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How to earn money as a student in Chegg India?

How to Earn Money as a Student in Chegg India?
By babita
Published on July 7, 2022

Earning money as a student is a task in itself, but what if we tell you that you need not look anywhere else because there is one platform that is the deal for you.

Chegg, Inc is a US-based firm that rents out virtual and analog textbooks, e-learning, and other services for students. Chegg India is the subordinate body. One may enroll to become a tutor at Chegg India and earn revenue by addressing queries.

Chegg is the most popular choice among virtual teachers due to its high reliability and reputation. Chegg is a renowned learning platform that ensures to provide adequate study assistance to learners.

Its offerings encompass retailing and leasing new or used e-books and a subscription model that is part of a larger group that assists students in subjects such as maths, composition, and science. It also includes a free game card program.

Chegg has been the talk of the town when it comes to earning money while associating yourself with part-time jobs. This is a website that allows making money by tutoring kids and addressing educational problems (also referred to as Q&A Specialist and Subject Matter Specialist).

It has a point-based approach; in other words, every time learners like a response you've provided, you'll get scores. Collaborating with chegg has the advantage of allowing you to determine your unique perspective. 

How to earn money as a student in Chegg India?

Online Tutoring

Online instructors are in high demand these days. Because all institutions, colleges, and organizations are closed, students are forced into taking online courses.

However, there seems to be one advantage of it: faculty and students can converse from the comfort of their doorsteps

To attend courses online, everything one would want is fast broadband access, and a computer (even just a smartphone can suffice).
Such lessons can cover a wide variety of topics, including maths, biology, English, and English, and dancing, music, and meditation. Then as you gain experience as an instructor, your hourly rates go up.

Data Entry

Data entry positions available on the internet are among the simplest and most practical ways to begin working from home. If you have excellent typing skills and a professional grasp of writing, this could be a successful career for you. 

Such a job entails transferring information from one point to the other in a systematic manner. 

There seem to be a variety of free data entry job vacancies available that can provide work. When it comes to digital data input jobs that don't require any capital, it's one of the best options for learners searching for part-time employment. 

They would like to earn extra cash without constantly stressing over investing. 

Affiliate Marketing

Cash flow through rewards is what affiliate marketing is all about. Those are all created from affiliate-linked goods. It is currently probably one of the best buzzwords in the current digital field.

This is because it is not just the simplest way to get silent money, but this also involves minimal exertion.
Affiliate marketing, which is distributing affiliate links to generate revenue, has indeed become the most successful web profession.

Joining the appropriate affiliate marketing networks is a terrific method for students to supplement their income.

Virtual Assistants  

Most firms often outsource low-paid jobs that consume way more time. Appointments are scheduled, notes are taken, speeches are given, clients are contacted, and follow-up is done. Virtual assistantships are comparable to traditional secretarial work and pay handsomely.

Even when you can work at home, you must be accessible all day at the appointed hour. Typically, this occurs throughout work time.
Virtual assistant services are non-investment employment that may be done at home.

If you are proficient in communicating and well-versed with MS Word, MS Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint, this job is indeed an excellent fit for you.

Fill Online Surveys

Internet survey tasks have a lot of advantages. There seem to be a lot of jobs like this commercially available. Operating from home and marketing online purchases allows you to be more flexible. 

As a result, it provides more flexibility in terms of working conditions. It also aids in the adjustment to certain other aspects of life. 

You are paid according to the volume of effort you do. This provides you control over your profits for the period. Wages are usually proportionate to the amount of work performed.

With these characteristics, internet survey occupations are among the most appealing possibilities for learners.

Content Writer

If you wish to work as an independent writer and editor, you need to be aware of the various professional writing platforms available.

For example, there are many different types of independent writers who work for a variety of firms and fields, including advertising, publications, press outlets, webpages, and technical and internet shopping portals. 

Writing great content on social media necessitates innovative thinking and competence. A competent social networking writer will be able to perform it flawlessly.

Multinational enterprises, Nonprofits, start-ups, cafes, and other businesses pay such content writers to market their brands.

 Therefore, a writer is highly compensated for each piece of writing material he produces. Such content writing jobs are growing opportunities in today's market. 

Social Media Manager

Presently, our largest temptation is social media platforms. We spend countless hours on our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Monitoring a social media site is a form of art in itself.

Many people would turn their online profiles into internet working-at-home businesses by posting on them. It also assists you in earning money.

Media platform engineers are employed by various businesses, startups, and personalities. They assist them in managing their profiles so that they can promote their products and services.

Administrators of social networking act as analysts. They eventually aid in the expansion of their status. Your abilities determine your profits. In other terms, brand image and development can help you improve your managerial ability.

Online Typing Jobs  

Online typing jobs are considered to be one of the easiest ways to earn money by answering questions. All you would require is your laptop/ computer or phone to get you started. The company that hires you pays you for the texts you write and how accurate they are. 

You don't need any professional experience in this field, which is why it makes it easier to earn as a part-timer. 

Transcription job- Everything you need to do in this specific online typing work is to pay attention to the provided sound/audio and translate it into words.

 When it comes to paying, a Transcription business doesn't somehow pay you for each session; instead, they prefer paying you per tape


This task of translation is very identical to that of transcribing. The only distinction is that you'd be interpreting one dialect into another. To get hired in this field, you must be able to communicate with bilinguals. 

Your native tongue is one, while English or other languages will become the alternative. This position is in great demand, and fortunately, there is almost no opposition, so you have a good shot at getting it. 

You must be well-versed in each language and also be proficient in English. You would be given recordings in your native tongue for this online typing assignment.

Sell your photographs online

Selling photographs on stock photo websites can earn you a bunch of costs. Shutterstock charges a flat price of Rs 17 each for purchase at first. Depending on the rank and expertise, this is estimated to be Rs 23, Rs 25, and Rs 28 for each purchase.

 Beyond everything, you may not need a DSLR to snap photographs; the capability of your camera phone is sufficient to produce high-quality images and provide actual work-at-home opportunities.

One can offer their images on several hosts, including:

  1. Adobe Stock 
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Etsy
  4. Fotomoto
  5. Alamy


Blogging is currently among the most popular online job vacancies. Pick a good topic that interests you and begin to write about that.

For example, you may write about cuisine, clothing, vacation, destinations, and even electronics on your blog. Some of the most prominent platforms to showcase your writing skills on are:

  1. WordPress: It works as an online platform source to create blogs, websites, and even apps.  

  2. Weebly: It is аn eаsy-tо-use site builder with а free оptiоn. It lets yоu creаte аnd publish аttrаctive, respоnsive-design sites, blоgs, аnd оnline stоres.

  3. Medium: Medium is а plаce tо reаd аrticles оn the Internet and is а blоgging plаtfоrm, like WоrdPress оr Blоgger.

  4. Blogger: Blоgger is оne оf the best plаtfоrms tо shаre yоur infоrmаtiоn аnd publishes а blоg. It is pоpulаr wоrldwide аllоwing users tо pоst phоtоs tо their blоgs.

  5. Tumblr: Tumblr is а micrоblоgging plаtfоrm thаt аllоws its users tо pоst text, phоtоs, quоtes, links, music, аnd videоs frоm а brоwser, phоne, desktоp, аnd emаil. It cоmbines blоgging аnd sоciаl netwоrking in а single plаtfоrm.

How to become a Chegg India expert in 4 easy ways?

  1. First, register here to start your quest. For the discipline you have selected, you'll have to undergo screening. Avoid making inaccurate decisions while performing the exam because the slashed grades are normally relatively high. 

  2. You will be provided with a minimum of two attempts. The validation of your accreditation and documentation will be the next stage. It's worth noting that you'll require a PAN card and a bank account to proceed. 

  3. After Chegg has accepted your registration, you may begin responding to questions and generating income. 

  4. Until you've been approved as a specialist, you'll be able to view the specialist dashboard. Chegg will check your responses for accuracy and authenticity regularly. Your response is given a CF score.

    You must keep a decent CF score; else, you will be cautioned, and your membership may be permanently terminated.
    Subjects available:
  • Engineering 
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology 
  • Nursing 
  • Basic Maths 

What is the job of a Chegg expert?

You will be presented with queries from your field, and you'll have the option to respond or dismiss the inquiry. You will have approximately 2 hours to complete a query

How much can you earn as a Chegg expert?

Everything hinges on how many queries you can answer together in a month. Also, it is based on the number of queries accessible; for instance, when universities are open, you may expect major revenue.

Many top specialists receive tens of thousands of dollars per month. The rate you would be paid for each problem will be determined by the complexity of the matter, and you'll be informed of the actual amount after you sign the deal. 

Based on the problems, it ranges from $75 to 240 for each inquiry. Chegg also conducts additional programs that could make you money up to 80% more than your regular income.

What will be the timing of the work

As a professional, you have complete control over when you operate. Chegg does not require you to perform a specific number of hours. You are allowed to respond to queries when you are available.

How to enroll to be a Chegg tutor?

  • Fill out the questionnaire presented with your response to what is being asked by them. Provide the SAT/GRE or equivalent Standardised test grade levels.

  • Next, to become a Chegg Teacher, you must pass a subject examination. This is to prove that you will be a seasoned instructor. Make a list of the decades of work expertise in an area.
  • Once you have been selected as a Mentor, you may begin responding to questions about your profession. You can think about and respond to inquiries from people worldwide.

  • The hourly wages range from $20 to $30. You have the option of taking both live and recorded sessions. 

  • Learners will engage with you in live classes via messaging or live meetings. You may deal with a problem and convey this to the pupils using Written Lectures.
  • The key to generating more revenue as a Chegg instructor is to grasp the attention of the students for as long as possible.
    It entails providing high-quality responses and ensuring that pupils fully comprehend the lectures. He will come back as he now appreciates you and believes you're worthy of their payment.

  • Chegg's policies and guidelines should be followed, in order to adhere to the company’s rules and regulations.

Chegg Instructor Qualification & Prerequisites

  1. Pictures from your graduation

  2. Identity cards for students.

  3. Accreditation in education or coaching.

  4. Additional materials that aid Chegg in determining and confirming your content knowledge.

  5. Scanned transcripts.


Chegg is a well-reputed teaching portal worldwide, so it's a highly valid choice if you regularly want payments and work assignments. However, you must ensure enough concentration and determination on your services and include a vast audience under your guidance. 

On the other hand, Chegg is undoubtedly among the most renowned educational service providers globally, so this is a well-thought option when you desire steady employment and salary.

Ensure your concentration on how to provide and to get more pupils to contact you. Unfortunately, it is not for everybody, and the one-tier pricing structure might not even be suitable for experienced staff members who wish to demand higher fees. Chegg pays every week, so you won't have to wait for payments or chase down bills.

The instructors on the platform are enthusiastic about it. More than 85 percent of educators might suggest Chegg to a colleague, as per Glassdoor.

Chegg provides an affiliate program in which you can earn a reward if you recommend a colleague to become an instructor. Tutoring is available in various subjects, from mathematics and accountancy to linguistics and literature.

You may teach almost anywhere around the globe if you have the necessary credentials. All teaching is done through the Chegg network, so you don't need an app on your desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How can we earn from Chegg India? 

Chegg is indeed an e-learning portal where you can make an income by doing jobs like translation, transcription, typing jobs, data entry, and so on.
You can earn money by instructing others. Chegg serves as a conduit among educators and pupils. The majority of parents choose a teacher for their kids who is familiar with their kid's studying and comprehension patterns.

Also, making sure that they have prior experience in teaching students and making them understand the concepts well. 

Q2. How much can a Chegg student earn in India?

Students receive money on Chegg by writing articles, data entry work, freelancing work, affiliate marketing, translating, licensing photos on sites like Shutterstock and Etsy, and acting as a brand manager on the social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook, among others. 

Q3. How much do Chegg tutors make in India?

In India, the estimated yearly compensation for a Chegg Instructor is around 2,50,000 INR, which is 6% less than the national median.

Please be aware that all payment amounts mentioned are taken from third-party sources, inferring that these may not be the exact amount offered. The base salary varies by region. Therefore you should check with your company for exact income figures. 

Q4. Is Chegg India safe?

Chegg is a secure and lawful platform for learners of all abilities and levels, but it should be utilized sensibly. Chegg should never be used to replicate material or plagiarise your responses, as stated previously.

The system is secure, and the instructors who work with Chegg are legitimate. Their qualifications are examined before they are accepted as certified instructors on the site. 

Q5. Is Chegg an Indian company?

Chegg, Inc. is a Santa Clara, California-based tech firm. It offers material leasing in both virtual and analog formats, web-based training, and other academic support.

The business was founded in 2005 and started trading on the New York Stock Exchange in October of the same year. According to the Business Wire, Chegg Services had 2.9 million users during the months of March and April 2020.  


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