Income Report: How i made Rs 14,81,245 (~$21,000) in November 2018

This is my second public income report online.

You can check my October 2018 income report by clicking here.

Who am i?

My name is Ankur Aggarwal.

I am a digital marketer with 7+ years of experience. 

Whats the purpose of this income report?

I am not writing this income report to brag or showcase my achievements, the main purpose is to educate you about the huge potential of making money online.

In this article, i will be sharing with you my income proofs, statistics of my websites, mistakes that i made and my future plans.

So let's get started.

Here is the graph of my monthly income:

Here is my Google analytics snapshot for the month of november.

analytics november

I dont know why there was a sudden drop in traffic on November 15, but one thing was for sure, my heart was racing at 5 times its speed when i saw that drop in traffic. 

Majority traffic was organic in nature. So ~90% of the traffic came from Google.

organic traffic noveber

Traffic was almost similar to what we received last month.

Note: I wont be disclosing the niche of the site, URL or affiliate network names . This is because in early 2017 i disclosed one of my profitable affiliate site to my Facebook group and within next three months atleast 20 replicas of my site were created and twice my website was hacked. I lost a lot of money just because i decided to disclose the website name.

I maintain an excel sheet to track my income for each of the affiliate network used on the site, i am sharing a screenshot of the same (i add the approx. figure for each network):

In total i made approximately Rs 14,81,245 in November (Not exact figure as there might be few refunds, chargebacks for a couple of affiliate networks and also the currency conversion rate from dollar to INR changes a lot)

november earnings report

The revenue in November although was just a couple of thousand less than that of October, but the share of few of the affiliate network changed a lot.

There was a massive drop of 1.5 Lacs in my biggest affiliate network.

Although this big drop was compensated by a new revenue channel in my site because one more article got ranked as #1 on google which contributed $774.01 amount in november that too in just 10 days.


The revenue projection from this new revenue stream of my site is expected to be around $1500-2000 if the traffic remains same.

This makes me extremely happy as now i will be making more passive income on autopilot. This is the power of organic traffic , when your article starts ranking you keep on making passive income on autopilot till the time you are ranking on #1 position of Google. This is why i fell in love with SEO.

Gumroad earnings:

Revenue from selling my own products increased in November.

This was because i hired few affiliates and was giving them 30% commission from the sales.

My target is to increase my Gumroad sales to at-least $5000 by March 2019.

I am planning to launch a few more products as well.

guroad earnings

Other networks:

Made around $1700 from this network, i mostly run PPS programs from them:

november earnings1

And for my biggest affiliate earner, here are the stats:

affiliate earnings

I know there has been a significant drop in clicks after the mid of the month even when the traffic remains the same.

I am still trying to figure out the reason for this drop in clicks of affiliate links.

Amazon Affiliate Site:

In the month of November we added approximately 150 in depth articles to the site.

Almost all the work is completed on the site.

Now, only the SEO part is left.

We did not make much revenue from the site because we have not built even a single backlink.

amazon earnings november

Flipkart affiliate also contributed around Rs 2,000 in this site, but i dont focus much on Flipkart rather only on amazon affiliate.


    Primary expenses for November were:

  • Hosting: $80/month  (i am using Siteground Cloud hosting)
  • Softwares: Approximately Rs 20,000-30,000 (full list of softwares i use is in my tools page)
  • Content/articles for various sites: Approximately 3,00,000. Last month we spent a lot of money for the content of our amazon affiliate site. This month i was focusing on expanding the content of my biggest site. Although we gave the content requirement for around 6Lacs, but the agency we hired delivered some shitty content and hence we had to reject most of the work and now we have hired a different content agency.
  • Virtual assistants: Approximately Rs 80,000. Primary expense was the addition of the amazon affiliate article to the site, formatting it, adding images etc. Also i hired 3 video editors who will be helping me in editing the videos of my upcoming free digital marketing course.

Plans for December:

I will try my best to complete the following before 31st December 2018.

  1. Complete my free digital marketing course and make it live for people to join and learn from my videos.
  2. Hire a new SEO team to focus entirely on my amazon associate site. I have a special liking towards my amazon affiliate site and i really want to grow it to its maximum potential.
  3. Will also try to hire someone who can take the workload off my shoulder. I do have a team of 20+ people working for me (most of them are in Philippines and some are in India). Managing them eats up all my time, so most probably will hire someone to manage them so that i can free up some time to focus on scaling the business.

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