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How To File RTI?

June 17, 2022

Want to know how to file rti? Well you have landed on the right article

Every citizen of the country has the power to question the Government or any public authority until they get a satisfactory response. That is the power of the RTI Act 2005, which is an updated version of the Freedom of Information Act 2002.

The Right to Information (RTI) Act brings out the essence of India's constitution and democracy by giving the right to any Indian citizen to question a central or state government office.

One can file to get information on any public authority's past, current, or future activities

Moreover, a person can enquire or raise complaints about pending projects, socially distressing issues involving the Government, and the concerned authorities are obliged to give a proper answer to the petitioner while maintaining transparency through the process.

How to file RTI?

The filing an RTI process is relatively simple, with provisions to file it online and offline. To begin with, one should start by clearly articulating the question and then find under which Ministry the topic/issue falls

As India has multiple departments and sub-divisions under each jurisdiction, the RTI petitioner needs to clarify which department should receive the petition. 

Hence, one's question should be clear and specific so that the RTI petition reaches the right place. The next step is to narrow down the relevant Government authority or office

Now we are ready to file an RTI, which takes less than 20 minutes.

RTI Procedure Online

  1. 1
    Log on to the RTI portal and choose the 'Submit Request' button.
RTI filing online
  1. 2
    After checking the guidelines box and entering the submission, one reaches a general information page.
RTI filing online 2
  1. 3
    Once the information is in place, one must fill in the department. Then, there is a provision to write the question. This section has a box that allows about 3000 characters and an attachment in a PDF not exceeding 1 MB.
RTI filing online 3
  1. 4
    The final step is to make an online payment of ₹10, which can be done through any online gateway, credit, or debit card. Once the fee is paid, the petitioner gets an acknowledgment message with a registration number.

The exact details are sent via mail to check the status of the application on the RTI page.

How to File an RTI Offline?

However, how to file rti application process is bit different from online. While filing offline, the petitioner needs to do one extra step as preparation. The RTI filing will be through a written letter addressed to the concerned local/State/Central authority under which the RTI plea falls in. 

One can also approach the local Public Information Officer to help with the application. One may write the RTI question in English, Hindi, or the regional language.

The letter should be addressed to the Public Information Officer of the relevant department with the office address as per the Government portal. 

RTI filing form

How to write RTI application

The subject line should be:

Seeking information under the RTI Act 2005

While writing the plea, one should also include the year or period under which the issue falls under. After clear, specific writing of the question, one can conclude and sign off.

To file the RTI, a payment of ₹10 needs to be transferred either by cash, money order, or demand draft. People falling below the poverty line are exempt from these fees

After this, the letter along with the payment receipt can be handed directly to the concerned official or sent by mail. Within a week, the petitioner can expect an acknowledgment slip with a registration number.

Who can file an RTI? 

Any Indian citizen can file an RTI requesting information to be disclosed to the public. However, most of the Intelligence Agencies are excluded from filing an RTI, fearing misuse of Government information. 

It is notable that anyone can file an RTI anonymously without disclosing their name using the feature 'RTI Anonymous' from the RTI page.

The RTI Act aimed to bring forth transparency, credibility, and reliability in Governance is a milestone in India's legislation. 

The provision of this Act has overlapped with other Acts, thereby reinforcing the freedom of expression and the right to information in the most hassle-free way

Also, the concerned authorities are entitled to respond to the RTI plea within the stipulated time of 30 days, failing which the RTI's status can be escalated by the applicant using the first appellate provision.

I hope you liked our article on how to file rti, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to file an RTI?

To file an RTI, a nominal payment of ₹10 needs to be deposited at the time of application. Also, one can seek a document or an excerpt from the authority by paying a fee of ₹2 per page.

2. Is RTI free of cost?

RTI applications are free of cost to people below the poverty line. Others are required to pay a nominal fee of ₹10 per application in both online and offline formats.

3. Is ID proof required for RTI application?

No, it is not mandatory to submit an ID along with an RTI application. Any applicant filing an RTI would be protected by Section 6 (2) of the RTI Act 2005, which allows an applicant to conceal their identity and nevertheless get an explanation for their query.

4. What if RTI is not answered?

All RTI applications need to be addressed by the concerned authority within 30 days of filing the RTI, beyond which one can file a first appeal against the first RTI seeking a proper answer to the question.


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