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MCA salary in India

Jobs after MCA and Salary
June 21, 2022

MCA is a two-year curriculum, and due to the rapid expansion of the industry, MCA graduates will have little trouble finding work in the public or private sectors.

MCA graduates are also in high demand because of their technical and analytical skills, which enable them to flourish in the IT field. After completing the MCA program, you may be confident that you will be able to find work in some of the best IT firms.

In comparison to most other applicants who have completed Master's programs in other professional fields, each of these persons earns a high wage. This article gives aspiring students an overview about MCA job opportunities and Salary in India. 

Average MCA salary in India

An MCA graduate in India earns roughly 7.96 lakh per year. Entry-level candidates typically earn between Rs 2-3 LPA. Professionals with more experience should expect a package of roughly 20-22 LPA.

There are several options for advancement, and improving your skill sets is essential if you want to advance your career.

Various factors are taken into account when determining the salary of an employee. An employee's MCA compensation can reach a mighty higher with increased experience.

The classification of the work, specialisation, infrastructure, and facilities of the company, soft skills of the expertise, and knowledge of the employee in the core field are some of the elements that determine the MCA position's salary.

MCA salary in India for fresher

MCA graduates are often the candidates with the highest package offered as fresher. Given the vast number of different designations accessible to applicants after graduation, the scope for both MCA govt jobs and private-sector prospects is diverse.

Although there are many employments accessible, this does not mean that the income after MCA is not an appealing proposition. MCA jobs pay one of the highest starting salaries in the country, with many prestigious companies offering generous packages.

Candidates who have recently entered the field after obtaining their MCA earn around Rs 3 lakh per year. But it is an average figure. The pay grade can fall up to 1 lakh as well for small companies whereas it can go as high as 5 lakh per year for some candidates.

A fresher can also get a government job that pays approximately 6-7 lakh per annum for fresher.

Highest paying companies to MCA in India

Because of the quick surge in the digital spectrum, the IT sector is seeing rapid expansion. As a result of their increased skills, MCA graduates have come to the forefront.

However, this program necessitates extensive curriculum training as well as supervision from industry experts and professionals. As a result, it is suggested that the MCA degree be obtained from a reputable institute.

The top 10 companies who hire MCA candidates are listed below:



Wipro Technologies

up to 15 Lakh per annum

Tata Consultancy Services

up to 15 Lakh per annum

IBM Global Services

up to 12 Lakh per annum

Computer Sciences Corporation

up to 30 Lakh per annum


up to 11 Lakh per annum

Cognizant Technology Solutions

up to 8 Lakh per annum


up to 35 Lakh per annum


 up to 17 Lakh per annum


up to 3.7 Lakh per annum

MCA salary in India on the Basic Skills

After completing an MCA course, you will have various job options to select from, depending on your interests, enthusiasm, and ability. 

MCA compensation based on fundamental skills is determined by a number of criteria. There are some basic things that affect the salary of a fresher or a candidate with 1-2 year experience in India. 

You are determined by your job choice; App Developer, Business Analyst, Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer, System Analyst, Software Application Architect, Software Consultant, Hardware Engineer, and Web Designer and Developer are some of the job titles available.

The institute you attended is a major factor, and a number of other things affect the pay based on basic skills. The salary ranges from 2 – 5 Lakh per annum. Of course, adding a skill set will help you a lot.

MCA Salary in India in Different Cities

MCA candidates have different earning potentials in different cities. Basic pay is almost the same in all the cities but the potential varies greatly.

They can earn greater pay in cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi. In terms of specific profiles, software programmers in Delhi earn 75% more than the national average.

It is 24% higher in Chennai, while the highest package is handed away in Bangalore, with a 21% difference.

Following is the list of cities with top average pay:




5.95 lakh rupees per annum


5.84 lakh rupees per annum


5.09 lakh rupees per annum


4.98 lakh rupees per annum


4.52 lakh rupees per annum


4.39 lakh rupees per annum

These are the main cities for jobs in private sector. However almost every city has a job for MCA in the government sector. You can find a job that sits your need.

The Average MCA Salary in India Vs Other Countries

There are many employment profiles that an MCA graduate could pursue, each with a different income package. Furthermore, your talents, geography, and company all play a significant role in deciding your wage package.

In India, the monthly salary is listed below:

Rs. 18,000 — Rs. 30,000                 for freshers

Rs. 25,000 — Rs. 42,000                 for 1-3 years of experience

Rs. 50,000 — Rs. 1,30,000              for Experience of 5 years or more

The foreign countries, especially the developed ones pay much better than India for MCA. The following are the top nations that pay well for MCA jobs:




 INR 44 Lakh per annum


  INR 75 Lakh per annum


INR 5 Crore per annum


INR 39 Lakh per annum


INR 25 Lakh per annum


INR 40 Lakh per annum

South Korea

INR 2.75 Lakh per annum


MCA has remained one of the most popular programs among students. If you wish to pursue postgraduate studies in MCA, Great Learning's Online MCA Degree Program is a good place to start.

It provides specialization in data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and full-stack development.

An MCA graduate's annual income in India is around Rs 7.96 Lakh. Candidates who have recently entered the field after obtaining their MCA earn around Rs 3 lakh per year.

This varies slightly amongst organizations, based on their market position and clientele. The wage structure is even determined by the company's location.

It is necessary o pick the right institute to study MCA as it matters a lot. A good institute gives you exposure and enables you to apply for good company at fresher level. 

Learning good skill set can also help you earn better experience. An experienced candidate can earn much better. Also earning potential is higher in some countries more than the others. It is necessary to recognize the opportunity as per your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum salary for MCA?

MCA beginning pay for freshers ranges between Rs 1.5 to 3.5 lakh per annum. MCA graduate can however increase their pay with experience and learning different skill sets.

They can earn up to 15 lakh per annum at the maximum. It depends largely on the career option, city, country, and institute. In foreign countries, the pay can reach even crores.

2.  What is the minimum salary after MCA?

An MCA graduate begins with better pay on average. However, the real pay may deflect from average pay. The average pay for an MCA candidate is 2 to 3 lakh per annum. But the minimum pay could begin with 1.5 lakh per annum for some candidates as well.

3. Which job is best after MCA?

There are plenty of job opportunities after MCA. App Developer, Business Analyst, Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer, System Analyst, Software Application Architect, Software Consultant, Hardware Engineer, and Web Designer and Developer are some of the job titles available.

Each job profile has a different range of salary. In general, a software application architect earns the best however the other career opportunity pays well as well.

4. Does MCA have a scope in the future?

There are numerous occupations available following MCA. These include software development, trainee programming, web design, and system administration. 

Many industrial projects are assigned to students during their master's program to allow them to explore their interests.

The future is bright for the MCA candidates. They can find jobs in almost every field. MCA has a job opportunity in every field from medicine to each industry. It is important to keep updating the skillset to progress and earn well.


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