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How To Become Handsome

how to become handsome
By prakash
Published on July 30, 2022

Want to know how to become handsome? Well you have landed on the right article. Handsomeness needs no introduction nor does it need any justification. Being handsome is a quality associated with boys just like being beautiful goes with girls.

Used mostly for kids, teens, and men, handsome becomes the degree of attractiveness that a person is given, and the more handsome a person the more likely they are to get attention as per the common standards.

Since being handsome is held in high regard in society it is only natural for people to try and look more handsome and to achieve this feat there are certain tips or rather things that can be done.

To make sure that you look more handsome you don't need to look any further as we list down for you methods for how to become handsome.

We have established the importance of looking handsome and now allow us to elaborate on tips that can help you put the shining spark to your handsomeness.

Tips For How To Become Handsome

1. Care About skin

Taking care of one's skin is very important. This includes having a proper sleep schedule, a healthy diet, regularly washing your face, being neat and tidy, and avoiding dirt.

 To make sure your skin gets the best care it is always necessary that you use good and top-quality skincare products to wash your face. Products from Scout are very reliable and affordable when it comes to choosing the best product for your skincare routine.

2. Butt out

Keeping the most dirty parts of the body needs to be taken seriously if a person is wanting to go for a very likable form.

Butts are concerned with dumping the waste from our body and so it is only natural that this part of the body needs more careful treatment and needs to be washed and maintained seriously.
If the butt is left uncleaned then there are chances of infection, also a butt that has not been thoroughly cleaned may give out some bad odor which may again come in the way of making you more likable and handsome. 

3. Eat right

Eating right is something we are taught right from our school days. The importance of a proper and balanced diet cannot be understated. Eating right not only works well for the stomach but also makes its mark on the skin.

 Eating certain kinds of food provides the body with a cooling effect and also makes sure that the skin stays acne free.

Certain foods bring out the glow in the skin and thus having a mixed diet that has proteins, carbs, etc. in the required amount makes for a good meal.

4. Sleep

8 hours of sleep is what the doctors recommend for an average grown-up person. Getting that much sleep which is also rich in quality can work wonders on a person's body.

 Sleeping allows the body to rest and rejuvenate from the stress of the day. Sleeping also lets the muscles relax and it also makes sure that the healing of the body takes place.

When we sleep our brain is still functional at most times and is working its magic on the body. Additionally, you also avoid getting dark circles which is yet another problem that can affect your looks and stop you from being handsome. 

5. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is very important. Be it summer or any other time of the year it is always necessary that a person consumes at least a liter of water a day.

Water helps clean the body on the inside as it takes out the waste and also works its magic on the skin by providing it with hydration which makes sure the skin stays smooth and moisturized to a certain degree.

 It also helps keep problems like pimples at bay and that surely makes hydration very essential. 

6. Slenderize

Before we make people angry let us clear out that yes everybody looks beautiful in their way.

 However, it is necessary that people consider getting a little bit slim. Getting bulky in the stomach can lead to a lot of problems that may affect one's health and apart from that, the body may not appear uniform.

 Thus, getting in shape or rather toning the body needs to be given a serious thought. Losing some kilos may also make exercising easy and may bring some confidence to you.

7. Be antioxidant

To be an antioxidant is to make sure that you take care of your cells that may otherwise get damaged due to body anatomy or other reasons.

 Protecting the necessary cells is important and to do this there are various natural and man-made substances that you can use.

Consuming fruits which are good antioxidants is the best way to go about protecting your cells and making sure that your skin stays great and you avoid getting severe heart problems or a cancer-like disease

8. Do cardio

Cardio exercises are related to activating the muscles in the lower half of your body. Brisk walking, jogging, or running should take care of your cardio needs.

 Cardio exercises help the body get a proper form which makes the person appear in shape and more attractive.

For a guy to be handsome they surely need to do cardio so that it helps them get their bulky muscles in shape which makes them look even more attractive

9. Watch the booze

Booze is something that when done in moderation is good, however, exceeding the limit may bring with it some issues.

Over boozing can not only bring onboard problems but can also cause a person to gain weight and get a belly and that surely does not speak about being handsome.

Booze can also make a person lethargic and stop them from being active, which makes the person stop exercising and thus again leads to problems of laziness and an unfit body. 

10. Stand tall

Being proud and confident in the right amount is the key to a lot of things in life. When you take care of your body and stand up for yourself and believe in yourself,

 you reinforce certain good things to your body and it is received positively even by your cells.

 If you take care of your body and mind and treat them positively then that works well for you on a level that you may not even be aware of and the result of that shows up not only on your skin but also in your body. 


For someone who wishes to end up looking more attractive, this article on how to become handsome mentions all the sacred instructions for them to follow.

Handsomeness not only gets you attention but also makes you the life of your social circle and is also appreciated by the opposite sex.

While handsomeness is subjective and can be found in different shapes and sizes certain aspects like cleanliness, dressing, personality, and other such things add to it, and therefore handsomeness needs to be paired with hygiene and various other things to make a person more attractive. 

I hope you liked our article on how to become handsome , if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can a boy look attractive?

Boys don't need to worry much about looking attractive because usually, it's their parents that get them dressed and ready for the day.

However, if necessary then the boy needs to make sure that he is clean at all times and that his nails are cut from time to time. Making sure their clothes stay clean is one other thing that they can pay attention to. 

2. How can a teenager look more attractive?

A teenager can look attractive by following a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. They need to take care of their hygiene and make sure that they don't stink.

Flossing, making sure your sweat is taken care of, staying dry, etc. are some small things that can make the difference in a guy's personality.

3. What do girls find attractive in guys?

It is said that girls find a guy attractive when they have a good sense of humor. While that is true, before that a guy to be attractive needs to be clean and dry at all times.
A guy who keeps his hygiene in check and is tidy and makes it a point to be dressed for the occasion is usually the guy that attracts girls. 


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