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Paints Company Names

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Choosing a name for your paint company can be a challenging and difficult task. You want a name that is memorable, unique, and conveys the message of what your company does.

A good name can also help you stand out in a crowded market and it can attract customers. In this article, we'll present you with a list of creative and catchy paint company name ideas to help you choose the perfect name for your business.

500+ Best Unique Paints Company Names Ideas (Updated 2023)

1. Best Painting Business Names Ideas

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The Paint Doctor
Paint professionals
Painted Spaces
Brothers Paint
Paintings by A.D.
Art Supplies
Paint Splash
Color Collection
Master painters

The Brush Strokes
Careful Coats
Painted Pottery Supplies
Leading Edge
Paint the Town
Goodie Bags
Painted Dreams
Crown Colors

The Endless Possibilities
Interior Design
Poppin Paint
Splash of Colors
Paint in a Can
The Grid
Brush It On
Masterpiece Paintings

Complete painting company
The Paint Guy
Glendale Dream Painters
Dependable painting service
Coordinating Colors
Nippon Paint
Paint Splatter
Prominent Paint
Dazzling Canvas
Five star painting

Full Coverage
The House of Paints
Michigan Canvas
In a Rush to Brush
Give Me Colour
Classic Shades
Classy Colors
Painter Nest
Can of Color
The Paint Place

Incredible Team
Art painters
Rainbow Dust Paint
Catchy Paintbrush
Thermal paint services
Sandro Botticelli
Taste of Paint
The Paint Crew
Gesso Supplies
Superior Brands

Spark Ideas
Corona Paintings
Paint guru
Tasteful Tones
True Colors
The Palette Mafia
Paint Paint
Cotton Buds

A Touch of Paint
Body Shop Paint
Painting wizard
The Painting Station
Bourbon Bliss
Floor to Ceiling Paintworks
Wall Hangings
Nut Paints
Canvas Paints

Pilar point body shop
Fresh Faced
The Art Boys
Consumer Satisfaction
Even Coverage
Edible Paint
High Rollers
Rose Period
Painting and decorating

Crème Coats
Mona Lisa
Mario Paint
Classic painting
Justin Finch
El Cuadro
Painted Memories
Choose My Tones
Create Your Own Paintings
Inspire Ideas

Fresh Coats
El Pintura
Precise Position
Triggered Paint
Satin Paint Studios
The Brush Hour
Fine Point

Life painting paint
Incredible industrial painters
Kids Painting Supplies
Clean Coats
Body Shop
Eco Painting House
The Pearl
Paint and Cake
Carnation Montana

Quality Work
Decorative portrait place
Corner to Corner
El pilar point body
Colours for Life
Paint Springs
BluTack and Tape
Paint Cloud
Loft Painting

Latest Masterpiece
Acropolis Painting
Dazzling Paint
Painted Room
Matte Colorworks
Floor To Ceiling
World of Painters

Oil on Canvas
Professional painters
Paint Quality
Masterpiece Painters
Holy Rollers
Creative Colors
Acrylics and Pigments
Paint Perfection

Da silva painting services
Artistic painting inc
Fine paint repairs
Above and Beyond Painting
Glamour Brush
Paint the Moon
Illumine Paints
Art Dealer
Synthetic Cubism

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2. Catchy Painting Business Names Ideas

Primary Colours
Painting Partners
Paint Green
Liberty Painting
Paint It Dry
The Brush Bar
20th Century
Handy Walls Painting Services
The Canvas Chronicles
Best Painting

Splash Paint
Indigo Paint and Contracting
Horse Painting
Finish Master
Elite Painting & Decorating
Nippon Paint
United Colors
Spectrum Paintings Inc.
360 Painting
Echo Painting

Golden City Building
Gold Leaf
Paint and Paper
The Art of Painting
Skill Pro Painting
The Tipsy Palette
Deco & More Painting
Precision West Painting
Painting Absolute

New Horizon Painting
Riddle Painting
Paint & Prime
Roller Kings
Paint Company
Paint without the pain
Quality Color Coats
Paints Heart
Acme Cleaning

Pearl Paintings
Allbright painting inc
Kansai Paint
Pulse ‘N Paints
Quality painting co
Clean Finish
Color Me Mine
Fresh Coat of Paint
Winning Colors Painting

We Paint the World
All Care Painting
Timeless Tones
Bravo Painting
Coating Company
Paint Pushers
Prime Paints
Crown Ace Hardware
Paint Buckets
Drying Daze

Colorful coats
Paint America
Vincents Painting
American Quality Paint
In & Out Auto Body
Leading Edge
Precision Painters
Brush Brothers
Wooded Way Painting
Angel Painting

Master Painters Co.
Sharp Painting & Flooring
A Painting Wizard
Practical Paints
Hard Time
Magic Painters Inc
Choice Painting
Pearl Earring
Artistic Painting Inc.
Perennial Top

Brush Arts
Thermal Paint Services
Fresh coat Paintworks
Carnival Custom Painting
Santa Maria
Vector Painting
Five Star Painting
Colored Canvas
Iwata Paint Guns

Painting in Home
Fine Point Painting
Rocking Rollers
Sunrise Paints
Apple Arts
Paint Stick
House of Hues
Moose Pro Painting

3. Unique Painting Business Names Ideas

Splash Paints
Muriel Bowser
Dupont Flooring Systems
Camacho Painting
Quality Painters
Clound9 Painters
Agape Paint Co.
Colossus Painting

Ponce Art Painting
Paint N Vineyard
Painting and decorating
Continental Painting and Building
Serious Strokes
Muddy Pete Painting
Corporation Ames
Paint ‘N Hang

Da silva painting services
ProCoat Drywall Painters
Thermal paint services
Stroke Pros
Painting by Sean
Tasteful Tones
Strokes of Genius
Subtle Strokes
Suite Paints
Royal Rouge

A & A Auto Paint Supply
Safin Painting
Color Crux Painting Services
Teel Painting
Fresh Walls Painting
Lester’s Painting
Fargo Painting
EAC Paint & Body Shop
Crash of Rhinos Painting
Paint the Town

Maxitaty Painting
Pinteros Pintura Paint Store
Satisfying Strokes
Painting Fine
Marlin Blue Painting
Dovil Painting Services
Persian Wall Painters
Artistic painting inc
Axel Painting
A Lady & A Brush

Stroke Precision
Splash of Color
WOW 1 Day Painting
O-Gee Paint
Blue Period
Abreu Paint
Paint &Twist
Epicday Painting
Classic painting

Kansai Paint
Handy Brazilian Painting
Grand Prix Paint
Continental painting
Painting Green
Avanti Painting Inc
The Brush Buds
Paint Your World
J B Painting

Artistic Accomplishments
Saint of Paint
Pando’s Painting
Kelly-Moore Painting Inc
Finishing Touches Inc
Pablo Picasso
Frans Hals
Twist Paints
Raymond’s Painting and Drywall Company
Art Museum

True Colors
CertaPro Painters
Zulu Painting
Pastel Pro Painter
JCS Painting
Painting and Vino
Mauro Painting
Precision Paint Pros

Carnival Custom Painters
Colorama Paint & Supply
Zulu Painting
Da Silva Painting Services
Painting Pals Inc
Proline Paints
A Allbright Painting Inc.
The Paints Place

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Your paint company name is an important aspect of your branding, and it's crucial to choose a name that reflects your business values, mission, and services.

A good name should also be easy to remember and pronounce. With the help of this article, you'll be able to choose a name that stands out from the competition and resonates with your target audience.

From playful and catchy names to more professional and serious ones, there are plenty of options to consider. So, take some time to brainstorm, get creative, and choose a name that will help your paint company thrive and succeed!

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