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Walk And Earn Money App India (Updated 2022)

Walk and Earn Apps in India

It is said that a healthy body is a valuable asset for a person. This article is an overview on Walk and Earn Apps in India.

So you should cherish your physical fitness and strive hard to remain fit throughout your life. There are many merits of owning a fit body, which influence both your physical and mental condition.

You can activate your brain and boost your cognitive power only if you retain your physical fitness. This article is an overview on Walk and Earn Apps in India.

Moreover, you can avoid large medical expenses by preventing many ailments, like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems, and mental depression, just by maintaining fitness.

However, it is very easy to remain fit and all you need to do is to walk regularly for a definite distance. Some apps are available now that will also pay you for walking, jogging, or running daily.

The following apps can be downloaded and registered to receive payments for walking every day.

Walk And Earn Apps In India (Updated 2022)

1. Growfitter

This app is very popular among health-conscious people. It is also called Growfitter Rewards.

It rewards its users for following fitness programs diligently.

  • How to sign up – Firstly, you need to download this app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile. Then click on the ‘Start Now’ button to get registered on this app and create a new account.
  • User interface – This app has a user-friendly interface that is recently improved to include Health Quiz, apart from recording health activities.
  • Walk and earn policy – When you complete tasks of running, walking, or cycling, this app offers lucrative rewards every day. All your physical activities are tracked by this app, for which you earn points.

  • Different rewards earned – You can select your preferred reward from the Reward section of this app. You may earn 100% Cashback of the money used to book a membership in your nearest fitness center.

    You can get discount vouchers, and subscription coupons from various selling sites, apart from many useful items.

  • Rating - 4 stars

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2. Step Set Go

This app maintains a record of all the steps walked by its users, the distance covered by them every day, and the calories burnt during this physical activity.

  • How to sign up – You simply need to download this app from Google Play Store or any reliable website, by clicking on the given link.

    Then you can simply create your profile and start earning while walking.

  • User interface – A new webpage is added for making this app much faster. 

Thus, navigation and segregation are much easier now for its users during their physical activities. All bugs are fixed to improve the user interface of this app.

  • Walk and earn policy – As you walk, you receive 1 SSG coin for every 1000 steps. You can redeem these collected coins later to get your preferred reward.

    There are 5 levels and you can be upgraded to the next level upon completing activities of one level.

  • Different rewards earned – This app is tied up with several reputed brands. You can receive products from these brands as rewards for your fitness programs.

    IPhones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets can be won from auctions organized by SSG if you earn sufficient coins by walking.

    You may also buy many things displayed in SSG Bazaar after earning 400 SSG coins. You can get discount vouchers, and subscription coupons from various selling sites, apart from many useful items.

  • Rating - 4 stars

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3. Hav. Fitness

It is a popular Indian app that ensures better health for its users. The latest version of this app was launched in June 2021.

It started as a diet app and now, it serves for tracking sleep, water intake, and physical activities.

  • How to sign up – You can download this app from Google Play Store or its official website. Then you need to install it and start enjoying its benefits. It is compatible only with an Android phone.
  • User interface – Neatly designed UI with both light and dark shades added for features of this app.
  • Walk and earn policy – This app offers its own challenges and sponsored challenges, for which exciting rewards are given to users.

  • Rating - 5 stars

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4. Steppi

This app is meant to earn from walking, which can be used to buy products from reputed stores in the UAE or some online stores.

  • How to sign up – You need to download this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store for free, to install in your Android or iPhone.

  • How to sign up – You need to download this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store for free, to install in your Android or iPhone.
  • Walk and earn policy – You can use this fitness tracker to participate in challenges, which will be great fun. You can also invite your acquaintances to join a friendly competition on this app.
  • Different rewards earned – You can exchange steps to earn discount vouchers on products of famous brands. You may also make savings from the physical fitness goals set by this app.

  • Rating - 4 stars

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5. Sweatcoin

This fitness reward app offers rewards in cryptocurrency which is similar in nature to Bitcoin.

You can get these rewards for running or walking daily.  Thus, millions of people use this app worldwide.

  • How to sign up – You need to download this application on your mobile phone. Then the app will track your physical activities and count your rewards that you can earn for those tasks.
  • User interface – This app interface contains entertaining animations and the facility of chat bot to interact with other users.
  • Walk and earn policy – This app rewards 1 Sweatcoin (SWC) for every 1052 steps of walking or running outside your home.

  • Different rewards earned – This app gives cash reward up to $1000 through PayPal if this payment method is applicable in the country of the user.

    They can also redeem their Sweatcoins to buy travel packages and various other items offered by partners of this app.  

  • Rating - 4.5 stars

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6. Runtopia

It is a GPS tracker that can also be used as a running app.
You may use it for measuring the distance covered on a treadmill.

It is also used while running marathon races, to track the mileage and number of paces of the user.

It can also keep track of your heart rate, stability of your steps, and calories burned while running. 

It provides an audio coach to guide you in meeting all the set goals.

  • How to sign up – You need to download this app on your mobile and start earning virtual badges by completing certain tasks.

  • User interface – This app contains some graphic designs, illustrative images, and quotes to encourage users in pursuing health activities daily.  
  • Walk and earn policy – This app rewards every day for running, jogging, and even cardio exercise regimes.

  • Different rewards earned – It awards points for each activity and you can redeem the accumulated points for gift items listed on its reward section.

    You can earn some free memberships, discount coupons, and also cash through PayPal.

  • Rating - 2.5 stars

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This app includes a bit of risk for users. It does not pay simply for walking.

You need to bet on yourself on completing the given goals while competing with other users of this app.

  • How to sign up – You need to download this app from Google Play Store. You have to choose the step source from the given options to customize your fitness schedule.

Then you can pick up a game here and bet on its online pot to start playing and betting.

  • User interface – This app is uploaded with the supervising software called WayBetter, which is handled by customer care executives of this app site.

  • Walk and earn policy – Users bet on their health activities, like the steps to be covered the next day, to earn money after fulfilling that goal. They can bet any amount, though $40 is the common bet amount.

  • Different rewards earned – You can earn real cash by winning your bet on this site. Customer care executives of this site are called WayBetter Referees, who constantly motivate you to accomplish your set goals.

    If you do not feel comfortable after betting, you can cancel it and get a full refund of your paid money.

  • Rating - 4.5 stars

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8. FitPotato

This application is ideal for weight loss programs.

It can track both workouts and daily diet, which are essential for achieving the goal of an obese person.

Thus, it acts as your personal fitness coach.

  • How to sign up – You can download this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile. You may also download it directly from the official website of Fitpotato.

Then you need to create your account here by signing up with a username and password.

  • User interface – The interface of this app is compatible with the operating systems of all Android and iPhones. Thus, it can be downloaded on any mobile device, due to its effective UI.

  • Walk and earn policy – There are weekly prizes to win on this app. You need to complete 3 steps within only a week to win these prizes.

    You are free to choose any physical activity among walking, running, or jogging. There can be multiple weekly winners and the prize will be divided equally among them.

  • Different rewards earned – You can get various amazing rewards for completing your tasks of workouts or walking. Moreover, cash prize up to $1000 is given every week to grand winners of fitness tasks.

  • Rating - 4 stars

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9. Life Coin

This app gives you the chance of earning coins that can be exchanged for gift items. It has a GPS tracker to calculate your steps.

You will earn cash for walking every 1000 steps.

  • How to sign up – You need to sign up on this app after downloading it on your mobile. You may also join the ambassador program here to earn more rewards.
  • User interface – Easy and impressive user interface of this app provides all the necessary information to users. It is easy to browse and quite fast.
  • Walk and earn policy – You will collect Lifecoins by walking some steps when confirmed by the GPS.
  • Different rewards earned – You can use these crypto coins to get gift cards, different sports goods, and many other prizes. New gift items are added to the rewards list every day on this app.

  • Rating - 2.5 stars

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10. Lympo

It is a great app that offers many interesting rewards to its users on their fitness tasks.

Whenever you complete a task mentioned on this app, you earn some LYM coins. You can use them to get your chosen sports goods enlisted in the rewards section.

  • How to sign up – You need to sign up on this app by downloading it from the links provided below on your mobile.

You will get an online registration form, which should be filled up with the required details. You will receive a confirmation email after submitting this form. You also need to upload a current photo of your body, to enter a challenge here.

  • User interface – It is very easy to use this app, due to the simplicity of its interface. Users can easily find the status of their challenges here, along with the announcements of rewards.

  • Walk and earn policy – You can join fresh challenges of physical activities every day that are mentioned on this app.

    The money earned here is exchanged to select your preferred items for free from its reward section.

  • Different rewards earned – You will earn Lympo crypto coins after completing challenges in walking or running.

    These coins have real cash value and you can buy different sports goods with these coins earned here.

  • Rating - 4.1 stars

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Final Overview

All these above-mentioned apps can help you in retaining your good health for many years, even when you grow old.

These apps are also useful in motivating people in restoring their health by joining daily exercise regimes, in which they may not be otherwise interested.

The chance of earning cash and prizes can encourage everyone to join simple fitness programs. All these apps are compatible with Android and iOS phones.

You just need to visit Google Play Store or Apple Store to download them on Android and iPhones respectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which app gives real money in India for walking?

Step Set Go, StepBet, Sweatcoin, and Runtopia are the apps that will give you real money in India for walking, jogging, or running.

Lifecoin is another app for earning real cash, as it pays instantly for walking or cycling.

Lots of health-conscious Indians have already registered on these apps to earn while walking.

Q2. Which app is best for walking and earning money?

Sweatcoin and StepBet are the best apps that you can choose for walking and earning money.

You can trust these apps for earning some extra money in 2022 while walking or jogging daily to maintain your fitness.

The goal of these apps is to promote awareness about physical fitness among the common mass.

Q3. Is there any app to earn money by walking?

FitPotato is the best app that pays money only for walking. You can also invite your friends to join you on a daily morning walk and earn money on this app.

So, you can earn group prizes while enjoying a walk with them. You can also walk with your dog and earn money by using this app.

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