Income Report: How i made Rs 16,67,092 (~$24,337) in February 2019

This is my fifth public income report online.

You can check my January 2019 income report by clicking here.

Who am i?

My name is Ankur Aggarwal.

I am a digital marketer with 7+ years of experience.  If you want to know more about me, check my journey here.

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Whats the purpose of this income report?

I am not writing this income report to brag or showcase my achievements, the main purpose is to educate you about the huge potential of making money online.

In this article, i will be sharing with you my income proofs, statistics of my websites, mistakes that i made and my future plans.

So let's get started.

Here is the graph of my monthly income:

The revenue in February decreased significantly.

Traffic decreased a bit. This is because February has 28 days and hence traffic stat for almost 3 days were not added. This was also one of the the reason for decreased revenue in February.

Here is my Google analytics snapshot for the month of February 2019.


Here are the stats for the acquisition of my traffic:

analytics 2-min

As you can see in the image above, majority of the traffic is coming from Google (organic traffic) which is free.

This is the reason why majority of my revenue is profit as the cost to drive traffic to my site is ZERO.

Now i will be sharing with you the Google Webmaster data for the site.


Google webmaster traffic was also consistent apart from the few drops because of spammy backlinks created by my competitors.

Note: I wont be disclosing the niche of the site, URL or affiliate network names . This is because in early 2017 i disclosed one of my profitable affiliate site to my Facebook group and within next three months atleast 20 replicas of my site were created and twice my website was hacked. I lost a lot of money just because i decided to disclose the website name.

I maintain an excel sheet to track my income for each of the affiliate network used on the site, i am sharing a screenshot of the same (i add the approx. figure for each network):

In total i made approximately Rs 16,67,092 in February (Not exact figure as there might be few refunds, chargebacks for a couple of affiliate networks and also the currency conversion rate from dollar to INR changes a lot, and also few figures are approximations instead of exact amount)

total earnings report-min

So lets discuss each income source one by one.

#1. Gumroad

I deleted few products from my Gumroad store because those products were outdated now.

This is why the Gumroad revenue decreased a lot. And this trend will continue in coming months as well since we have fewer products now.

gumroad earnings-min

#2. My biggest affiliate network

This one has always been my most profitable affiliate network for many months now.

Revenue decreased by almost $2500 in February. So this is why the overall revenue was significantly impacted.

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earnings 5-min

#3. Subscription based affiliate network

I mentioned the earnings proof of this network in my novembers earning report as well.

Just because one more article got ranked in Google, now i am making $3000-4000 dollars per month.

The best part about this article is that what i am selling is monthly subscription. And since we are getting 75% cancellation rate, 25% people are paying even in the coming months. 

For example, if i make $1000 in a month, then i will make $250 and more in the coming months from the same people.

Since i am already ranking #1 for all my target keywords for this article has also achieved its maximum potential and hence i wont be able to increase its revenue any further.

Sadly in February we made less money compared to January. This again was because of lower conversion rate.

earnings 3-min

#4. Other networks

Apart from my main affiliate networks, now i will be discussing about the other networks i use.

For the network below our revenue decreased by almost $700. This was not because of any specific reason.

Its just that the traffic was almost similar but the conversion rate was significantly lower than last month.

earnings 4-min

We added one new affiliate network in February and were successfully able to make $960 through it.

earnings 6-min

For my other network as well our revenue decreased by few hundred dollars.


I received some money in paypal as well (gumroad also sends the payment to paypal):

paypal earnings-min

Finally we have started building backlinks for our Amazon Affiliate site.

Hoping to hit 1,000 visitors/day mark soon. Will share all the details about our outreach and SEO process with you on various social media platforms.

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amazon earnings-min


Primary expenses for December were:

  • Hosting: $120/month  (i am using Siteground Cloud hosting, i increased my RAM of the server and hence the increased cost of extra $20)
  • Software's : Approximately Rs 1,60,000-1,90,000 (full list of softwares i use is in my tools page). The increased expense in software was i purchased annual subscription of Useproof and Teachable.
  • Other expenses: Online bookkeeping, CA for tax related work, Monthly rent of our co working space, Monthly rent for our studio for shooting videos, Bought few things like lavaliere microphone, a new lens for my camera etc.. (approximately 65,000).
  •  Virtual assistants: Approximately Rs 2,00,000. Primary expense was
  • video editors who help me in editing the videos for my YouTube and video courses.
  • SEO team, that help me in outreach and backlink building
  • Graphic designer: For creating our Facebook ad creatives, and other graphics for our FREE digital marketing course

Plans for March 2019:

Sadly we were not able to complete most of our February 2019 target because i was too busy in finalizing free course.

But the good news is that we have finally completed it and launching it on 3rd March 2019.

  • Get at least 50,000 people join our FREE digital marketing course
  • Start collaborating with influencers on YouTube. Will also try to add atleast 12 videos on YouTube and will try to hit 10,000 Subscribers mark.  
  • Networking: Its the key to success and scaling

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