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How To Become an RJ

How to become an RJ
Published on May 29, 2022

Want to know how to become an RJ? Well you have landed on the right article.

Radio jockeys, especially if they are good, can be the new celebrities. Some of the famous ex-radio jockeys are Ayushmann Khurrana, Malishka Mendonsa, and Manish Paul.

 Then, there are some other radio jockeys that we know by name are, ‘Buauaa’, ‘Naved’, and so on. We have loved these RJs over the years, and despite the Internet taking over the world, radios are still an important part of our lives. 

 We listen to the radio while driving to and fro from work or play old tunes on the station when it is raining outside, and we want the warm comfort of songs peppered with the friendly voice of an RJ who always seems to get us.

It is always fascinating how an RJ can hold so much power over people. Their job doesn’t just consist of chattering away but also giving relevant information wherever necessary, engaging with the audience in a way that they feel heard, and entertaining discourse. And as such,

 it is no wonder that a lot of people aspire to become RJs. But is the journey to becoming a radio jockey an easy one? How do you become a radio jockey? Let’s find out!

How to become an RJ (radio jockey)

While being a radio jockey requires a lot of hard work, it can also be a fun journey. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to become RJ in India , eligibility criteria, skills required, and more:

Radio jockey eligibility

The main focus of the course you do for RJ should be on scripting, editing, voice modulation, and so on. You can do a bachelor's, diploma, or masters in the relevant field.

You can pursue a Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management (DRPM) to start your career as a Radio Jockey.

 The eligibility criteria for admission in a DRPM course is that the candidate must have passed their 12th board exams from any school recognised by the government of India. 

But more than the degree, how you clear your voice is, how well you can modulate it, and painstakingly you can pronounce words is what matters the most. A good voice and quick wit is the ultimate eligibility criterion you need to cross for an RJ job.

Suitable courses for a radio jockey

Here are some of the courses that you must consider if you are wondering how to become a radio jockey.These courses will help you in gaining the qualifications which might be considered some of the best Radio jockey jobs qualification.

  • Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management (DRPM) - This course is a one-year-long and will introduce you to the nitty-gritty of being a radio jockey.
  • The top offerings of this course are - Production, Voice Modulation, Communication, Transmission System, Music Programming, etc.
  • Diploma in Radio Production and Radio Jockeying (DRJ) - This 1-year course teaches students about the art of radio jockeying from the scratch. Students are taught about conceptualising, processing, and producing content for radio.
  • Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying (CRJ) - This certification course focuses on the basics of radio jockeying and is ideal for those looking to immediately pursue a job in the field or those who want to change their field and switch to radio.
  • Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying and Anchoring (CRA) TV Journalism - This is a six-month to a one-year-long course that focuses on all the aspects of the subject. You can pursue this course right after your class 12th examination.

Top colleges

If you want to know how to become RJ after 12th then you must consider these colleges  :

  • To make the most of your degrees, it is also important that you not only sharpen your skills but also pursue the said degree from a good college.

  • The college you choose can do a lot to push your career in the direction you would want it to go. So, here is a list of top colleges you can choose from when looking to make a career in radio jockeying. 

    1. Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai

    2. Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi

    3. Academy of Radio, New Delhi

    4. Film Institue of New Delhi

    5. Symbiosis Centre of Media and Mass Communication, Pune

    To get admission to these colleges, you need to give entrance exams. You also need certain marks in your twelfth-grade exams to be able to pursue a degree in them.

Radio Jockey career path

The job of an RJ is not the regular 9 to 5 one that you might expect from other jobs. The career path transgresses differently for different people, depending on which niche they make their own or later specialise in. 

You can start your journey as an announcer for radio. From there, you can move to scriptwriting and music direction - both integral to radio jockeying.

The next step in the process would be assisting or hosting your own show. The content and work required can differ depending on the theme and even the timing of the show. Becoming the host of a show would give you an on-AIR personality which you can then broaden.

 Your career path can then take you to production director and, from there, station manager. A lot of RJs also get to feature in movies or TV shows because their on-AIR personalities become so big and famous.

Scope of Radio Jockey

People often assume that if you pursue a career in Radio Jockeying, then you will stay only as a radio jockey. However, that is not true, and you can pursue other options in the field of radio jockeying or in the fields related to it. 

You can become a scriptwriter, copywriter, marketing manager, music producer, producer, show host, talk show host, voice modulation artist, and so on - all within the scope of radio jockeying.

 You can also become a storyteller or a playwright for radio. Or, if you are the Fred and George Weasley kind (characters from Harry Potter), you can also become a prankster on the radio.

Some prominent radio stations

There are lots of radio stations out there, some more famous than others. And, a few of the most popular and choicest radio stations which we are convinced you might have heard of are - 

  • Radio Mirchi

  • Red FM

  • 104.8 FM

  • Fever FM

  • All India Radio (AIR)

Famous Radio Jockeys

Some of the RJs have become overnight celebrities, and some have struggled their way to the top to get recognition. However, even though we might not recognise a picture of all these RJs, we do recognise and love their voice. Some of these famous and most loved RJs are -

  • RJ Malishka 

  • Annu Mallik

  • RJ Naved

  • RJ Raunac

  • Ameen Sayani


The job of a Radio Jockey can be fun and thrilling and can take you through unchartered options to heights that will bring you unbridled love and recognition. And to do so,

 while you do need a degree in the relevant course, you also need to have a good voice, clear pronunciation, and a witty and creative mind.

 The career path of an RJ transverses through many different paths, and you can enjoy scriptwriting, music direction, and hosting, all while pursuing a job in radio jockeying.

I hope you liked our article on how to become an RJ , if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.


Q1. What is the qualification of a Radio Jockey?

Anyone looking to pursue a job in the field of Radio Jockeying must have passed their class 12th board exams with an aggregate of 50% or more.

They should, ideally, also have a diploma or bachelor's or masters in the field of Radio Jockey, Broadcast Management, or Journalism. 

Q2. Is an RJ career good?

Yes, an RJ career can be good for those willing to work hard and make a name for themselves. A radio jockey can earn anywhere between 10 to 20 thousand at the start of their career but as move up to 1.5 to 2 lakh per month with experience.

RJ is also a fulfilling career for those who love to talk, interact, form human connections, and are brimming with creativity.

Q3. How can I become an RJ?

To become an RJ, you can pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or diploma course in Radio Jockeying, Broadcast Management, or Journalism.

You also need to work on your scripting skills and voice modulation, and pronunciation. The better, clearer, and more engaging your communication skills, the easier it will be for you to make a career as an RJ.

Q4. What is the salary of an RJ?

An RJ can earn anywhere between INR 10,000 to 2 lakh per month, depending on their skills-set and experience. The average salary of an RJ in India is 3.3 lakh per annum.

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