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Skyrocket Your Affiliate sales With Amazon Comparison Tables

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace as it is dominated with the use and the application of the internet.

Due to global digitalization, a number of creative people, who otherwise find regular corporate jobs or desk jobs boring, have found a way to not only creatively express themselves but also to earn money from it.

There are various ways of earning with the help of social media platforms. Some people have also picked up blogging full-time as a career. 

In case you are not familiar with what blogging is, let us explain it to you briefly. A blog is a discussion or informal entry on the internet, often informative about a certain topic.

A blogger writes a blog to educate people on a particular topic. Blogs can be of several types. You can find travel blogs, blogs about gadgets, etc. 

Apart from blogging, another term that is doing the rounds these days is- content creation. As the name suggests, a content creator creates content. You may wonder, content about what?

Content for whom? Well, a content creator can make content for anyone, for the general audience, or even for a particular group. 

For example, you can find a content creator who makes content related to travel, lifestyle, job, under one roof, or a content creator who has a distinct niche. An example of the latter would be content creators who create content solely about gadgets.

Such content creators create content to inform you about the newly launched gadgets. 

They buy the product, use the product, explain its features and pros and cons to you, review the product and provide all other information that you might be willing to know.

What is meant by affiliate sales?

Another common way of earning for businesses and content creators is through affiliate sales. Affiliate sales or affiliate marketing is an advertising tool. This tool helps businesses make money through advertisements for a product. 

Whenever you search for something on Google or any of your preferred search engines, you have to click on a blog’s or website’s link to read the article. While scrolling through the page, you must have seen a small box containing an advertisement for some product.

As you click on the link or on that box, you are directed to another page from where you can place an order for that particular product. This way of advertising is called Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a very common method of marketing. We are sure that all of us have seen such an AD box at least once in our lives.

Affiliate marketing is an effective tool. Two people or groups of people earn money through this marketing tool. First, is the blogger or creator who has been approached to play the advertisement. Second, is the firm whose products are being advertised. 

The creator is paid by the company for playing the advertisement and directing potential customers to the website’s owner. The product producer or dealer gets paid when people follow the link provided by them and place an order.

What is an Amazon Associate?

Content creation looks easy from far, but the truth is that the process can be exhausting. Sometimes, it takes hundreds of takes to get one perfect shot or video for the content. The competition is ever-rising with a number of people taking to content creation.

You will see tons of content creators these days and what makes one creator stand apart from another is the quality of content produced.

In the case of videos, creators have to ensure using a good quality camera. Most vloggers and creators also have to purchase expensive camera gears and tripods to hold the camera still, and so on.

With so many expenses to occur and after putting in so many hours trying to curate the best content possible, it is natural for bloggers and content creators to want to make money through the content they make. 

This is where the Amazon Associate program comes in handy. The Amazon Associate program helps bloggers, publishers, and other types of content creators to monetize their traffic.

It is a type of affiliate program that helps bloggers and website owners to make money by creating effective links on their respective platforms. When potential customers click on these links to make a final purchase, content creators receive a certain amount upon the initiation of purchase.

The program is completely free for all and can be activated by any content creator.

What does the term traffic refer to?

Traffic essentially means the number of visitors that your website or content in general has. Traffic can be less or more, frequent and rare, depending upon the type of content and the platform it is being published on.

Viral videos and popular websites often experience more traffic. However, the traffic might not be constant. Content published online can become unpopular over time, reducing its traffic over time.

What does monetization of traffic mean?

When content creators put in tremendous time and effort in curating content, they expect some return as well. While appreciation and admiration keep one motivated and inspired, it does not pay one’s bills.

Nobody ever disliked making more money than they currently do. This is why monetization of traffic is important. Presently, there are over 600 million blogs in the world, out of 1.9 billion websites. 

The Amazon Associate program helps bloggers and content creators to monetize their traffic and earn money through their content.

What is AAWP? And how is it beneficial for you and your business?

AAWP is a program that is designed specifically to allow people to make money through the Amazon Associates Plugin Program.

AAWP offers all the necessary tools that an individual would require to dominate the affiliate marketing game, in turn, increasing your chances of making more money in the long run.

The concerned software is equipped with tools that allow users to create captivating layouts for the respective Amazon product which enhances the overall user experience.

All the links can be updated in case of any changes which ensures that content creators will secure commission with the help of the AAWP system.

Amazon is a global platform and with the help of Geo-Targeting features, the aspect of making money is maximized for content creators and bloggers.

The presence of a comparison table feature also makes it easier for the users to make the final decision. The chances of sales significantly increase with the presence of such AAWP tool.

Moreover, the software can be availed at various pricing points starting from $43. All this and more makes AAWP a great software that individuals can use to earn money on the go.

What are the problems faced in this field?

While many blogs and websites rely on advertising as their primary source of earning, a common problem that most of them encounter is that after a while it becomes difficult to maintain and manage.

Those who are not aware of the technicalities more often than not find themselves struggling with AdSense code and the WordPress theme. Having to keep track of all the banners being sold on your website is another nightmare.

Thankfully, these issues can be easily fixed by adopting a professional management system for the Ads you are dealing with.

AAWP is the one-stop solution to all of your issues related to affiliate sales issues. AAWP is an Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress, curated keeping in mind the maximization of your earnings and profits from the Associate’s Program. 

AAWP is the one-stop solution to all of your issues related to affiliate sales issues. AAWP is an Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress, curated keeping in mind the maximization of your earnings and profits from the Associate’s Program.

What are the features of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

Before we proceed to discuss the other aspects of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin, let us discuss the important features of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin. Being aware of these features will help you understand the concept and working of AAWP better and you will get a better understanding of its many benefits for your business.

The Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin comes with the following features:

  1. Comparison tables-

    At some point in life, you must have gone shopping. If you are a woman who has gone shopping for clothes, especially sarees or are a man who has accompanied a woman to a saree shop, you must have seen how the shopkeeper continuously shows different products and compares one to another. 

    This is true for any shopping experience irrespective of the product to purchase and the location of the shop. It is a human tendency to want to pick up and take home only the best product available in the market.

    Have you ever purchased something online? Even if you haven’t, if you have ever visited Amazon and searched for any particular product, you must have definitely felt like comparing it with other similar products as well.

    When people spend their hard-earned money, they want to compare the features of all products and compare their features.

    This can seem difficult when shopping online if you have to keep jumping from one page to another to see another product of similar type in the given price range.

    This problem is solved by comparison tables. Amazon features comparison tables for boosting your affiliate sales by displaying products of similar type alongside. This is hands down the best feature of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin.
  1. Text links-

    If you have ever shopped online, you might have seen there is an option of “get link” attached somewhere in the advertisement block.

    This link leads you directly to the product in question. In short, text links mean adding customizable text links inside the running text by using shortcodes.

    Text links are as simple in terms of concept as their name. As suggested by their names, text links are simply texts that are linked to the product with your affiliate code.
  1. Product boxes-

    The simplest of things can affect our shopping experience by great margins. Sometimes we do not even notice these little details but they are really significant in our shopping experience.

    One such feature is that of product boxes. Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin allows you to display one single box for one or multiple products.

    In this time and age, appearance and visual appeal matter a lot, and these things are capable of creating a huge difference in the interest and willingness of a customer to buy a particular product.

    This feature helps you promote a specific product or multiple products in eye-appealing boxes, making the customer more interested in purchasing the product.
  1. Bestseller lists-

    Any business venture strives to satisfy the customer’s needs and preferences over anything else. Earlier it was easy for businesses to make the customer feel compelled to submit to the business’ way of working but now the market is extremely customer-oriented.

    As a result, if the customer’s needs aren’t taken care of, any business is about to fail.

    It does not matter if the purchase is taking place online or offline, the customer, no matter where he or she is from or what product they want to buy, always is on the lookout for the best and the most effortless shopping experience.

    It is easy for sellers to cheat on customers in online purchases. As a result, customers prefer buying products only that fall under the “bestseller” category. This ensures the prospective buyer that the product they are thinking of buying is loved by many.

    If a product is visibly in demand and is being loved by the other customers, it has more chances of being sold. Keeping this in mind, AAWP provides the bestselling products links so the customers can choose the best product from the various products available online.
  1. New releases list- Accordingly, customers can decide if they want to wait for the new release or would rather buy one of the existing products.

    It is not possible for the customer to keep track of all the newly released products. It is difficult for the advertiser as well to keep track of all the products they are advertising.

    Some products that have been released a long time ago can see a decline in their demands with time. As a result, the businesses need to stay updated about what is coming up.

    The customer also needs to stay up-to-date with the new releases given that some products become obsolete with time. To tackle this problem, the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin comes with the “new releases list” feature.

    This feature helps the websites, bloggers, and content creators to keep featuring the newly releasing products. It also helps the customers in staying aware of the newest products being launched.
  1. Data fields-

    People these days are always short of time. They always want the easiest and most convenient way to use a particular product. This is true also while browsing advertisements that involuntarily appear on their screens while scrolling through some completely irrelevant blog.

    A customer is less likely to click on the AD link by looking at the product alone.

    This is why the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin comes with the feature of data fields. Data fields allow showing information of individual products such as the price or “buy” option anywhere in your posts or pages.
  1. Widgets-

    One of the most popular features of AAWP is the feature of widgets. Widgets are blocks of prepared content and are mostly present only in the sidebars or the header or the footer.

    Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin comes with the feature of configurable widgets which let you add elements such as product descriptions, bestseller lists, etc. Since widgets are configurable, they offer the liberty to make it look as you want it to.

    These are some of the basic but essential features of AAWP. Affiliate sales are a great source of earnings and if you have good traffic on your website or blog, it would be foolish to let go of this excellent opportunity.

    Several content creators are already using AAWP to maximize their earnings. It’s high time you join the tens of thousands of people who are already benefiting from the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin.

What are the benefits of using the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin (AAWP)?

If the features mentioned above have not convinced you already and if your mind is still in splits, you should read the benefits of AAWP. The points mentioned below will give you a clearer and better grasp of the advantages of AAWP.

Let us discuss the pros of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin briefly.

The most important advantages of AAWP are:

  1. Geo-targeting- supports multiple Amazon countries-

    The effectiveness of the internet has made it possible for people to engage in business deals even after being miles apart physically. As a result of this, your visitors staying in South Africa might be visiting your blog written in India.

    Does that mean the Ads on your pages become irrelevant to them? No, it does not.

    AAWP comes with Geo-targeting. This feature helps you direct your customers to their local Amazon store. As a result, your customer from the US does not have to visit the Amazon India page for the product he wants.

    He will be directed to the page in the US where he can easily order the product from. This simple but visionary feature makes it very convenient for the customers and thus makes shopping easier for them.

  2. Higher Amazon Affiliate conversion-
    AAWP helps you earn more conversion rates. AAWP ensures you always post up-to-date data on your posts or blogs. Thus getting AAWP increases your conversion rate. Through AAWP, the links get generated dynamically. The date is cached ensuring the display of fresh and accurate data.

  3. Auto Product Update-
    AAWP saves you from exhausting hours manually updating data. Even the most hardworking performer is bound to get tired. It is not possible for a human being to update relevant data time and again manually. Moreover, you do not have to do it either. AAWP does this job on your behalf.

    Since AD displays are often based on a customer’s search history, AAWP processes the data and curates the most up-to-date data possible for the users.

    This is an important advantage because people only want to see relevant Ads. This feature, therefore, saves time for the blogger and keeps the website updated on its own.

  4. Amazon compliance-
    AAWP is GDPR compliant. It ensures that data collection only takes place as and when needed. This helps maintain the privacy of the users. Data theft is a hot topic these days. AAWP complies with all the rules of the parent company as well as local laws, making it safe for its owners.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin pricing

  1. Personal- this one costs just €49 including taxes.
    Features of this plan:
    • Covers one site.

    • No multisite usage

    • One year of updates

    • And a year of support

2. Plus- this is the most popular plan and costs €129 inclusive of all taxes.

Features of this plan:

  • Covers three sites.

  • Allows multi site usage

  • A year of updates

  • One year of support

3. Pro plan- the features of this plan are:

  • Covers ten sites

  • Multisite usage allowed

  • One year of updates

  • One year of support

4. Ultimate plan- as its name suggests, this is the ultimate plan one could need for their website

Features of this plan:

  • Covers twenty-five sites

  • Allows multi site usage

  • A year of updates

  • One year of support

Amazon help and support

AAWP tries its best to provide the necessary help and support that its users may need. For the smooth processing of the work, they offer detailed documentation guidelines. In case of further confusion, a section called “Frequently Asked Questions” is present on their website.

In case of further confusion, a section called “Frequently Asked Questions” is present on their website.

  • Other features of AAWP
  1. Amazon partner networks- This is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world. Amazon partner network is a platform where bloggers, affiliates, and website owners meet.

    This network helps you claim a great reimbursement. AAWP gets you access to this network which means it will help improve your commission.

  2. Prepared templates- Prepared templates are another feature of AAWP that makes the job easier. These prepared templates are made by trained and qualified professionals who curate these keeping in mind the business needs.

  3. Click tracking- Version 3.1.2 introduced several enhancements to the existing module. Features like changelog, click-tracking, and custom-template updating were added to ensure customer satisfaction.

  4. Caching- It is an important feature of AAWP. AAWP strives to make your job easier. This means that you do not have to manually update data. To save your time and energy AAWP supports data caching. The data is cached and is used by AAWP to curate the most up-to-date ads for your site.

  5. Amazon Prime flagging- AAWP increases your commissions by flagging Prime articles when referring to new articles. As a result, it contributes to your profit maximization even more.

Drawbacks of AAWP-

Like all other things in the world, AAWP also has a few drawbacks. Consider the pros and cons before availing of AAWP. Here are some of the drawbacks of AAWP to help you decide better.

  1. Low rate of conversion- Amazon’s conversion rates begin from 4% and goes up to 10% in most cases. As compared to other programs, Amazon pays just enough to call it monetization.

  2. The Short duration of the cookies- a major drawback of the AAWP is the short duration of the cookies. In the AAWP, the cookies last for just about 24 hours.

    These are some major drawbacks of AAWP. However, these are small cons in exchange for the great benefits it offers.

How to Install AAWP?

If you are planning on getting AAWP, this is how you can install it:

  1. Install plugin- as you finish your purchase, you will receive an email containing your download link. Use the link to download the plugin. After that, log in to your WordPress account and use the “Install plugin” functionality. Having done that, activate your plugin.

  2. Products Advertising API- follow these steps in the same order
  • Sign up for the advertising API.

  • Create your API credentials.

  • In your WordPress dashboard, go to the plugin settings.

  • Enter previously selected access keys, choose your country, and add the tracking ID.

  • Save your input.
  1. 3
    General configuration and settings- you can now make general configuration and make settings as you please. You may now use shortcodes for displaying the products. Single or multiple products can be displayed using shortcodes in the WordPress editor.

    You can also create text links as per your needs.

    Settings can be changed as and when you please according to your needs. AAWP, therefore, makes managing the advertisements on your posts effortless. If you are struggling with managing ads, we recommend using AAWP

Final Overview

These were some of the most fundamental concepts related to AAWP. Be sure to conduct a thorough research to obtain more information about this topic. Seek professional help if you continue to have queries and questions about the concept.

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