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Love About For Whatsapp

August 1, 2022

Romantic love is a beautiful thing, and there's no better place to express your love for your partner than on WhatsApp. With WhatsApp, you can communicate with your partner no matter where they are in the world. Plus, you can share pictures, videos, and more.

 WhatsApp is the perfect social media platform for expressing your love for your partner.In this article, I will share some amazing Love About for Whatsapp for your loved ones.

 It is always a bit easier to share your feelings for someone through messages. So what's better than showing your feeling through quotes or status for someone special?

Love About For Whatsapp

I'm not a materialistic person, a simple hug can make me smile.
Tell me how it feels to be loved back.
Be mine, I’ll keep you forever 💕
Deep conversations with someone who understands you is everything
"You Just Need Love"
One unexpected message can heal a lot
Let's make it short and simple, I love you.
One look, one word, one hug, one text, one call: they can all mean so much when it's from that special person.
You are mine, I can't share
If I care for you, I care until the end
Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you.
Damn, I love you  everyday
If I care for you, I care until the end
You’re the reason why I’m smiling again
I truly love you and could never live without you
I wanna be that person you're scared to lose
Seeing old couples makes me think that someone can love you forever.
There is no one else as special as you
You'll always be my favourite person
You are the best thing that has ever happened in my whole life.
I hope u feel what I’m feeling too
Nothing new, still thinking about you
There are a million little reasons why I love you, and I couldn't describe them.
I automatically smile when you text me
You stole my heart, take care of it
You are one in a melon
I get so happy when you talk to me
Take me back to the good old days
It’s hard for me to express what I feel
Everything's better when we're together.
Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.
Is it wrong to dream of growing old with you?
I hope you never get tired of me
If you need me, I'd always be here.
My only wish is to be with you forever
I spend my nights thinking about you
Million feelings, for one special person
I love it when I see you happy
You are the only one my heart wants
I spend my whole day thinking of you
I want you to be mine and be a part of my life journey forever.
Talking to you makes everything better
Take me back to the last time we met
Here's our submission for the best couple award. I love you.
You make my heart smile
I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. I truly love you and could never live without you
I want someone I can talk to all day.
You are my favourite place to go to when my mind searches for peace
I love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be
I want someone who only wants me
I feel better when I’m with you
I want u with me all the time
I'm laughing on the outside,  crying on the inside .
Always be kind to those who love you. They deserve it.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
If you want to be TOGETHER you have to-get-her.
Seeing you is my favourite part of the day.
"When you love someone, learn to love them fully, not only the good things but also the bad ones."
For every Girl with a broken heart there is a boy with a glue gun.
I Hope you feel blessed to have me, because that's how I feel with you.
I am glad I met you. Now do me a favour and stay.
I Don't say I love you out of habit or just for conversation. When I say it I really mean it.
If you love someone, pray for them. Pray for their peace. Pray for their growth. Pray for their success. Pray for their happiness
Have A Relationship So Good That Everyone Is Jealous Of It.
Treat a good man right and he will forever remain faithful.
If you love somebody, set them free. if they return, they were always yours, if they don't, they never were.
Looks aren't everything.. So find a heart that will love you at your worst, and arms to hold you at your weakest.
Hate is easy. Love takes courage.
People come and go. But the best will stay.
If you are important they will make a way, if you are not they will make an excuse.
"Care too little, you will lose them. Care too much, you will get hurt."
It's funny how a few words from you could make me feel a million times better.
When you love something or someone. Don't give up without a fight because you have to fight for the best things in life.
Sensitive people love too much. Give too much. Hurt too much. But they have the Kindest Heart.
Nobody taught me how to love myself so how can I love somebody else.
You make me forget that there are a billion other people in the world. because I only want YOU.
I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn't love myself.
Just seeing your smile makes me feel better inside.
We don't stop loving someone, we simply learn to live without them.
Every Girl deserves a guy who will change her life not only her relationship status.
Jealousy means I actually care about you.
Not even a million fights could make me hate you.
The happiest couples never have the same character. They have the best understanding of their differences.
Fight for me and I promise you, I will do the same.
Distance doesn't matter if two hearts are loyal to each other.
Everyone has an addiction, Mine happens to be you.
Never tell your friends all of your relationship problems. A relationship should only be between two people.
We argue, we fight but by the end of the night we are alright .
I miss your name lighting up my phone.
I feel complete when I am with you.
Those who are heartless once cared too much.
A relationship without arguments is a relationship with a lot of secrets.
I want to be in your arms where you hold me tight and never let me go.
Guys are like stars.. There are millions of them, but only one can make your dreams come true.
If You Want A Long Term Relationship Follow the Simple Rule, Never Lie.
Fall in love with someone who deserves your heart, not plays with it.
The more you get to know a person, the more attractive they become to you.
I Love You
I Love You
i feel safe with you

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