zen Coffee

42. Uncorked Cup

43. Aroma Espresso

44. Tasty Coffee

45. Muffins and Beans

46. Mad Empire Coffee

47. Geraldton Grounds

48. Havoc Coffee Co

49. My Cuppa Company

50. Mumbo Jumbo Coffee

51. Elie’s Espresso

52. The Bean Dessert

53. StashStar Coffee

54. Coffee Constellation

55. Blissfully Brew

56. Cafes Des Fromage’s

57. Chocalt Coffee

58. Pint-Sized Coffee

59. Truly Espresso

60. The Coffee Finesse

61. The Constellation Coffee

62. Coffee and Dips

63. Beans and Sips

64. Café Connections

65. The Coffee Pot Guide

66. The Great Geezer

67. Cappuccino Flow

68. Little Beans

69. Caffe Bonk

70. Coffee on the Truck

71. Coffee on Dixie

72. Lavish Roast

73. The Coffee Game

74. Café Le Poule

75. The Coffee Rendezvous

76. Sista Espresso

77. The Caffeine Soiree

78. Federico’s Coffee

79. Real Coffee Factory

80. Beaute Espresso

81. Pallet King Coffee

82. Coffee Thy Love

83. Brimming the Bean

84. Cognito Espresso

85. Coffee Rental Time

86. Coffee Square

87. Nuevo Espresso

88. Lawn Beanery

89. The Coffee Monk

90. The Strong Grind

91. Fresh Beans Coffee

92. Universal Caffeine

93. Sweet Coffee Royale

94. Brew Vacay

95. The Grind Zone Store

96. Le Cravings

97. Droga Coffee Systems

98. Café Epoch

99. Mister Beans Coffee

100. Coffee in the Caravan


Coffee is one of the most loved beverages. Conversations, ideas, and so much more can happen just over a cup of coffee.

Building a coffee brand or business is not easy but picking the wrong name reduces visibility. The guide gives many ideas on what you can name your coffee brand.

Always make sure that the name has a significant impact on the brand and helps attract customers. Hopefully, this guide helps you understand what to name your coffee brand.

I hope you liked our article on coffee brand names list, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What should I name my coffee brand?

There are many options, but it is vital to keep certain things in mind. Keep the name simple, short, and something related to coffee.
Use words that are easy to understand, and try keeping a name of two words or a maximum of three.

Check for the availability of the name first before confirming the name. There are over 500 names to choose from in the list above to name your coffee brand.

Q2. Which coffee brand is best?

There are many brands of coffee.

However, some of the best brands of coffee across the globe include Death Wish Organic Whole Bean Coffee, Lavazza Espresso, Peet’s Coffee, Gloria’s Jean, Green Mountain Roaster, Nescafe, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Tim Hortons etc.

Most of the prominent coffee brands worldwide have their café chains serving an assortment of freshly ground coffee and snacks.

Q3. What is the most popular coffee brand?

One of the most popular coffee brands on a global scale is Starbucks which has its chains worldwide. The other brands with enormous popularity include Caribou Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Costa Coffee, Gloria Jean’s, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Barista etc.

Q4. What are the brands of coffee in India?

Some of the prominent coffee brands in India include Nescafe, Sunrise, Bru, Blue Tokai, Rage Coffee, Sleepy Owl, Davidoff, Café Coffee Day, The Flying Squirrel, Continental Xtra Coffee, Columbian Brew Coffee, Lavazza, Hatti Kaapi, Araku Valley Coffee etc. It is good to contact local coffee companies to get roasted coffee beans. 


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