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Navkar Mantra In English

Navkar Mantra In English
July 18, 2022

Want to know about Navkar Mantra In English? Well you have landed on the right article .

The navkar mantra meaning is one of the most significant hymns of Jainism.

Communities across the country that follow Jain cultures and traditions chant this on certain occasions. Typically, this is the very first prayer the Jain people sing before they begin meditating.

The other names of the namokar mantra are Pancha namaskara mantra, namaskara Mangala, and paramesthi mantra among other names.

This article discusses the significance and benefits of chanting the  namokar mantra.

Below given is the namokar mantra in english.

Navkar Mantra

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Navkar Mantra

Namah Arihantanam
Namah Siddhhanam

Namah Ayariyanam
Namah Uvjhayanam

Namah Loye Savva Saahunam

Aiso Panch Namahkkaro,
Savva Paav Panasano I

Manglanancha Savvesim,
Padhmam Havei Mangalam II

नवकार मंत्र

नमो अरिहंताणम
नमो सिद्धाणं

नमो आयरियाणं
नमो उवज्जायाणम

नमो लोए सव्व साहूणम

एसो पंच नमुक्कारो
सव्व पावप्पणासणों

मंगलाणम च सव्वेसिं
पढमं हवई मंगलं

Significance of Navkar Mantra

The namokar mantra or the navkar mantra is one of the most profound mantras according to Jain traditions. It talks about the divine qualities of the saints and sages of Jainism.

Anyone can chant this mantra, it does not pay heed to religion, caste, or creed.

According to the mantra, you pay your respects to all the saints and venerated spiritual souls present in the world.

The reason why this mantra is so important and unique is that it does not address any specific god or goddess.

It is unique in its way and has a lot of benefits for those who chant it regularly.

Benefits of The Navkar Mantra

People who follow Jainism and anyone in general who chants this mantra observe several benefits. Here are some of them listed below:

  • The reason this mantra is chanted before meditation is so that you can remain calm. It helps instill a sense of calm in you so that you can meditate easily.

  • The chanting of this mantra also gives you clarity in thought. This helps you solve any problems that come your way.

  • It provides you with a lot of positive vibes so that you can take on any challenges.

  • A lot of people believe that chanting this mantra can help you stay immune to any diseases and illnesses.

  • It also gives you the courage to face any obstacles or problems that you are facing in your life.


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