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Surveys To Earn Money In India

surveys to earn money in india

Isn't the fact that a good amount of money can be earnt by an online survey a myth?

What if we told you that there are multiple legitimate paid survey sites where you can earn money in 2022?

Still sounds like a con, so let's investigate more to discover the truth.

Joining survey websites is not a get-rich-quick scheme; patience is required, especially if you are from India because you won't be able to complete surveys all of the time.

It is incredibly simple to complete and share an online survey for money.

The only thing you must ensure is that the websites for which you are working are genuine and authentic.

Many websites are involved in deceptive practices. In this blog, you'll learn about the finest paid survey sites for India in 2022, as well as what each one has to offer,

so you can figure out which ones are worth your time.

List of  best surveys to earn money in India

This list of legitimate survey sites was compiled after extensive research and a thorough evaluation of user replies from across the world. 

1. Toluna

Overall features: Toluna is comparable to a social networking site in that it allows you.

To follow people, have them follow you back,and engage with them by allowing you to post messages on their wall or in a private chat.

On Toluna, you have three options for earning money:

  • Taking part in a paid survey or a profile survey
  • By producing high-quality material
  • By enlisting the help of a friend Toluna
  • Indian consumers can use PayPal and Amazon/Flipkart gift cards as a payment method if they want to free some hard cash. You can also refer to the below YouTube video for reviews.


    2. Ipanel

    Overall features: IPanel is a competent Asian online sample collection company for market research that is recognized among the top ten sample companies in the world.

    When you recommend iPanel online to your friends and family, you can earn extra money.

    Not only that, but after you qualify and become a member of this site, you will receive a large number of surveys.

    • You can make extra money by recommending iPanel online to friends and family. 

    • You will also receive a huge number of surveys if you qualify and become a member of this site. 

    • Paypal is the most common payment method used for this site. 


    3. Valued Opinions

    Overall features: Another simple-to-use survey site is Valued Opinions, which also has a separate online survey site for India.

    Simply sign up and you will begin receiving email invites to their paid surveys. You can earn a maximum of Rs 150 every survey, however, only a few surveys allow you to earn this much.

    Furthermore, the minimum payout for this website to release your payment is Rs 400.

    Payment methods for this survey site are however limited to Flipkart and Amazon gift cards, or you can donate the money to charity.


    4. Swagbucks

    Overall features: Swagbucks is a well-known and large GPT site. It's only available in a few countries, and English-speaking countries have the best chances.

    If you have a little patience, you can still make some additional cash by taking surveys, viewing films, accepting offers, and more.

    As far as payment methods are concerned, you can collect gift cards once you have earned 3$ but you have to earn at least 25$ to get your money via Paypal.

    This has excellent reviews over the web and has numerous videos on youtube stating its popularity. You can check the below youtube video for its reviews.


    5.Opinion World India

    Overall features: Opinion World has over 15 million subscribers and pays $25 million each month to its Indian members.

    Each survey can earn you up to 300 points.You can request a reward once you reach 500 points.

    The Gifts cards are sent almost instantly or within a few hours.

    This website's surveys are mainly on consumer items and services such as healthcare, education, and so on.

    Opinion World gives you 10 points just for signing up and filling out a questionnaire. 

    Payments are mainly through amazon or Flipkart gift vouchers. For Indians, it can also be gift cards from Shopper stop, Big Bazaar, etc. Read about reviews of this here.


    6. YSense

    Overall features: Clixsense, which has become a popular survey site, was once known as ySense.

    You can earn money in a variety of ways, including introducing friends, doing surveys, completing figure-eight puzzles, and earning the daily activity bonus.

    Promoting this website's referral program is another typical technique to get money.

    AdSense also offers some fantastic bonuses for Figure Eight activities, such as a $5 bonus for every $50 earned on the tasks.

    You can be paid in cash, Amazon gift cards, or other gift cards via PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill. Read some reviews of sense by clicking on the below site.


    7. Triaba India

    Overall features: 

    Triaba isn't one of the sites with the most opportunities, but the available ones are reasonable, and the site includes a dedicated India section.

    You can only earn money by taking surveys, but this makes the site highly user-friendly.

    You won't get as many as on other sites, but it's still worth signing up for because it's so simple to use.

    Paypal is the payment method for getting the amount for this survey site. Reviews for Triaba India say that this is legit and is emerging as one of the big sites for earning money through surveys.


    8. Telly Pulse

    Overall features: Star India Pvt. Ltd. owns Star Panel (Telly Pulse), which was founded in 2011.

    It was developed in collaboration with the market research firm Nepa India Pvt. Ltd, which is now in charge of the panel.

    The panel will deliver surveys on various topics to the email address you provided when you enrolled.

    The email will include a link to the survey as well as information on the survey's length and the reward you will earn if you complete it.

    Payment from these surveys is in the form of Flipkart gift cards and BookMyShow movie tickets.


    9. Opinionbureau

    Overall features:

    OpinionBureau is an online survey community that allows you to share your thoughts and earn money by participating in online surveys.

    Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd. ("IRB"), a New Delhi-based company, owns and operates its website (India).

    Typically, you will not receive a survey invitation in your mailbox; instead, you must manually log on to their website to search for available surveys.

    For each survey you qualify for and complete, you will be paid between 50 and 100 INR. The minimum amount redeemable is INR 250. Payment methods include gift cards and Paypal.

    Check out the below Youtube video for a review overview of this.


    10. ViewFruit India

    Overall features:Among the survey sites we've highlighted, it's one of the newest.
    You will earn 100 to 5000 points for each survey you complete after you register and begin participating.

    Apart from completing the surveys, you also have the following possibilities for making money:

    • Making polls and voting on polls are two very different things.
    • Having conversations with other participants
    • Encourage more individuals to participate in your survey.

    Members of View Fruit get paid in cash through PayPal. Once you've earned a minimum of 1500 points, you'll be able to redeem them. Click on the below link to get a reference for the reviews for this site.


    11. Surveyeah

    Overall features:This company is situated in Italy, but it has its survey panel in India, and becoming a member of this website does not require much work.

    This website is attractive and simple to use.

    Their surveys normally last 5 to 15 minutes, however, there may be shorter surveys that only take a minute to complete or longer ones that take 45 minutes to complete.

    You'll be pleased to learn that their payouts start at $10 and are made via PayPal or Amazon cards. Read some of the fantastic reviews of this site from the below link.


    12. Surveytime

    Overall features:The time spent in completing a survey for this website is less compared to the other survey sites.

    In comparison to other survey websites, the time spent completing a survey on this website is shorter.

    If you qualify for Surveytime, you will receive a large number of surveys in a single day through an email. 

    One of the best features of Surveytime is that it allows you to choose survey subjects after you've made your profile.

    You can earn roughly Rs.70 for completing one survey, and this website pays you using the PayPal digital payment network once your survey is completed.


    13. Streetbees

    Overall features:

    Streetbees is a reputable website founded in London that began operations in India a few years ago.

    Streetbees surveys are known as stories, and they can be completed in 5 minutes and submitted for approval.

    In terms of payout, Streetbees is a fantastic website because there is no minimum barrier that must be met to cash out.

    This page primarily contains all of the short surveys that may be completed in under 10 minutes.

    As soon as you complete your profile and qualify for surveys, Streetbees will deposit Rs 50 into your PayPal account as a registration incentive.

    Streetbees uses PayPal and Freecharge to pay their customers.


    14. Honeygain

    Overall features: 

    Honeygain is one of the greatest possibilities if you want to make money passively in India.

    It's a GPT site that allows you to earn money uniquely compared to the others on this list.

    You don't need to do anything else to earn once you've installed it on your computer or mobile device.

    Once you have earned $20, you can withdraw your funds using PayPal or Bitcoin.

    If you sign up using the link below, you'll immediately receive a $5 welcome bonus.

    Refer to the below link for additional information on Honeygain, including reviews and ratings.


    15. Timebucks

    Overall features:

    TimeBucks is a unique site that offers much more than paid surveys.

    Other ways to get money with Timebucks include taking surveys, watching slideshows, playing games, reading news, watching online content, sharing stuff on social media, and mining

    It's one of the most trustworthy websites on the web..

    Timebucks has a lot of surveys, and you'll get paid right away if you complete them.

    Timebucks pays its members via PayPal, Payza, and Bitcoin. Like all other sites, Timebucks will offer you a 15% ref



    According to the above article, we discovered how different sites' surveys can help people earn money in India.

    You will be successful since qualifying for paid survey sites is not difficult.

    All you'll need is some perseverance and patience.

    We are confident that these legitimate paid survey sites will significantly improve your monthly income because you may easily make additional money in addition to what you are already earning through all of the above-mentioned websites.

    Read how to raise your paid survey site earnings if you're having trouble with online survey sites, if your earnings aren't improving, or if you're getting screened out of surveys too freque

    Frequently Added Questions (FAQs)

    Q1: Can I Earn money by survey?

    Ans: In India, there are usually no registration costs to begin earning money from an online survey. This makes online survey employment quite appealing, particularly for those looking for a quick buck.

    As a result, these jobs are excellent choices for students because they involve no upfront expenditure.

    Q2: Which survey sites pay cash?

    Ans: Swagbucks is a well-known survey company that rewards you for taking surveys Swagbucks points can also be won by playing games, making web searches, and viewing videos.

    When you complete surveys for Swagbucks, you may convert your points for cash or gift cards.

    Q3: Are Online Surveys safe?

    Ans: Completing paid internet surveys is a simple method to supplement your income. Your online surveys will have a protected level of security that you can inculcate in respondents if you use features like SSL and password protection.

    Respondents can feel safe contributing useful feedback to your organisation since their personal information is protected. 

    Q4: Which survey sites pay the most in India?

    Ans: Upwork, a global online marketplace for freelancing, is trusted by millions of people. It is one of the most trustworthy online earning sites for people looking to get started and earn a high-paying gig online.

    Managers trust this website, thus it's possible to find full-time work here.


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