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Jobs For Housewives From Home

work from home jobs for housewives

Being a housewife is a tough job. Working 24 hours and taking care of each and every one is definitely not easy.  Looking after the house is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and a lot of energy to work 365 days a year.

But in our country, being a housewife is not considered to be a profession. Often you’ve heard people asking “are you working or a housewife?”

Clearly, people don’t consider a housewife to be working. Just because you don’t get paid for it doesn’t mean you are not working. This can be very demotivating for the housewives. Everyone has a hobby that they love doing.

But did you know that you can earn a healthy amount of money by turning them into your profession? In this article, we are going to discuss various work from home jobs for housewives so that they not only fulfill their dreams but also do well in life.

Doing a job doesn’t make you superior. The only purpose of finding a job for housewives is to become independent and follow what they always wanted to do.

We’ve seen so many cases where women quit their job in order to look after their children. She left the job not because she didn’t want to continue but because her kids needed her at that time.

But why should always women do the sacrifice? Why only they have to choose between the two? Work from home enables a housewife to not only fulfil her dreams but also look after her home.

Here is a list of jobs that can be done by the housewives. You can choose the one that suits you the most. 

Work From Home Jobs For Housewives

1. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second most visited site after Google. Nowadays people visit YouTube not only for entertainment purposes but also for educational purposes.

There are a number of YouTube channels which help us to enhance our skills.

YouTube is a good career option for Housewives who are super talented and are confident.  

If you are a good teacher then you can open your YouTube channel to teach people. Similarly, if you have the talent of cooking delicious food then you can share your recipe through your channel. 

The field of YouTube is very vast and any type of talent is welcomed on the platform.

2. Freelance writing

Writing good content is not everyone’s cup of tea. Copy pasting is a different thing and pouring your own creativity on a piece of paper is a different thing.

Freelance writing is a great career option for house wife work at home who don’t want to work full time. In this job, you get paid for the content you create.

The pricing of each content can range from 2000 to 5000 rupees.

3. Video and Audio Editing 

This field is emerging and with so many content creators these days, more and more video and audio editors are required.

If your editing skills are commendable, then this is the job for you. The pay scale is pretty high.

4. Build and Sell Handmade Products: 

This is a highly followed profession by all the housewives.

From good handmade art pieces to delicious food, people love things that are made at home Its a best housewife jobs work from home.

Nothing can replace the creativity and quality a home made product has. If you are good at handcrafts, then you can sell your work at a local market or online.

If you are a great chef, then you can start your own tiffin service and serve people. You can even sell pickles and snack items online.

5. Digital Marketing: 

With so many businesses growing these days, we have a number of entrepreneurs who have a good idea but don’t know how to gain an audience.

A digital marketer helps to advertise the brand and gain more audience which further helps the company to grow.

Digital marketing can easily be done from home. So if you’re a homemaker and have a good idea about how to promote a company, then this is the field for you. 

6. Professional Blogging: 

Having your site where you can share your experience for the benefit of people is a wonderful job.

You can share your thoughts and ideas without being judged. This job can pay you well if you gain a good amount of audience on your page. 

7. Sell Home Cooked Food: 

No restaurant can take the place of homemade food.

People who are living far from their homes, they crave the most for homemade food Its a best work from home for housewife.

So, if you have the talent and taste in your food, then you can start selling your homemade food and earn money. 

8. Travel Agent: 

Are you good at making plans? Then this field is for you.  A travel agent is the person who plans a tour for his/her client.

This can include visiting the famous places, documents required for traveling and the best hotels where the travellers can stay.

The work is not easy but is totally worth it. 

9. Freelance Editing Or Proofreading: 

There are so many documents that require editing. If your grammar is strong then this job for housewife.

From reading the entire article again and editing the mistakes in it is considered as a job these days.

You get paid for every article you edit and proofread.

10. Virtual Assistant: 

The work of a virtual assistant includes scheduling appointments, making phone calls, replying mails and organising meetings.

You need to have good communication and managing skills in order to get this job.

11. Customer Support: 

Every company requires company support to help the clients with any doubt.

You need to be thorough with the company’s profile and should be confident enough to answer the queries of people.

Confidence and good communication skills is the key to success . 

12. Take Tuitions: 

Every parent finds it easy to put their child in a tuition centre so that he/she can do well in class.

This becomes even more convenient when the tuition is being given at a place that is near to their home.

If teaching is your passion and all your concepts are clear then this is a great career option for you. 

One more advantage of this field is that you can easily gain students as the people around you recognise you and they have trust in you. 

13. Start A Home Based Salon: 

Beauty is what everyone desires and getting a good beautician near you is really tough.

People prefer going to a salon that is near to their homes and are pocket friendly.

Home based salons are usually cheap as compared to the other salons that you see in malls. This is a great option for you if you have the grooming skills.

14. Online Surveys

This job is super easy and doesn’t require much of your time. There are hundreds of sites that pay you for taking an online survey.

You just have to share your ideas and thought processes and they will pay you for that. 

15. Sell Products Online: 

There are so many companies such as Amway, Oriflam, etc. that ask people to sell their products.

For each sale, you get a certain amount of money. This job is good for you if you have great convincing power.

16.  Copywriting:

Another good option for housewives is to become a copywriter. The work is quite simple which includes making copies of media.

17. Lifestyle Consultant

The job of a life consultant is to make the lives of other people easy.

The main goal is to improve the different aspects of life which includes physical health and mental health.

A lifestyle consultant gives advice related to health, fitness, relationships and diet. 

18. Online Clothing Line

This business is becoming more and more popular with people following the idea of ‘made in India’ and ‘support small businesses.’

Opening your own clothing line is a very good career line for people who are good at designing, stitching and have a good fashion sense.

You can promote your brand online and gain more customers. 

19. Social Media Management: 

Social media is the new marketing platform for many companies as people are now more active on social media.

Social media can promote your brand and can attract many potential customers. 

Therefore, the companies are now looking for someone who has the ability to uplift their brand.

Social media management includes posting content on social media handles on a daily basis, engaging with the followers and answering the queries of each and everyone. This job requires a lot of work but it also has a good salary associated with it.

20. Working As A Transcriptionist

The work of a transcriptionist is to convert the voice recordings into a document form.

The voice recordings can be of an interview, notes and messages.

It is a decent job that pays you well for your work. The only skills required are good communication skills and a better understanding of language.

If you are able to understand the language, then only you’ll be able to convert it into a document. It is a good option for housewives as it doesn’t require much time and pays well.

21. Working As A Translator 

Every company requires a translator that can speak to the clients with confidence.
If you have a good knowledge of languages, then you can apply for this job.

A translator basically works to convert a conversation from one language to another.
The job is not that tough and pays you well. 

22. Data Entry

Every company requires a person who can document their data in an organised way.

The main work of the person includes converting the information from the database into a word document.

If you are attentive and have strong and verbal skills then this is the job for you. 


The above mentioned work from home jobs for housewives are great for you if you are a housewife and want to do something for yourself.

From being a content writer to creating your own YouTube videos, the options are endless. Having a job doesn’t make you superior but it definitely makes you independent.

In a country like India where women are asked to sacrifice their dreams and career in order to look after their homes, the jobs mentioned above act like a hope for those who want to follow their passion.

You can apply for any of these job opportunities without any hesitation. The world is full of opportunities you only have to grab yours!

Be sure to conduct a thorough research online to gain more information about various options that a housewife can consider to make some money on the go while being at home!

frequently asked question

Q1. Which job is best for housewives?

To be honest, all the career options mentioned above are great for Housewives. An ideal job for a housewife is one that doesn’t require much time and pays well.

The jobs mentioned above have a great scope and are great for someone who wants to enhance their skills.

Q2. How to earn money working from home for a housewife?

Earning money is not easy. It requires a lot of skills, time and effort to earn money. But earning money can be even more tough for housewives who have limited time.

But we are here to help. In this article we have covered all the work from home jobs for housewives that pay well and don't require much time.  All the jobs mentioned above provide a good salary.

Q3. What online job pays the most?

Starting your own YouTube channel pays you well when you gain a certain amount of subscribers and views on your video.

Apart from that, freelance content writer also gets paid a good amount of money. If you can’t give much time to your job, then online surveys are the best option for you.
Q4. What jobs can I do by staying at home?

There are various jobs that you can do from home. Some of the examples of work from home jobs are- freelance writing, digital marketing, selling your homemade products online, copywriting, data entry, professional blogging, digital marketing, taking tuitions, etc.


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