Income Report: How i made Rs 22,85,392 (~$33,608) in May 2019

Thanks for checking our my May income report.

You can check my April 2019 income report by clicking here.

Who am i?

My name is Ankur Aggarwal.

I am a digital marketer with 7+ years of experience.  If you want to know more about me, check my journey here.

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Whats the purpose of this income report?

I am not writing this income report to brag or showcase my achievements, the main purpose is to educate you about the huge potential of making money online.

In this article, i will be sharing with you my income proofs, statistics of my websites, mistakes that i made and my future plans.

So let's get started.

Here is the graph of my monthly income:

Finally revenue in May increased by a significant amount.

This increase was not because of increase in traffic, but rather because of adding a new affiliate program which is paying us good money.

Here is my Google analytics snapshot for the month of May 2019.

The traffic stayed the same. 

I am trying so hard to find time for this site (i can see so many opportunities to increase its SEO traffic) but every month i get busy in focusing on our Youtube channel and creating new free courses.

Will surely try to take out 2 days every week for this site in June.

Google webmaster traffic also remained the same like the last month.

Note: I wont be disclosing the niche of the site, URL or affiliate network names . This is because in early 2017 i disclosed one of my profitable affiliate site to my Facebook group and within next three months atleast 20 replicas of my site were created and twice my website was hacked. I lost a lot of money just because i decided to disclose the website name.

I maintain an excel sheet to track my income for each of the affiliate network used on the site, i am sharing a screenshot of the same (i add the approx. figure for each network):

In total i made approximately Rs 22,85,392 in May (Not exact figure as there might be few refunds, chargebacks for a couple of affiliate networks and also the currency conversion rate from dollar to INR changes a lot, and also few figures are approximations instead of exact amount)

Paypal payment:

Also i got 5 sponsored post/reviews opportunities last month, that brought extra an ~$800

This month for sure we will be doing a lot in our various amazon affiliate sites, i have built a team 4 people, and they are working the entire month in scaling the sites.

So you will be seeing a lot of case studies as well in coming months.

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Primary expenses for April were:

  • Google Youtube Ads for the promotion of our free Affiliate marketing course: Approx. 3 Lacs
  • Hosting: $120/month  (i am using Siteground Cloud hosting)
  • Software's : Approximately Rs 1,00,000 (full list of software's i use is in my tools page). 
  • Other expenses (around 1 Lac): Online bookkeeping, CA for tax related work, Monthly rent of our co working space (50k), Monthly rent for our studio for shooting videos (20k).
  • NEW TEAM Salary: A team of 6 full time people helping me in scaling and also our Youtube Channel.
  •  Virtual assistants: Approximately Rs 1,00,000. Primary expense was
  • SEO team, that help me in outreach and backlink building
  • A Full time virtual assistant who helps me complete all the extra tasks that can be outsourced.
  • Graphic designer: For creating our Thumbnails, Instagram Images, Other Ad creative, and other graphics for various affiliate sites.

Youtube stats:

We crossed 75K subscribers on our Youtube channel. 

Also we have created a comprehensive strategy on scaling our channel to 1 million subscribers by the end of this year. All of this will be shared on our Youtube channel and on our site as a case study.

Since we will be reaching 100,000 subscribers in a just few days, we have some exciting announcement to make (you will surely love it)

Stay tuned for that as well.

Other Important Events of the month

  • Gave a video interview to Satish Kushwaha for his channel, he will be uploading that video in the first week of June
  • Completed my first solo trip to Thailand for over 14 days, had an amazing experience.
  • Purchased DJI mavic pro and this drone will help me open a lot of new opportunites, will be sharing all about these secrets very soon.
  • Completed 28 years of life on 19th May 2019, trying to make this year the best year of my life.

Plans for June 2019:

MAY was amazing. Learned a lot and implemented a lot.

  • Launch our Instagram Mastery course : This course will be launching in the Last week of June on Youtube. 
  • Youtube Videos: (this task was of May but sadly could not finish it last month) We will be uploading 10+ videos on Youtube channel this month. Not like a course but rather individual videos targeting various other topics. Will also try to hit the 150,000 subscribers goal before 30th June
  • Add 10 comprehensive articles on and start building backlinks for the same. We are trying our best to increase the organic traffic of to atleast 400,000-500,000 before the year ends
  • Networking: Its the key to success and scaling
  • Amazon Associate sites: Build 10-20 high quality backlinks to my amazon affiliate sites and increase their organic traffic
  • Shopify drop shipping course: We have decided that after Instagram mastery course, we will be launching the shopify dropshipping course and we have already started working for that.
  • Guest Podcast:  You will see me on a lot of guest podcasts in June, since podcast is not so popular in India, i will be focusing primarily on US based podcasts.
  • Plan Bali trip: I am going to Bali for 2-3 weeks, have to make the bookings, and plan the entire trip. I also bought a drone, DJI Mavic Pro just for this trip, so very soon you will see a lot of drone shots on my Instagram and youtube videos.

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