Digital marketing in 2019? 10 Reasons why this skill is a Must Have.

Is Digital Marketing the future of opportunities?


and i have data, case studies and all the proofs to show you.

If you are in the age bracket of 18-27 then its vital for your success to add this skill in your resume. You will get 10 times higher growth.

You might be from a science background, a commerce student, arts or any other vertical, learning this important skill will change your life.

Even if you have never heard about Digital Marketing,  just read this article till the end and you will be thanking me for introducing you to this amazing and hidden world of Digital Marketing.

All this was possible because I made a bold move, followed my passion while being calculative. 

Growth of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing industry in India is a booming career today.

Especially in a developing country like ours, this sector is growing at a tremendous pace. Also, the Reliance JIO wave has tremendously helped this industry.

internet users

Every business is dependent on Digital marketing in 2019 and this trend will continue in the coming years.

Did you know the average pay for a Digital Marketing Manager is Rs 4,09,607 per year?

Benefits of learning Digital Marketing 

  • For Students:  Build your resume ; Get your 1st Job ; Build a rewarding career ; Earn money as a freelancer
  • For Working Professionals: Get salary hike and accelerate your career. 
  • For Entrepreneurs:  Multiply your revenue and reduce your customer acquisition cost. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the online form of marketing that helps marketers and people in business to promote and advertise products and services with the help the Internet and digital devices.

It is a set of marketing online tools and strategies.

Digital Marketing is a universal skill that hacks growth for the company and businesses.

what is digital marketing

Why you should learn Digital Marketing Right now

Easy to Learn

The only pre-requisite to learning Digital Marketing is that you need to be internet savvy.

Its fun and easy to learn.

Unlike other boring theoretical courses, Digital marketing is a skill that is practice driven.

Also if you are following our step-by-step video course then it will be super simple as well.

Equivalent to Mini-MBA

An MBA degree in Marketing has not remained enough to get a job. 

This MBA will be much more powerful.

I will give you a couple of examples of my friends.

One of my friends is in IIM Calcutta, and one is in IIM Indore. Both have done their MBA in Marketing.

You will be surprised to know that both of them asked for my help in learning Digital Marketing because even in IIM's the course structure is outdated and not updated for the changing marketing environment of 2019 and coming years.

Digital Marketing is the future of marketing as we know it.

Do you want to save lakhs of rupees for an MBA degree? or even Rs 60,000-1,00,000 for a digital marketing course?

Then join our free digital marketing video course and become a pro digital marketer in just a few days. 

Demand and Supply gap:

Digital marketing is a proven recession proof marketing strategy as compared to other traditional marketing tools.

There are wide positions in the job market that you can fit into once you are trained.

Current Scenario of this industry is such that due to diversification and emerging segment, openings for qualified professional is huge whereas, the supply for quality resources is less.

jobs digital marleting

Entrepreneurship/Freelancing Career:

After scoring 99.2 percentile in XAT exam, I could have easily joined No. #3 MBA college in India

But I wanted to take the entrepreneurship route.

and since I had already started my digital marketing learning, it was much easier for me.

Unlike other courses where you have only one or two options, I had so many options.

Just because I had digital marketing skills, I could have :

  • Started a money making blog 
  • Create a fast growing Youtube channel and get thousands of subscribers at 10 times the rate of subscriber growth. (already started working on this, will try to get 100,000 subscribers in just 4 months, live case study of this growth will be shared in our ​Facebook group)
  • Easily become an Instagram Influencer (Already did this for many clients and now working on this for my Instagram profile)
  • Get a high paying Digital Marketing job (this was not relevant for me as I wanted to start my online business, but many of you might be interested in this)
  • You can also easily grow your existing business through digital marekting skills. You wll be amazed by its performce and positive ROI.
  • There are so many more options, I wont be listing all of them . Join our free course to learn more.

Adds Weightage to Resume

Digital Marketing skills are in HUGE demand.

In other traditional careers like advertising, you'd have to wait for an internship or graduate placement to open up so you can gain experience and create your own portfolio.

In the digital marketing world, however, provides a host of opportunities for you to kick start your own career before you even set foot in a workplace.

digital marketing resume

Above average Growth Rate:

Compared to other career options, growth rate in digital marketing profession is much higher.

Unlike other professions where you will get a 10-20% annual increment, Digital marketing is more skill based.

The more you improve your digital marketing skills by updating your knowledge and practicing what you learn, the more money you will make.

Its not dependent on the time you spent in a company. Even if the company is not increasing the salary and you have upgraded your skills, then getting a 50-100% increment is common compared to most of the other professions where 10-30% is standard.

Its FREE :

Majority of the offline and online digital marketing courses will charge your Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 

I hated the fact that such knowledge is priced so high.

So after learning and working in digital marketing field for over 7 years I decided to create my course that too for FREE: Digital marketing mastery

Don't pay any money but enjoy all the benefits.


If you complete our free digital marketing course then you also receive a course completion certificate. 

This will help you a lot if you're just starting out your career and need your first job or internship.

Future ready:

Every business is moving away from traditional offline advertisements and increasing their marketing budget spend on digital mediums like Facebook, Google Ads etc.

This graph clearly shows the future growth as well: 

digital marketing price per customer

According to latest report by Dentsu Aegis Network, The digital advertising market size is around Rs. 10,819 crore ($1.3 billion) and the estimated CAGR growth will be 31.96% and the market will expand to Rs. 24,920 crore ($3.52 billion)

Not just money but fame as well

Becoming an online influencer (Instagram celebrity, or YouTube influencer) will be 10 times easier as you will already know what tricks work

Even your favorite YouTube celebrities like Bhuvan Ban (BB ki Vines), Technical Guruji or TheViralFever, all of them had to learn digital marketing skills in order to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

You will also learn how to grow thousands of Youtube Subscribers/Instagram followers fast and easy.

Create a passive income source (gift yourself this freedom)

The biggest reason I was interested in digital marketing was the location independence it provides.

The digital nomad, laptop lifestyle is what I am after. 

This year alone I am planning to cover 6 more countries (not just few days of travel, rather exploring the country by staying there for 20-30 days)

All this will be possible because of the location independence that comes along with learning digital marketing.

If you are also looking for such kind of a lifestyle then take your first step by joining our free course.

Even Following your passion will need this skill

Even if want to become a successful YouTuber, Instagram influencer etc even then you will need to learn this skill.

Learning digital marketing will help you to grow faster and make money as an influencer .

All your favorite YouTubers had to learn this skill as well to grow (do you know why  YouTubers are always asking for likes and comments, it is because more the engagement with the video, more will be the free promotion that YouTube will give you)

this is just one of the many techniques, you will learn in our free DM course

Learn these skills, become an influencer and get free travel, brand collaborations and a lot of other amazing free benefits.

Also get the opportunity to connect with some amazing people throughout the world.

Looks boring, but not so much

In the first look digital marketing might look complicated or for few even boring (i see the majority of my students relate social media marketing to digital marketing)

But once you get into it you will start liking it. 

Rather I have seen many members of our group started loving this course and ended up learning and enhancing their skills so that that they have started their digital marketing agency or any other online business (you will find all these case studies, examples and interviews in our Facebook group once you join our course)

digital marketing career

Become a PRO Digital Marketer in just few days for FREE

Get Instant Access to our free Digital Marketing Mastery course (20 Comprehensive step-by-step videos)

  • Video-5: How to set up your Blog from scratch like a professional blogger (even if you are a beginner) : (25:03)
  • Video-6: What is On page SEO and how to write an article. (7 actionable techniques that work) : (16:06)
  • Video-7: Off-page SEO - What are Backlinks? (My working strategies revealed) : (13:00)
  • Video-8: Master the basics of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster : (26:39)
  • Video-9: Affiliate marketing - (how I make $20,000/month approx. Rs 14 lacs/month) : (11:33)
  • Video-10: How to start Social media marketing - (5 essential working tips for beginners) : (16:21)
  • Video-11: Instagram marketing step-by-step : How to get 10,000 followers in 30 days : (33:15)
  • Video-12: Youtube Marketing explained in 10 minutes (Backed by data) : (13:25)
  • Video-13: Google Adwords Fundamentals : How to create your first campaign : (34:04)
  • Video-14: Facebook Ads in 2019 : From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT in One Video! : (37:55)
  • Video-15: Content Marketing: Hidden tactics and strategies that will drive insane traffic to your site : (39:46)
  • Video-16: Email Marketing for beginners ($0 to $10,000/month) - Case studies included : (42:53)
  • Video-17: Landing page: How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts | 5 tips on optimizing your landing page : (26:46)
  • Video-18: ORM - What is online reputation management : (04:44)
  • Video-19: Freelancing: How to make money as a freelancer (Tips and tricks to get projects and 5-star testimonials) : (06:08)
  • Video-20: How to get Digital Marketing job : (07:26)

Still CONFUSED? Have questions?

If you are still confused, doubtful or have questions before joining for my course then you can talk directly to me on Facebook messenger.

Just click here and ask your questions directly to me.

I will be quick to reply and solve all your doubts 🙂

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