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How To Take Screenshot in Samsung M31

How To Take Screenshot in Samsung M31
By prakash
Published on August 1, 2022

Want to know how to take screen shot in samsung m32? Well you have landed on the right article, Samsung Galaxy is a series of mobile phones marketed by Samsung Electronics.

These smartphones use the Android operating system by Google. The high-end series are the Galaxy S, and the Galaxy Note series.
The mid-range series is the Galaxy A, Galaxy M, and Galaxy J series.

Among the Galaxy M series smartphones, Samsung Galaxy M31 is a worthwhile device with good cameras, battery, configuration, and exclusive features.

Some specifications of the Samsung Galaxy M31


6 GB


Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9611, Octa-core processor

Rear Camer

64 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 5 MP

Front Camera

32 MP


6000 mAh


6.4 inches


1080 x 2340 pixels


Gorilla glass v3


191 Grams


64 GB, expandable up to 512 GB 

Here's How To Take Screen Shot In Samsung M32

1. Take a screenshot on Samsung M31 using the Palm Swipe feature

To take the screenshot using the Palm Swipe feature, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings and open the Advanced features.

  • Step 2: Go to the Motions and Gestures, and enable the feature Palm Swipe To Capture.

  • Step 3: Open the screen of your interest.

  • Step 4: Gently swipe the edge of your hand across the screen from right to left. You will have your screenshot captured.

  • Step 5: Go to the Gallery, and you can see the screenshot.

2. Take a screenshot on Samsung M31 using Key Combination

To take a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy M31 using a combination of hardware buttons on the phone, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Open the page of your interest.

  • Step 2: Press the Volume down button and the power button simultaneously (press both the buttons together, else the screenshot will not be taken).

  • Step 3: The screenshot appears on the bottom left side. Click on the image, or go to your gallery, and the screenshot is visible there.

    You can also edit your screenshot with the editing tool in the Gallery.

3. Take a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy M31 using the Assistant Menu

One more way to take a screenshot is by enabling the assistant menu from the settings.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings.

  • Step 2: Go to the Accessibility section and select the Interaction and Dexterity section.

  • Step 3: Enable the Assistant Menu.

  • Step- 4: You can see a small square icon on the edge of the screen. On tapping it, an extended menu appears where the screenshot option is visible.

  • Step- 5: Open the screen of your interest, Click on the Assistant Menu, Tap on the screenshot icon to take the screenshot.

You can now see your screenshot in the Gallery.

4. Take a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy M31 using your Voice

All the android smartphones come with a feature of Google Assistant. You may give a voice command to the Google Assistant, and it will follow. The steps are as follows:

  • Step- 1: Open your page of interest.

  • Step- 2: Give the voice command “Ok Google.” Then say “take a screenshot”.

  • Step- 3: You can access your screenshot through the Gallery. You can also trim or edit your screenshot there.

5.Take a long screenshot or scroll screenshot on Galaxy M31

When you want to take a single screenshot of a long page, it has to be done manually in the following steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the page of your interest of which you need a long screenshot.

  • Step 2: Quick press and release the volume up and power button simultaneously. You will see a screenshot toolbar on the bottom of the screen.

  • Step 3: Click on the scroll option on the screenshot toolbar, and the extended screenshot will be taken by scrolling the screen down. You can click as many times as you want the long screenshot.

  • Step 4: You can now go to the gallery to view your screenshot.

6. Take a screenshot in Samsung Galaxy M31 using Application

Some third-party applications are available on the Google play store. You can search for any screenshot app and download it. Open the app and follow the instructions.


It has many features to offer, including screenshots, which are a part of our lives and are used to share screens of interest. Hope this article helps you to take screenshots easily.

You can choose any method according to your convenience. Knowing is good, but knowing various ways for a single task is much better. 

I hope you liked our article on how to take screen shot in samsung m32 , if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you take three-finger screenshots on Samsung M31?

Unfortunately, Samsung does not provide the three-finger screenshot feature. Instead, you can use the features mentioned above to take screenshots easily.

  • Step- 1: Go to Settings.
  • Step- 2: Go to Motions and Gestures.
  • Step- 3: Enable the Palm Swipe gesture.
  • Step- 4: Now, swipe the screen from right to left edge.
  • Step- 5: View and edit the screenshot in the Gallery.

Q2. How can I take a screenshot in Samsung a31 without a power button?

If there’s a problem with your power button, use the palm swipe gesture, or the Google voice assistant, or download the screenshot using the third-party application, or by enabling the assistant menu. Each method is explained in detail with its steps in this article.

Q3. How can I take a screenshot on my Samsung?

You can take a screenshot on your Samsung smartphone in the following ways:

  • Using the key combination
  • Using Palm Swipe Feature
  • Use voice source
  • Use the assistant menu.
  • Using Application.
  • Their step-by-step method is mentioned in the article in detail.

Q4. How can I take a screenshot in Samsung a32 without the power button?

To take a screenshot without the power button:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Accessibility.
  • Go to Interactions and Dexterity.
  • Toggle on the Assistant menu.
  • Go to the desired page.
  • Click on the screenshot icon in the Assistant menu.
  • Your screenshot is ready.


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