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Best Books Of Durjoy Datta

durjoy datta best novel

Want to know about Durjoy Datta best novel? Well you have landed on the right article. Durjoy Datta, the famous Indian novelist is also a screenwriter, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur.

He was born on 7th February 1987 and his birthplace is Mehsana, Gujrat. He grew up in Delhi with a Bengali Hindu family. He finished his schooling at Bal Bharti Public School in Delhi itself.

He graduated in mechanical engineering from DTU (Delhi College of Engineering). After that, he did post-graduation from the Management Development Institute and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

He is known for his writing in genres such as young love, romance, adult fiction, and thriller.

He debuted with his novel “Of Course I Love You..!... Till I Find Someone Better” in 2008. When he published his first novel, he was still a college student.

Durjoy Datta has received many awards and achievements and they are listed below in chronological order:

  • Young Achiever- by the Times of India in 2009
  • Young Achiever in the field of media and communication- by the Whistling Wood International in 2011
  • Teacher’s Achievement Awards in 2012
  • Youth show Award in fiction in 2014
  • Youth show Award in the fiction in 2015
  • Popular Choice Award in 2017
  • Popular Choice Award in 2018

Let us review the top 10 books by Durjoy Datta.

Our Top Picks

 Durjoy Datta Best Novel

 If you love romance and want to read such types of novels so, here we come up with  Durjoy Datta books list which you find  mind refreshing and engaging. Must Read.

1. The Boy Who Loved

“The boy who loved” is a novel that revolves around a boy with an introverted personality named Raghu.

It shows us the deep guilt he is in because of a traumatic incident in the past. The guilt was not saving his drowning best friend in the school.

Because of his guilt, he starts to shut people out and run away from every possibility of love and friendship. 

However, later he starts falling for a girl named Brahmi and becomes more drawn to her with time.

It is a romantic novel with a dark side. The boy who love is one of the Durjoy Datta best selling book.


  • Genre - Fiction, Romance, Love, Young Adult, Contemporary
  • Year of publication - 2017
  • Availability on Kindle - Available
  • Awards won - Popular choice award in the fiction category
  • Price - Rs. 200
  • Goodreads rating - 3.7
  • Audible rating - 4.1

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2. Wish I Could Tell You

“Wish I Could Tell You” is a novel about a girl named Anusha.

The story shows the struggle that Anusha goes through to get over a heartbreak.

The heartbreak that she experienced in the past leaves her sceptical about the idea of love and it is the last thing she wants.

The story shows her character development as well.

The male lead is a boy named Ananth, and you will get to know more about him as you get into the story.

It is a story that has a lot going on, but the language that is used by the author is pretty simple which makes it suitable for beginner readers as well.

However, this doesn’t mean the story is for beginners only, anyone who likes to read will find the novel interesting.

If any book made a record sale in its initial days or sparked controversy or faced criticism, do mention it as well.


  • Genre - Romance, Fiction
  • Year of publication - 2019
  • Availability on Kindle - Available
  • Page Length: 320 pages
  • Price - Rs. 200
  • Goodreads rating - 3.75
  • Audible rating - Not Available

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3. Till The Last Breath

The novel “Till the Last Breath” is about two patients at GKL hospital.

The story is about a 19-year-old woman named Pihu and a 25-year-old man named Dushyant.

Pihu suffers from a fatal disease that cannot be cured, on the other hand, Dushyant suffers from various organ failures due to his drug addiction.

The story unfolds with an extremely emotional storyline with surprising elements and sweet moments. 


  • Genre - Romance fantasy, Fiction
  • Year of publication - 2012
  • Availability on Kindle - Avaialable
  • Price - Rs. 200
  • Goodreads rating - 3.98
  • Audible rating - Not Available

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4. Our Impossible Love

“Our Impossible Love” is a novel about a girl named Aisha and a guy named Danish.

Aisha comes from a nuclear family of four where she lives with her ill mother and brother, and the father works in a different city.

Aisha is trying to figure out life and romance from within and from the outer world perspective and wants to find out what being a woman and being desired is.

On the other hand, Danish is a guy who feels like a nobody and is wasting his time being like that and feels contrasted to his younger brother who is determined and is achieving much at a younger age.  


  • Genre - Fiction, Romance novel
  • Year of publication - 2016
  • Availability on Kindle - Available
  • Awards won - Crossword Book Award, Popular Choice Award in Fiction
  • Price - Rs. 200
  • Goodreads rating - 3.3
  • Audible rating - 4.3

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5. The Girl of My Dreams

“The Girl of My Dreams” is about a man named Daman Roy who happens to have the same nightmare over and over again.

The nightmare involves a girl with long dark black hair that drives him to his death.

The name of the mysterious girl that comes in his dreams or nightmares to be more exact is Shreyasi.

Daman’s girlfriend Avani doesn’t know about these nightmares, 

And Daman brings this girl of his dreams to life by writing stories revolving around her. The novel has great suspense and thrill, overall it is a good read and even it can come under the list of durjoy datta best novels.


  • Genre - Fantasy, Fiction, Romance
  • Year of publication- 2016
  • Availability on Kindle- Available
  • Price- Rs. 200
  • Goodreads rating- 3.44
  • Audible rating- 3.5

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6. If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love

The novel “If it’s Not Forever It’s Not Love” is written by Durjoy Datta in collaboration with Nikita Singh.

It is a romantic novel and shows the qualities of love and responsibility.

The protagonist, Deb escapes a bomb blast that happened in Chandni Chowk that leaves him scarred.

Later he visits the horrid site again and finds a diary of a man who unfortunately died due to the blast. 

The diary is about the woman that man loved. He gets moved by the emotions and decides to find and deliver the diary to the woman the dead man loved.

He gets on the way to find the woman with his friend named Shrey and girlfriend Avantika.


  • Genre - Thriller, Romance, Suspense 
  • Year of publication- 2012
  • Availability on Kindle- Available
  • Price- Rs. 200
  • Goodreads rating- 3.66
  • Audible rating- 4.1

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7. You Were My Crush

“You were my crush” is a novel written by Durjoy Datta in collaboration with Orvana Ghai.

The protagonist of the novel is a boy named Benoy.

He is portrayed as the ultimate player who is desired by all the girls, the stud, and very much spoiled.

His life is perfect to the observers and most people would be happy to be in his shoes.

However, this is not the reality for Benoy. 

He struggles greatly in his personal life due to his mother’s sudden death and his relationship with his father is also really tense and strained.

But his life changes greatly and his personality as well when he falls in love with a girl and finally sees hope for his life and himself as well.


  • Genre -  Romantic fantasy, Fiction
  • Year of publication- 2011
  • Availability on Kindle- Available
  • Price- Rs. 200
  • Goodreads rating- 3.41
  • Audible rating- No reviews available

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8. Oh Yes, I’m Single and So Is My Girlfriend

“Oh Yes, I’m Single and So Is My Girlfriend” is a novel written by Durjoy Datta in collaboration with Neeti Rustagi.

It is a story about a confused man that has many casual dating encounters & still finds it difficult to find someone constant for him.

He experiences many relationships but they lead to no good.

The story depicts the reality of modern love and how difficult it has become to find the right one for yourself. 

He was heartbroken in the past by a girl whose name was Natasha that left him high and dry. The story is filled with mixed emotions and is a good fun read.


  • Genre- Fiction
  • Year of publication- 2008
  • Availability on Kindle- Available
  • Price- Rs. 160
  • Goodreads rating- 3.3
  • Audible rating- 5

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9. Of Course, I love you Till I Find Someone Better

The novel “Of Course I Love You Till I Find Someone Better” is written by Durjoy Datta and co-authored by Maanvi Ahuja.

The protagonist is Debashish who is based in Delhi.

He has multiple love interests throughout the novel and he doesn’t seem to be ashamed that he takes pride in it.

However, this perspective of his changes when he meets a girl named Avantika who he falls for. 

However, his relationship with Avantika ends up in a breakup.

The novel is about many emotions that are especially felt in the youth such as friendship, love, affairs, heartbreaks, breakups, hope, misery, and everything else.

Because it is relatable to the youth, it is highly popular among them as well.


  • Genre- Fiction, Romance
  • Year of publication- 2008
  • Availability on Kindle- Available
  • Price- Rs. 180
  • Goodreads rating- 3.2
  • Audible rating- 3.3

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10. Now That You’re Rich – Let’s Fall in Love

The novel “Now That You’re Rich- Let’s Fall in Love” is one of the bestsellers by Durjoy Datta.

It is about four friends who think their life will be all fairytale once they achieve success in life.

The friends are Garima, Abhi, Shruti, and Saurabh and all four of them were quite close.

However, things don’t exactly go how they planned 

And once they land the jobs they desired-high-paying jobs they are still not happy and satisfied with them. The reason behind this is their bosses who are complete jerks.

Also with time and as they grow up, the reality of life plays its role and the friendship becomes weaker as they focus on their individual lives.


  • Genre- Fiction
  • Year of publication- 2011
  • Availability on Kindle- Available
  • Price- Rs. 200
  • Goodreads rating- 3.28
  • Audible rating- 3

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Here, we have provided some of durjoy datta best books that are a must to read. If you’re a beginner or a voracious reader it doesn’t matter. The novels written by him are fresh and very engaging.

His writing style is mainly concerned with romance; however, a thriller can also be found in some of his novels. 

I hope you liked our article on Durjoy Datta best novel, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where does Durjoy Datta live now?

Durjoy Datta lives in Mumbai and Dubai. However, he grew up in Delhi and was born in Gujrat.

Q2. What is Durjoy Datta’s most popular storybook?

The most popular storybook by Durjoy Datta is the novel “Of Course I Love You.”

Q3. What is Durjoy Datta’s new book?

Durjoy Datta’s latest book is “A Touch of Eternity” and it was published on 18th January 2021.

Q4. What was Durjoy Datta’s first book?

Durjoy Datta’s first book is “Of Course I Love You” and it was published in 2009 while he was in college.

Here are The Best Books of Durjoy Datta :


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