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How To Check Bank Balance With Account Number?

June 17, 2022

Want to know how to check bank balance with account number? Well you have landed on the right article!

Gone are those days when banking only used to be for the few privileged elites. Nowadays, it's one of the bare necessities for everyone, be it a student, a farmer, a blooming entrepreneur, a housewife, a giant businessman, or a regular salaried employee.

With almost all your monetary transactions happening through the bank accounts, you must be aware of some of the basic functions like checking the balance.

  • It ensures that you know the legitimacy of each transfer happening through your account.
  • It gives you clarity of your financial position.
  • It paves the way for your budget ahead.

With the advent of new technologies and advancements, it's easier to know how to check account balance. 

6 Easy Methods How to Check Bank Balance with Account Number

1. Log in online

Net banking has made the life of millions of beneficiaries a lot easier. With almost all the banks providing online services, even with specialized applications of their own, people can access most of the banking activities on their computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

  • Your mobile number must be linked with the bank account.

  • You need to have the login credentials for that particular account to access online banking.

  • There are slightly different procedures to obtain them for different banks. Usually, it's the home branch that deals with these services.

  • Once your online account is ready, you can log in from any device; laptop, PC, or Mobile phone. However, the security of the device should be your foremost concern. You must use trusted devices having a secure connection.

  • Then, it's a cakewalk to inquire about your bank balance anytime you want.

  • Most service providers use the OTP system before each important process, which makes it very secure.

2. Steps to check Bank of India balance via the missed call service

This is the easiest method to check balance. You don't need a smartphone or internet connectivity.

  • All you need is a mobile phone of any model and a number that's registered with your bank account. Most banks have adopted this mechanism to facilitate the customers with hassle-free and convenient services. Bank of India is one of them. Wondering how to register your mobile number?

  • Well, in most cases, you will find your number already registered if you have opened the account in the last few years. They usually do it while issuing you a bank account.

  • If it's not the case, you can contact the branch and get it done after filling out several forms.

  • In some cases, if you want to change the number, an ATM might do it. Or, you have to visit the branch.

  • Online banking can be a way to get your mobile number registered or changed.

So if you are all set with the registrations, you can simply do the following:

  • You just have to give a missed call at 09266135135.

  • Sit back and relax; they will send you a message showing your account balance.

3. Steps to activate the Bank of India SMS banking service

This is another easy way to know your bank balance. The Bank of India has enabled SMS banking to provide various information to its customers sitting in the comfort of their homes. Although the inquiry process is quite simple, you need to ensure that everything else is in place before accessing this service.


  • You need to have your number registered with the bank account. Refer to the procedures mentioned in the above section for elaboration.

  • Now, enable SMS banking by clicking on the Star Connect mobile banking link after logging in at

  • Provide registered mobile number and click on Set/Change SMS Password to set or change SMS password (4 digits). Memorize this password.

Now you are ready to check the balance of your Bank of India account anytime:

  • If you have one BOI account with this mobile number, then send a message BAL <SMS Password>
  • If you have multiple accounts with the same number, send BAL <SMS Password> <Account number>. 
Bank of India

4. Use an ATM

This is one of the traditional methods of knowing your account balance. You need to have a debit card for that particular bank account. If you don't have one, you can consult the respective bank officials and get one.

Because in addition to this service, an ATM-cum-debit card offers a wide range of facilities.

  • You need to locate an ATM counter. Any ATM will do the job, but that of your bank is usually recommended because the others might charge you.

  • All the ATMs use a friendly interface in two to three different languages, so you wouldn't have any problem finding the correct option.

  • So, click on balance enquiry and enter your four-digit secret number, and you will see your updated balance. They also let you print the data; however, you should be proactive about the environment and not print unless it's required.

  • There are restrictions about the number of ATM transactions that could be done. And, checking the balance is usually considered one. So, you need to be careful about that.
ATM transaction

5. Call the bank

This is a little time-taking procedure. This service might not be available all the time. But, this is the best way for those who aren't comfortable with online services. 

  1. There are several toll-free numbers for different banks.

  2. All you have to do is to call one such number.
  3. You might have to enter some information like your account number, and they will let you know your balance.

  4. Otherwise, you have to choose the option of speaking to the executive. They will tell you the account balance.

  5. Depending on how busy the line is and how good their arrangements are, it will take time accordingly.

This way, you can check your bank balance with just your account number.

6. Using UPI Apps

The latest addition to banking facilitation is the Unified Payment Interface. Several mobile applications use this mechanism to provide seamless banking services by using a single UPI pin.

Most of them are highly secured and extremely easy to use. Checking your bank balance is just a few clicks away in these apps.

  1. You need to have your bank account registered with the mobile number.

  2. Download any UPI service provider ( Gpay, PhonePe, Paytm, BHIM, etc.).
  3. Create a UPI ID using the registered mobile number in your smartphone, provided that the number is active and inserted in the same device.

  4. You will get to generate a four-digit or six-digit UPI pin, which you can use for the same account in any of the UPI apps.

  5. Now, you can just open the app anytime, click on the option for checking your bank balance and enter the secret pin. There you go!

I hope you liked our article on how to check jio number, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to check bank balance online without a phone number?

It's highly recommended that your bank account be linked to a phone number for many services and security purposes. However, you can still check your balance through the following steps:

  • Go to the bank. You just have to ask the officials and show your passbook.
  • ATM services don't require a phone number per se.
  • Take advantage of the 'call the bank' method. You can call from any number and tell your account number.

2. Can someone else check bank account balance?

You must do all the banking activities by yourself. It's strictly prohibited for you to share the details with anyone. However, under extraordinary circumstances, you can take help from someone extremely close to you to check your balance.

Almost all the methods allow someone other than the customer to check the balance but not without the beneficiary's consent.

3. What are the charges for the mobile service offered by the Bank of India?

There are no charges whatsoever for the mobile service offered by the Bank of India to let you know your bank balance. However, there could be charges for other transactions that you must enquire about before going for it.

4. What number do I call to check my bank balance?

There are unique numbers for each bank that you can call to know the account balance. A list of important banks is given below.

Bank of India
Customer care: 1800-22-0229
Missed call service number: 09266135135

Customer care: 18004253800
Missed call service number:  09223766666

Customer care: 1800-180-2222
Missed call service number: 1800 180 2223

Axis Bank
Customer care: 1860-419-5555
Missed call service number: 1800 419 5959

Indian Bank
Customer care: 1800-4250-0000
Missed call service number: 092895 92895


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