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Siteground (Not accepting Indian Application anymore, check my Hostgator review article)

January 1, 2022

2022 Update: Hey guys, siteground has stopped accepting Indian Hosting accounts, So i have stopped recommending it. Kindly check my Hostgator Review article. Hostgator is the best shared hosting in the market right now.

This article was written in 2019, so the information is outdated now.

After doing digital marketing for over 7+ years, i  have tried almost all popular hostings out there.

Be it godaddybluehosthostgatorDigitalocean and many more.

Earlier i thought Digitalocean was the best as its a VPS so you get the whole server for yourself that means a faster site.

But i was wrong.

In 2015 i was reading a lot of great reviews about siteground hosting, so i gave it a try.

And today all my sites are hosted on siteground

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You know why?

Because its amazzzzinggg.

Shifting to siteground was one of the best and most profitable decision of my life. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when my website speed increased by a massive 127% just by changing my hosting. and this speed helped me get more organic traffic and hence more money.

Google loves a fast-loading website. So siteground hosting not only helped me make my websites load faster, their support is absolutely mind blowing.

Being a website owner you are bound to have issues with your site, now wither you can pay a wordpress expert to correct them or use the knowledgeble siteground support staff who do everything for free and that too  in just few minutes.

My website was hacked in may 2017, and i could have hired a wordpress security guy for $200 but siteground support staff cleaned my website for free that too in just 30 minutes.

You also get free migration, so even if you have your site hosted on any different website hosting, siteground support staff will transfer your website to siteground hosting free of cost. Now this cant get better right, wait i have saved the best news for last which will bring the biggest smile on your face.

The price of a shared siteground hosting is SAME as that of godaddy or bluehost. So you get a blazing fast site, ultra awesome support, free migration and so much more at the same price. 

Also, if you are not satisfied with the hosting  you get a 30 day money back gaurantee

Now you know that i make my living from my websites. 

Even a few hour of downtime loses me a lot of money. So if i am trusting my business and all my sites on siteground then there must be a reason behind it right?

Its  not just me who loves siteground, there are thousands of other webmaster who have rated siteground a #1 host in various facebook polls.

Here are all the reasons why i recommend siteground to all my clients and readers:

Siteground Review - Why I host all my 12+ websites on Siteground Hosting

Reason 1: Always comes #1 in multiple Facebook polls

In multiple Facebook pools of online entrepreneurs, developers, individual bloggers etc, siteground always comes at the top:

Reason 2: Why i use them

  • My websites are blazing fast which inturn helps me drive more free organic traffic and hence make more money
  • Their speed technology is faster than any other hosting company out there.
  • Any website that shifts to siteground see a decrease in load  time of their site by atleast 1 second, that is massive.
  • They are rated #1 in wordpress speed facebook group
  • Their one click cloudflare activation helps you get a free CDN without needing technical expertise.
  • Nowadays google is highly recommending getting a SSL certificate, with siteground hosting you get a free Lets encrypt SSL, other hostings charge for this service.
  • You get automatic daily backups, this is vital for your website as you never know if you ever get hacked you need a backup. Other hostings charge for this service as well.
  • They have 30 day money back gaurantee
  • Their wordpress support is voted #1 hosting support on the internet. Your tickets are resolved within 10 minutes. With godaddy, bluehost and others it takes atleast 30 minutes.
  • I can go on and on and on, if you dont want to waste your time researching for the best hosting for your site, then go for siteground and thank me later 🙂

Search for a perfect domain name by using our domain checker below 

Reason 3: Your website becomes ultra fast

Its not just me who is saying this, there are thousands of others who agree with me, check for yourself.

Here are people who migrated to siteground and posted their results on twitter:


Reason 4: Their Speed technology 

This is one of the biggest reason people choose them.

They use a extremely powerful combination of NGINX servers, Solid state drives (SSd's), PHP7, 1-click cloudlfare CDN and HTTP/2 servers.

Along with this, you get a SG optimizer plugin and supercacher that will further improve your site loading time.

speed technology

Reason 5: Latest PHP versions

They have the latest technologies that even other hosting companies dont have


Reason 6: 1-click cloudlfare activation

Instead of signing up on cloudflare and learn the complicated process, you can click one button to enable the free CDN. Now i was surprised when i saw this feature because earlier my developer was handling such complicated tasks

one click cloudflare

Reason 7: Data centers

Now its a known fact the closer your website hosting is to your main traffic source (for example if your majority traffic is coming from the US, it is preferred to have a data center close to US as it helps in increasing your website speed) the faster is your loading speed.

Siteground offers 5 different data centers that you can choose. Also siteground data centers use redundant storage so your website will never go down because of electrical problems.

data centers

Reason 8: Support (one of the main reason why i chose sitegorund)

Trust me when i say that a hosting company is defined by the support they provide to their customers.

Its always me thanking their supor staff for quick resolution of my queries. They are highly knowledgebale and quick to respond. 

Tickets are usually answered within 10 minutes.

If you are on their growbig or gogeek plan then it will be answered in even less time as you get priority support.


They have the fastest support in the industry.

Reason 9: Recommended by WordPress , Joomla, Drupal etc

Siteground is the only host listed on all three as a recommended hosting.

If such big companies are recommending siteground, then there must be a big reason behind it right.







Reason 10: The main problem with Bluehost, Hostgator : EIG Companies

You might get surprised to know that Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, Site5, Hostmonstare and tons of other hosting companies are owned by same awful firm EIG. 

Here is the full list for ryour review.

Now EIG is infamous for taking over companies, firing their employees and completely ruining the companies by downgrading their hardware and packaging more customers on the same server.

This is amazing for EIG profits , but not for You as a customer.

problem bluehost

This was it from my end

I can write 10 more reasons why you should select siteground over any other host, in the end decision is yours.

If you want to sign up with sitegorund, click the link below and get yourself a ultra fast hosting for your site.

Ankur Aggarwal

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  • Can you recommend which plan of siteground to buy? and can we upgrade if needed? I am new to your affiliate marketing course, just on video no 3. Thanks.

    • You can start with startup hosting if you are planning to host one website or you can go with grow big which supports multiple websites, also they have some offers

  • Yes, that’s true I am using Siteground hosting from 2 years and I never have any complaint about hosting. Also, the uptime is really very nice. My site never went down That’s the main advantages and make Siteground special.

  • Hello sir i want free theme.
    Sir you are my insparation.
    Sir me bhi digital marketing aur afliate marketing me kuch bada karna chahta hu par aisa koi yt mujhe mila nenhi tha par jabse apke channel dekha hun tab se laga raha hai ki han kuch toh kar sakta hu apne khud ke dam pe kuch ban sakta hun.

  • For Example, if I had used W3 Total Cache Plugin in WordPress and after entering into the Siteground C panel, Shall I need to delete the Plugin because the Siteground itself has a cache right?
    What’s your answer sir

  • That’s an excellent review of Siteground from your side Ankur and Thanks for sharing it.
    But I myself is using Vultr SSD VPS for hosting all of my WordPress sites, it is giving me exceptional page loading and server speed, I never faced any downtime to my sites.
    I didn’t give a try to Siteground, but I will do so in the future.


  • hello sir, I am not sure if u will have the time to watch this, the problem for me is that i have a sbi debit card. And although it is a global card iam not able to convert it into international transatcions . SBI’s internet banking is also a crap so i wasn’t able to buy domain in siteground. i am thinking to begin with hostgator for now and then later switch to siteground. I know its my problem to begin with but there are many guys who may have the same problem, so i took my time to share my experience while buying a domain in siteground. peaceout! 🙂

  • Hi Ankur Sir,
    I want to know if the total traffic in my site is more than 100K then, there is no other plan in SiteGround to upgrade, right?
    So what to do if my traffic goes beyond 100K, in Siteground?

  • Im beginner in this field,
    I have go through all course videos of Amazon affiliate and digital marketing made by you and its inspired me lot.

    Thank u sir

  • Hello Sir, Good Information In This Video. I Like Your All Video Because I get Important Information In Your Videos.
    Sir i have a own website. Sir, I have posted an article Sir, it comes very traffic for 2 or 4 days but then it gets done low and then it start to come back again after 2 or 4 days.
    Why, so

  • Hi Ankur! I plan to create a WordPress website with SiteGround. But, there are a few questions on my mind. Could you please answer them?
    1. Since the payment for web-hosting is to be made in Dollars to a non-resident company, will any TDS be deducted from the payment?
    2. Also, are there any other regulatory requirements? Will I be required to fill any form in the bank for making a payment in Dollars?
    Please respond. I have immense respect for you and will be really grateful if you could answer my question. Thank you.

  • Really it’s an amazing website from which we can learn a lot and I have already finished reading all of your posts. Thank you Mr. Ankur Aggarwal.

  • Hi Ankur, I want to buy Siteground hosting but there is an issue I am facing, Siteground doesn’t support Debit card of any bank, neither internet banking, so whenever I fill all the details and press “PAY NOW” button, there comes an error every time. I think they only accept credit card or international cards.Please reply…

  • Hello ankur sir,
    i started blogging after watching your videos but sir recently facebook has blocked my website and it shows my contents are abusive but i write blogs which are related to education. So please if you can help & guide me, i would be greatful.

  • I want to purchase the wordpress hosting for affiliate marketing for 3 years, please provide me your discount link for purchasing hosting

  • Saw your interview with Satish. Delighted. I envy your courage to not take admission in xlri even after you qualified. I am an xl veteran. I Need revers mentoring to setup my digital business.

  • Hello Ankur. It very nice & To to point precise information. I have been through all your course of Affiliate Marketing on YouTube.

    And I want to start my Own Affiliate Marketing business. Like you said this process is very Good & Later results are nice as I can see yourself.

    Now I am currently focusing on my learning concepts about AM.& Doing lots of Research on that.

    As to Develop a website on WordPress do I need to have languages known like Developing content or Something else.

    Being Mechanical Guy I never tried any website or blogging courses

    So please let me know more if you can provide me some information as I know you’re very busy person but I just want some response so That it could help me good

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