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Social Media Apps In India

Want to know about Social Media Apps in India? Well you have landed on the right article .Social networking has irrefutably reshaped social interactions for the better. 

Every social media platform's rise has been inevitable since its start. According to recent research, Facebook and YouTube continue to dominate this scene among adults, while most younger users appear to prefer Snapchat and Instagram.

How can social media platforms affect their users' social connections if they are so widely used? Social networking sites add another channel for communication, conversation, and innovation.

Users can communicate with family and friends and keep up with their life by posting on social media. They can interact with peers in real-time from anywhere by using chat.

Users are also introduced to individuals from diverse backgrounds and have the opportunity to share ideas with them, effectively expanding and diversifying their universe.

Furthermore, users can improve their communication, reading, and critical thinking skills by using these networks.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have proven to be excellent arenas for media organizations to reach a bigger audience, enabling social media users to be more politically conscious.

Young users can establish their ideas on social topics and share them publicly .Below listed is the best Social media apps in India .

Social Media Apps In India

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp, one of the most popular social media networks, has already exceeded the number of other social media apps in India and messaging networks.

It is included in top 10 social media apps in India .

With a large user base, which has overshadowed Facebook Messenger grades, it has proven to be one of the greatest social media programs.

People in over 180 countries use it. It was first solely used to connect with friends and family members.

This top ten social networking site has created a WhatsApp Business business platform for people in business to have a legitimate professional profile to post updates and offer customer service.

Whatsapp was also mentioned in the Best Apps For Personal Texting.


  • Voice call, video call, and group video call
  • Web WhatsApp: Use your PC to manage your account.
  • Saved offline messages
  • Back up your conversations and media files.
  • Share contact information, locations, and any type of document.

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  • User Friendly
  • Allows sharing live location
  • Audio Video calling
  • End to End encryption
  • Free of cost
  • Ads-free


  • File size limit

  • Contact number is essential to begin a conversation
  • No sign out option
  • Deleting a message or leaving a group leaves a trace.

App rating review: 4.3

2. Instagram


Instagram is also another excellent social networking app idea that has gone viral.
It now has millions of users worldwide, and the number is growing by the day.

It is included in top 10 social media apps in India .

And best social networking app in India. Instagram offers a new feature to better engage its users every other day. 

Instagram allows you to post a variety of content, including films, live videos, photographs, and stories.

It has recently introduced IGTV to accommodate long-form videos. Establish a business profile on this popular social networking platform to promote your company, and it will provide you with detailed information on your posts, views, likes, and profile.


  • Share photographs and videos, as well as stories with unique effects.
  • Browse your feed and engage with posts
  • Go live to connect with your friends.

  • Message your pals in private

  • In the Explore tab, you can find videos, photographs, and stories that you might be interested in. It's a fantastic social media software that allows users to schedule posts using 3rd tools.

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  • Engaging platform, ideal for social interaction with a large audience
  • Short videos and photos are super engaging

  • Excellent to enhance digital engagement and interaction


  • Requires good photos

  • Limited space to describe the photos

App rating review: 4.0

3. Twitter

Twitter is a well-known real-time public micro-blogging platform where users can receive fresh updates in seconds.

Its short word limit characteristic has been praised by most mobile social networking app makers and users.

The focus of this app is on real-time information and what is occurring around the globe, making this one of the greatest social networking apps and websites, distinctive and unusual from other platforms.

Twitter is another prominent social media platform for customer service. As per advertisers, Twitter handles more than 80% of social customer care inquiries.


  • With a single tap, you may access premium and unique live streams.

  • Learn about your favorite sports, news, entertainment, and so forth.
  • View popular themes and hashtags.
  • Private conversations with friends and followers
  • Get recommendations to follow notable people.

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  • Most accessible platform

  • An attractive platform that provides price and engaging information in just one tweet.


  • Limits you to 280 characters, and can't post a long message

  • Everything gets updated on the timeline, so messages can be missed easily.

App rating review: 3.6

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals worldwide .It is included in top 10 social media apps in India . 

Users can expand their professional network by connecting with other professionals.
Users may easily market themselves and their company.

It may also be employed as a social media app, and firms utilize it to demonstrate their authority and influence in their sector and entice promising talent.

LinkedIn also provides opportunities for business promotion, such as delivering targeted adverts, enhancing your information, and showcasing ads on the site.

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  • Ideal for professional connections and interactions

  • Most suitable platform to connect with brands, businesses, employers, and prospects.


  • Has limited users in comparison to other platforms

  • Facilitates limited interaction, mostly professional

App rating review: 4.3

5. YouTube

YouTube is not only one of the finest social media applications, but it is also one of the finest video streaming apps .

YouTube has everything from music to movies, private videos to independent movies.

The second most popular social networking app, YouTube, is also the second-biggest search engine behind Google.

So, if you wish to market your business or brand, this is an excellent platform.

The second most popular social networking app, YouTube, is also the second-biggest search engine behind Google. So, if you wish to market your business or brand, this is an excellent platform.


  • Access to subscription channels and streams is simple.

  • Video management based on your preferences
  • Improved video and live broadcasts of your favorite stuff
  • Dark mode and a large screen interface
  • YouTube TV allows you to live stream 40+ channels.

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  • Ideas are endless
  • A plethora of videos on each and every subject

  • The best platform to express thoughts and interaction


  • Videos need to be of high quality and informative to gain traction.

  • Also budget needs to be allocated for creating and promoting videos on Youtube.

App rating review: 4.7

6. Sharechat

With millions of users, ShareChat is Indian social media apps.

It is a multi-linguistic program that allows us to talk and download videos, post-WhatsApp statuses, and post-Instagram stories.

This app enables you to create a WhatsApp sticker from any image and share posts or groups on WhatsApp.

You can socialize by joining chat rooms in 15 different languages or creating your own.


  • Make humorous videos with 300+ Emoji stickers and face filters.

  • Become a celebrity by exhibiting your talent.
  • Notifies you of the most recent trends in your area.

  • It offers a daily forecast and astrology

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  • Available in multiple languages

  • Facilitates easy chat with a large number of people

  • Get all trendy news instantly


  • You can only share photos and videos but not chat

  • Uploading and posting require following certain rules like hashtags, group admin's permission, etc.

App rating review: 4.3

7. Moj

Moj, which was started in June 2020, has become a perfect social media sites following the suspension of TikTok and has stayed focused on short video content.

This app is ideal for both video artists and those looking for enjoyment.it is included in indian social media apps.

Moj is a must-have app for anybody in India, whether you want to earn followers and become an influencer or just keep busy on your journey.

To create the perfect upload, Moj App's editing studio includes a variety of video filters, special effects, stickers, and audio greetings.

You can record in selfie or standard mode and get driven by other individuals' new video fads.

If you are not interested in making videos but want to use this social media network, you can register an account and follow your buddies by searching their names.

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  • Available in multiple Indian languages
  • Provides trending news

  • Watch millions of videos to get inspired and entertained


  • Doesn't permit editing, music tracks, or adding special effects.

  • At times users report issues with signing in and posting content.

App rating review: 4.5

8. Koo

Koo is India's version on the microblogging site Twitter. Like Twitter, you may communicate, express yourself, and exchange audio and videos here.

This app also allows you to use Indian languages. Koo is a made-in-India competitor to the renowned microblogging site Twitter.

The Koo app has risen in popularity during the struggle between microblogging site Twitter and the Indian government over revised IT restrictions.

It lets users follow other people and read their feeds. Users can send text messages or exchange video or audio messaging.

It is a fun and simple-to-use app. It currently supports Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Tamil, and English, with more languages on the way. Moreover, messages are known as Koo and can be 400 characters.

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  • Available in multiple regional languages
  • Allows sharing opinions and updates

  • Keeps users updated about trending topics


  • Limited users

  • It will take time to gain global recognition

App rating review: 4.5

9. Chingari

Chingari video-sharing app can help you create and share funny films by lip-syncing to your favorite songs or using speech from classic Indian movie sequences.

This social media app now features video calling as a way to interact with friends and an infinite news feed of short music videos, dancing videos, comedy, and more.

Chingari was created in 2018 and quickly became a competitive choice among social networking platforms that contain short films.

It was updated in 2020 to satisfy the requirements of a target audience that wants to upload videos to promote their talents and acquire online recognition. 

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  • Watch and share trending videos
  • Available in multiple regional languages.

  • One can even customize the video with effects, voice-over, lip-sync, and dance.
  • Allows connecting people through direct messages
  • One can even generate revenue through it.


  • Poor interface

  • The average quality of videos
  • Not ad- free

App rating review: 4.5

10. Josh

Josh is a fantastic Indian social platform and another networking site launched in June 2020 to share and enjoy short films.

Socialize with friends and producers you enjoy to see a personalized stream of videos tailored to you.

As a result, you may either watch humorous clips from the greatest influences or contribute your own stuff.

The Explore Page can also be used to keep up with video trends, find hashtags, and locate the best audio clips.

Another fantastic feature of the Josh app is its full-featured editing facility, enabling you to simply add special effects and music to your videos!

Select from augmented reality masks, games, backdrops, face warping, and emotions to spice up your upload.

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  • It allows you to create videos of any genre.

  • You can modify videos using your app.Requires a lot of permissions
  • You can choose from a variety of gifs, stickers, and filters.


  • For user interfaces, there is only one display setting choice.

App rating review: 4.1

11. Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the most popular social networking apps in India , websites, and micro-blogging platforms.

 The younger generation uses this app for business or to showcase enticing characteristics such as customized blog sharing platforms and variable blog material.

It includes an easy-to-use interface and offers a blog writing and debate platform.

Tumblr users share a wide range of blogs, including technology, entertainment, art, fashion, nature, and many other topics.


  • More than 250 lovely text blocks

  • Post text, photographs, videos, audio, live videos, and GIFs to reach your target audience.
  • Make GIFs with text and stickers.

  • Integration of social media
  • To make your message stand out, use viral tags.

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  • Simple micro-blogging platform

  • Easy to use and share content

  • Offers a diverse category of blogs


  • Limited customization and privacy options

  • Not a complete alternative to other social media apps
  • The chat interface needs improvement

App rating review: 4.1

12. Reddit

Reddit is one of the top social apps. This platform is a popular destination for mobile social media sites in India users with its most appealing appearance.

The social media app has a large community of smart individuals who discuss, chat, and share photos and videos. 

Its qualities earn it a spot among the top ten social networking sites.

Subreddits are specialized forums in the list of social media platforms for pretty much everything. 


  • A global conversation forum with thousands of unique participants.

  • Join the conversation as per your choice and create subreddits/ create a community.

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  • Simple to use and set up the account

  • Effective in bringing traffic
  • Helps in answering various question

  • Allows users to openly debate current events with other users.


  • It is confusing, and knowledge of terms is essential.

  • Overflowing with content makes it hard to find suitable content.
  • Too many users and distributed wisdom

App rating review: 4.8

13. Indian Messenger App

Indian Messenger, created by Loopytime Private Limited, is one of the most famous chat apps in India.

The Indian Messenger app, which has over 130k consumers across the nation, has based its advertising on the "voice for local" campaign.

This Indian messaging application includes a built-in social networking component, as well as calls, stories, chat requests, and a global search. 

Users of the Indian Messaging app can send a message to an infinite number of recipients.

For seamless engagement, Indian Messenger enables photos, videos, audio messages, and several file formats.

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  • Easy to use and set up

  • Perfect for chatting and messaging

  • Offers features like Voice calling, video calling, and text chatting.


  • It can be used by Indians

  • The interface is not very appealing
  • Doesn't have filters and effects

App rating review: 4.0

14. Hike Sticker Chat

The hike is one of the earliest Indian messaging platforms, with the slogan "building a new social future."

Hike chat messenger is made to accomplish well even in slow network settings.

Hike, an alternate Indian software to WhatsApp, was also one of the first to integrate a sticker system for messaging.

Another factor contributing to Hike becoming one of India's most popular chat applications is its dedication to data security.

Hike Messenger is not an ad-supported app, nor does it trade user data to third-party apps for profit.

Instead, it uses micro-transactions, subscriptions, and various other methods to deliver the finest communication experience at a reasonable cost.

Disclaimer: The Hike Sticker Chat app was discontinued in January 2021.

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  • It is free to use and supports both national and international communications.

  • The hike includes a plethora of intriguing and helpful stickers and emojis of nearly every variety.

  • Group and broadcast messages are both available.

  • It also includes your personal assistant, Natasha.
  • It offers a very good and unique offline SMS sending feature
  • Hike's most appealing feature is that it supports file transfers of all types, including apk, doc, pdf, and others.


  • It does not have a video calling feature.

  • They should improve their user interface because it occasionally lags.

App rating review: 4.5


These top social media apps that we have featured here are well-liked by a large number of users.

Thus, whether for personal use or to increase professional visibility, you may select the best option for you and benefit from the advantages that you receive.

Furthermore, such social networking apps have proven to be extremely useful in allowing users to maintain their connections from the comfort of their own homes. These platforms also help you to interact online comfortably.

Some of them even go above and beyond by providing you with a stage for creatively sharing thoughts and expressions with a network of your choice. Hope you liked our article about social media apps in India .If you have any comments or suggestions do share them in comments below.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Q1) Which is the best social media app in India?

Without question, Whatsapp and Instagram are two of India's most popular social networking platforms. These facilitate social engagement and communication with friends and family who live in different locations.

These are ideal for anyone wishing to connect with a large group of friends.

Q2) Which is an Indian app like WhatsApp?

Indian Messenger, created by Loopytime Private Limited, is one of India's most popular chat apps.

Moreover, it is the Indian version of Whatsapp. The Indian Messenger app, which has over 150k users across the nation, has facilitated all the features, including in-built social networking features and calls, stories, chats, etc.

Q3) Which app is most used in India?

As per the top ranking apps in India, the most popular social media app used in India is Whatsapp. WhatsApp is one of the top ten most popular apps in 2022, providing users with free messaging and calling services that are simple, fast, and safe.


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