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How To Make Money on Amazon in India

Want to know how to make money on Amazon ? Well you have landed on the right article Among eCommerce marketplaces, Amazon is the undisputed king.

It is visited by over 190 million people every month. It is the most popular eCommerce marketplace in the world. In 2018, the firm generated revenue of $238 billion.

In 2019, it was predicted to surpass $300 billionIn addition to creating money for itself, Amazon also allows you to make money in a variety of ways. 

Amazon makes money even if you don't invest a dime. Find out how to earn money from amazon in India with zero investment by checking out these ways.

How To Register For The App?

  • Visit Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/.
  • Please click on the Account and Lists tab at the top of the page.
  • Create an Amazon account by clicking on Create Your Amazon Account.
  • The first thing you need to do is enter your name in the box.
  • In the second field, you will need to enter a valid email address.
  • In the third box, type the desired password that you want to use.
  • In the last field, you must type in your password again.
  • You will be prompted to create an account.

Methods - How To Earn Money From Amazon 

1. Merchandise by Amazon

Designers have an opportunity to earn money through Amazon's Merch by Amazon program. The only thing you'll have to do is upload a design for a t-shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirt and earn commissions on every sale made.

It also means that there is no need to keep any stock and no fulfilment hassles for you. Simply design a creative product and then earn a percentage of sales when merch with your design is sold.

Here is some information on how to get started with Merch by Amazon:

  • Create a design at Merch by Amazon and sign up for their services

  • Then upload the design to any of their merchandise products

  • Then write a description of the product that you wish to sell

  • After the creation of a product page is complete, Amazon will take responsibility for printing, packaging, fulfilment, and customer service as well.

2. Amazon Drop Shipping

Wondering How to earn in Amazon , Dropshipping, also known as Amazon dropshipping, is the best option anybody has out there if they like to sell stuff with zero investment.

There is a common misconception that Amazon dropshipping is the same as Amazon FBA - this is not true at all.Dropshipping, on the other hand, does not require you to buy anything in bulk. You only need to deliver the products to Amazon fulfilment centres in bulk quantities.

What is dropshipping?

During an online sale, the seller will display the supplier's products in their store, and once a customer orders the product from the store, the supplier will deliver the product and you will receive the difference in the price.

It is important to note that in order to do Amazon dropshipping, the seller needs to select fulfilment by merchant, which means that he/she will be responsible for the shipment and delivery.

I will show you how to use Amazon as a dropshipping platform without investing any money into it.

To begin with, select a trending product you would like to sell on Amazon. Create an Amazon seller account so that you will be able to make money from your products; you will only be charged when you make a sale.

Make sure you work with a dropshipping provider from the United States. Choosing a ow to use Amazon as a dropshipping platform without investing any money in was primarily motivated by the desire to improve delivery times.

It is stipulated in Amazon's dropshipping policy that seller information must appear on the product, rather than supplier information.

If you have a store on Amazon, then you can display the product in your store and whenever you receive an order, just ask your supplier to deliver the product to your customer. 

The customer gives you the money, you pay the supplier, and you keep the difference as profit. This is yet another way that Amazon allows you to make money.

3. Amazon Handmade 

Creative people can also earn money from Amazon Handmade, one of the world's biggest eCommerce platforms. Platforms like this one allow people to sell handmade products such as jewellery, accessories, and clothing.

Amazon handmade is the best place to shop for DIY items if you are into this type of activity. Alternatively, you can deliver the product yourself or ship it to an Amazon fulfilment centre, where Amazon will fulfil the order under the FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) program.

Despite being an incredible platform for earning money, this opportunity is only for genuine artists who are passionate about DIY stuff, since Amazon applies a very rigorous process to ensure a seller's credibility.

A referral fee of 15% is assessed by Amazon. Setup and monthly fees are not assessed.

4. Mechanical Turk

Part-timers can earn a lot of money from Mechanical Turk. Many of Amazon's jobs are outsourced and are submitted to Amazon Turk.

Virtually working from home is a requirement of this program. Mechanical Turk allows workers to offer their services to requesters by posting their jobs on the marketplace.

Filling out survey forms, validating data, etc., could be part of the work. Your free time can be turned into extra income. Mechanical Turk is used to reduce work into microtasks in order to complete projects faster.

Just create an account for your workers and fill in the necessary information to join. Work can be done on any task the worker chooses. US citizens, however, would benefit from this option since they receive payments immediately.

5. Work from home / virtual location

Amazon offers freelance work at home as a form of freelancing. Several job openings are posted on Amazon's virtual location page, including customer support representatives, technical support staff, business development officers, etc.

Seasonal positions, full-time positions, and part-time employment are available. To see their latest openings, check out their virtual location page if you think you have some talent and can work from home.

6. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a program for drivers that was created to support Prime members' same-day delivery option. Drivers are allowed to set their own working hours, make deliveries for Amazon in their free time, and earn up to $18 - $25 per hour.

You will need the following to be part of Amazon Flex:

  • 21-year-old minimum

  • Having a legal vehicle

  • Smartphones

  • Using this app you can choose your working hours whenever it is convenient for you.

7. Camper Force

An RV owner can make a lot of money with this opportunity. Camping with Amazon CamperForce is a great way to earn a little extra money during the summer season.

CamperForce associates are responsible for selecting seasonal tasks in specific locations. In your RV, you'll have to ensure that you store, pack, and receive your amazon packages within the designated area when the season arrives.


Every year, Amazon grows larger and more prominent. The company must come up with unique and new ways to ensure that the workflow continues 24/7.

Many of these earning methods result from Amazon's ability to streamline its workflow. You can make money without investing anything on Amazon, as you have already seen.

The world's largest eCommerce platform will surely allow you to earn money if you have the will to earn.

I hope you liked our article on How to Make Money on Amazon , if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

Frequently-Asked Questions

1. Can we earn money from Amazon?

Amazon offers a lot of ways for people like you to make money as well as making money itself. Better yet, Amazon allows you to make money without investing a dime.

2. How to earn money from Amazon without selling in India?

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Amazon Handmade
  3. Amazon Merch
  4. Kindle Direct Publishing
  5. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  6. Amazon’s Trade-In Program

3. Is it profitable to sell on Amazon India?

Last year, Amazon India sellers sold more than 10 million items. During the 2020 Great Indian Festival alone, 70336 sellers received orders worth more than a million dollars.  You can make a lot of money selling on Amazon India if you do it right.

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