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How to Port Idea to Jio?

Want to know how to port idea to jio? Well you have landed on the right article

Remember those days when you had to get a new number altogether if you wanted to change your mobile network? Those days came with several hassles, the most troublesome being the obligation to change your number every time and call up your contacts to inform them the same. 

Thankfully, those days are now gone. Now, with the development of the telecom sector and the introduction of the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) facility in India, you can do it at ease.

You neither have to change your number nor go through a lengthy and hassling process of porting. You can now port number to jio in just a matter of a few steps, be it online or the mobile network’s store.

India’s most popular mobile network, Reliance Jio, allows users to shift to their network with meager effort.

The cherry on the cake is that Jio welcomes its new customers with exciting gifts — including Disney + Hotstar, Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriptions, full-speed 4G connections, and the widest coverage, to name a few. They also offer exciting packs fitting all budgets.

If you are looking how to port vi to jio, there are three ways to do it — 1) From Jio’s Website,  2) My JioApp, and 3) Jio Store.

However, before you proceed, please ensure the following:

-   The user must not have any outstanding dues with the previous mobile operator.

-   The user must be subscribed to the mobile network for 90 days before porting to another network.

-   The existing number should be active.

-   The user would also have to buy postpaid/prepaid plans once they avail the MNP service.

how to port sim online?

With technology comes new possibilities. So, if you are someone who doesn’t find time to visit the store or doesn’t have a store nearby, Jio offers free delivery of your new SIM and you can port to jio online at home! All you have to do is complete a few steps on Jio’s website right from the comfort of your home.

Here are the steps for how to port to jio online :

 - Visit the website in the link above and enter your full name and mobile number. An OTP will be sent to the number that you would need to enter for validation.

- On the next screen, you would have to enter your address. Once you do, click enter and your SIM delivery request will be complete.

- The Jio Executive would then contact you to fix an appointment. The executive would then ask you to initiate the MNP service by generating a Unique Porting Code (UPC).

- To do that, you would have to send an SMS to 1900 from your existing mobile operator’s SIM. Type “Port” and send it to 1900. You will receive a code that would be valid for 4 days, except if you don’t reside in Jammu & Kashmir. For Jammu & Kashmir residents, the time window is 30 days. 

You would have to share the code with the Jio executive once they reach your address. Other necessary documents that need to be shared with the executive would be your ID proof and address proof. Generally, the MNP process takes up to 48 hours. 

However, it can exceed by four days if you are changing the circle and up to 15 days if you reside in Jammu & Kashmir.

How to port Vodafone to Jio via MyJio App?

Apps have now made our lives easier. The MyJio App is no different, as you can get all the services and features under one roof. Users can port to Jio via the MyJio App as well. To begin, you would have to download MyJio App from Play Store/App Store.

-   Once you launch the app, click on the “Not a Jio User?” button. Click “Port-in to Jio.”

-   In the next window, fill in your full name and mobile number, and click “Generate OTP.”

-   Fill in the OTP that you will receive on your mobile number to proceed.

-   In the following window, you would be asked to fill in your address.

-   Once you’re done, click the “Confirm” button.

The Jio Executive would then contact you to fix the time and date for the delivery of your SIM. The executive would then ask you to initiate the MNP process by generating a Unique Porting Code (UPC). Please inform the executive, your choice of connection: Prepaid or Postpaid.

To generate UPC, SMS, “Port” from your existing mobile number and send it to 1900. You will receive a code that would be asked by the Jio Executive upon delivery of the SIM. The MNP process usually takes 48 hours if you are not changing your circle or are not a resident of Jammu & Kashmir.

If you are changing your circle, then the process can take up to four days. If you are a Jammu & Kashmir resident opting for the service, the process can take up to 15 days.

how to port to jio offline?

This option would be most convenient for you if you have a Jio store nearby. To find the nearest store, visit the link. Enter your location to find the store. Make sure you see the timings before heading out to the store.

-   Before visiting the store, you would have to generate a Unique Porting Code (UPC). To do that, type “Port” and send it to 1900 from your existing mobile network.

-   You will receive a code that you would need to share with the Jio Store Executive. The code would be valid for four days if you reside outside Jammu & Kashmir. If you are a resident of Jammu & Kashmir, the code would be valid for 30 days.

-   Please ensure that you carry all the necessary documents, including your ID proof, address proof, and passport-sized photos.

-   Once you reach the store, they will assist you in the process.


Porting to Jio is a hassle-free process. You can do online sim port via Jio’s website or mobile application if you’re well versed with the internet and technology. If you are not, the service is available at your nearby Jio Store.

You would, however, need to generate Unique Porting Code (UPC) on your own. However, it’s very easy – all you have to do is message “Port” to 1900 from your existing mobile service.

Porting to a new connection has never been this easy!

I hope you liked our article on how to port idea to jio, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below. 


Q. Can Idea SIM change to Jio?

A. Yes, you can change Idea SIM to Jio. However, this may change if you have not completed a minimum of 90 days with your previous network. TRAI dictates that a customer must stay with the mobile operator for 3 months before porting into a new operator.

Additionally, porting can only be possible on active mobile numbers. So, if you meet these criteria, you can easily change your Idea SIM to Jio. You can do that through Jio’s website, mobile app, or store. To know all the know-how, please refer to the instructions mentioned above.

Q. How much does it cost to port to Jio?

A. You can port to Jio free of cost. While Jio doesn’t charge for the new SIM and SIM delivery, you would need to buy a Jio Postpaid/Prepaid plan, as you had to do before on your previous SIM. Please note that you would have to clear your outstanding dues with the previous operator before you make a switch.

Q. Is porting to Jio free?

Yes, porting to Jio is free of cost. However, you would need to buy a Postpaid/Prepaid plan to enjoy the service of your new SIM. If you have any outstanding dues with the previous mobile operator, they need to be cleared before you switch to Jio.


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