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Metaverse Marriage in India

Metaverse marriage in india
By piyush
Published on July 21, 2022

How many times have you imagined interacting live with your favourite avatars? Well, the dreams of meeting our favourite fictional characters never stop.

But what if you could create a virtual world to interact and indulge with almost anyone you want? Yes, including your favourite avatars and video game characters.

The metaverse is an alternative universe that lets you reach beyond reality. It is an integration of 3D virtual spaces forming a perceived virtual universe. Here you can interact with the internet and not just sit behind and watch how it functions.

All you need is a virtual reality headset and the internet to access the metaverse and its contents with a sensation of physical presence. So even if you are just on a laptop, you can touch, feel, and communicate with people, alive or deceased, in different corners of the world over the metaverse.

Hence, the metaverse can be considered the best implementation of virtual reality.

Metaverse Marriage in India (2022)

What are metaverse weddings?

A metaverse marriage consists of all you can expect in a real wedding. You can invite guests in huge numbers over a virtual venue which is a virtual space designed based on any theme.

The bride and groom can choose their avatars and wedding attires and interact with their guests over a virtual platform.

Pocket Pinch

The cost of a metaverse wedding depends on the customization level. The more you want to customize your venue, outfits, or interaction with the guests, the more advanced and diverse virtual space needs to be designed.

Hence, you can expect a one-hour metaverse wedding to cost Rs. 30,000 to 5,00,000. Above video about the India first metaverse wedding

Planning and execution

Planning and executing a metaverse wedding are not pieces of cake. It requires a virtual space designer who could create a virtual world like a real wedding venue according to the bride and groom's preferences.

Hence, the virtual space designing team invests several days to get on the same page with the theme.

Trendsetters speak

Abhijeet Goel, a 33-year-old, began the trend by hosting his marriage over metaverse in a beachside setting. He states that his much-awaited destination wedding in Bhopal was quite a success as COVID restrictions couldn't keep his loved ones from attending his wedding.

The guests interacted and enjoyed it quite like a real wedding.

What does the future behold?

You can expect more such virtual weddings in the future as tech enthusiasts are increasing in numbers. Moreover, the covid era is more likely to give wings to unconventional weddings due to restrictions imposed.

However, the big fat Indian weddings hardly prefer a virtual network, and the trend might not last long in India.


Metaverse marriages are a way out of the limitations in the number of guests one can invite in a real setting. Moreover, the deceased ones can also be a part of the weddings to shower their blessings, though in a virtual way.

Hence, metaverse marriages are the living pictures of your imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a metaverse wedding? 

A metaverse wedding is a marriage hosted and conducted over a virtual space. A virtual space designer creates a virtual venue per the couple's choice and preferences.

One can invite guests from any part of the world to interact with each other and the couple and watch their wedding nuptials like a real wedding.

Q2. Can you get married in the metaverse? 

You can get married physically among your near and dear ones. However, you can also host your marriage nuptials over the cloud to deter any restrictions on the number of guests and treat them like a reception.

Q3. Who got married in the metaverse? 

A Tamil Nadu couple, Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy, recently married in metaverse with the Hogwarts theme from Harry potter. They even made an avatar of the bride's late father to bless them at their wedding.

Q4. What are the three types of marriage in India? 

India's three types of marriages are Brahma, Asura, and Gandharva.


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He enjoys reading technology-based articles and has a knack for reviewing such articles. He likes to stay up to date with the latest technological trends. He has also worked as a reviewer for many academic journals. He also writes scientific articles.

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